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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Schroeder / Schrader
  • Johann Theodor Schroeder b 1878 Suedmerzen, Niedersachen, Prussia (Germany) m Maria Elizabeth Tebbe - Jack Thurman Schroeder [jack AT]
    • Johann Hermann Schroeder b 4 Oct 1823 Suedmerzen, Niedersachen, Prussia (Germany) m Anna Maria Theresia Woeste
      • Heinrich Anton Schroeder b 11 Feb 1860 Suedmerzen, Niedersachen, Prussia (Germany) m Maria Christine Lampe
        • Joseph Franz (Frank Joseph) Schroeder b 21 Mar 1898 Payne Co., OK Territory m Helen Vivian Speer N113931
  • Johann Christian Schroder b 1790 Saxe Weimer - Old.Goat [old.goat AT]
    • Christian Denison Schrader b 1839 NY d 1 Jul 1897 Veterans Center, Leavenworth, KS m Eliza J. Mayhood
      • Edwin Elmer Schraderb 23 Sep 1883 KS m Delia Tarpy
  • Andrew C. Schroeder b c1800 Prussia m Dorothea Eitz - [genquest2010 AT]
    • Louis Carl Henry Schroeder b 1837 Prussia m Josephine Wilhelmina Bangert
      • Henry Charles William Schroeder b 1875 Camp Point, IL m Anna Leona Barnes 181317
  • Luke Schroeder b c1800 d 1852 NY m Hannah Allis - Nancy Schroeder [nss7181 AT]
    • William Schroeder b 1821 London, England d 1903 Adair Co., MO and Sarah Jane Begthol
      • James Henry Schroeder b 1857 Rushville, IL d 1915 Mountain, WI m Mabel Lenora Green
        • Leonard Merritt Schroeder b 1904 Mountain, WI d 1970 Mountain, WI m Nellie Agnes Porte 292040
  • Johann Wilhelm Schroeder, b. 25 Feb 1802 Spiesheim, Worrstadt, Germany. Sp Gertrude Anna - Charla Schroeder Murphy [charla56 AT]
    • Henry Schroeder b. 3 Nov 1840 Osthofen, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany, sp. Maria Barbara Hettinger
      • William M. Schroeder Sr. b. 15 Dec 1871 Pinckneyville, Perry, IL, sp: Amanda Jones
        • William James Schroeder b. 31 Jul 1912 Pittsburg, Williamson, IL sp Helen Cochran 298718
  • Wilhelm Friedrich August Schroeder b 1827 Germany d 1911 Lavernia, TX m Justina Zeske - SingletonAdmin
    • Friedricke Caroline Louise b 1852 Germany
    • Carl A. F. G. b 1854 Germany
    • Friedrich b 1857 Germany
    • Wilhelm b 1861 Germany
    • August F. b 1862 Germany b 1937 San Antonio, TX m Bertha Agnes Bongers
      • Anna Friedrica Louisa b 1884 Cibolo, TX d 1984 m John Zimmerle
      • Emma Bertha Pauline b 1886 Cibolo, TX d 1977 m Albert Hubert Lieck
      • August Herman Otto b 1888 Cibolo, TX d 1956
      • Augusta b 1890 TX d 1977 m Louis Emil Lieck
      • Olga b 1892 d 1900
      • Emil E. b 1894 m Hilda E. Kossaeth
      • Hugo A. b 1896 d 1981
      • Elizabeth Emilia Agnes b 1900 San Antonio, TX  d 1972 m Roy Rudolph Bourquin
      • Erich b 1903 TX d 1910
    • Emilie b 1873 Germany d 1880
  • Heinrich Julius Schrader b 1827 Braunschweig, Germany d 1885 Rice Co., MN m Magaretha Luring - Schrader [gscout1912 AT]
    • Heinrich Fredrick Jr,  b 1859 Rice Co., MN d 1944 Rice Co., MN m Anna Albers
      • Clifford Henry b 1894 Rice Co., MN d 1983 Cannon Falls, MN m Mary Ellen Hutton
    • Frederick b 1867 Rice Co., MN d 1957 Rice Co,m MN m Sophie Albers
    • Mary Sophie b 1872 Rice Co., MN d 1950 Anoka Co., MN m Michael O'Donnell N3950

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