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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

 DNA participants are shown in red.   See results page.

Joel Henry Stubbs, b 1802, m Mary Ann Cavender - E Stubbs70 [naplestx AT] 

  • James Madison Stubbs, b 1859, m Lucy Delula Ivy 
    • Marvin Lester Stubbs, b  1900, d 1976 S-1 

William Stubbe, b c1480 poss Norfolk, Eng, d 1550 Glouc, Eng m Jone 

  • Thomas Stubbe, b c1507 Glouc. Eng, d 30 Sep 1557 Glouc Eng
    • Thomas Stubbe, b c1535 prob Elmstone, Glouc, Eng, d c1604 prob Glouc, Eng 
      • William Stubbe, b c1560 prob. Glouc, Eng, d 03 Oct 1609 Staverton, Glouc, Eng, m Jane 
        • William Stubbe, b c1584 prob. Glouc, Eng, d 22 Aug 1627 Staverton, Glouc, Eng
          • William Stubbs, b 24 Jun 1607 Staverton, Glouc, Eng, d 23 Sep 1681 Redmarley d'Abitot, Worc., Eng
            • Daniel Stubbs, b 11 May 1646 Redmarley D'Abitot, Worc., Eng, m Mary Neast
              • Thomas Stubbs, b 15 Apr 1692 Worc., Eng. d Feb 1763 Chester Co, PA, m Mary Minor
                • John Stubbs, b c1732 PA, m Esther Maddock
                  • Nathan Stubbs b 1759 Cane Creek, NC, d 1835 West Elkton, OH - dpstubbs [dpstubbs AT]
                    • Henry Stubbs b 1806 West Elkton, OH d 1881 Medina, MN S-15
                  • Isaac Stubbs, b. c 1761 Chatham Co., NC, m. Margaret Carter - DB [majerdm AT]
                    • John Stubbs, b. c 1786 GA, m. Rhoda Whitcomb
                      • Zimri Stubbs, b. c 1825 Preble Co., OH, m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Burns
                        • Amasa Stubbs m Margaret Nixon
                          • Frank Stubbs m Edna Boyle
                            • Walter Stubbs m Jean Fraser
                              • Robert Stubbs m Marty Louise Amidon 
                                • Mary Stubbs, b. 12 Aug 1855 IN, d. 14 Feb 1922 Allegheny Co., PA, m. Frederick A. Bacon
                    • Zimri Stubbs b 1794, GA, m Mary Irons-Robert Stubbs [developer_bob AT]
                      • Amasa Stubbs, b 1832,OH, m Margaret Nixon
                        • Frank W. Stubbs, b 1877, OH, m Edna Boyle
                          • Walter H. Stubbs, b c1916, OH, m Jean Fraser 
                  • Thomas Stubbs, b c1775 GA/OH m Mary Hobson -Michael E Stubbs [msgj279 AT]
                    • John Hobson, b 1805 d 1892,  m Margaret Esther Hart OH/IN 
                      •  Ira Stuubs b 1837, d 1931, m Rebecca Jane Swaim OH/IN
                        • Percival Edwin, m Ethel Viola Yates KS S-3
                  • William Stubbs, b c1784, m Sarah Born - J C Stubbs [jc_stubbs AT]
                    • Joash Stubbs, b 1815, m Martha Ellen Heaton
                      • Alexander Stubbs, b 1850 Indianapolis, Marion Co. IN. m Lucinda Jane McBride
                        • Charles Grant Stubbs, b 1878 Vermilion, Edgar Co. IL. m Nellie Etta Gilbert
                          • Joe C. Stubbs, b 1906 Hartford, Lyon Co. KS, m Helen Louise Herrick S-2 
                •  Thomas Stubbs, b 1736 Chester Co, PA, d 01 Aug 1769, m Deborah Maddock - Robert Stubbs [robert AT]
                  • Joseph Stubbs, b 1763 Alamance Co., NC, m Zilpha Hayes
                    • Iddo Stubbs, b 03 Jan 1798 Richmond Co., GA, m Mary Patten
                      • William Patten Stubbs b 03 Jan 1828 Belmont Co., OH, m Mary C. McGirr
                        • Nathaniel Newman Stubbs, b Jun 1852 OH, m Lucy Cleveland
                          • Adrian Deoran Stubbs, b 19 Dec 1875 IA, m Laura Ellen Warrick S-4

Peter Stubbs, b c1805, m Mary Hatton - saltboiler [rachel.white AT]

  • Matthew Stubbs, b 1839,  m  Ann Moss
    • Peter Stubbs, b 1871, m1 Elizabeth Booth m2  Frances Chesworth (nee Booth)
      • Jim Stubbs, b 1909, m Jane (Ginny) Morris S-6

Thomas Stubbs, b 1766 KY or VA, m Sara Harris - Pat Bonnar [pbonnar907 AT] 

  • James W Stubbs, b 1800 
  • Thomas Jefferson Stubbs, b 1803 
  • Lansolot Stubbs, b 1806 
  • Edward Stubbs 
  • Robert Stubbs, b 1813, m Martha Ann Smith 
    • Mary E STUBBS, b 1837, m Samuel Clausen 
    • James T Stubbs b 1839 m Hannah F Stubbs
      • Albert L Stubbs b 1869
      • Elizabeth Stubbs b 1870
    • Sarah F Stubbs b 1840
    • Nancy Stubbs b 1842 m James Campbell
    • Elizabeth A Stubbs b 1844 m Edmubd Miller
    • George W Stubbs b 1846 m Eliza Miller
    • William S Stubbs b 1851 d 1923 IL m Anna A Johnson
      • Edward E Stubbs b 1875 d 1912 m Reliance Woods
    • Margaret J Stubbs b 1853 m Dayton Ladicem
    • Robert L Stubbs b 1855 m Mary A Murphy
    • Maria M Stubbs b 1857 m Isaac W Kelley
    • Peter G Stubbs b 1859 m Anna J Shetter
    • Dollie T Stubbs b 1861 m Mark C Smith
    • Charles E Stubbs b 1864 m Ella Kress
  • Peter Harris Stubbs, b 1820



John Stobbs/Stubbs, b c1813-1817 Manchester Lancashire, England - John Stobbs [js002c9330 AT]

Solomon Stubbs m. Sarah/Sallie Wair  b. 1798 TN - Eddie Ewing [goodwatergirl AT] 

  • Andrew Jackson Stubbs  b. 1833 TN, m1 Malinda Davis  m2 Catherine (Kate Bain) Palmer m3 Mary E Campbell 
    • Wm Eklis Stubbs b. 1872 MO, m Malinda Mosier
      • Anna Mabel(le) "May Belle" (Mabel) Stubbs b. 1901 MO. m1 Howard Elbert Ewing, m2 John Terry

John Stubbs, b1808, Kendal, Westmorland, England - peter cubit [pcubit AT

  • Joseph Thomas Stubbs, b1853, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, d1917
    • George Stubbs, b1883, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, d 1967
      • Delia Stubbs b 1925 Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia

Roderick Perry Stubbs, b 1824, Henrico Co, VA, m Anne rebecca Cooper Note: appears to be descended from John Stubbs and Mildred Smith; see below

  • Roderick Henry Stubbs, b 1866, m Minnie Margaret Clem
    • Perry Roderick Stubbs, Sr., b 1904,m Susie Evelyn Coleman S-9

John Stubbs of Cappahosic, Glouc Co, VA, d 1719,  m Susannah

  • John Stubbs m Mildred Smith
    • Lawrence Smith Stubbs Sr.-b.9/16/1738,d.10/26/1797, m.Ellis Duval 1738 
      • Lawrence Smith Stubbs III-b.4/4/1818, d.12/18/1891, m.Mary Dame 7/24/1839
        • George Daniels Stubbs -b.11/20/1852, m. Harriet Roselita Stubbs 12/25/1877
          • George Marvin Stubbs -b.12/31/1882, m.Martha Florence DeShazo
            • Elizabeth Penn DeShazo Stubbs- b.9/29/1907, d.7/12/2004, m. James Willis Mott Sr.
              • James Willis Mott Jr.-b.9/22/1930, m.Thelma Marie Gardner,b.1/23/1937 
  • Francis Stubbs  b Abington Parish, Glouc., VA d 1767- m Martha Haynes
    • Peter Stubbs b 1744 Petsworth, Glouc., VA, d 1821 Baldwin Co, GA m Mary Baradell Palmer.
      • John Stubbs b 1777, d 1825 Franklin GA, m Ann Upshur Dick Motz <dickmotz AT>
        • George W. Stubbs b 1815 Franklin, GA, d 1866 GA, m Sarah Ann McMullen b 1825
          • William Baradell Stubbs, b 1859 GA,d 1916 Rock Spring GA, m Percella Caroline Downs, b 1859
            • Walter R. Stubbs, b 1879 Sherman Heights, TN, m Alice Gordon Cummins,  b 1883
              • Walter Ross Motz, b 1906 Washington, D.C., m Mary Mae Crone
                • Walter Richard Motz b 1938 Columbus, OH S-18
      • Thomas Stubbs b 1783, d 1837, m Lucinda Stubbs b 1785 Eric Stubbs
        • James A Stubbs b 28 Feb 1815 Jones Co., GA, d 17 Apr 1889, m Mary Julia Rentz b 21 Aug 1827
          • George Peter Stubbs b 20 Sep 1847 Bleckley Co., GA, d 21 Mar 1895, m Ada Brown
            • Frank Peter Stubbs b 16 Mar 1886 Putnam Co., GA, m Eunice Bronson b 20 Jan 1896
              • Evan Benjamin Stubbs b 28 Apr 1927 Putnam Co., GA, living, m Jerly Asher b 5 Feb 1931 d 26 Mar 2000
                • Frank Asher Stubbs b 7 Aug 1953 Cook Co., IL, living, m Deborah Ruth Bleeke b 27 Jan 1954, living
                  • Eric Matthew Stubbs b 16 Feb 1984, Lake Co., IN S-29
      • Francis Stubbs b 1791 Putnam Co, GA, d 1858 Bibb Co, GA, m Martha Moody.
        • James John Stubbs b 1814, d 1856, m Elizabeth J. Davis
          • Robert Davis Stubbs b 1854, d 1932 Ft Myers, Lee FL, m Maude Middleton
            • Roy Davis Stubbs b 1884, d 1974 Decatur, Dekalb, GA, m Georgia Emma Smith
              • Rob Roy Stubbs b 1921, d 1981 Sanford FL, m Lorraine Frances Barrett
                • Roy Davis Stubbs, II b 1942 Miami, FL S-26
      • Baradell Palmer Stubbs b 1799  Elbert co GA, m Eliza Hammond
        • Frank Peter Stubbs b 1830, m Georgia Tucker
          • Frank Peter Stubbs b 1872, m Maude Flower S-32





Symon Stubblefield, b. bet. 1629-1639 ?Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire, England? - Perry H Stubblefield [PHABNS AT SUDDENLINK.NET]] also James Wall [jewall AT

  • George Stubblefield, b. c1670 Gloucester Co., VA, m Ann Nash
    • Robert Stubblefield b ca 1700 Glouc. VA,m Ann Wyatt?
      • William Stubblefield b ca 1748, Spotsylvania Co., VA, m Elizabeth McDaniel *Note: S-5, S-12, S-17, & S-19 are haplogroup J2 and in this line
        • Coleman Stubblefield b 18 May 1784, Yadkin River, Wilkes Co., NC, m Martha Ann Looney
          • Abraham Bettis Stubblefield b 5 Jan 1811, Lawrence (Randolph) Co AR, m (1) Serena Margaret Looney, m (2) Jerial d. Wyatt, m (3) Saletha Eveline Archer
            •  John Redmon Stubblefield b 23 Jan 1856 Randolph Co., AR, s/o abraham & Saletha Archer, m Martha Elizabeth Brown
              • Jesse Hite Stubblefield b 8 Sept 1896 Randolph co., AR, d 1872 Randolph Co, AR, m Vada Kirkpatrick 

Fleming Stubblefield b 1846 Hartsville, TN d 1932 KY, m Nancy Collier

  •  Hallie b 1875
  •  Ila b 1877
  •  Josephine b 1880
  •  Eph Stubblefield
  •  Charley Stubblefield   
  • Fred B. Stubblefield b 1886 Mayfield, KY, d 1945 Mayfield KY m Nancy Marella
  • Richard Stubblefield b 1888

Jeffery Stubblefield b ca 1600?s Castle Camp, Cambridgeshire, England, m Mary Camp

  • Symon Stubblefield b ca 1600?s Castle Camp, England c Virginia
    • George Stubblefield b ca 1675, VA, m Ann Nash
      • Robert Stubblefield, b 1702, Gloucester Co., VA, m Anne Wyatt?
        • John Stubblefield, b 1726, Spotsylvania Co., VA d 1792, m Elizabeth Ligon? *Note: S-22 & S-24 are in haplogroup R1b1b2 and in this line
          • Edward Stubblefield b ca 1750, Charles City? VA, d ca 1834, m Sarah Draper
            • Joseph Stubblefield, b 1790, Oconee Co., SC, m Annie Gilbert
              • Lemuel Stubblefield, b 1828, Spartanburg Co, SC, d 1884, Johnson co, AR, m Angeline Davis
                • Preston Perry Stubblefield, b Pickens Co., SC, d bef 1910, Kamar, Johnson Co., AR, m Mary Covington
                  • Ebon Cyrus Stubblefield, b 1893, Lamar, Johnson Co, AR, d 1968 Hemet, CA, Grace Aileen Ross, Quincy, CA
                    • James Perry Stubblefield, b 1916, d 2001, m Elizabeth Rausch S-22 


Richard Stubbsb. c1619 in England, d 1676 Hull, MA, ?m Margaret Reade  S-20

  • Richard Stubbs b. 06 Dec 1661 in Hull  MA. m Mary Lobdell 
    • Luke Stubbs b. 05 Jun 1696 in Hull  MA. m Mary Newcomb
      • John Stubbs b. Abt. 1743 in Eastham MA. m. 09 Oct 1766 in Wellfleet, MA. to Amy Covell b. 13 Sep 1743
        • Ephraim Covell Stubbs b. 19 Jun 1774 in Wellfleet, MA. m. 19 Sep 1802 in Wellfleet, MA. to Elizabeth Young b. 1775
          • Robert Young Stubbs  b. 08 Dec 1807 in Wellfleet, MA. m. 16 Oct 1827Wellfleet, MA. to Betsey Murray Smith b. 1807
            • Alexander Atwood Stubbs b. 16 Feb 1828 in Wellfleet, MA. m. 1st, 01 May 1853 Portland, ME. to  Mary Elizabeth McCann b. 1830, m. 2nd to Lucy Maria Teel on 03 Jun 1870 Rockport, MA
              • Susan Ellen Stubbs b. 08 Mar 1854  m. 23 May 1871 in Rockport, MA. to Joseph Warren Hobbs b. 15 Nov 1849
                • Frederick Hobbs b. 29 Aug 1883 Rockport, MA. m. 11 Aug 1912 in Rockport, MA. to Jennie Pickering Varney b. 06 Nov 1894 Rockport, MA. 


Thomas Stubbs b c 1695, purchased land Chowan Co, NC, 1720, m Mary Everett d 1738, Beaufort Co., NC

  • John Stubbs b ca 1725 Chowan Co, NC
    • James Stubbs n 1768 Tyrrell, NC
      • George Stubbs b 1789
        • Maria Stubbs b 1809 NC, d abt 1880 Blanco, TX
          • Jackson Stubbs b 1827 Randolph, GA d 1918 Blanco TX S-27
        • William A Stubbs b 1816 Beaufort, NC, d 1876 Randolph, GA
          • George W. Stubbs b 1838 Randolph GA d 1908 Hamilton, TX S-10
  •  Thomas Stubbs b ca 1723 Chowan Co, NC
    • Levi Stubbs b ca 1760
      • Amariah b 1811 Beaufort, NC, d 1862 Beaufort, NC
        • Robert T Stubbs b 1847, d 1908, Beaufort, NC
          • Robert L Stubbs b 1886 Beaufort, NC d 1973 Beaufort S-7
  • Everett Stubbs b ca 1730 Tyrrell Co, NC
    • Abner Stubbs b ca 1779 Tyrrell Co NC S-8
    • Jesse Stubbs b ca 1758 Tyrrell Co, NC m Mary Jones
      • George Stubbs,  d 1826, m Frances Matlock
        • Jason Stubbs, b 1826 Roane Co, TN, m Nancy M. Thompson
          • William Henry Stubbs b 1853, IL, m AmeliaBertie
            • Jason Stubbs, b 1881, NE, m Alice Elnora Roberts S-21 


  Shadrach b ca 1785 prob Bladen Co, NC S-16




Ralph Stubbs b.1615 Barnard Castle, County Durham, England -S-28 [john AT] 

  • John Stubbs b.1641 Barnard Castle, County Durham, England 
    • John Stubbs b.1671 Barnard Castle, County Durham, England 
      • Robert Stubbs b.1706 Barnard Castle, County Durham, England
        • John Stubbs b.1736 Barnard Castle, County Durham, England 
          • John Stubbs b.1767 Barnard Castle, County Durham, England 
            • John Stubbs b.1794 Barnard castle, County Durham, England
              • John Stubbs b.1821 Barnard Castle, County Durham, England
                • John Stubbs b.1864 Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England
                  • John Stubbs b.1909 Bishop Aucklnad, County Durham, England




Alexander Stubbs, d 1938,Lyon Co., KS, m Lucy Jane McBride

  • Charles Stubbs
  • Harry Stubbs
  • Hattie Stubbs
  • May Stubbs
  • Myrtie Stubbs, b. 1875, d.1966, m Frank Fullen - LeAnn Facklam [the_hairbender AT]


 Thomas Stubbs b ca 1800-1810, England, m Mary

  • Betsy Stubbs b ca 1826 Eng
  • William J. Stubbs b 1829, NY m Caroline e. Mitchel
    • William D Stubbs 3/22/1862 in Ferdonia PA - m Winnifred Bricker  
    • Mary Catharine (Kate) Stubbs 2/1864 PA -7/21/1932 m William Graham 
    • John Benjamin Stubbs 5/9/1872 in PA- 11/1949
    • Fannie"Ella" Stubbs (1867) in PA - m 2/21/1886 William Shawley
    • Ann "Etta" Stubbs. b 1871 in PA m Laverne White
    • Edward Stubbs  12/1877 in PA m 9/19/1906 Dolly P. Stotts
  • Annie Stubbs b c1834 in NY
  • Emma Stubbs b c1836 in NY      
  • Martha Stubbs b c1838 in NY
  • Jane Stubbs b c1840 in PA
  • George Stubbs b 1843 in PA
  • Frank (Francis) Stubbs b 1844 PA m Catherine "Hattie" McFarland b 1846(KY)- 



 *Stubblefield lines in two different haplogroups, J2 and R1b1b2, are each thought to  descend from Symon Stubblefield of Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire.  It is not known which line is correct.  Additional information from Stubblefield researchers is most welcome.

Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 







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