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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.

Speir/ Spear/ Speer

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  • Robert Speer, bc. 1611, emigrated 1635 from Gravesend, Kent to St Christophers (St Kitts, Lesser Antilles), then to VA; m. Elizabeth, bc. 1615, emigrated 1635 from Gravesend to St Kitts, then to VA. - Kent Bishop [wkentbishop AT]
    • Robert Speer, bc. 1632 in England or Ireland
      • Robert Speer, bc. 1678 VA, d. 1725/6 VA; m. Ruth 1698.
        • Robert Speer, x. 1705 VA, d. 1735 VA, m.2nd Jean Elmore.
          • James Speer, bc. 1725 VA, d. 1761 VA.
            • William Speares/Spears, b. 1745 VA, d. 1844 Franklin Co., GA; m.1st Ann Holiday.
              • Sims Spears, b.1799 Franklin Co., GA, d. 1874 Franklin Co., GA; m.1st Mary Oglesby.
                • Asbury Franklin Spears/Speer, b.1833 Franklin Co., GA, d.1904 Franklin Co., GA; m.1st Amelia “Millie” Elizabeth Hall, 1851.
                  • Josiah Asbury Spears/Speer, b.1855 Hart Co., GA, d.1928/35 Hart Co. GA; m.Anna Susan McDougle, 1872.
                    • Charles Clifford Speer, b.1895 Hart Co., GA, d.1955 Baltimore, MD; m. Almeda Elinor Lindstrom, 1918-1936.
                      • Virginia Speer, b. 1919 Atlanta, GA. d. 2004 Atlanta, GA; m. Winford R. Bishop, m. 1938. 81717
  • Andrew Speer b c1670 Co. Donegal, Ireland d 1758 Somerset Co., MD m Jane - radioflyer [donspeer AT]; SD Speer [ekspeer AT]
    • Henry b 1686 MD d 1769 MD m Jane Calloway
      • Jacob b 1725 Somerset Co., MD d 1802 Surry Co., NC m Elizabeth
        • John b 1747 Somerset Co., MD d 1851 Dallas Co., AR m Elizabeth Steelman
          • Benjamin b c1784 Surry Co., NC d 1860 Cumberland, KY m Elizabeth Nutt
            • William b 1814 Birmingham, AL d 1890 Coutella, TX m Elizabeth McCallister
              • Thomas Jefferson b 1854 Denton, TX d 1918 El Paso, TX m Jane R. Spear
                • John David b 1877 Kendall Co., TX d 1970 El Paso, TX m Emma Matilda Hood
                  • Thomas Jefferson b 1910 San Antonio, TX d 1991 Seguin, TX m Louie B. Barrett SX-1; 123563
  • John Spear, b. 1679, N. Ireland; m. Catrin ca 1713 - Allyn Spear [allynsbox AT]
    • Robert Spear, b. 14 Sept 1714, N. Ireland; m. Margaret McLean ca 1736
      • John Spear, b. 1738, Maine, USA; m. Agnes Lamb 1761
        • Hugh Spear, b. 1771, Maine, USA; m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Bradford ca 1789
          • Joshua L. Spear, b. 30 Jan 1791, Maine, USA; m. 2nd Wealthy Fulmer 1819
            • John Spear, b. Dec 1824, Maine, USA; m. Mary Ordway 29 Nov 1850
              • Henry Alden Spear, b. 12 Aug 1854, Maine, USA; m. Ida Williams 25 Apr 1882
                • Henry Creighton Spear, b. 14 Jul 1889, Michigan, USA; m. Edna Stireman 1 Jan 1918 332523
  • Robert Speer b. Ireland 1744, m Mary Ann Barton - rmspeer [jcspeer AT]
    • John U. Speer b. Newberry Co. SC 1776, m Frances McTeer
      • John U. Speer, b. Laurens Co. SC 1819, m Eliza Ann Woods
        • John U. Speer, b. Wayne Co. TN 1867, m Hattie Power
          • John U. Speer, b. Wayne Co. TN 1907, m Johanna Carey
  • William Speer b 1767 Co. Down, Ireland d 1846 Butler, PA m Mararet Hunter - Stevespeer [speernotes AT]
    • James Speer b 1803 Cumberland, PA d 1884 Scott, IA m Margaret Crawford
      • James Speer b 1841 Scott, IA d 1914 Pocahontas, IA m Elizabeth King
        • George Speer b 1868 Tama, IA d 1948 Pocahontas, IA m Emma Powell
          • Willis Speer b 1891 Pocahontas, IA d 1958 Palo Alto, IA m Blanche Vaux 143095
  • William Speir b c1728 possibly Beith, Kilmarnock m Janet Sheddan - Nancy Speir Beiske; Rick Speir; Janet Akaha [akaha AT]
    • Unknown Speir b c1755 (William, John, or Allan of Kerland Mill and/or Marshalland, Beith, Ayr
      • James Speir(s)/Spier(s) b c1787 Kilbirnie or Beith, Ayershire, Scotland m Jean Mason
        • William Reid Spear b 23 Apr 1820 Beith, Ayr, Scotland m Agnes Carmichal
          • James Spear b 1846 Kilbirnie, Ayre, Scotland m Charlotte Crossey
            • William James Speir b 1875 Bay Michigan m Rose Hebert
              • George Thomas Speir b 1914 MI
          • Robert Charles Speir b Nov 1859 MI m Charlotte Rouech
            • Earl Robert Speir b 22 May 1895 MI m Catherine
        • Thomas Speirs b 18 Nov 1835 Kilbirnie, Ayr, Scotland d IL m Lucy Jane Hunt
          • James H. Speirs b 18 Sep 1863 Detroit, MI m Emily Fleming
            • Fredrick James Speirs b 25 May 1891 Detriot, MI m Florence Loftus 158396
  • Robert Speer b 1771 Newberry Co., SC m Margaret McClure - Karen Davis [bunkerbuddy AT]
    • John Speer b 31 Aug 1808 OH m Nancy Richardson
      • David Crockett Speer b 21 Sep 1838 OH m Martha Jane Snider
        • James Speer b 2 Oct 1862 OH m Ida May Hagan
          • Arthur William Speer b 14 Jul 1899 Escondido, San Diego, CA m Sarah Naomi Kincade 269315
  • George b c1792 VA d 1833 Cabell Co., WV m Elizabeth Miller - Roy Earl Spears [spearspat AT]
    • David b c1834 Cabell Co., WV d 1880 Lawrence Co., OH m Sarah Ross
      • George b 1859 Lawrence Co., OH d aft 1920 Chicago, IL m Frances Allis
        • Roy b 1895 Chicago, IL d 1946 Chicago, IL m Irene Kries 143110
  • Asberry Speer, b c 1820, VA, m Charlotte b c 1830, VA - Larry Spears [lspears AT]
    • Hiram P Speer, b c 1851, Scott Cty, VA, m Charity Mosier
      • James J Speer, b c 1874, Scott Cty, VA, m Victoria Thompson
        • Lucian C Spears, b 16 April, 1898 Scott Cty, VA, m Chassie Tweed, d 1978 IN 114933
  • John Spears b c1828 AL d c1878 TX m Martha A. - Wanda Kay Spears Carroll [kayse AT]
    • John Henry Spears b 14 Jan 1853 Tishomingo Co., MS d 29 Sep 1937 m Mary Francis Metcalf
      • William Henry Spears b 8 Feb 1897 TX d Nov 1985 m Cora Ophelia Armstrong 167823
  • David Henry Spear b 1800's d Boise, ID m Florence Ryan b Ireland - klisa24 [klisa24 AT]
    • Ray Spear
    • Walter Spear
    • Roy Spear 

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