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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


Hans Casper Spengler b. 20 Jan 1683/84 Weiler, Badden Wurttemberg, Germany d. 28 Apr 1760 York Co., PA  Contact - Deborah Waite

  • Jonas Spengler b. 26 May 1715 Weyler Steinsberg, Hilsbach, Palatinate on the Rhine d. c1762 Paradise Township, York Co., Pennsylvania
    • Joseph Spangler b. 1745 Paradise Township, York Co., Pennsylvania d. 1802 Washington Township, York County, Pennsylvania
      • Daniel Spangler b. 25 Mar 1794 Paradise Township, York Co., Pennsylvania d.01 Jul 1860 Warrington Township, York County, Pennsylvania
        • Jacob H Spangler b. 03 Sep 1842 Warrington Townsip, York County, Pennsylvania d. 26 Jan 1900 Pennsylvania
          • George Curtis Spangler b 17 Apr 1878 Warren Township, York Co., Pa d 21 May 1951 Spanglers Mill, Lower Allen Township, Cumberland Co., Pa
            • Jacob Gerald Spangler b 15 May 1906 Lower Allen Township, Cumberland Co., Pa d. 23 Sep 1975 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa 135166
  • Daniel Spangler, Sr b. c1716 d. 1787 Franklin Co., VA m. Mary - sanddevil42 [sanddevil42 AT]
    • Daniel Spangler, Jr. b. 1747 d. 1823 Montgomery (Floyd) Co., VA m. Sarah
      • Daniel Spangler, III b. 1784 Henry Co., VA d. 1850 Cannon Co., TN m. Sarah Elizabeth Sowers
        • Samuel Spangler b. 1816 Montgomery Co., VA d.1865 Cannon Co., TN m1 Tabitha Whittemore m2 Aletha Jane Banks
          • John Mathias Spangler b. 1856 Cannon Co., VA d. 1933 Fannin Co TX m1 Roxanne Mae Hogwood m2 Naomi E. Brown
            • Nathaniel Oscar Spangler b 1888 Franklin Co TN d 1970 Fannin Co TX m Martha Ola Karr
              • Herbert Purvis Spangler b 1914 Fannin Co. TX d. 1983 Jackson Co OR m Bennie Elva Bristow S-1 92562
      • Samuel Spangler b 1795 d 1875 Floyd Co., VA  m Mary Catherine Helton (Hylton) - Murry J. Spangler [mjs15 AT]
        • William H. Spangler b 1824 d 1857 Floyd Co., VA m Hannah J. Sowers
          • Samuel George Spangler b 1853 d 1929 Floyd Co., VA m Mary Ona Agee
            • Charles Beahm Spangler b 1892 d 1969 Floyd Co., VA m Mary Catherine Yopp 189140
  • Michael Spengler b. 10 Mar 1709 Hirstein, Saarland, Germany
    • Peter (John) Spengler b. 23 Jul 1747 Lebanon Co., PA d. Bef. 19 Jul 1800 Heidelburg Twp, Dauphin Co., PA
      • Peter S Spangler b. 22 Mar 1779 Lancaster Co., PA d. 18 May 1867 Potter Twp, Centre Co., PA
        • John George Spangler b. 28 Aug 1800 Lancaster Co., PA d. 01 Nov 1875  Plainfield, Will Co., IL
          • Samuel Spangler b. 03 Sep 1842 Center Co., PA d. 14 Sep 1918 Plainfield, Will Co., IL
            • Harry Thomas Spangler b 28 Jun 1881 Plainfield, Will Co., IL d 25 Aug 1928 Plainfield, Will Co., IL
              • Wilmer Harry Spangler b 23 Sep 1914 Plainfield, Will Co., IL d. 29 Sep 2001 Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN S-2 88174


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