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William Short b c 1612; m. Elizabeth Symonds; d. 1659 Surry Co., VA
    o Thomas Short b c 1643 Surry Co., VA; d. 1713 Surry Co., VA
	o Robert Short, Sr. m. Amey -?-; 
	    o William Short, Sr. m. Mary -?-; d. before 1757 Prince George Co., VA
Note: Compare lineage with S-1, Lineage VI, above which is not a DNA match. 
Note that S-44 is also a 12/12 match with S-2. See also the discussion page link

		o William Short d. 1769 Brunswick Co., VA
		    o William Short b. say 1720; m. Sarah Roberson; d. ca. 1787 Brunswick Co., VA
			o Thomas Short m. Elizabeth; d. ca. 1805 Brunswick Co., VA
			    o Edmund Short b. ca. 1786 VA; m. 2. Susan; d. 31 Jan. 1861 Logan Co., KY
				o Edward H. Short b. ca. 1838 VA
				    o William T. Short b. 1878 Logan Co., KY; d. 1941 Todd Co., KY; m. Rosa B. Keeling
	    				o son
					    o grandson
		    				o S-56
		    o Jacob Short b. say 1730 Brunswick Co., VA; m. Mary Freeman; d. 1806 Mecklenburg Co., VA
			o Laban Short b. c. 1768 VA; m. Rebecca Pennington; d. 1851 Pike Co., GA
			    o Nathan Pennington Short b. 1810 Greene Co., GA; m. Nancy Godley Truitt; d. 1888 Brantley?, Ga
				o John Robert Short b. 1837 Taylor Co., GA; m. Eliza Jane Zuber; d. 1920 Brantely, GA
				    o Omar Jackson Short b. 1867 Marion Co., GA; m. Martha Lucille 'Mattie' Dunham; d. 1906 Lake Buena Vista, GA S-44

John Shortt, c 1720, Co Tipperary, Ireland, Mary Meagher 
    o John Shortt, c 1762, Pallas, Toomevara, County Tipperary, Ireland, Alice Bradshaw
    	o John Shortt, c 1797, Pallas, Toomevara, County Tipperary, Ireland, Mary Anne Fitzgerald
	    o Albert Shortt, c 1838, Pallas, Toomevara, County Tipperary, Ireland, Elizabeth Catherine Alley
	    	o John Alley Shortt, 4 February 1876, Gorraun, Cloughjordan, County Tipperary, Ireland, Jane Fitzgerald Mitchell
		    o Albert Edward Fancourt Shortt, 3 January 1913, Gorraun, Cloughjordan, County Tipperary, Ireland, Elizabeth Marion Cooke
		    	o S-96

The ancestry of John Shortt b. ca. 1720 may be:
William Short of Castleroan, Co. Tipperary died 1779 (John to William "almost certain")
James Shortt of Castleroan, wife Susanna, c 1670 - 1730 
John Short of Gortegarry, Co Tipperary (James to John "very likely")
John Short (of England), 1610 – 1654, wife Sarah; granted land in Tipperary by Cromwell
John Short, died 1616, wife Mary Owfield
Thomas Short of Ashley, Staffordshire, died 1586 
Henry Short of Ashley

Henry Short of Ashley
    o Thomas Short of Ashley, Staffordshire, died 1586 
	o John Short, died 1616, wife Mary Owfield
	    o John Short (of England), 1610 d. 1654, wife Sarah; granted land in Tipperary by Cromwell
		o John Short of Gortegarry, Co Tipperary b. 1648 Tring, Hertfordshire
		    o Jonathan Short of Gurteen d. 1702, wife Bridget
			o Jonathan Short of Gurteen d. 1737, wife Rebecca
			    o John Short of Wingfield d. 1767, wife Frances Spunner (likely)
				o Jonathan Shortt of Gortagarry,  died abt 1777, wife Miss Lake (likely)
				    o Captain John Shortt of Wingfield, wife Ann Colqhoun
					o Crawford Shortt b. 1810, wife Frances Jackson
					    o Dr John Shortt b. 1837, wife Catherine Anderson
						o Crawford Shortt b. 1865 wife Elizabeth Reynolds
						    o son
							o grandson S-110

Aaron Short b: c1778 d. Apr 1847 Lawrence Co,. KY; m. Elizabeth Chaffin 
    o Andrew Short b. 1806; d. 1880
	o John Aaron Short b. 1827; d. 1877
	    o Richard George b. 1871; d. 1939
		o son
		    o S-57
    o James Houston Short  b: 22 Mar 1823 Blaine, Lawrence Co.,  KY  d: 09 Oct 1885 Blaine, Haskell Co., OK; m. Matilda Clevenger 
	o Andrew Jackson Short  b: 09 May 1852 Blaine, Lawrence Co., KY  d: 01 Mar 1936 Fairacres, Dona Ana Co., NM; m. Martha Jane Shuffield Goodman 
	    o Omie Short b: 09 Jun 1891 Quinton, OK  d: 28 Nov 1966 Las Cruces, Dona Ana Co., NM; m. Augustus (Gus) "Dutch" Peterson S-10  [ltcrain AT earthlink.net] 
    o Daniel Short b. 1813; d. 1854; m. Diannah Justice
	o James R. Short b. 1853; d. 1934; m. Martha Ellen Jordan
	    o Charles Short b. 1886; d. 1874; m Amma Jett
		o son 
		    o S-50

Note: A family legend in the lineage of S-50 was that a man was orphaned and raised by a
Short, but his birth name may have been Rose.  S-50 is a 37/37 match with the Rose family.
It is uncertain which generation this happened, but is believed to be either James R. or

Jacob (Schwartz) Short, b. VA or Germany; m. Eve ca. 1772; d. ca. 1805 Botetourt Co., VA 
    o John T. Short b. Berkeley Co., [West] Virginia; m. 27 Mar. 1800 Eva Monical in Botetourt Co., VA; d. ca. 1835 Washington Co., Ind. 
	o Jacob Hamilton Short b. 15 Nov. 1812 Bourbon Co., KY; m. Elizabeth Bringle, Washington Co., Ind.; d. 21 Sep. 1898 Washington Co., Ind. 
	    o Robert Franklin Short b. 1 Dec. 1843 Washington Co., Ind.; m. Lucinda Russell; d. 24 Feb. 1913 McClean Co., IL 
		o Alva Manson Short b. 6 Jan. 1874 Washington Co., Ind.; m. 16 Oct. 1895 Rosa Nell Wheeler in McLean Co., IL; d. 23 Apr. 1971 Lake City, Calhoun  Co., Iowa 
		    o Leland Wheeler Short b. 13 June 1898 McLean Co., IL; m. 22 Dec. 1920 Vivian Jones, Lake City, Calhoun Co., Iowa; d. 24 Aug. 1962 Marks, MS S-41 

William Jackson Short, b. 1815 KY; m. 1836 Mary DAVIS in Ind.; d. after 1860 S-63 

Phillip Short I, b. 1678-1690 perhaps Warren or Barrington, RI; m. Joanna Martin (Marten) 5 Dec 1711 Swansea Mass.
    o Phillip Short II b. 8 Mar 1714 Barrington RI
	o Philip Short III b. 24 May 1746 Rehoboth?
	    o Philip Short IV born 3 June 1779 Rehoboth Mass
		o Ransom Short born around 1819 Livonia NY
		    o Myron Short born 15 Apr 1861 Livonia NY??
			o Myron Short born 13 May 1890 Buffalo NY
			    o son
				o grandson S-113

John Short, b. about 1690; d. 7 Mar. 1727/8 Woolsery, Devon, England; m. Margaret Old
    o John Short b. about 1720 Woolfardisworthy; m. Mary Bailey
	o Richard Short b. 1752 Bradworthy, Devon; d. 23 Feb. 1830; m. Elizabeth Brittin
	    o Richard Short b. ca. 1780; d. June 1851 Devon, England
		o Richard Short b. 1810 Woolfardisworthy; d. Mar. 1884; m. Mary Ching
		    o Edward Dinnis Short b. Mar. 1857; d. 1939 Bideford, Devon; m. Mary Ann Wilton
			o son
			    o grandson S-71

Andrew Short, b 1789 VA, m. Leanthe Thomas; d. 1877 Clarke Co., IA
    o Thomas Wesley Short b 1830 Ross Co, OH, m Susan Brittain; d. 1900 Warren Co., IA
	o Harmon (Hiram) Short b 1866 Warren Co. IA m. Elsie French 1891 d. 1943; d. 1943 Polk Co., IA 
	    o Willard Lawence Short b 1901 Des Moines, Polk Co. IA m. Nora Hirsch 1926 d. 1976 Polk Co., IA
		o Donald Lee Short b. 1931 Polk Co., IA; d. 1995 Des Moines, Polk Co., IA
		    o Donald E Short S-69 [jshort03 AT tampabay.rr.com] 
    o Greenberry Short b. 1842 Ross Co., OH; m. Eliza Jane Marquis; d. 1921 Antelope Co., NE 
	o James Sanford Short b. 1874 Montgomery Co., IA S-43

William Henry Tilley b. 1807 Logan Co., KY [son of Nancy Elizabeth Tilley b. 1793]
    o James Tilley
	o James Lewis Tilley
	    o son
		o S-92

Hezekiah Short b. 30 Jan. 1825 NY; d. 1 Feb. 1888 Adams, Arenac Co., MI; m. Betsey Ann Dodge
    o Marion H. Short b. 12 Feb. 1851 Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY; d. 12 Nov. 1915 Pontiac Oakland Co., MI; m. Aurilla J. Davis
	o Albert Arthur Short aka Richard William Graeme b. 14 Feb. 1887 Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI; d. after 1920; m. Elizabeth "Bessie" Maie Van Antwerp
	    o Richard  W. Graeme b. 17 Aug. 1915 San Bernandino Co., CA; d. 18 Mar. 2000 San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA
		o son
		    o grandson S-84

John Short, b. 1720 Glocester, RI
    o Asa Short b. 1754 Glocester, RI
	o John S. Short b. 1790 Glocester RI
	    o John Short, Jr. b. 1811 NY
		o George Short b. 1838
		    o Ellis Short b. 1865
			o Lawrence Short 
    o John Short  b.1751; d. 1813 Tioga Co. PA
	o Rev. David Short b.1773; d. 1842 Tioga Co., PA
	    o Caleb Short b. and d. Academy Corners, Tioga Co.,PA
		o Darius Short
		    o Eddie K. Short
			o son
			    o S-104
    o Benoni Short

Jacob Short b. 1799-1800 NY; lived Wyoming Co., NY; moved to MN in the 1850s; d. 1873 Fillmore, MN 
    o son 
	o grandson
	    o great-grandson
		o S-81.

Ira Short b 3 Oct 1803 PA d 1863 MO? m Eliza Higgins - DianneSlipkid [DianneSlipkid AT comcast.net] 
    o Ira H. Short b 2 Jan 1844 Whiteside Co., IL d 4 Oct 1907 St. Paul Park, MN m Jane Baker 
	o Harry Claudius Short b 31 May 1870 Clinton, IA d Lansing, IA m Nellie Dikeman 
	    o Harry Claudius Short Jr. b 2 Mar 1902 Lansing, IA d Dubuque, IA m Miriam Luke S-25

Daniel Short b c1725 d c1791 Anson Co., NC
    o Daniel Short Jr. b 1755 Anson Co., NC d 1818 Anson Co., NC 
	o John Short b 1787 Anson Co., NC d 1835 Anson Co., NC; m Sarah 
	    o Daniel Short b 1814 Anson Co., NC; d. 1903 Anson Co., NC
		o Jesse Short b 1876 Anson Co., NC; d. 1967 Chesterfield Co., SC
		    o Lancy Short b 1902 Anson Co., NC; d. 1969 Anson Co, NC
			o Herbert Short b. 1925 Anson Co. NC; d. 1997 Anson Co., NC
			    o Alan Short S-78.

	    o Thomas Short b 1818 Anson Co., NC d c1856 Conecuh Co., AL m Charlotte Pratt 
		o Daniel Dudley Short b 1847 AL d c1912 Anson Co., NC m Charlotte Harrington 
		    o James Arthur Short b 1881 Anson Co., NC d 1937 Anson Co., NC m Rosa Gaddy 
			o James G. Short
			    o William F. Short
			         o S-23- Bill Short [shortblock AT windstream.net]
			    o S-55
		o John Boggan Short 
		    o James W. Short 
			o Samuel Short
			    o S-32

Francis Marion Short b. 1839 Alabama; d. 1904 Faulkner Co., AR
    o Wesley Hayes Short (1886-1929)
	o Jesse Lee Short (1919-1971)
	    o S-91

Edward Short m. Ealenar Ed Short [LionEdd AT aol.com] 
    o Obed Short b. 17 Feb. 1804; m. Elizabeth M. J. Hill & Mary Gattis (-)? Pitts 
	o William W. Short b. 19 July 1834 Lewes, DE; m. Sarah E. Hopkins (?) & Amelia A. Phillips 
	    o Williard Columbus Short b. 21 May 1861; m. Sallie  J. Keeny 
		o Williard Manchester Short b. 25 Apr. 1893; m. Lydia Elenor Morris 
		    o Horace Edward Short 13 June 1921; m. Clara Elizabeth Hollingsworth S-30

Edward A. Short b. 1821 DE; d. 1883 Pulaski Co., IL S-109


Phillip Short I b. ca. 1678-1690 perhaps Warren or Barrington RI or ?; married Joanna Martin (Marten) 5 Dec 1711 Swansea Mass.
    o Phillip II born 8 Mar 1714 Barrington RI
	o Philip III born 24 May 1746 Rehoboth?
	    o Philip IV born 3 June 1779 Rehoboth Mass
		o Ransom born around 1819 Livonia NY
		    o Myron born 15 Apr 1861 Livonia NY??
			o Myron born 13 May 1890 Buffalo NY

Edward Short 1700-1768 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Elizabeth Wingate
    o Edward Short 1750-1809 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Ann Jones
	o Leonard Short 1786-1835 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Esther Ann Smith
	    o Isaac Wesley Short 1821-1884 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Elanah Ansaline James
		o Roland Turpin Short 1876-1949 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Anne Donovan
		    o John Willian Hall Short 1907-1963 (Sussex, Delaware) m. Margaret Agatha Fehl
			o son
			    o grandson S-108

Richard Short m Jane Mitcheson 1730 Feltonk Northumberland, England - short_andrew [andrew_short AT hotmail.com] 
    o Ann Short, b 1737 Shilbottle, Northumberland, England
    o Richard Short, b 1740 Shilbottle England, m Jane Armstrong
	o Jane Short, b 5 Oct 1777 Bedlington
	o Richard Short, b 1778 Bedlington, England, m Mary 
	    o Richard Short, b 1804 Alnwick England, m Isabella Hope 
		o Richard John Hope Short, m Elizabeth West
	    o Andrew Short, b 24 Apr 1806 Alnwick England, m Margaret Miller 
		o William Short
		o Richard Short, m Bridget Sheehan
		o Margaret Short
  	    o John Short, b 6 Aug 1808, Rugley England, m Mary Jeffrey 
	        o Richard James Short, b 15 Oct. 1840 Ontario Canada
	        o Joseph William Short, b 22 May 1842 Ontario Canada
	        o John Gerald Short, b 22 Dec 1845 Newcastle, Ontario Canada, m Mary Patullo - S-12
	    o Isabella Short, b 4 Feb 1811, Alnwick Eng
	    o Thomas Short, b 11 Sep 1816, Alnwick Eng 
		o Thomas Carr Short, b c 1848
	o Elijah Short, b 14 Jun 1781 Alnwick, m Elizabeth 
	    o Elijah Short, b 1812 Shilbottlle, m Jane
	    o Richard Short, b 15 July 1823
	o John Short, m Margaret 
	o Jane Short, b 13 Feb 1794 Glanton
	o Mary Short, b 4 Oct 1795
	o Richard Short, b 29 May 1797 Glanton
	o Thomas Short, b 24 Feb 1799
	o John Short, b 27 Dec 1800
	o Margaret Short, b 27 Dec 1800
	o Matthew Short, b 1 May 1803

William Shortt, d. 1762, Princess Anne County, VA. Richard Short [richardshort AT cox.net] 
    o Marcum Short b. 1756; m. Winifred Ward; d. 1796 Beaufort Co., NC 
	o William W. Short b. c. 1778 NC; m. Winifred Williams; d. Nov. 1849 Lowndes Co., MS 
	    o Marcum Short II b. ca. 1803 NC; m. Mary "Polly" Lacincia Lowe; d. 1861 Mobile, AL 
		o James Lowe Short b. 1831; m. Mary Frances Dodson; d. 1903 MS S-7

William Grancer Short  b. 1768 Surry Co., NC; m.1. Elizabeth Bolling
    o William Graville "Buck" Short b. 1805 Wise Co., VA; m. Rachel Brooks
	o William Alfred Short b. 1825 Boyd Co., KY; m. Elizabeth Davis
	    o James Alexander Short b. 1852 VA; m. Kate Dixon
		o Claude Morton Short b. 1895 Morgan Co., KY; m. Clara Start
		    o S-103
Note: This William Grancer Short is the same claimed ancestor as S-60 and S-76 of Lineage V, but 
from a different wife.  They are not a DNA match.

Jacob Short, b. ca. 1767 Germany; m. Elizabeth Freeman 1791 Lincoln Co., KY; d. 1851 Switzerland Co., Indiana
    o Joseph Short b. 1804 KY; m. Frances Cotton 1823 Switzerland Co., Ind.; d. 1884 Ripley Co., Ind.
	o Joseph Warren Short b. 1838 Vevay, Switzerland Co., Ind.; d. 1928 Vicksburg, Warren Co., MS S-48

Adam Short, b. 1780 VA; d. 1852 Cumberland Co., KY; m. Polly Pratt 1823 Knox Co., TN
    o James Short b. 1823 TN; m. Patsey Blythe
	o James D. Short b. ca. 1850 Cumberland Co., KY; m. Isabelle Coe 
    	    o John Fowler Short b 1888 Monroe Co, KY; m. Mary Anderson 1915 
		o  Loy Short b. 1922 Monroe Co., KY; m. Lillian Baron
		    o S-3 rshort [rshort66 AT yahoo.com]
Note: Compare with S-82 below. The two are not a DNA match.

Adam Short, b. ca. 1783 VA; m. Polly Pratt
    o William Short b. ca. 1815 TN; m. Rebecca Brown; d. ca. 1873 Cumberland Co., KY
	o John Henry Short, Sr. b. 27 Jan. 1840 Ind.; d. 13 Mar. 1918 Cashion, OK
	    o William Kiah Short b. 27 Feb. 1866 Illinois; d. 15 Feb. 1905 MO
 	    	o John Elbert Short b. 1 Feb. 1889 MO; d. 25 Aug. 1977 MO
		    o Ralph Dean Short b. 25 Mar. 1919 MO; d. 29 Nov. 1985 MO
		        o S-82
Note: Compare with S-3 above. The two are not a DNA match.

Major Short, b. ca. 1779 Virginia; m. Polly Adams 1807 Brunswick Co., VA
    o William David Short b. 1822 Warren Co., KY; m. Sarah Jane Gragg
	o Benton Ambrose Short b. 1847 Henry Co., MO; m. Minnie Cordelia Short (daughter of George W.)
	    o son
		o S-64 [lineage and results from SMGF site]

Hercules Solomon Short, b. 1790 Dartsmouth, Devon m Ann Hicks Holdsworth
    o Hercules Solomon Winch Short b 1824 Prawle, Devon d.1886 N.Z m Julia Sullivan 1866
	o George Henry Short b 24 Nov 1828 Dartmouth,Eng d. 31 Jan 1898, Bris,Aust
	    o George Henry Short b 17 Nov 1852 Akld,N.Z.; d. 31 Jan 1893,Cook Isl.
		o Thomas Benjamin Short b 24 July 1854,N.Z; m.Catherine Moray 1876; d.1906 Akld,N.Z.
		    o Henry George Short b 1896 Cook Isl.; m. Elizabeth Revell; d. 1947 AklD,N.Z.
			o Neville Short b Cook Isl; m 1939 Margaret Hansen; d N.Z. 
			    o Albert Hercules Short b. 1900

William Short, b. ca. 1787 NC; lived Harlan Co., KY at least 1811-1860; d. 1865 Lee Co., VA 
    o Greenberry Short 
	o William Jefferson Short, Sr. 
	    o William Jefferson Short, Jr. 
		o Andrew "Andy" Short S-37
    o William Short

John A. Short b ca. 1805 VA
    o son
        o grandson
	    o great-grandson
		o great-great-grandson
		    o S-70.

Jacob Short, b. 26 Mar. 1819 Jonestown, Lebanon Co., PA; d. 27 May 1896 Troy, La Salle Co., Ill.; m. Lusetta "Elizabeth" Klinefelter
    o Abraham Lincoln Short b. 28 Aug. 1860 Troy Grove, La Salle Co., Ill.; d. 26 Apr. 1939 Smithton, Pettis Co., MO; m. Carrie Skiles
	o James Short b. 17 Sep. 1890 Cedar City, Benton Co., Iowa; d. 13 Oct. 1955 Smithton, Pettis Co., MO; m. Mary Sewell
	    o son 
		o grandson S-112 

Lewis Short b. Germany; m. 1851 Lisha Ann High; d. 1860's Indiana 
    o Levi Short b. Sep. 1855 Elwood, Ind.; m. Amanda Clementine Gibson; d. Apr. 1929 KS
	o Edwin Earl Short b. 1888 Kansas; m. 1912 Beulah May White 
	    o Lewis Melvin Short b. Jul 1914; d. Jul 1973 Burrton, Kansas; m. Rachel Jean Giggy 1936 
		o son
		    o S-46 [masguard66-ancestry AT yahoo.com]

William Short b.1838, Coldstream, Scottish border d.1880-05-13 Durham, England m Ann Gage - Adam Short [ajs AT shiny.org.uk] 
    o William Short b.1867, Sunderland, Co. Durham, England
    o Alexander Douglas(s) Short b.1868-09-26, Sunderland, Co. Durham, England, m. Mary Elizabeth Greig 
	o William Short b.1893, Sunderland, Co. Durham, England d.1943, Sheerness, Kent, England m. Louisa Elizabeth Roberts
    o Leonard Short b.1879, Sunderland, Co. Durham, England

Robert Short b. ca. 1842 Granville Co., NC
Note: Robert Short was the son of Sally Short and Robert Chapman, and the start of this Short
y-DNA line.  The maternal ancestry of this line is:
    o William Short b. ca. 1765; d. 1821 Granville Co., NC
        O Wyatt Short d. before 1840
   	    O Sally Short b. ca. 1812 NC had child by Robert Chapman:
		o Robert Short b. ca. 1842 Granville Co., NC  S-26
        o James A. Short b. ca. 1799 VA d. after 1870

Sam/Samuel Short b. 1844/45 D. ?.; m. Rhoda Dillon
    o William Short b. 22 April 1869 Mingo County, WV.; d. 22 Oct. 1929 Martin County, KY; m. Iantha Vance
	o Robert Russell Short b. 16 June 1912 Lawrence County, KY; d. 19 June 1986 Columbus, Franklin County, OH; m. Bertha Copley
	    o S-107 

James William Short, b. 1858 Indiana Co., PA; m. Maggie Melissie Bence; d. 1936
    o Elmer Ellsworth Short b. 1879 PA; m. 1901 Laura Mae Fyock; d. 1972 Niagra Co., NY
	o son 
	    o grandson
		o S-66 [lineage and results from SMGF site]