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Russell Lineage Abstracts of Tested Lines

Updated June 2014

Note: We recommend a stripped down pedigree for this page.
* We try to fit each ancestor's information on one line, and only include name, birth date and birth place and wife's name (mother of next decendant).
* This page's information is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. It is not intended to provide all of the information that is known.
* Marriage information other than the name of the mother of the next descendant is not needed on this page (but if it fits - hey why not).
* Above all enjoy your time pursuing your interest and let us know if any changes are needed.


R-1 Contact - Billie Anderson

  • William Russell b c1740 England d c 1814
  • Phillip Russell b c1760 England m unknown Brewer d c 1792
  • Phillip Russell b c1777 Grayson Co., VA , Rebekah Russell 30Mar-1797 d 18Sep1839 Grayson Co, VA
  • Phillip Russell b 1809 Grayson Co, VA m 9Apr1837 Lucy Perkins  d 21Jan1873
  • Stephen Campbell Russell b 15Aug1838 GraysonCo VA m 19Jan1866 Malvira Virginia Perkins  d 13Mar1912 CorpusChristi TX
  • Francis Erastus Russell b 15Aug1878 Grayson Co., VA m 10May1903 Ivy E. Tunnell  d 4Jul1947 Whitney, Hill Co, TX
  • Frank Edwin Russell b 2Feb1916 Whitney, Hill Co, TX  m 7Apr1940 Helen J. Harper  d 11Oct2003 Waco, TX
  • Frank Edwin Russell, Jr. b 6Nov1945 Waco, TX m 1Oct1983 Hazel Lee Duvall  d 8Sep2005 Whitney, Hill Co, TX


R-2 Contact - P. Russell

  • Samuel Russell b abt 1811, AL
  • John L. Russell b 9Jan1833  m Agnes Hale 27 Mar 1852
  • William Perkins Russell b 25Feb1853,
  • Nancy Elizabeth Ann Russell 11Dec1854
  • Samuel Nicholas Russell b 27Sep1856  m Clara May Chastain
  • John Hiram Russell b 01Apr1859, AR
  • Grady Hilman Russell b 1892  m Jessie Wilks


R-3 Contact - Rose Russell Watts

  • Edward Street Russell  b 1800 White Co. TN.  m Nancy King.  d 1858 in MS
  • Raiford Russell  b 1836  m Elizabeth King  d 1934
  • Wiley Frank Russell Sr.  b 1860  m Minnie Martin d 1890
  • Wiley Frank Russell Jr.  b 1889  m Cora Hatten  d 1960


R-4 Contact - Ray Russell

  • Matthew Russell, Sr., b c1735 Ire.,  m Jane McIntire, d Jul1812 SC
  • Matthew Russell Jr., b 30Apr1771 Mecklenburg Co., NC, m Rozine Strain, d 5Jun1846 NC
  • James Russell, b 30Mar1799 SC, m Sarah Cabe, d 29Jan1867
  • Anderson Petty Russell, b c1825 Macon Co., NC, m Lucinda E Hayes, d bef.1900 TX
  • John Taylor Russell b 21Oct1868 Macon Co., NC, m Lucy F Barbee, d 1942 TX
  • Earnest Gooch Russell, b 16Feb1900 TX, m Edna M Wilson, d 1Dec1970


R-5 Contact - Penny

  • Walter S. Russell b 1824 GA m.(1) Mary Lamar, m.(2) Mrs. Elizabeth McBride TX
  • Thomas Lamar Russell b 1850 DeKalb Co., AL m.(1) Sarah Jane McBride TX m.(2) Mary E. Stewart TX
  • Thomas Clifton Russell b 1870 Belton, Bell Co., TX m Etta Mayes


R-6 Contact - Judith Russell

  • John Russell b 01Apr1766 Cambusnethan, Lanark, Scotland  m 11Nov1797 Margaret McAlpine b 18Sep1780 Barony, Lanark, Scotland
  • George Russell b 10Jan1816, Shotts, Lanark, Scotland. m Elizabeth George
  • George Russell b 5Jun1848, Shotts, Lanark, Scotland. m Margaret Scougal
  • John Wilson Russell b 6Aug1874, McKeesport, PA, USA. m Henrietta Haigh Balker
  • George Collins Russell b20Feb1907, Pittsburgh, PA. USA. m Sarah Elizabeth Easter


R-7 Contact - Roger T. Russell

  • Jeremiah Russell b 5Jan1752/53 MA, m Catherine Darling, d 14Oct1814, Luzerne, NY
  • John Russell, b 9Dec1786 Luzerne, NY m Rhoda Scofield, d 23Jun1862 Dewittville, NY
  • Silas Wilson Russell, b 13Sep1822 NY, m1Sarah, m2. Ellen Martin, d 26Jul1883 Iowa
  • John Silas Russell b 25Jun1869 Des Moines, Iowa d 20Aug1937


R-8 Contact - Renda

  • James b Russell  b 1810 NC  m Nancy Hill
  • Franklin Perry Russell  b 1855 AR  m Lydia Owens in Pope Co AR in 1870s


R-9 Contacts - Gayle Russell & Lezlie Russell Markey

  • Elnathan Russell, b 1764
  • James T. Russell, b 23Dec1816 Cumberland, MD  d 23Mar1862, West, TX
  • Abraham W. Russell, b 22Sep1851 MO  d 02Aug1929, West, TX
  • Colonel A. Russell, b 03Mar1883  West, TX  d 23Jan1928, Waco, TX
  • Clovis W. Russell, b 02Apr1904  West, TX  d 20Nov1986, Waco, TX


R-11 Contact - Thomas H. Russell

  • James Russell Sr, b 1772 PA  m Margaret
  • Daniel Rufus Russell b 1812 SC  m Temperance Ruth Franks
  • James Myron Russell b 1832 Clay Co. AL  m Sarah Isabella Stewart
  • Daniel Aaron Eugene Russell  b 1858 MS   m Martha Cornelia Richbourg
  • Daniel Eugene Russell  b 1891 MS  m Maude Alpha Dixon
  • Thomas Russell b 1931 Labette Co. KS  m Mary A. Russell in CA


R-13 Contact - Betty J. Statom

  • Hiram A. Russell b 1813 TN, m Levina
  • Lewis Jackson b 4May1853, m Matilda A., d 1933
  • George b 1880 d 1958 Williamson Co. IL
  • George Jerome b 12Jul1910 d 1984


R-14 Contact - George Russell

  • Thomas Jefferson Russell, b 1818 PA, m Ruth Ann Kelley 1837 in OH
  • Ralph Wilson Russell, b 1852 OH, m Sarah Isabelle Foster 1875 in OH, d 1910 in PA
  • Ernest Raymond Russell, b 1881 OH, m Gertrude Cain 1904 in PA, d 1965 in CA
  • Donald Keith Russell, b 1905 PA, m Anna Maria Kibitz 1929, d 1987 in NY


R-17 Contact - Curtis Russell

  • William Russell, b 1813  m Sarah d aft.1850,.
  • Mathias Russell, b abt1843  m1 Mahala Moore  m2 Avaline Fields  d 3Nov1906.
  • David Russell, son of Mahala, b abt1864  m Narra Miller  d 9Apr1943,.
  • Gardner Randolph "Ran" Russell, b 17Aug1903, d 31Dec1984


R-18 Contact - Mathias Russell

  • William Russell b c1813  m Sarah  d 1850 Scott Co, VA
  • Mathias Russell, b c1844 VA  m1 Mahala Moore  m2 Eveline Fields  d 1906 Carter Co, KY
  • John Allen Russell, son of Eveline, b 1890, Carter Co, KY, died in mining acc, buried Lang, WV
  • Charles Russell, b 1921 Olive Hill, KY, d 1985


R-22 Contact - Kathleen Russell Marler

  • Robert Russell  b c1710 m Catherine?
  • James Russell  b abt1733 Ireland, m Jane Carson 1756 in Philadelphia, PA
  • David Russell  b 1767 Mecklenburg Co., NC, m Elizabeth Morrison
  • James Semianes Russell  b 1788 Mecklenburg Co., NC, m Margaret Gingles
  • David Green Russell  b 1819 Cabarrus Co., NC, m Cynthia Crowell
  • James Michael Russell  b 1849 Union Co., NC, m Margaret Beaver
  • John Morrison Russell  b 1883 Mecklenburg Co., NC, m Nettie Jane Hunter


R-23 Contact - John D. Russell  JohnRussell3308@MSN.COM

  • William Russell - b 6Aug 1771 Airdrie, Scotland - m Isabella Rankin - d Apr 1817 Airdrie
  • William Russell - b 23Mar 1807 Airdrie - m Catharine Mackintosh - d Between 1851 & 1854 Blackbraes, Scotland
  • Thomas Russell - b 6Feb 1831 Airdrie - m Elizabeth Johnston - d 5 Sep 1891 Evanston, Wyoming
  • John Lynch Russell Sr. - b 28Dec 1852 Blackbraes - m Marion Carruth - d 12 Feb 1899 Diamondville, Wyoming
  • John Lynch Russell Jr. - b 22Mar 1882 Almy, Wyoming - m Mertis Hoover - d 24 Jul 1963 Provo, Utah


R-24 Contact - R. Russell

  • John H. Russell, b 1817 SC, d Oct 1859, Cocke Co TN, m 1839 Matilda Cross in Hayword Co NC
  • William Russell b 17Jul 1850, Buncomb Co NC, d 10 Nov 1913 Rush Co IN, m (2) Mary Elnora "Nora" (Winton) Blackford.
  • Frank Benjamin Russell b 8Jun 1888 Morristown IN d 1961 Indianapolis IN, m Mary Ethel Boor 1915


R-25 Contact - Fuzzy

  • William C. Russell, b c1815, Alabama, m Louisa?
  • Robert Thomas Daniel Russell, b 14Jan1858, MS, m Nancy Ellen Nickels, d 22Apr1901, North Little Rock, AR
  • Cusick Cusbia Russell, b 23Jan1889, Appleton, AR, m Sybelle Tucker, d 17Mar1946, Searcy, AR


R-26 Contact - John F. A. Russell

  • Philip Russell, b abt 1870, United Kingdom
  • John Robert Harrison Claude Russell, b abt 1890, United Kingdom
  • Stanley John Ingram Russell, b 25Nov1909, Goole, County of York, Yorkshire, England, d 12Jun1976


R-27 Contact - Walter Russell

  • Matthew Russell, 25Jul-1812, SC
  • James Russell, b Oct. 1777, d 18Aug1863, m Nelly Baker
  • Thomas Fearn Russell, b 2May1832, d 18May1905, m Mary Ellen Matthews
  • Thomas Pickens Russell, b 17Feb1873, d 24Dec1940, m1 Rebecca Potts m2 Irene Dillard
  • William Lagore Russell, b 16Oct1901, d 2Nov1966, m Edith Lillian Alley


R-30 Contact - James W Russell

  • Matthew Russell, b c1735  m1 Jane McIntire m2 Verlinda Lamar Jenkins
  • Osburn Russell, b c1787 SC  m Mary
  • Matthew R. Russell, b 22Aug1822  m Nancy Bryant
  • John Henry Russell, b 20Jun1847 AL  m Catherine Rudder
  • Mark L. Russell, 17Feb1882 AL  m Edith Chaney


R-32 Contact- Jim Russell

  • Thomas Russell, b 12 mar 1821, wife Elizabeth b 2 Oct 1821 d 27 Nov 1890
  • John McBride b 25 Mar 1851 M 14 Dec 1871, d 3 Jun 1929 m wife Martha L Triplett, b 15 May 1854 d 10 Mar 1928
  •  Isaac Leander Russell, b 14 Jan 1873, m 8 Nov 1900, d 14 July 1958
  • Guss M. Russell, b 15 Dec 1909, M Jun 1931, D approx 2000
  • Jim L. Russell, b-18 Feb 1949


R-33 Contact - Dr. Thomas Russell II

  • George Russell: b 9Jul1775 New Monkton, Lanark, Scotland  d 1854  m Euphemia Tweedie  b Dec1796, Liberton Parish, Quakersfield, Bonnachburn, Scotland.
  • Thomas Russell Esquire, b 1802 South Leith, Midlothian Co., Scotland. d 1902. m 1826 Janet (Jessie) Thompson, b 1794, d.1879
  • Hugh Carfrae Russell, b 27Oct 1826, Leith, Midlothian Scotland  d 1918 Peel Co. ON, CA. m Cecelia Bell, b Scotland.
  • Dr. Thomas Russell, b 25Feb1861 Alton, Peel Co ON, CA. d 15Oct1953 Grand Rapids, MN. m Clara Bell, b 11Mar1870 Simcoe Co ON, CA d1969 St. Paul, MN
  • Kenneth K Russell, b 6Nov1901 Grand Rapids MN d 7Nov1972 Mpls, MN, m.Esther Marie Amberg, b 9Oct1900 Hastings, MN d 5Jul1977 St. Paul, MN.


R-34 Contact - Matt Russell

  • Lewis Jackson Russell (c1816-1881) m Lucretia Funkhouser in White Co, IL
  • Benjamin Franklin Russell (1849-1909) b White Co, IL, m Mary Ann Hutchcraft
  • John Wesley Russell (1869-1949) b White Co, IL, m Kate Ude
  • Herman Matthew Russell (1910-1969) b White Co, IL, m Darlene Gaunt


R-35 Contact - Dave Russell

  • Benjamin Russell, b c1740, d bef 10/1789, Anne Arundel Co, MD, m Keziah Unknown, d bef 1763
  • Richard Russell, b c1780 MD, m 2Feb1807 Sarah Grapes Frederrick Co., VA  d c1850
  • Lorenzo Dow Russell b 30Nov1829, Athens Co., OH  m 18Oct1853 Sarah Margaret Britton  d 9Mar1885, Bourbon Co., KS
  • Ora Russell, b 23Jan1871 KS  m 30May1893 Mary Louise Booth Moran, Allen Co., KS  d 6Sep1950 Van Nuys, CA
  • Harold Daniel Russell, b 19Jan1904 Bayard, Allen Co., KS  m 28July1926 Lois Maurine Cline, KS  d 5Oct1995 Waterville, NY


R-36 Contact- Gregg Russell

  • John or Thomas Russell, b ca 1810 or 1816, SC, m Isabella Adams, 1860 Murray Co, GA
  • Jonus Lafayette Russell, b 1865, Bradley Co, TN, m Martha Lucinda Winkler (b 1869, GA) 18Dec1888
  • Harlan Henry Russell, b 19Oct1897, Chadsworth, GA, d 24Mar1980, Fort Worth, TX, m Sarah Brannon (b 13Jun1901) 07Oct1917
  • Gerald "Rip" Russell, b 29Aug1936, Fort Worth, TX, d 30Jun2007, m Norma Jean Hall, 1962 


R-37 Contact - Joe Russell

  • John, appointed Constable 1642 Marshfield MA
  • Jonathan b1652 Marshfield MA m Hassadiah Smith 17Feb 1678 Marshfield MA
  • Jonathan b 13Nov 1679 Dartmouth MA m Judah Sampson 3Mar 1683 Duxbury MA
  • Joshua b 20Feb 1710 Dartmouth MA m Lydia Spooner 9Mar 1732 Dartmouth MA
  • Jethro b 31Mar 1753 Dartmouth MA m Rebecca Howland 4Dec 1774 Dartmouth MA
  • Howland b 13Aug 1783 Dartmouth MA m Catherine Eyclashimer 22Jan 1803 Pittstown NY
  • Hiram b 26May 1823 Onondago Co NY m Ann Williams 1Jan 1852 Hartland MI
  • John Howland b 20Nov 1852 Flint MI m Sarah Jane Taylor 6Oct 1874


R-39 Contact - Mary Lou Russell Mitchell

  • Captain John Russell, b 1798, Cabarrus Co., NC; m Rhue Burton Davis, 1818.
  • James Burton Russell, b 1822, Cabarrus Co., NC; m Mary Matilda Erwin, 1852.
  • John Dwight Russell, b 1856, Cabarrus Co., NC; m Flora Jane Cline, 1880, Panola Co., MS.
  • James Edward Russell, b 1894, Panola Co., MS; m Lucille Kimbrell, 1915


R-41 Contact - Sarah Russell

  • Robert, b c1635 prob Great Britain, d 13Dec 1710 Andover, Essex, MA m Mary Marshall
  • James, b 16Sept-1667 d Andover, Essex, MA d 07Mar 1716, Andover, MA m Priscilla Osgood
  • James Jr, b 1710 Andover, MA d 08-Oct-1784 Walpole, Cheshire, NH m Lucy Farrar
  • Thomas, b 22Oct-1751 Willington, Tolland, CT d 27Nov 1845 Walpole, CT m Eunice Alexander
  • John b 08Jun-1787 Walpole, NH d Oct 1845 Ashtabula Co, Ohio m Remembrance Eastman
  • Elisha Russell b  8May 1824 OH or NY d 12 Mar 1884 Goodhue Co., MN m Uretta V. Pierce
  • Charles Clinton Russell b 1849 Lafayette Co., WI. d 1900 Wayne Co., MO. m Rachel Casey
  • William Oscar Russell b 22Feb 1885 Wayne Co., MO. d.16Aug 1954 Brazoria Co. TX m Deana St.Clair
  • Neil Luther Russell b 28Jan 1908 Natchitoches Par., LA d 14Mar 1979 Houston, TX Dottie Powell
  • Don Powell Russell b 05Aug 1933 Fisher, Sabine Par. LA. Don is my husband


R-42 Contact - Matt Russell

  • Enoch Russell b 18Oct 1761 Essex Co., VA d 29Aug 1847 Jackson Co., OH m.(1) Ruth Riddle m.(2) Martha McQuade
  • Isaac Russell b 22Aug1795 Rockingham Co., NC or VA d 25Mar 1870 Gallia Co., OH m Rhoda Hoppas
  • Alvin Russell b 1827 Gallia Co., OH d 24Jul1903 Morgan Twp, Gallia Co., OH m Harriet Spires
  • Charles S. Russell b 15Mar1872 OH d 06Aug1950 Morgan Center, Gallia Co., OH m Effie Wiggins
  • Everette E. Russell b 30Oct 1917 Bidwell, Gallia Co., OH d 03Jan 1975 m.(1) Alsie Mollihan m.(2) Grace Hampton


R-45 Contact - Martin Pierce

  • William Russell (undoented?) (b.?-d. bef 1786)b. Unk - d Granville N.C -m. Phoebe?
  • John Russell (1730-1812)b. Unk.- d Granville N.C. -M. Elizabeth Colcough
  • Abner Russell (1768-1807)b. Unk-probably Granville N.C.- d Stokes Co. N.C. -m. Mary?? b Unk -d. 1812 Stokes Co N.C.
  • Hiram Russell (1792-1858) b.Granville Co. N.C.- d Dallas Co. MO. m. Millie Graham (1795-1838)
  • James Vaughn Russell (1827-1920)b. Logan co KY -D. Collin Co TX. -m. Nancy Jane Harper (1832-1905)
  • James Wilson Russell b 1867 Collin Co TX. d 1941 Collin Co. TX .m.Lelia Ozella Edens (1873-1939)
  • Vaughn Heywood Russell (1893-1943)b. Collin Co TX.-d. Tarrant Co TX.-m. Maude Louise Adams (1893-1991) 
  • Robert Bonnell Russell (1919-2005)b. Collin Co TX.-d. TX. m Lettye Louise Smith (1927-1995)


R-46 Contact - Maxine Russell Land

  • Hiram Russell, b.c 1830, m Levina Ward b.c 1826 d.07 Nov. 1891 b S. Carolina, VA, Scotland
  • Lewis Jackson Russell b 04May1853 White Co., IL d.22Oct1933 Carmi, IL m 26July1873 Matilda Brashier Calvin
  • George A. Russell, b 12Jan1880 White Co, IL  d 23Jan1958 Carmi, IL m 11Jan1900 Ida May Parton Verna
  • Edmond Russell  b 14Oct1900 Williamson Co., IL  d 13Oct1963 Creal Springs, IL  m 25Nov1921 Lilly Etta Trotter
  • John Wesley Russell  b 31Aug1925  m 30Dec1950 Ruth Marie Boyce b 23Apr1920


R-48 Contact - Jerri

  • John Russell  b 5Mar1787 VA  m Rhonda Newberry 8Aug 1805 Dunlap, Sequatchie Co, TN
  • Henry Calvin Russell  b 24July1830 Warren or Bledsoe Co., TN  m 22Sep1850 Elizabeth Brewer  d 27Mar1903 Bedford Co TN
  • John Wesely Russell  b 17Aug1853  m 1877 Lucinda Elizabeth Watson  d 1Jul1926 Mississippi Co, AR
  • Walter (Beverely or Bernard) Russell  b 21Apr1882 Scott, Pointett Co. AR  m 13Aug1905 Ryrenu McPherson  d 5Feb1981 Memphis, TN


R-49 Contact - Lewis Russell

  • David Russell, b 1Apr1823, NY, m 30Dec1848 Lucinda G. Sautel  d 12Oct1914, Pvt. Co D, 141st Inf Reg New York Vol.
  • William Henry Russell, b 1866 Hornby, NY  m 28May1889 Della J. Emory  d Aug1953 Elmira, NY.
  • Lewis Henry Russell, b 8Mar1891 Painted Post, NY  m 17Aug1912 Minnie b Carl  d 23Feb1975 Sussex, NJ
  • Lewis Henry Russell JR  b 24Jan1929 Southport, NY  m 22Sep1950 Dorothy m Schmidt, Frederick, MD.
  • Lewis Henry Russell III  b 4Nov1951 Fort Bragg, NC  m 1Jul1975 Diane Kelly, Douglas, WY.


R-52 Contact - Joyce Russell Bevel

  • John Russell, b c.1766 SC, d 1814 Fernandina, FL m Mary (Hogg?) Loyalist went to E. FL. & Bahamas & back to E. FL
  • Edward William Russell b 1798 San Salvador, Bahama Is. d 1863 in Walker Co., GA m Susan Sarah Way
  • James Newton Russell b 1830 Liberty Co., GA, d 1916 Seabreeze, FL m Mary Hill Eve
  • Harden Newton Russell b 1866 Cobb Co., GA, d 1953 Volusia Co., FL m Edith Dake Nokes
  • John Arden Russell b 1906 Duval Co., FL, d 1970 Volusia Co., FL m Phyllis Sizemore
  • John Arden Russell, Jr. b 1938 in Volusia Co., FL


R-53 Contact - F. Doug Russell

  • John Russell  b c1821-1850  m c1847-1890 Margaret "Mollie".  d c1875-1935.
  • James William Russell  b 1872  m Cora Anne Price
  • Foster Harmon Russell  b 16 May 1898.  m 11 Oct 1922 Gladys Ruth Martin.  d 28 Dec 1965.


R-54 Contact - Al Streit

  • John RUSSELL, b ca-1608 Staffordshire, England, m. Dorothy Crowder, d 13 Feb-1695 Dartmouth, MA
  • Jonathan RUSSELL, b. ca-1647 Marshfield, MA, m Hassadiah Smith, d 05 Dec-1727 Dartmouth, MA
  • Jonathan RUSSELL Jr, b 13Nov-1679 Dartmouth, MA, m Judith Sampson, d 20 Sep-1730 Dartmouth, MA
  • Joshua RUSSELL, b 20Feb-1710 Dartmouth, MA, m Lydia Spooner, d Jan-1789 Dartmouth, MA
  • Elisha RUSSELL, b 03Dec-1737 Dartmouth, MA, m Elizabeth Tripp, d NY
  • Joshua RUSSELL, b ca-1762 Dartmouth, MA, m Abiah Smith, d Broome Co., NY
  • Abner RUSSELL Jr., b 14 Aug-1815, Erie Co, NY  m Samantha Seward d 24 Feb-1894, Kirksville, MO
  • Cyrenus Zadock RUSSELL, b 9 Jan-1840, Peoria Co, IL,  m Ala Ann Teagarden d 21 Apr-1906, Greenfield, MO
  • John Abner RUSSELL M.D. b 13 Jun-1873, Fort Scott, KS  m Ellen Gertrude Ross d 21 Jun-1950, Auburn, CA
  • John Paul RUSSELL, b 26 Mar-1913, Lovelock, NV  m Grace Reilly  d 05 Nov-2005, Southern Pines, NC


R-56 Contact - Jerry Russell

  • Enoch Russell b 1760, Essex,Virginia, d. 29 Aug 1848.Bloomfield,Jackson,Ohio
  • IsaacRussell b 1794, Rockingham,North Carolina, d 25Aug 1870.Gallia,Ohio.
  • William Russell b 1835. Gallia,Ohio d.? Morgan,Gallia,Ohio.
  • Isaac H. Russell b 02Feb 1863,Vinton, Morgan, Gallia,Ohio d. 27 Apr 1947.Millfield, Athens, Ohio.
  • Thomas Russell b 11May 1893, Jackson, Jackson, Ohio, d. 24 Apr 1980, Nelsonville, Athens, Ohio.


R-58 Contact- Amy Russell Tolbert

  • Josephus Russell, b c1823 VA d c1867 Hickman Co, TN  m 1844 Ann Maria Elizabeth Davidson c1827-80 Williamson Co, TN  VA
  • Andrew J. Russell b 10May1858 Hickman Co, TN d 13Jul1923 Hickman Co, TN  m 1878 Mary Ann E. Killough
  • Grover Cleveland Russell b 30Nov 1884 Hickman Co, TN d 3Oct 1949, Davidson Co, TN  m 1903 Eliza Jane Johnson
  • Grover Cleveland Russell, JR. (G.C.) b 3 April 1915 Maury Co, TN d 10 December 1987  m 1939 Anne Craig Allen


R-59 Contact-

  • William Russell b 1605, England, d 14-Feb-1661/62 Cambridge, MA, m 1?, m.2 Martha
  • John Russell, b 11Nov-1645, Cambridge, MA, d 6-Mar-1732/33, Cambridge, MA, m 1?, m 2 Elizabeth Fiske
  • William Russell, b 1683, Lexington, MA, d 1745, Littleton, MA, m abt 1706, Elizabeth
  • Joel Russell, b 2Aug 1716, Lexington, MA, d Rindge, NH, m abt 1741 Huldah
  • Daniel Russell, b 18Mar 1755, Rindge, NH  m1 3Jan1785 Rachel Gould  m2 28May1814, Betsey Crockett
  • George Gould Russell, b 22Feb 1785, Lydeboro, NH m 06Apr1809, Bowdoin (?), ME, Eleanor Powers d 10May1830
  • Samuel B. Russell, b 16Jul 1812, Bowdoin, ME m 08Jan 1843, Carthage, ME, Hannah Potter d 12May1890, Cass Co, ND
  • Frank Russell, b 24Feb 1849, Hallowell, ME m 18Feb1885, Farmingdale, ME, Susie Cummings d 02Sept1930, Arcadia, CA
  • Carl Edward Russell, b 09Apr 1886 Arthur, ND m 3Aug1909, Portland, OR, Bertha L. Parks d 17Nov1959, Portsmouth, RI
  • Glenn W. Russell, b 02Mar 1916, Everett, WA m 6Dec1937, Putnam, CT, Dorothy m Cook d 01May1986, Portmouth, RI


R-60 Contact - Carolyn A. Watkins

  • William Russell b 1741 Antrim Co. Ulster m Jeanette Roberson d 12Apr 1824 AL
  • James Russell b 12Sep 1774 SC m Jane Cunningham d 18Sep 1827
  • James Cunningham Russell b 1805 SC m Mary Heaslett d 10May 1882 AL
  • John William Russell b 1845 AL m Nancy C. "Kate" Bolton d ?? TX
  • Charles Sevier Russell b 01Jan 1873 TX m Atha Martha d 04Aug 1932 TX
  • Mondel Sevier Russell b 21Aug 1906 TX d 03Dec 1989 NM


R-63 Contact - withheld

  • George Russell b 1766, Halifax Co., VA m 1782 Jane Turley d 1845, Warren Co., Kentucky
  • William M Russell b 1799 Warren Co., KY  m1 Sarah Hart 1821  m2 Hepsaby (UNK)  m3 Louisa Bailey  d 1880 Camden Co., MO
  • George Washington Russell b 1830, Warren Co., KY  m1 1850 Susan Green  m2 Pearlie Creach  m3 Elizabeth Woods  m4 Mary L. Phillips d 1913, Russell, Camden Co., MO
  • George Washington Russell b 1880  Macks Creek, Camden Co., MO  m Mary-Jane Gillespie  d 1967 Altus, Jackson Co. OK


R-67 Contact - Robert T. Russell        

  • George Russell  b 9Jul1775  m Euphemia Tweedie of Lasswade, b 25Oct1775. d 28Nov1854 Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, Scotland.
  • Thomas Russell  b 16May1802 Loanhead, Midlothian Scotland m 10Feb1826 Janet (Jessie) Thomson d 10Oct1902 Alton, Peel Co., ON, CA
  • Hugh Carfrae Russell  b 27Oct1826 South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland  m Cecilia Bell, b 1827 ON, CA. d 1918 Alton, Peel Co., ON, CA
  • Thomas Russell  b 25Feb1861 Alton, Peel Co, ON, CA  m 19Aug1896 Clara Bell  d 15Oct1953 Grand Rapids, Itasca Co, MN
  • George Everett Russell  b 9Nov1900 Grand Rapids, Itasco Co., MN m 23Jan1923 Louise Rose Bilodeau  d 1992 St. Paul, MN


R-68 Contact - Ida McCormick  or Mark Downen

  • Father Russell d 21Jul1818 [in son's Bible] Southside VA; widow d 12June 1837 [in Bible]
  • Thornton Russell  b 1809 VA; m Rebecca Pulliam; d1869 Livingston Co MO
  • Richard Thornton Russell  b 1836 Lunenburg Co VA; m Martha Messer; d 1881 Livingston Co MO
  • John Lewis Russell  b 1858 Livingston Co MO; m Mary E Dawson; he res Okanogan Co WA
  • John Lawrence Russell  b 1886 Livingston Co MO; m Annie Ludwig; d 1961 Chelan Co WA


R-71 Contact -

  • Matthew Nathan(iel). Russell b about 1810, NC, m Charolette
  • Thompson Daniel Russell, b.15Nov1835, Arcola, Dade Co, MO, m Harriet Holland
  • Thomas Jefferson Russell b 20Jan1872, Russell, Leon Co. TX, m Eugenine Madeline (Kate) Boykin
  • Marvin Luther Russell b 2Mar1896, Leon Co, TX, m Nan Starkey


R-72 Contact - Steve Russell

  • Matthew Russell b c1735 ?Ulster (N. Ire.) m1 Jane McIntire d Jul1812, SC
  • Thomas J. Russell b 7Jun1761 Cumberland Co PA m Tabitha Jenkins d 11Jul1850 AL
  • Matthew Russell b 5Jan1791 York Co SC m Harriet Morrow d 9Feb1832 AL
  • Andrew Grundy Russell b 20Apr1826 Franklin Co GA m1 Mary Nicholson d 21Apr1906
  • Charles Grundy Russell b 12Oct1862 AL m2 Hettie Moody d 16Aug1955 TX
  • Roy McFarland Russell b 21Mar1896 AR m Tennie Boatwright d 3Aug1961 TX
  • Roy Russell, Jr.  b 10Jun1924 TX  m Ina Tate d 02Mar1951 TX


R-73 Contact -

  • Matthew C. Russell (maybe James Russell b1772 PA but haven't found proof) b abt1801 SC d aft1870  m2 Nancy Ada Chapman
  • Richard Acey Russell  b 2Feb1861 Giles Co. TN  d 26Dec1898 Limestone Co. AL  m 15Sep1885 Hester Viola "Het" Holmes
  • Joseph Wilburn Russell  b 17Sep1889 d 4Apr1976 Craighead Co. Ark. m1 Melissa F. Holt  m2 Nina Pearl Webb
  • Joseph Darby Russell  b 13July1924 Limestone Co.AL  m 9May1944 Emily Mae Hunt 
  • James Randall Russell  b 8Sep1961 Craighead Co. AR  m 15Mar1980 Lisa Ann Parker


R-76 Contact -  Kitty Gloyne

  • William Russell b c1730 VA   m Ann   d KY
  • Philip Russell b 17Nov1765 Lunenburg Co Va  d 17Aug1842 Williamson Co IL  m 6Jan1792 Elizabeth Stewart
  • William Washington Russell b 22Nov1808 Montgomery Co TN d c1853 Williamson Co IL m Rebecca Elizabeth Hogg
  • Philip Towns Russell b 8Feb1835 Franklin Co IL d 1904 Williamson Co IL  m 11Dec1856 Marjorie Campbell
  • Thomas Philip Russell b 3Dec1866 Williamson Co IL d 20May1930 Williamson Co IL  m 1890 Ellen Rebecca Zimmerman
  • Thomas Philip Russell b 28Jul1896 Williamson Co IL d 17Jan1959 McHenry Co IL m 9Nov1923 Ruth Lenore Calvert


R-77 ContactDeborah Russell Ewald

  • Elijah Russell b about 1797 (unknown location)  m Sallie Guest about 1815-1820  m Margaret Tullos after 1863  d about 1870 LA
  • George Guest Russell b March 1821 Franklin County, TN  m Sarah Jane McDonald 1844  m Mary McKaskle around 1865  d 1868 LA
  • Elijah Lafayette Russell b 19 Mar 1849 AL  m Irene Elizabeth "Eliza" Beavers 2 October 1873 St. Landry Parish, LA  d  13 August 1933 Cherokee County, TX
  • Lafayette Bingham Russell b 9 October 1879 Cherokee County, TX  m Oseola "Ocie" Perkins 4 October 1903 Cherokee County, TX  d 3 January 1964 Cherokee County, TX
  • Elijah Valiant Russell b 26 November 1908 Cherokee County, TX  m Clara Bell Berry 3 March 1929 Cherokee County, TX  d 30 May 1988 Lake Jackson,Brazoria County, TX
  • Marion Wadsworth Russell b 25 August 1930 Rusk, Cherokee County, TX m Wandaline Pillow 2 November 1957 Brenham, Washington Co., TX   d 11 October 2005 Austin, Travis County, TX

R-78 Contact -

  • James Russell b/d unk m Susannah ____?
  • Joseph Russell b abt1772 m Nancy Phipps d abt1816
  • Joseph L. Russell b abt1811 NC m Nancy Row/Rowe 14 Dec 1831 d abt1858 Wittsburg, Cross, AR
  • James Maston Russell b 05Feb-1845 Cherokee Co, AL m Martha Jane "Mattie" Sharp d 29Sep-1922 Teller, Johnston Co, OK


R-79 Contact - George E. Russell

  • William Russell, b ca 1647 m 25 Oct 1678 Salem MA Elizabeth Nurse d 1733 MA
  • Ebenezer Russell, b 7 Mar 1688 MA m Deborah Hibbard d 1762 CT
  • Samuel Russell, b 1 Apr 1716 MA m Mareitje Hof d Feb 1780 CT
  • John Russell, b 11Dec 1761 CT m Martha "Patty" Thrall d 22 June 1844 NY
  • Alanson Russell, b 22Apr 1793 CT m Nancy Caulkins d 20 May 1838 OH
  • George Hungerford Russell, b 9 Feb 1817 NY m Octavia B Hoskins d 22 Dec 1888 OH
  • Carl Stewart Russell, b 30 Mar 1862 OH m Caroline Florence Ely d 8 Apr 1940 NY
  • George Ely Russell, Sr b 24 May 1891 WI m Dorothy M Powell d 30 Oct 1941 ON CA
  • George Ely Russell, Jr b 24 Nov 1927 NY m Lois Anne Taylor m Donna Valley Stuart
  • Robert Webster Russell, b 6 Jan 1960 VA


R-83 Contact - Lisa Kennedy


  • Gavin Russell, b 1775-6, Isle of Arran, Bute, Scotland, m Sarah, d bet1851-5, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.
  • William Russell Sr, b c1805, Irvine Burgh, Ayrshire, Scotland, m Jean Kelly, d 29Dec1891 Almonte, ON.
  • William Russell Jr, b c1833, Montreal, QC, m Catherine Wilson, d 16Jun1868, Almonte, ON. 
  • William Shaw Russell Sr, b 21Mar1867 in Almonte, ON, m Harriet Belle Bruce, d 9Dec1939 in St. Louis, MO.
  • William Shaw Russell Jr, b 5Mar1897 in St Louis, MO, m Agnes Marie Russell, d 26Jun1971, Detroit, MI.
  • Eugene Bruce Russell, b 23Oct1924, St Louis, MO, m Mary Jean Ullrich, d 13Feb1992 , Grosse Pointe, MI.



R-87 Contact - Nancy Appelhanz

  • James Russell b. 1724, m. Elizabeth Bodin
  • James Russell b.? m. Elizabeth Horn 21 Feb 1779
  • William Russell b. 2Sep1782, Bolton, England, m. Nancy Russell
  • John Russell b. 16Dec1821, Bolton, England, m. Hanna Horn Jackson
  • Edwin Jackson Russell b. 9Sep1871 Wensley, England, m. Kate Almira Ludington


R-92 Contact- Deborah Russell

  • James Russell, b1784, d1868, West Caln Twp, Chester Co, PA, m. Violetta (Maiden Unknown)
  • Robert Jackson Russell b7-4-1831, West Caln Twp, Chester Co, PA, d1-10-1901, m. Mary Emma Simmons
  •  Robert Lockard Russell, b8-9-1875, d12-13-1925, Coatesville, Chester Co, PA, m. Katherine Still
  • Robert Simmons Russell, b4-16-1906, d11-20-1977, Coatesville, Chester Co, PA, m. Marian A Rissell


R-100 Contact - Larry Russell

  • "Father" Russell d 21JUL1818 Southside VA:widow d 1837
  • Paschal Russell b c1807 VA m. Elizabeth
  • William Garlenous Russell b 1845 VA d 1901 KY m Elvirah Wood b1845 VA
  • Charlie Thomas Russell 1877-1957 BallardCo KY m Eula B Hutchison b 1880 KY
  • Orbrey Garlenous Russell 1906-1991 BallardCo KY m Julia Gertrude Turner 1910


R-104 Contact - Bob Russell

  • William Russell b 1790's NC, d 9Aug1841 Franklin Co. TN m 1815 Arminta(Minty, Minta)Fowler
  • Samuel Russell b 1822 AL m2 Sarah A Gilliam
  • James M. Russell b 2Feb1869 Polk Co. AR, m Louisa F Oldham
  • Samuel T. Russell b 12Mar1904 Collin Co, TX, m Mable C. Hardy
  • Bob R. Russell, Sr b 22Sep1931 Socorro Co, NM, m JoAnn Gillespie


R-107 Contact - Roberta Russell

  • John Russell
  • James Russell b c1755
  • William Russell b c1780 PA d aft 1823 Beaver Co PA m lady from Ireland
  • James Russell b 14Nov1809 Beaver Co PA d 1892 Noble Co, IN m Mary Ulrich 1831 Richland Co, OH
  • Samuel Russell b1846 Richland Co, OH d1909 Noble Co IN m Mary E Herron 1867
  • William Parel Russell b 1875 IN d1942 Allegan Co, MI m Phoebe A Geiger 1897 Noble Co
  • James Victor Russell b 1906 Green Center, Noble Co, IN d 1957 Tucson, AZ m2 Thelma Blanche Butcher
  • Frank William Russell b 1938 Allegan Co, MI d 2003 Kremmling, Grand Co, CO m Roberta Jean Geeting


R-108 Contact - Dannielle

  • William A. Russell b OH m Laura Anna Smith 27Aug1863 Lenawee MI
  • William J Russell b 29Aug1865, MI m Alzina Lanning b Jun1875
  • Leland Stanford Russell b 21Jul1895 MI m Irene Lillian Bailey
  • William Leland Russell b 3Sep1917 Ann Arbor, MI d 8Jan2002
  • John W. Russell m Ingrid


R-110 Contact - Mark W. Russell

  • Syril Russell b 20May1799 Tyringham, MA m Relief Doolittle 1825
  • Henry Clay Russell b 19Jan1845 Bowling Green OH d 17Nov1908 Randall KS m Mary Ann Andrews 10Aug1868 OH
  • Louis Amzi Russell b 22Mar1876 Larue OH d 6July1951 Mitchell, SD m Julia Ellen Dowling 22Mar1903 Bonne Terre, MO


R-112 Contact - Kay Reichenau Ponder

  • David Russell b c.1767, NC, m Hannah Haynes
  • Thomas Sidney White Russell 15Dec1815, TN, m Mary Patience Cooke
  • John David Morrow Russell b 12Jun1849 Graves Co KY, m Minerva Martha Lamm
  • Carl Andrew Russell b 20Aug1884, Hunt Co TX, m Frankie Catherine Russell
  • Elon Jeanette Russell b 13Apr1918, Brazos Co TX, m Elgin Oscar Reichenau
  • Kay Reichenau 27Sep1938, San Patricio Co TX, m William Norman Ponder


R-113 Contact - John D. Russell

  • William Russell b 1741 Antrim Co. Ulster m Jeanette Roberson b 1743
  • James Russell b 12Sep1774 SC m Jane Cunningham d 18Sep1827
  • William Russell b 13Jun1804 Abbeville District SC m Sarah Ann Wallis b 26Mar1821 S.C.
  • John Hugh Russell b 04May1853 Talladega Co. AL m Ida C. Shackleford b 29Sep1861 AL
  • John William Russell b 30Jul1884 Childersburg AL m May Ollie Wheeler b 21Nov1889 TX


R-114 Contact - RW557

  • William, b. 1605, Abbots Langley, ENG, m. Martha Davies(Davyes)
  • Jason, b. 1658, Menotomy, MA, m. Mary Hubbard (Hobart)
  • Hubbard, b. 1687, Menotomy (Arlington), MA, m. Elizabeth Dickson
  • Jason, b. c1717, Cambridge, MA, d. 19 April 1775, m. Elizabeth Winship
  • Jason, Jr., b. 1742, Cambridge, MA, m. Elizabeth Locke
  • Jason, b. 1763, Mason, NH, m. Rebecca Laughton
  • Asa, b. 1793, Madison, ME, m. Mary Loveland
  • Sullivan, b. 1836, Brighton, ME, m. Irene Willard
  • Maurice, b. 1870, Brighton, ME, m. Elnora Tuttle
  • Otis, b. 1905, Woodland, ME, m. Nellie Plissey


R-117 Contact - Ray Russell

  • Joshua Russell b. c. 1800 in TN d. m unknown
  • James Albert Russell b. 1833 in TN d. 1864 GA m. Susan Trammel 1848 IL
  • Elijah Russell. b. 1860 Williamson Co IL d. 1927 AR m. Jennie Parish
  • Sanford Russell b. 1900 Kennett MO d. 1941 MO m. Elva Pearl Dowdy
  • Billy Wayne Russell b. 1937 Flint MI d. 2011 Lapeer MI, m. Mary Ann Ahrendt


R-119 Contact- Sharon Russell Moor  

  • Nicholas Russell, b. 1748 possibly Ireland, d. 1831 KY, Wife #1 unknown, Wife #2 Judah Nolan in 1818 KY
  • Benjamin Russell, b. 1779 possibly VA or PA d. 1853 IN, Wife #1 Phebe Clark in 1812 KY., Wife #2 Sarah __________ in IN
  • John Russell, b. 16 Mar. 1826 KY d. 23 Jan 1898 IN, m. Harriet Mater in 1849 IN
  • George Myrtle Russell, b. 29 Sep 1872 IN d. 13 Feb 1939 IN, Wife #1 Hester Wiley in 1892 IL. and Wife #2 Stella _____
  •  Ira Lawrence Russell, b. 23 Jun 1900 IL d. 5 Mar 1966 CA, m. Oberene Hawkins in 1919 IL
  • Lawrence H. Russell,  b. 12 Jul 1920, m. Grace Goodsite 1943 in OH


R-121 Contact - Robin M. Russell ???

  • Joseph Russell b. 1812 TN d. before 1870 m. (1847) Susan Holland b. 1827 SC
  • Hugh Henry Russell b. 1854 GA d. 1924 Lumberton, MS m. (1872) Mary E. Price b. 1853 GA
  • Wiley (Wyley) Lee Russell b. 1876 GA d. 1946 Lumberton, MS m. (1896) Carrie Lee King b. 1880
  • Roy Ray Russell, Sr. b. 1898 d. 1962 Braxton, MS m. Elabell Davis b. 1900?
  • Roy Ray Russell, Jr. b. 1927 Braxton, MS d. ---- m. Jean Colton b. 1921 OR


R-123 Contact - Wendy Russell

  • William Russell b c1790 Harbour Island?, Bahamas m Jane Curry
  • Thomas B. "CoTommy" Russell b 12Mar1833 Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas m Sarah Sands
  • Thomas E. Russell b 30Aug1873 Key West, FL m Rafaela Dillon
  • Edmund L. Russell Sr b 07Sep1904 Key West, FL m Catherine Gilbert


R-127 Contact- Neil Russell

  • William George Russell, b1867, Ensham, Oxfordshire, England, m Ellen louise Jeffery
  • William Jeffery Russell, b1895, Ensham, Oxfordshire, England, m Daisy Irene Todd
  • William George Russell, b1922, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, m Joan Taylor 


R-136 Contact -

  • William Russell b. 1605 Hertfordshire, ENG d. Cambridge, MA m. Martha Davies
  • Jeremiah Russell b. c 1680 d c 1748 SC m. Mary Akin 1708 SC
  • Joseph Russell b. 12 Apr 1711 SC d. c 1760 SC m. Mary Raven
  • Jeremiah Russell b. c 1748 SC d. c 1810 SC m. Catherine Aberly SC
  • Jeremiah Porter Russell b. 4 Apr 1788 Chst Dst SC d. Feb 1863 MS m. Polly Rhodes
  • Ephraim Russell b.15 Oct 1820 SC d 3 May 1876 Rankin MS, m Clementine Roberts
  • William Lycurgus Russell b. 31 Jan 1848 MS d. 24 Feb 1906 TX m. Cecilia Wilkinson
  • Thomas Benton Russell b. 26 Jul 1873 MS d. 5 Nov 1933 TX m. Hattie Wilson              


R-149 Contact- Joyce Russell Autry

  • James Goodwin Russell, Jr., b 1763, Fauquier Co, VA, m Marsippa?
  • James G. Russell, b 1811, m Sarah Boswell
  • James William Russell, b 1838, GA, m Martha Ann Brookins
  • Lorenzo R. Russell, b 30Dec1861, GA, m Julia Ann Allen 
  • Thomas Jefferson Russell, Sr., b 13Jul1887, m Elvine Maddox


R-164 Contact- Gary G. Russell

  • Isaac Russell b. abt 1755, d. aft 1850, TN m Mary
  • Isaac J. Russell b. abt 1789 probably Wilkes Co, NC  d. 1865 TN m. Mary Bever
  • Isaac J. Russell b. abt 1810 TN  d. abt 1877 TN  m. Eliza Jane Gibson
  • Jacob Russell b. 1863 TN d. 1928 TN m. Seletha Ann Long
  • Anderson Cowan Russell b. 1892 Tn d. 1977 TN m. Cora Hattie LeQuire
  • Grayson Jake Russell b. 1924 TN d. 1958 TN
  • R-165 Contact- Sue Russell
  • John Russell b 1646 Clackmannan, Scotland m Margaret Murdock
  • John Russell b 1672 Clackmannan, Scotland m Janet Cole/Coult
  • William Russell b 1707 or 1705 Clackmannan, Scotland m Agnes Gardner
  • William Russell b 1731 Clackmannan, Scotland m Marion Bain
  • William Russell 1770, Clackmannan, Scotland m Katherine Russell


R-176 Contact- Josh Russell

  • William  C. Russell b. bet. 1814-1817 maybe in Jackson County, Alabama (exact location unknown). d. sometime after 1858 where is unknown 
  • Robert Thomas Daniel Russell b. Jan 14, 1858. d. April 22 1901 North Little Rock, AR
  • Robert Otho Russell b. August 26, 1890 Appleton, AR d. June 15 1940 Memphis, AR
  • Robert Otho Russell Jr. b July 21, 1923 Cabot, AR 
  • Terry Michael Russell b. March 25 1952 Little Rock, AR d. February 25, 1986 Santa Cruz, CA
R-177 Contact- Mary Sue Lyons
  •   William Russell b 1605 Eng, d. 1661 MA
  •   Benjamin Russell b. 1638 Ma d. 1691 MA
  •   William Russell  - b 1667 MA – d 1717, MA
  •  James Russell Sr. – b 1695, d 1773 Concord, MA
  •  James Russell Jr. (Lieut) – b. 1723, d. 1801, Concord, MA
  •  Jacob Russell – b. 1776 Concord – d. 1851 Middlesex MA
  •   Francis Russell – b 1807 Middlesex MA, d. 1887, Worcester, MA
  •   Henry H. Russell (Wm Brown Ely) b. Mar 5, 1842 CT, d.  1921, NE m. Mary Frances Potter
  •   Wm. McLouth Ely b 1875 NY, d 1955 Ainsworth, NE m Grace Chesnut
  • Samuel Chesnut Ely b 1910 NE d. 1982 AK m. Virginia Stoltenburg

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