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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project )

Stafford Lineage 1


Samuel Stafford, b. 1724 prob. VA m. Naomi d. 1774 NC – mlb50 [LBates AT] – S-6

            Josiah Stafford, b. 1757 Pasquotank, NC d. 1835 Bedford Co., TN m. Sarah Ivey\

                        Ivey Stafford, b. 1788 Johnston Co., NC d. aft 1860 Clark Co., AR m. Polly Sorrells

                                    George Franklin Stafford, b. 1825 Lawrence Co., TN d. 1916 Limestone Co., TX m. Sallie Johnson

                                                Thomas Jefferson Stafford, b. 1868 MS d. 1936 Limestone Co., TX m. Emma Herring



Robert T. Stafford, b c. `808 NV m. Mary E. Hutchins 1828 d. Bef. 1850 TN –Charles Whitsell –S-2

            Andrew J. Stafford, b. 1844 TN m. Ann Doty 1869 d. Aft. 1825 TN

                        Robert Newton Stafford, b. `874 Rockville, IN m. Mary Elizabeth Covington 1899 d. 1942 Miami, OK

                                    Clarence Martin Stafford, d. 1900 Harrison, AR m. Nadine Madge Woody 1919, d. 1965 Dallas, TX


James Stafford, b. 1809 Fermanagh, IRE m. Alice Freeborn – Jim Stafford [j.r.stafford AT] – S-2

            James Freeborn Stafford, b. 1842 Fermanagh, IRE m. Katherine E. Driscoll

                        John (Jack) Stafford, b. 1875 St. John, Canada


Joseph M. Stafford, b. 4 Oct 1811 NC m. Panthera A. Parr b. 23 Mar 1826 Lincoln Co., TN – Barb Stafford S-33

            Joseph Adam Bell Stafford, b. 11 Apr 1845 Lincoln Co., TN m. Louisa Jane Reynolds b. 15 Feb 1845 KY

                        Joseph Walter Stafford. b. 31 Jul 1876 AL m. LaVenna Jane Pridmore b. 11 Feb 1877 Boaz, AL

                                    Oscar Theo Stafford, b. 31 Oct 1910 Madison Co., AL m. Maudie Lucille Jones b. 29 Dec 1912 Garland, Dallas Co., TX


Stafford Lineage 2


Thomas Stafford, b. 1605 Warwickshire, ENG m. Elizabeth John R. Stafford [jlmstafford AT] –S-8

            Joseph Stafford b. 1647/8 Newport, Newport Co., RI m. Sarah Holden

                        John Stafford b. 1682 Warwick, Kent CO., RI m. Marbury Place

                                    Thomas Stafford, b. c1722 RI m. Mercy Cleveland

                                                John Stafford, b. 1749 Warwick, Kent Co., RI m. Hannah

                                                        Washington Squire Stafford, b. 1776 Danbury, Rutland Co., VT m.; Ellen Slyter (Sluyter)

                                                                        Walter Slyter Stafford, b. 1820 Franklin Co., NY m. Julia Ann Skinner

                                                                                    DeWitt Clinton Stafford, b. 1845 PA/OH m. Caroline Ann Cruthers

                                                                                                Lyle Marion Stafford, b. 1881 Morrison, Whiteside Co., IL m. Mary K. Dempster

                                                                                                            Clyde Dempster Stafford, b. 1906 Chicago, Cook Co., IL m. Estelene T. Spears

                                                            Jonathan Stafford, b July 15, 1771 m. Sarah Anthony – Michael P. Stafford [Michael_stafford AT] –S-7

                                                                        Stutely Stafford, b. Oct 7, 1799 m. Francis Flower

                                                                                    Albert E. Stafford, b. May 9, 1838 m. Flora E. Glazier

                                                                                                Fred Emery Stafford, b. May 11, 1868 m. Sylvia Hannah Rumery

                                                                                                            Francis Lee Stafford, b. Sept 14, 1894 m. Ruth Harriet Whiting

                                                            Rowland Stafford, b. 1765 m. Phebe ? – Rob Aronson S-37

                                                                        John Stafford, b. 1785 m. Eleanor Hilliker

                                                                                    Leroy Stafford, b. 1827 m. Lydia Stafford

                                                                                                Ellis Burton Stafford, 1860 m. Mathilda Peterson

                                                Rowland Stafford, b. 1745 Warwick, RI Catherine Sweetb. 1745 – William Stafford –S-31

                                                            John Sweet Stafford, b. 1767 RI m. Sarah Doty b. 1769 NY

                                                                        John Stafford, b. 1790 VT m. Sarah Jane Swcor

                                                                                    Walden Marvin Stafford, b. 1822 NY m. Laura Etta Smith b. 1822 NY

                                                                                                Wallace Leroy Stafford, b. 1849 NY m. Jeanette A. Ward b. 1852 WI                                                                                                      Asa Marvin Stafford, b. 1878 WI m. Mabel Beryle Williams b. 1885

                                                                                                                        John Stafford m. Emma Hughes

Samuel Stafford, b. 1635 m. Mercy Westcott –John Elbert Stafford [jestaf4d AT] –S-13

            Thomas Stafford, b. 1682 m. Audrey Greene

                        John Stafford, b. 1758 m. Mary King

                                    Stukely Stafford, b. 1758 m. Mary Gallup (?)

                                                Stukely Stafford, b. 1778 m. Sarah Culver       

                                                            Smith L. Stafford, b. 1810 m. Electa Quinn

                                                                        Norman A. Stafford, b. 1855 m. Harriet Hamilton

                                                                                    John A. Stafford, b. 1884 m. Nellie M. Thurston

                                                                                                Claude A. Stafford, b. 1908 m. Dorothy E. Austin


James Stafford, b. c1797 NH m. Roxana Mentor –StaffordNH [staffoswego AT] –S-17

            Henry H. Stafford, b. 1840 Holmes Twsp, OH m. Matilda Salbury

                        Harry L. Stafford, b. 1892 Hillhurst, WA m. Helen Henderson


Charles E. Stafford, b. 1863 MI m. Mary Ellen Wright b. `880 KS – Craig Stafford [crgstffrd AT] S-32

            Ralph A. Stafford, b. 1922 OR m. Josephine Zemmer b. 1920 OR


Stafford Lineage 3


William Stafford, b. 5 Apr 1789 PA m. Catherine Betz Henderson 16 Jan 1815 Jefferson Co., OH - Cathy Stoppel [pstoppel AT] –S-22

            Nathan Staffiord, Sr., b. 18 Dec 1825 Jefferson Co., OH m. Sarah Ann Peoples 15 Jan 1856

                        Samuel David Stafford, b. Jan 1856 Valparaiso Co., IN m. Rosella E. Morehead 19 Dec 1878 Republic Co., KS

                                    Clarence Elmer Stafford, b. 17 Apr 1892 Republic Co., KS m. Clara Gertrude McClure 15 Apr 1914 Republic Co., KS

                                                Margaret Ruth Stafford, b. Republic Co., KS m. Frank Chalres Fanning Jefferson Co., KS

Robert C. Stafford, b. Dec 22 1856, m. Celestine Servario – sl111359 [landryr AT] –S-10

            Calvin Ernest Stafford, b. July 11 1883 LA m. Olive Jane James


Stafford Lineage 4


William Savage Stafford, Sr., b. Oct 1812 England m. Susan Elizabeth Pepper – Randall Stafford [webmaster AT] –S-11

            C. Hezekiah Stafford, b. 1835 ENG. M. Cather9ine Elizabeth Esther Emerson b. Apr 1850 Summerville, Chatooga Co., GA

                        Margarite J. Stafford, b. Jun 1875 GA m. John W. Jones b. Apr 1847 NC

                        William b. Stafford, b. 1875 AR

                        Elizabeth Adaline Stafford, b. Jan 1880 m. John J. Molnari b. Jan 1872 MS

                        David Emmerson Stafford, b. 24 Jan 1887 Mineola, Wood Co., TX

                        Vincent Thomas Stafford, b. 20 Aug 1889 Mineola, Wood Co., TX m. Katy T. ? b. 1898

            William G. Savage Stafford, b. Feb 1839, England m1. 22 Dec 1858 Waukegan, Lake Co., IL Malvina E. Wheeler b. 1843 IL

                        William M. Stafford, b. Dec 1860 IL m.  12 Nov 1885 Livingston Co., IL Josephine Baker b. Jun 1861 IN

                                    Blanche Stafford, b. Nov 1886 IL

                                    Marie A. Stafford b. Aug 1892 IL

                                    Margaret I. Stafford, b. Sep 1894 IL                                       

                                    Carlton Stafford, b. Apr 1899 IL d. Bef 1910 IL

                        Frederick L. Stafford, b. 1863 IL

            William G. Savage Stafford, b. Dec 1839 England m.2 06 May 1869 Wayne Co., OH Emma Rebecca Mescheimer b. 23 Jun 1849 Wayne Co., OH

                        Edwin George Stafford, b. 12 Mar 1870 Junction City, Madison Co., MO m. 1894 MS Mary Alline Deas b. 25 Jul 1875 Enterprise, Clark CO., MS

                                    Evelyn D. Stafford, b. 10 Oct 1894 Birmingham, Jefferson Co.,AL m. Frank H. Wenzel

                                    Edwin George Stafford, Jr. b. Jun 1, 1896 Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL m. Louise Ethel Parker b. 27 Sep 1897 Morehead, Rowan Co., Kentucky

                                    William States Stafford, Sr. b. 3 Sep 1898 Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL m. 09 Jun 1921 Little Rock, Pul Co., AR Martha Valdora Russell b. 13 Jan 1901

                                    Alline Frances Stafford, b. 07 Feb 1902 Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL  m. 1922 Robert F. Everhart, Sr. b. 16 Nov 1900 Oh

                                    Francis Hutchinson Stafford, b. 29 Aug 1904 Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL m. Lottie ?

                                    Everhard Stafford, b. 10 Jun 1909 Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL m. 01 Nov 1969 Lee, TX  Alma Mary Noack b. 9 Feb 1915 TX

                        Allice Mary Stafford, b. 31 Aug 1873 Waukegan, Lake Co., IL                       

                        George Timothy Stafford, b. 27 Oct 1875 Eldora, Hardin Co., Iowa m. 17 Oct 1906 Birmingham, AL  Margaret Chapman Berry b. Jun 1877 AL

                        Cyrus Winfield Black Stafford, b. 07 Feb 1878 Cincinatti, Hamilton Co., OH m. 1900 Laura F. ?

                        Everhard Stafford, b. 21 Aug 1887 Birmingham. Jefferson Co., AL

            Matilda Elizabeth Stafford, b. 1841 England m. Albert P. Millen b. Sep 1844 IL

            Joseph Josiah Stafford, b. 22 Sep 1841 England m.. Mary E. Woodman b. 1843 England – Candy Good [candygood AT] –S-16

                        May Malvina Stafford, b. 01 May 1865 IL m. Charles H. Cowley b. Oct 1863 England

                                    William Joseph Cowley, b. 25 Sep 1893 Hinsdale, IL m. 1915 Dorothy ? b. 1898 MI

                        Josiah William Stafford, b. Jan 1867 IL m.1 04 Nov. 1891 Lake Co., IL Mabel J. Yager b. Mar 1873 m.2 Lillian ? b. 1884 OH

                        Carrie Elizabeth Stafford, b. 1868 IL m. Dr. Joseph F. Kozlowski b. 1870 CT

                        George Hezekiah Stafford, b. 26 Jul 1872 Waukegan, Lake Co., IL m. Minnie May Moore b. 17 Oct 1876 Wyocena,.WI

                        Fred Stafford, b. 1873, Waukegan,.Lake Co., IL

                        Ernest Stafford, b. Jun 1874 Waukegan, Lake Co., IL

                        Aaron Lewis Stafford, b. 21 May 1877 IL m. Eva Elizabeth Pelton b. 27 Jun 1885

                        Annie Lyle Stafford, b. 11 Sep 1878 Chicago, Lake Co., Il

            . Frederick Stafford, b. 1843 England m. 24 Sep 1864 Peoria Co., IL m 1 Susannah Martha Jones b. 1844 England

                        Mary Rebecca Stafford, b. abt. 1866 IL

                        Mark Stafford b. 1867 IL

                        Alice Minnetta Stafford, b. Sep 1869 IL

            Frederick Stafford, b. 1843 England m. 24 Sep 1864 Peoria Co., IL m2. Martha Hallock        

                        Frederick Stafford, b. 1875 IL

            Caroline E. Stafford b. 1845 England m. 15 May 1866 Winnebago Co., IL Robert Tratt

                        John William Tratt b. 19 Jan 1874 IL m. Mary ? b. 1892 TN

                        Cora Tratt b. 1878 IL (Adopted).


Stafford Lineage 5


John Stafford, b. 1736 Staffordshire, England m. Margaret Blunt b. 1738 Staffordshire, England – James Robert Stafford S-15

            Ralph Stafford, b. c. 1757 Staffordshire, England m. Jean (Jane) Kane b. 1760 Ireland

                        John Stafford, b. 1779 enroute from Ireland m Nancy Muncey b. 1778 VA

                                    Ralph Monroe Stafford, b. 1808 VA m. Cynthia Ann Burgess b. 1819 KY

                                                James Ballard Stafford, 1839 KY m. Melissa Grale b. 1866

                                                            James Anthony Stafford, b. 1873 Deaarborn, Platte Co., MO m. Mary Elizabeth Wilkerson b. 1877 MO

                                                                        James Wallace Stafford, b. 1900 m. Helen Gladys Nutt b 1901

                                                                                    Robert Wallace Stafford m. Mary Eleanor Erber

            James Stafford, b. c. `753 Co., Tyrone, Ireland m. Nancy Eaton b. 1750 Co., Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland – Larry Allen Stafford S-24

                        John E. Stafford b. 1786 Ireland m. Elizabeth Jane Muncey b. 1784 VA

                                    James J. S. Stafford, b. 1798 VA m. Margaret Wagner b. 1800 VA

                                                John Rutter Stafford, b. 1834 Staffordsville, VA m. Mary Jane Bratton b. 1841 VA

                                                            James Michael Stafford, b. 1862 Trigg, Giles Co., VA m. Emma Zetta Smith b. 1867 VA

                                                                        Edward Luther Haynes Stafford, b. 1889 VA m. Jessie Sevella Combs b. 1900 VA


James Stafford, b. 1731 Mellor, Derb., ENG m. <ary ? b. 1735 Mellor, Derb, ENG – Kaye Schwer –S34

            Thrice Tristam Stafford, b. 1770 Godsey Par., Manch, ENG

                        John Stafford, b. 1811 KY m. Nancy Burress b. 1810 IN

                                    Charles Stafford, b. 1841 IN m. Martha J. Sullivan b. 1840 IN

                                                John Stafford, b. 1873 IN m. Lillian Mae Barker b. 1874 KS

                                                            Gerald Dean Stafford, b. 1898 KS m. Myrtle Leona Skinner b. 1899 MO


Stafford Lineage 6


Peter Stafford, b. Apr 1797, Manchester, England m. Ellen Kenyon – Charles Stafford [cstafford AT] –S-21

            Thomas Stafford, b. Sep 1829, Manchester, England m. Martha Henderson

                        James K. Stafford, b. Jan 1855, Vinton Co., OH m. Amanda Roberts

                                    Oscar K. Stafford, b. Apr 1884, Powell Co., KY m. Elizabeth Scrivener

Ralph Stafford, b. 1804 Stockport, Cheshire, England m. Sarah Fildes b. 1804 Reddish, Manch., Lan, England –Chuck Boleton [cbolton AT] –S-26

            Edwin Bruce Stafford, Sr., b. 1827 Stockport, Cheshire, England, m. Prudence Eastman b. 1828 Penwortham, Lanc., England

                        Alvin Thomas Stafford, b. 1865 Abington, Knox Co., Il m. Mary Louisa Johnson b. 1870 Deloit, Crawford Co., IA

                                    Marvin Dene Stafford


Stafford Lineage 7


Gadius Stafford, b. 10 Sep 1789 d. 2 Jul 1860 – Michael H. Stafford [president AT] –S-3

            Rueben Stafford, b. 14 Apr 1812 d. 12 Dec 1881

                        Abraham “Abram” H. Stafford b. 31 Mar 1841 d. 6 Jul 1928

                                    Reuben Murray Stafford, b. 6 May 1870 d. 1 Mar 1927


Josiah Stafford (Stover) b. abt. 1662 d. 9 Apr 1743 m Sarah Lake b. 10 May 1678 d. 10 May 1754 –Arthur Stafford [czstafford AT] –S-30

            David Stafford, b. 6 feb 1705 d. 5 Feb 1791 m. Lydia Davol b. 30 Jun 1709 d. 1788

                        Joshua Stafford, b. 3 Mar 1749 d. 3 Oct 1809 m. Susannah Cory b. c. 1752 d. 30 Dec 1814

                                    William Stafford, b. 5 Apr 1776 d. 10 Feb 1863 m. Mary Cook b. 6 Sep 1778

                                                Dr. John Stafford, 14 Mar 1805 d. 24 Mar 1905 m. Nancy Hurlburt b. 30 Sep 1827 d. 18 Feb 1906

                                                            Charles Henry Stafford, b. 2 Nov 1862 d. 15 Apr 1901 m. Mary Frances “Minnie: Hauser b. Oct 1861 d. aft. 1920

                                                                        Arthur John Stafford, b. 17 Aug 1884 d. 23 Nov 1920 m. Clara Steimer b. 4 Dec 1882 d. 9 Aug 1950

                                                                                    Charles Arthur Stafford, b. 9 Nov 1905 d. 4 Sep 1992 m. Florence Mildred Hovey 30 Nov 1920 d. 1 Sep 1988

                                                                                                Arthur Charles Stafford


Other Stafford Lineages


























































































































































































































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