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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • John, buried at Podington, Bedfordshire, 2 Aug 1627, m Alice - Aubrey [gstratton AT] S-6
    • Samuel, b c1592, Bedfordshire, d 25 Dec 1672, Watertown, MA, m Alice
      • John, bp 14 Oct 1627, Bedfordshire, d 16 Mar 1720, Watertown, MA, m Maragaret Traine
        • John, b 24 Aug 1661, Watertown, MA, d 20 Feb 1718, Watertown, MA, m Abigail
          • Jabez, b 28 Mar 1701, Watertown, MA, d bet 1764-1774,  m Tabitha Collidge
            • Elias, b 22 Oct 1730, Watertown, MA, d 4 Oct 1796, m Millicent Frost
              • Joseph, b 11 July 1768, Sherborn, MA, d 13 Apr 1835, m Dolly  Wheeler
                • Joseph, b 3 May 1798, Athol, MA, d 1878, m Alice Whitney Mann
                  • Horace Minott, b 12 May 1843, Athol, MA, d 1916 m Helen Abbie Mann
                    • Rolland, b 22 Sept 1898, Greenfield, MA, d 1972, m Ruth Cleveland Holmes
  • Mark Strattan (alias Webster) b 1691 Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England m Ann Hancock - Kcascade [kjstrattan AT]
    • Daniel Strattan b 1714 Evesham, Burlington Co., NJ m Mary Sharp
      • Jonathan Strattan b 1741 Evesham, Burlington Co., NJ m Sarah J. Owen
        • Caleb Strattan b 1781 Evesham, Burlington Co., NJ m Mary Collins
          • Daniel B. Strattan b 1803 Evesham, Burlington Co., NJ m Mary Evans
            • Nathan Strattan b 1825 Burlington Co., NJ m Mary Ellen James
              • James Courtland Strattan b 1851 Bellbrook, Greene, OH m Maude Throop
                • Guy Strattan b aft 1910 IL d 1964 S-5
  • Solomon Stratton b c1745 Albemarle Co., VA d 1818 Floyd Co., KY m1 Jane Witten m2 Sarah "Sally" Walker - Sue Bennett [sgbennett917 AT]
    • Tandy Stratton b c1776 Amherst Co., VA d 1827 Floyd Co., KY m1 Mildred Layne m2 Mary "Polly" Preece
      • Solomon Hunter Stratton b c1796 Floyd Co., KY d c1882 Floyd Co., KY m Jane "Jennie" Shannon Layne
        • Samuel George Stratton b 1840 Floyd Co., KY d 1896 Jacksonville, OR m Nancy Ann Williams
          • Solomon Isaac Stratton b 1869 Clinton, Clay Co., MO d 1957 Lyle, WA m Sylvia Jane Veatch
            • Emile Emerson Stratton b 1894 Lone Rock, OR d 1969 White Salmon, WA m Marguerite Leaman 156048
  • John, b 1752, Chippenham WIL, m Mary Pain - gfstratton [geoff.stratton AT]
    • Richard, b 1789, Clyffe Pypard WIL, m Elizabeth Bryant
      • Richard, b 1815, Bitton GLS, m Mary Jenkins
        • Thomas b 1845, Llanvrechfa Upper MON, m Elizabeth Morgan
          • Frank b 1868, Llanbaddock MON, m Hannah Matilda Collins S-4
  • James Stratlin b c1800 Derry, Ulster, Ireland d aft 1863 m Sarah Donnly - jds [hilts AT]
    • Thomas Stratton/Strattom/Straiton b 1820/2 Derry, Ulster, Ireland d 1863 Wishaw, Cambusnethan, Lanark, Scotland m Ester/Esther/Easter Dobbins/Dabin
      • James Stratton/Stratten b 16 Jan 1845 Derry, Ulster, Ireland d 15 Nov 1914 Salina, PA m Letitia Shields
        • James McGowen Stratton b 16 Apr 1883 St. Marys, Elk Co., PA d 25 Jan 1973 Pittsburgh, PA m Anna McGregor S-7
  • John, b Nov 1850 NYC  NY, m Kisiah/Kathryn Percifield - Edward L. Stratton
    • Leroy, b Nov 1885, Bartholomew Co IN, m Lucy Mann S-1










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