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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Edward Smale/Small/Smalley, b c1600 England, m Elizabeth Shirts - Jonathan [jonsmall AT]
    • Francis, b 6 Oct 1625 Bideford, England, m Elizabeth Leighton
      •  Daniel, b 1654 Provincetown, Barnstable Co, MA, m Abigail Snow
        • Isaac, Sr., b 1696 Eastham, Barnstable Co, MA, m Elizabeth Carret Barnaby
          • Isaac, Jr., b 17 Aug 1740, Falmouth, Cumberland Co, ME, m Susan Hobbs
            • Jeremiah b c1783, Gray, Cumberland Co, ME, m Jane Frank
              • Gilbert, b c1813, Gray, Cumberland Co, ME, m Abigail Baker
                • William Armstrong, b 31 Oct 1853, ME, m Elmira Costello
                  • Gilbert Sr., b 15 Jun 1885, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA, m Christine Schoff S-2 N6205 
  • John Small (Dr.), b c 1771, d 1842 Leicester/Derby, m Sarah Bath - TS [terrykathys AT]
    • Samuel Small, b 1804, d 1854 Arthur, Ontario, m Margaret Mellor
      • George Small, b 1847 Fergus, Ont, d 1880 Kincardine, Ont, m Elizabeth C Milne
        • John F Small, b 1876 Palmerston, Ont, d 1965 St Louis MO, m Hilda Ruse
          • Frederick R Small, b 1906 St Louis MO, d 1996 Kansas City MO, m Adele Edwards
  • John Small (Dr.), b c 1771, d 1842 Netherseal, Leicester/Derby, m Sarah Bath - bryanrs [bryansma AT]
    • Samuel Small, b 1804, d 1854 Arthur, Ontario, m Margaret Mellor
      • John Small
        • Samuel Andrew Small
          • Lester Meredith Small
            • Bruce Clarke Small, b 1919 Strasbourg SK d 2007 Regina SK
  • Owen (William?), b. 1796, Ireland – d. 18**; m. Mary - Josephine Donahue [JoDonahue AT]
    • Peter, b.1821, Ireland – d. 3 Dec 1856, Boston, MA; m. Alice Jane McConville
      • James Arthur, b. 8 Dec 1850, Boston, MA – d. 9 Feb 1930, Boston, MA; m Mary Cecily Trainor
        • Irving Charles, b. 11 Mar 1906, Boston, MA – d. 12 Jun 1974, East Braintree, MA; m Josephine Costello
  • William Small m Mary Allen - gjsmall [gjsmall AT]
    • William James Small b 26 Jan 1834 London, England d 1889 Victoria, Australia m Norah Duggan
      • George Henry Small b 1860 Sandy Creek, Victoria, Australia d 1925 Healsville, Victoria, Australia m Martha Denney
        • David Small b 1898 Narraport, Victoria, Australia d 1970 Lake Cargelligo, New South Wales, Australia m Octavera Wilhelmina Rolfe 193696
  • George W. b 1812 Warren Co TN m Elizabeth Rains - Edna [ednaearle_1999 AT]
    • Thomas T, b Feb 25,1839 Warren Co TN.  m Lucy Byles
      • George Alexander, b Dec 9 1870  m Christina Jackson
        • Jackson Curtis b Feb 06, 1903  m Alma Bossier
  • Steven Small, m Elizabeth, c 1840 - neacker [neacker AT]
    • William Small, b. Canada, c 1845, m Sarah Jane Cook
      • Benjamin Francis Small, b Canada c 1875, m Burnetta Longmire
        • Clarence Dewey Small, b Yakima, WA 13 May 1898, m Margaret Edith Netzley
  • William Small b c1830 Walsall, Staffordshire, UK (?) - Bruce Small [bruce.small AT]
    • James Small b c1851 Walsall, Staffordshire, UK m Fanny Walker
      • James Small b Apr-Jun 1873 Walsall, Staffordshire, UK m Emily Ellen Pye N1980
  • Andrew Powrie Small, b c1861-63 Dundee, Scotland, d 1937 England, m Annie Dempster Jones - Macgregor
    • Robert "Bob" Fredrick Jones Small, b Apr.3,1890, Glasglow, Scotland, d Apr. 27, 1916, France m Nelly Ward
      • John Stewart Jones Small, b Apr. 12, 1899, Scotland
      • Joseph Small, b-Jan. 20 or 28, d Oct. 13, 1915 France
      • Hector Macdonald Small, b Mar. 24, 1903, d Oct.19, 1987, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, m Violet May Gross
      • William "Bill" McKinnon Jones Small, b Feb. 20, 1909, d Apr. 7, 1984, m  Eva Alice Siddons


  • John Smalley b. 1615 Bidford, Devon, Co. England. m.Ann Walden  - William Fox [wwfox AT]
    • John Smalley b. Sept. 9, 1644 Plymouth, MA m. Lydia Martin
      • Jonathon Smalley b. Apr. 10, 1683 Piscataway, NJ m. Sarah Bird
        • Andrew Smalley was b. Dec. 20, 1726 NJ m. Agnes Coriell,  m.Christina unknown?, m. Susanna Smith
          • William Smalley Sr. b. about 1785 Hampshire, Co., VA (now WV) m. Anna Mary Catherine Cook
            • Annie Smalley, b. Apr. 9, 1806 KY, m Martin Grant
            • Andrew Smalley, b. May 20, 1808 Mason Co. KY, d Nov. 11, 1838 Warren Co. IN
            • David Smalley, b. May 10, 1811 Mason Co. KY, m Angelina Anderson
            • William Smalley Jr. b. Jan/ 11, 1813 Mayville, Mason, Co. KY m. Sarah Sargent b,m. Eliza Jane Pearce
              • Alfred Andrew Milligan b.Nov. 6, 1853 Millville, Butler, Co. OH m. Charlotte Matilda Smalley
                • Alfred Lee Milligan b. Aug. 26, 1893, in Pinevillage, IN m. Beulah Darlene Grolo S-8 64416
    • Isaac Smalley Sr. b. Dec 11, 1646 Eastham, MA m. 2nd wife Mary White - Thomas E. Smalley [coolray AT]
      •  Isaac Smalley Jr., b. Apr 17, 1714 Piscataway, NJ m. Susannah Unknown,
        • Andrew Smalley Sr., b. Nov 29, 1744 NJ, possibly Hunterdon Co., m. Nancy Ann Wilson
          • Andrew Smalley Jr. b. Oct 27, 1775 Loudoun County, VA m. Elizabeth H. Smith
            • Isaac Smalley, b. c1808 Adams Co., OH m. Nancy Ramsey 
              • John W. Smalley, b. Sep 01, 1833 m. Rebecca Collier on August 03, 1856
                • James Arthur Smalley, b. Dec 25, 1876 m. Bertha Fannin  


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