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Patriarch Page


Last edited by Lezlie Russell Markey, 08-Jan-2017

Russell Patriarch Page



Russell Lineage Abstracts of Tested Lines

By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.



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Note: We recommend a stripped down pedigree for this page.
* We try to fit each ancestor's information on one line, and only include name, birth date and birthplace and wife's name (mother of next descendant).
* This page's information is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. It is not intended to provide all of the information that is known.
* Marriage information other than the name of the mother of the next descendant is not needed on this page (but if it fits - hey why not).
* Above all enjoy your time pursuing your interest and let us know if any changes are needed.


R-1 Contact - Billie Anderson

*       William Russell b c1740 England d c 1814

*       Phillip Russell b c1760 England m unknown Brewer d c 1792

*       Phillip Russell b c1777 Grayson Co., VA., Rebekah Russell 30Mar-1797 d 18Sep1839 Grayson Co, VA

*       Phillip Russell b 1809 Grayson Co, VA m 9Apr1837 Lucy Perkins  d 21Jan1873

*       Stephen Campbell Russell b 15Aug1838 Grayson Co VA m 19Jan1866 Malvira Virginia Perkins  d 13Mar1912 Corpus Christi TX

*       Francis Erastus Russell b 15Aug1878 Grayson Co., VA m 10May1903 Ivy E. Tunnell  d. 4Jul1947 Whitney, Hill Co, TX

*       Frank Edwin Russell b 2Feb1916 Whitney, Hill Co, TX  m 7Apr1940 Helen J. Harper  d 11Oct2003 Waco, TX

*       Frank Edwin Russell, Jr. b 6Nov1945 Waco, TX m 1Oct1983 Hazel Lee Duvall  d 8Sep2005 Whitney, Hill Co, TX


R-2 Contact - P. Russell

*       Samuel Russell b abt 1811, AL

*       John L. Russell b 9Jan1833  m Agnes Hale 27 Mar 1852

*       William Perkins Russell b 25Feb1853,

*       Nancy Elizabeth Ann Russell 11Dec1854

*       Samuel Nicholas Russell b 27Sep1856  m Clara May Chastain

*       John Hiram Russell b 01Apr1859, AR

*       Grady Hilman Russell b 1892  m Jessie Wilks


R-3 Contact - Rose Russell Watts

*       Edward Street Russell  b 1800 White Co. TN.  m Nancy King.  d 1858 in MS

*       Raiford Russell  b 1836  m Elizabeth King  d 1934

*       Wiley Frank Russell Sr.  b 1860  m Minnie Martin d 1890

*       Wiley Frank Russell Jr.  b 1889  m Cora Hatten  d 1960


R-4 Contact - Ray Russell

*       Matthew Russell, Sr., b c1735 Ire.,  m Jane McIntire, d Jul1812 SC

*       Matthew Russell Jr., b 30Apr1771 Mecklenburg Co., NC, m Rozine Strain, d 5Jun1846 NC

*       James Russell, b 30Mar1799 SC, m Sarah Cabe, d 29Jan1867

*       Anderson Petty Russell, b c1825 Macon Co., NC, m Lucinda E Hayes, d bef.1900 TX

*       John Taylor Russell b 21Oct1868 Macon Co., NC, m Lucy F Barbee, d 1942 TX

*       Earnest Gooch Russell, b 16Feb1900 TX, m Edna M Wilson, d 1Dec1970


R-5 Contact - Penny

*       Walter S. Russell b 1824 GA m.(1) Mary Lamar, m.(2) Mrs. Elizabeth McBride TX

*       Thomas Lamar Russell b 1850 DeKalb Co., AL m.(1) Sarah Jane McBride TX m.(2) Mary E. Stewart TX

*       Thomas Clifton Russell b 1870 Belton, Bell Co., TX m Etta Mayes


R-6 Contact - Judith Russell

*       John Russell b 01Apr1766 Cambusnethan, Lanark, Scotland  m 11Nov1797 Margaret McAlpine b 18Sep1780 Barony, Lanark, Scotland

*       George Russell b 10Jan1816, Shotts, Lanark, Scotland. m Elizabeth George

*       George Russell b 5Jun1848, Shotts, Lanark, Scotland. m Margaret Scougal

*       John Wilson Russell b 6Aug1874, McKeesport, PA, USA. m Henrietta Haigh Balker

*       George Collins Russell b20Feb1907, Pittsburgh, PA. USA. m Sarah Elizabeth Easter


R-7 Contact - Roger T. Russell

*       Jeremiah Russell b 5Jan1752/53 MA, m Catherine Darling, d 14Oct1814, Luzerne, NY

*       John Russell, b 9Dec1786 Luzerne, NY m Rhoda Scofield, d 23Jun1862 Dewittville, NY

*       Silas Wilson Russell, b 13Sep1822 NY, m1Sarah, m2. Ellen Martin, d 26Jul1883 Iowa

*       John Silas Russell b 25Jun1869 Des Moines, Iowa d 20Aug1937


R-8 Contact - Renda

*       James b Russell  b 1810 NC  m Nancy Hill

*       Franklin Perry Russell  b 1855 AR  m Lydia Owens in Pope Co AR in 1870s


R-9 Contacts - Gayle Russell & Lezlie Russell Markey

*       Elnathan Russell, b 1764

*       James T. Russell, b 23Dec1816 Cumberland, MD  d 23Mar1862, West, TX

*       Abraham W. Russell, b 22Sep1851 MO  d 02Aug1929, West, TX

*       Colonel A. Russell, b 03Mar1883  West, TX  d 23Jan1928, Waco, TX

*       Clovis W. Russell, b 02Apr1904  West, TX  d 20Nov1986, Waco, TX


R-11 Contact - Thomas H. Russell

*       James Russell Sr, b 1772 PA  m Margaret

*       Daniel Rufus Russell b 1812 SC  m Temperance Ruth Franks

*       James Myron Russell b 1832 Clay Co. AL  m Sarah Isabella Stewart

*       Daniel Aaron Eugene Russell  b 1858 MS   m Martha Cornelia Richbourg

*       Daniel Eugene Russell  b 1891 MS  m Maude Alpha Dixon

*       Thomas Russell b 1931 Labette Co. KS  m Mary A. Russell in CA


R-13 Contact - Betty J. Statom

*       Hiram A. Russell b 1813 TN, m Levina

*       Lewis Jackson b 4May1853, m Matilda A., d 1933

*       George b 1880 d 1958 Williamson Co. IL

*       George Jerome b 12Jul1910 d 1984


R-14 Contact - George Russell

*       Thomas Jefferson Russell, b 1818 PA, m Ruth Ann Kelley 1837 in OH

*       Ralph Wilson Russell, b 1852 OH, m Sarah Isabelle Foster 1875 in OH, d 1910 in PA

*       Ernest Raymond Russell, b 1881 OH, m Gertrude Cain 1904 in PA, d 1965 in CA

*       Donald Keith Russell, b 1905 PA, m Anna Maria Kibitz 1929, d 1987 in NY


R-17 Contact - Curtis Russell

*       William Russell, b 1813  m Sarah d aft.1850,.

*       Mathias Russell, b abt1843  m1 Mahala Moore  m2 Avaline Fields  d 3Nov1906.

*       David Russell, son of Mahala, b abt1864  m Narra Miller  d 9Apr1943,.

*       Gardner Randolph "Ran" Russell, b 17Aug1903, d 31Dec1984


R-18 Contact - Mathias Russell

*       William Russell b c1813  m Sarah  d 1850 Scott Co, VA

*       Mathias Russell, b c1844 VA  m1 Mahala Moore  m2 Eveline Fields  d 1906 Carter Co, KY

*       John Allen Russell, son of Eveline, b 1890, Carter Co, KY, died in mining acc, buried Lang, WV

*       Charles Russell, b 1921 Olive Hill, KY, d 1985


R-22 Contact - Kathleen Russell Marler

*       Robert Russell  b c1710 m Catherine?

*       James Russell  b abt1733 Ireland, m Jane Carson 1756 in Philadelphia, PA

*       David Russell  b 1767 Mecklenburg Co., NC, m Elizabeth Morrison

*       James Semianes Russell  b 1788 Mecklenburg Co., NC, m Margaret Gingles

*       David Green Russell  b 1819 Cabarrus Co., NC, m Cynthia Crowell

*       James Michael Russell  b 1849 Union Co., NC, m Margaret Beaver

*       John Morrison Russell  b 1883 Mecklenburg Co., NC, m Nettie Jane Hunter


R-23 Contact - John D. Russell  JohnRussell3308@MSN.COM

*       William Russell - b 6Aug 1771 Airdrie, Scotland - m Isabella Rankin - d Apr 1817 Airdrie

*       William Russell - b 23Mar 1807 Airdrie - m Catharine Mackintosh - d Between 1851 & 1854 Blackbraes, Scotland

*       Thomas Russell - b 6Feb 1831 Airdrie - m Elizabeth Johnston - d 5 Sep 1891 Evanston, Wyoming

*       John Lynch Russell Sr. - b 28Dec 1852 Blackbraes - m Marion Carruth - d 12 Feb 1899 Diamondville, Wyoming

*       John Lynch Russell Jr. - b 22Mar 1882 Almy, Wyoming - m Mertis Hoover - d 24 Jul 1963 Provo, Utah


R-24 Contact - R. Russell

*       John H. Russell, b 1817 SC, d Oct 1859, Cocke Co TN, m 1839 Matilda Cross in Hayword Co NC

*       William Russell b 17Jul 1850, Buncomb Co NC, d 10 Nov 1913 Rush Co IN, m (2) Mary Elnora "Nora" (Winton) Blackford.

*       Frank Benjamin Russell b 8Jun 1888 Morristown IN d 1961 Indianapolis IN, m Mary Ethel Boor 1915


R-25 Contact - Fuzzy

*       William C. Russell, b c1815, Alabama, m Louisa?

*       Robert Thomas Daniel Russell, b 14Jan1858, MS, m Nancy Ellen Nickels, d 22Apr1901, North Little Rock, AR

*       Cusick Cusbia Russell, b 23Jan1889, Appleton, AR, m Sybelle Tucker, d 17Mar1946, Searcy, AR


R-26 Contact - John F. A. Russell

*       Philip Russell, b abt 1870, United Kingdom

*       John Robert Harrison Claude Russell, b abt 1890, United Kingdom

*       Stanley John Ingram Russell, b 25Nov1909, Goole, County of York, Yorkshire, England, d 12Jun1976


R-27 Contact - Walter Russell

*       Matthew Russell, 25Jul-1812, SC

*       James Russell, b Oct. 1777, d 18Aug1863, m Nelly Baker

*       Thomas Fearn Russell, b 2May1832, d 18May1905, m Mary Ellen Matthews

*       Thomas Pickens Russell, b 17Feb1873, d 24Dec1940, m1 Rebecca Potts m2 Irene Dillard

*       William Lagore Russell, b 16Oct1901, d 2Nov1966, m Edith Lillian Alley


R-30 Contact - James W Russell

*       Matthew Russell, b c1735  m1 Jane McIntire m2 Verlinda Lamar Jenkins

*       Osburn Russell, b c1787 SC  m Mary

*       Matthew R. Russell, b 22Aug1822  m Nancy Bryant

*       John Henry Russell, b 20Jun1847 AL  m Catherine Rudder

*       Mark L. Russell, 17Feb1882 AL  m Edith Chaney


R-32 Contact- Jim Russell

*       Thomas Russell, b 12 mar 1821, wife Elizabeth b 2 Oct 1821 d 27 Nov 1890

*       John McBride b 25 Mar 1851 M 14 Dec 1871, d 3 Jun 1929 m wife Martha L Triplett, b 15 May 1854 d 10 Mar 1928

*        Isaac Leander Russell, b 14 Jan 1873, m 8 Nov 1900, d 14 July 1958

*       Guss M. Russell, b 15 Dec 1909, M Jun 1931, D approx 2000

*       Jim L. Russell, b-18 Feb 1949


R-33 Contact - Dr. Thomas Russell II

*       George Russell: b 9Jul1775 New Monkton, Lanark, Scotland  d 1854  m Euphemia Tweedie  b Dec1796, Liberton Parish, Quakersfield, Bonnachburn, Scotland.

*       Thomas Russell Esquire, b 1802 South Leith, Midlothian Co., Scotland. d 1902. m 1826 Janet (Jessie) Thompson, b 1794, d.1879

*       Hugh Carfrae Russell, b 27Oct 1826, Leith, Midlothian Scotland  d 1918 Peel Co. ON, CA. m Cecelia Bell, b Scotland.

*       Dr. Thomas Russell, b 25Feb1861 Alton, Peel Co ON, CA. d 15Oct1953 Grand Rapids, MN. m Clara Bell, b 11Mar1870 Simcoe Co ON, CA d1969 St. Paul, MN

*       Kenneth K Russell, b 6Nov1901 Grand Rapids MN d 7Nov1972 Mpls, MN, m.Esther Marie Amberg, b 9Oct1900 Hastings, MN d 5Jul1977 St. Paul, MN.


R-34 Contact - Matt Russell

*       Lewis Jackson Russell (c1816-1881) m Lucretia Funkhouser in White Co, IL

*       Benjamin Franklin Russell (1849-1909) b White Co, IL, m Mary Ann Hutchcraft

*       John Wesley Russell (1869-1949) b White Co, IL, m Kate Ude

*       Herman Matthew Russell (1910-1969) b White Co, IL, m Darlene Gaunt


R-35 Contact - Dave Russell

*       Benjamin Russell, b c1740, d bef 10/1789, Anne Arundel Co, MD, m Keziah Unknown, d bef 1763

*       Richard Russell, b c1780 MD, m 2Feb1807 Sarah Grapes Frederrick Co., VA  d c1850

*       Lorenzo Dow Russell b 30Nov1829, Athens Co., OH  m 18Oct1853 Sarah Margaret Britton  d 9Mar1885, Bourbon Co., KS

*       Ora Russell, b 23Jan1871 KS  m 30May1893 Mary Louise Booth Moran, Allen Co., KS  d 6Sep1950 Van Nuys, CA

*       Harold Daniel Russell, b 19Jan1904 Bayard, Allen Co., KS  m 28July1926 Lois Maurine Cline, KS  d 5Oct1995 Waterville, NY


R-36 Contact- Gregg Russell

*       John or Thomas Russell, b ca 1810 or 1816, SC, m Isabella Adams, 1860 Murray Co, GA

*       Jonus Lafayette Russell, b 1865, Bradley Co, TN, m Martha Lucinda Winkler (b 1869, GA) 18Dec1888

*       Harlan Henry Russell, b 19Oct1897, Chadsworth, GA, d 24Mar1980, Fort Worth, TX, m Sarah Brannon (b 13Jun1901) 07Oct1917

*       Gerald "Rip" Russell, b 29Aug1936, Fort Worth, TX, d 30Jun2007, m Norma Jean Hall, 1962 


R-37 Contact - Joe Russell

*       John, appointed Constable 1642 Marshfield MA

*       Jonathan b1652 Marshfield MA m Hassadiah Smith 17Feb 1678 Marshfield MA

*       Jonathan b 13Nov 1679 Dartmouth MA m Judah Sampson 3Mar 1683 Duxbury MA

*       Joshua b 20Feb 1710 Dartmouth MA m Lydia Spooner 9Mar 1732 Dartmouth MA

*       Jethro b 31Mar 1753 Dartmouth MA m Rebecca Howland 4Dec 1774 Dartmouth MA

*       Howland b 13Aug 1783 Dartmouth MA m Catherine Eyclashimer 22Jan 1803 Pittstown NY

*       Hiram b 26May 1823 Onondago Co NY m Ann Williams 1Jan 1852 Hartland MI

*       John Howland b 20Nov 1852 Flint MI m Sarah Jane Taylor 6Oct 1874


R-39 Contact - Mary Lou Russell Mitchell

*       Captain John Russell, b 1798, Cabarrus Co., NC; m Rhue Burton Davis, 1818.

*       James Burton Russell, b 1822, Cabarrus Co., NC; m Mary Matilda Erwin, 1852.

*       John Dwight Russell, b 1856, Cabarrus Co., NC; m Flora Jane Cline, 1880, Panola Co., MS.

*       James Edward Russell, b 1894, Panola Co., MS; m Lucille Kimbrell, 1915


R-41 Contact - Sarah Russell

*       Robert, b c1635 prob Great Britain, d 13Dec 1710 Andover, Essex, MA m Mary Marshall

*       James, b 16Sept-1667 d Andover, Essex, MA d 07Mar 1716, Andover, MA m Priscilla Osgood

*       James Jr, b 1710 Andover, MA d 08-Oct-1784 Walpole, Cheshire, NH m Lucy Farrar

*       Thomas, b 22Oct-1751 Willington, Tolland, CT d 27Nov 1845 Walpole, CT m Eunice Alexander

*       John b 08Jun-1787 Walpole, NH d Oct 1845 Ashtabula Co, Ohio m Remembrance Eastman

*       Elisha Russell b  8May 1824 OH or NY d 12 Mar 1884 Goodhue Co., MN m Uretta V. Pierce

*       Charles Clinton Russell b 1849 Lafayette Co., WI. d 1900 Wayne Co., MO. m Rachel Casey

*       William Oscar Russell b 22Feb 1885 Wayne Co., MO. d.16Aug 1954 Brazoria Co. TX m Deana St.Clair

*       Neil Luther Russell b 28Jan 1908 Natchitoches Par., LA d 14Mar 1979 Houston, TX Dottie Powell

*       Don Powell Russell b 05Aug 1933 Fisher, Sabine Par. LA. Don is my husband


R-42 Contact - Matt Russell

*       Enoch Russell b 18Oct 1761 Essex Co., VA d 29Aug 1847 Jackson Co., OH m.(1) Ruth Riddle m.(2) Martha McQuade

*       Isaac Russell b 22Aug1795 Rockingham Co., NC or VA d 25Mar 1870 Gallia Co., OH m Rhoda Hoppas

*       Alvin Russell b 1827 Gallia Co., OH d 24Jul1903 Morgan Twp, Gallia Co., OH m Harriet Spires

*       Charles S. Russell b 15Mar1872 OH d 06Aug1950 Morgan Center, Gallia Co., OH m Effie Wiggins

*       Everette E. Russell b 30Oct 1917 Bidwell, Gallia Co., OH d 03Jan 1975 m.(1) Alsie Mollihan m.(2) Grace Hampton


R-45 Contact - Martin Pierce

*       William Russell (undoented?) (b.?-d. bef 1786)b. Unk - d Granville N.C -m. Phoebe?

*       John Russell (1730-1812)b. Unk.- d Granville N.C. -M. Elizabeth Colcough

*       Abner Russell (1768-1807)b. Unk-probably Granville N.C.- d Stokes Co. N.C. -m. Mary?? b Unk -d. 1812 Stokes Co N.C.

*       Hiram Russell (1792-1858) b.Granville Co. N.C.- d Dallas Co. MO. m. Millie Graham (1795-1838)

*       James Vaughn Russell (1827-1920)b. Logan co KY -D. Collin Co TX. -m. Nancy Jane Harper (1832-1905)

*       James Wilson Russell b 1867 Collin Co TX. d 1941 Collin Co. TX .m.Lelia Ozella Edens (1873-1939)

*       Vaughn Heywood Russell (1893-1943)b. Collin Co TX.-d. Tarrant Co TX.-m. Maude Louise Adams (1893-1991) 

*       Robert Bonnell Russell (1919-2005)b. Collin Co TX.-d. TX. m Lettye Louise Smith (1927-1995)


R-46 Contact - Maxine Russell Land

*       Hiram Russell, b.c 1830, m Levina Ward b.c 1826 d.07 Nov. 1891 b S. Carolina, VA, Scotland

*       Lewis Jackson Russell b 04May1853 White Co., IL d.22Oct1933 Carmi, IL m 26July1873 Matilda Brashier Calvin

*       George A. Russell, b 12Jan1880 White Co, IL  d 23Jan1958 Carmi, IL m 11Jan1900 Ida May Parton Verna

*       Edmond Russell  b 14Oct1900 Williamson Co., IL  d 13Oct1963 Creal Springs, IL  m 25Nov1921 Lilly Etta Trotter

*       John Wesley Russell  b 31Aug1925  m 30Dec1950 Ruth Marie Boyce b 23Apr1920


R-48 Contact - Jerri

*       John Russell  b 5Mar1787 VA  m Rhonda Newberry 8Aug 1805 Dunlap, Sequatchie Co, TN

*       Henry Calvin Russell  b 24July1830 Warren or Bledsoe Co., TN  m 22Sep1850 Elizabeth Brewer  d 27Mar1903 Bedford Co TN

*       John Wesely Russell  b 17Aug1853  m 1877 Lucinda Elizabeth Watson  d 1Jul1926 Mississippi Co, AR

*       Walter (Beverely or Bernard) Russell  b 21Apr1882 Scott, Pointett Co. AR  m 13Aug1905 Ryrenu McPherson  d 5Feb1981 Memphis, TN


R-49 Contact - Lewis Russell

*       David Russell, b 1Apr1823, NY, m 30Dec1848 Lucinda G. Sautel  d 12Oct1914, Pvt. Co D, 141st Inf Reg New York Vol.

*       William Henry Russell, b 1866 Hornby, NY  m 28May1889 Della J. Emory  d Aug1953 Elmira, NY.

*       Lewis Henry Russell, b 8Mar1891 Painted Post, NY  m 17Aug1912 Minnie b Carl  d 23Feb1975 Sussex, NJ

*       Lewis Henry Russell JR  b 24Jan1929 Southport, NY  m 22Sep1950 Dorothy m Schmidt, Frederick, MD.

*       Lewis Henry Russell III  b 4Nov1951 Fort Bragg, NC  m 1Jul1975 Diane Kelly, Douglas, WY.


R-52 Contact - Joyce Russell Bevel

*       John Russell, b c.1766 SC, d 1814 Fernandina, FL m Mary (Hogg?) Loyalist went to E. FL. & Bahamas & back to E. FL

*       Edward William Russell b 1798 San Salvador, Bahama Is. d 1863 in Walker Co., GA m Susan Sarah Way

*       James Newton Russell b 1830 Liberty Co., GA, d 1916 Seabreeze, FL m Mary Hill Eve

*       Harden Newton Russell b 1866 Cobb Co., GA, d 1953 Volusia Co., FL m Edith Dake Nokes

*       John Arden Russell b 1906 Duval Co., FL, d 1970 Volusia Co., FL m Phyllis Sizemore

*       John Arden Russell, Jr. b 1938 in Volusia Co., FL


R-53 Contact - F. Doug Russell

*       John Russell  b c1821-1850  m c1847-1890 Margaret "Mollie".  d c1875-1935.

*       James William Russell  b 1872  m Cora Anne Price

*       Foster Harmon Russell  b 16 May 1898.  m 11 Oct 1922 Gladys Ruth Martin.  d 28 Dec 1965.


R-54 Contact - Al Streit

*       John RUSSELL, b ca-1608 Staffordshire, England, m. Dorothy Crowder, d 13 Feb-1695 Dartmouth, MA

*       Jonathan RUSSELL, b. ca-1647 Marshfield, MA, m Hassadiah Smith, d 05 Dec-1727 Dartmouth, MA

*       Jonathan RUSSELL Jr, b 13Nov-1679 Dartmouth, MA, m Judith Sampson, d 20 Sep-1730 Dartmouth, MA

*       Joshua RUSSELL, b 20Feb-1710 Dartmouth, MA, m Lydia Spooner, d Jan-1789 Dartmouth, MA

*       Elisha RUSSELL, b 03Dec-1737 Dartmouth, MA, m Elizabeth Tripp, d NY

*       Joshua RUSSELL, b ca-1762 Dartmouth, MA, m Abiah Smith, d Broome Co., NY

*       Abner RUSSELL Jr., b 14 Aug-1815, Erie Co, NY  m Samantha Seward d 24 Feb-1894, Kirksville, MO

*       Cyrenus Zadock RUSSELL, b 9 Jan-1840, Peoria Co, IL,  m Ala Ann Teagarden d 21 Apr-1906, Greenfield, MO

*       John Abner RUSSELL M.D. b 13 Jun-1873, Fort Scott, KS  m Ellen Gertrude Ross d 21 Jun-1950, Auburn, CA

*       John Paul RUSSELL, b 26 Mar-1913, Lovelock, NV  m Grace Reilly  d 05 Nov-2005, Southern Pines, NC


R-56 Contact - Jerry Russell

*       Enoch Russell b 1760, Essex,Virginia, d. 29 Aug 1848.Bloomfield,Jackson,Ohio

*       IsaacRussell b 1794, Rockingham,North Carolina, d 25Aug 1870.Gallia,Ohio.

*       William Russell b 1835. Gallia,Ohio d.? Morgan,Gallia,Ohio.

*       Isaac H. Russell b 02Feb 1863,Vinton, Morgan, Gallia,Ohio d. 27 Apr 1947.Millfield, Athens, Ohio.

*       Thomas Russell b 11May 1893, Jackson, Jackson, Ohio, d. 24 Apr 1980, Nelsonville, Athens, Ohio.


R-58 Contact- Amy Russell Tolbert

*       Josephus Russell, b c1823 VA d c1867 Hickman Co, TN  m 1844 Ann Maria Elizabeth Davidson c1827-80 Williamson Co, TN  VA

*       Andrew J. Russell b 10May1858 Hickman Co, TN d 13Jul1923 Hickman Co, TN  m 1878 Mary Ann E. Killough

*       Grover Cleveland Russell b 30Nov 1884 Hickman Co, TN d 3Oct 1949, Davidson Co, TN  m 1903 Eliza Jane Johnson

*       Grover Cleveland Russell, JR. (G.C.) b 3 April 1915 Maury Co, TN d 10 December 1987  m 1939 Anne Craig Allen


R-59 Contact-  G. Russell

*       William Russell b 1605, England, d 14-Feb-1661/62 Cambridge, MA, m 1?, m.2 Martha

*       John Russell, b 11Nov-1645, Cambridge, MA, d 6-Mar-1732/33, Cambridge, MA, m 1?, m 2 Elizabeth Fiske

*       William Russell, b 1683, Lexington, MA, d 1745, Littleton, MA, m abt 1706, Elizabeth

*       Joel Russell, b 2Aug 1716, Lexington, MA, d Rindge, NH, m abt 1741 Huldah

*       Daniel Russell, b 18Mar 1755, Rindge, NH  m1 3Jan1785 Rachel Gould  m2 28May1814, Betsey Crockett

*       George Gould Russell, b 22Feb 1785, Lydeboro, NH m 06Apr1809, Bowdoin (?), ME, Eleanor Powers d 10May1830

*       Samuel B. Russell, b 16Jul 1812, Bowdoin, ME m 08Jan 1843, Carthage, ME, Hannah Potter d 12May1890, Cass Co, ND

*       Frank Russell, b 24Feb 1849, Hallowell, ME m 18Feb1885, Farmingdale, ME, Susie Cummings d 02Sept1930, Arcadia, CA

*       Carl Edward Russell, b 09Apr 1886 Arthur, ND m 3Aug1909, Portland, OR, Bertha L. Parks d 17Nov1959, Portsmouth, RI

*       Glenn W. Russell, b 02Mar 1916, Everett, WA m 6Dec1937, Putnam, CT, Dorothy m Cook d 01May1986, Portmouth, RI


R-60 Contact - Carolyn A. Watkins

*       William Russell b 1741 Antrim Co. Ulster m Jeanette Roberson d 12Apr 1824 AL

*       James Russell b 12Sep 1774 SC m Jane Cunningham d 18Sep 1827

*       James Cunningham Russell b 1805 SC m Mary Heaslett d 10May 1882 AL

*       John William Russell b 1845 AL m Nancy C. "Kate" Bolton d ?? TX

*       Charles Sevier Russell b 01Jan 1873 TX m Atha Martha d 04Aug 1932 TX

*       Mondel Sevier Russell b 21Aug 1906 TX d 03Dec 1989 NM


R-63 Contact - withheld

*       George Russell b 1766, Halifax Co., VA m 1782 Jane Turley d 1845, Warren Co., Kentucky

*       William M Russell b 1799 Warren Co., KY  m1 Sarah Hart 1821  m2 Hepsaby (UNK)  m3 Louisa Bailey  d 1880 Camden Co., MO

*       George Washington Russell b 1830, Warren Co., KY  m1 1850 Susan Green  m2 Pearlie Creach  m3 Elizabeth Woods  m4 Mary L. Phillips d 1913, Russell, Camden Co., MO

*       George Washington Russell b 1880  Macks Creek, Camden Co., MO  m Mary-Jane Gillespie  d 1967 Altus, Jackson Co. OK


R-67 Contact - Robert T. Russell 

*       George Russell  b 9Jul1775  m Euphemia Tweedie of Lasswade, b 25Oct1775. d 28Nov1854 Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

*       Thomas Russell  b 16May1802 Loanhead, Midlothian Scotland m 10Feb1826 Janet (Jessie) Thomson d 10Oct1902 Alton, Peel Co., ON, CA

*       Hugh Carfrae Russell  b 27Oct1826 South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland  m Cecilia Bell, b 1827 ON, CA. d 1918 Alton, Peel Co., ON, CA

*       Thomas Russell  b 25Feb1861 Alton, Peel Co, ON, CA  m 19Aug1896 Clara Bell  d 15Oct1953 Grand Rapids, Itasca Co, MN

*       George Everett Russell  b 9Nov1900 Grand Rapids, Itasco Co., MN m 23Jan1923 Louise Rose Bilodeau  d 1992 St. Paul, MN


R-68 Contact - Ida McCormick or Mark Downen

*       Father Russell d 21Jul1818 [in son's Bible] Southside VA; widow d 12June 1837 [in Bible]

*       Thornton Russell  b 1809 VA; m Rebecca Pulliam; d1869 Livingston Co MO

*       Richard Thornton Russell  b 1836 Lunenburg Co VA; m Martha Messer; d 1881 Livingston Co MO

*       John Lewis Russell  b 1858 Livingston Co MO; m Mary E Dawson; he res Okanogan Co WA

*       John Lawrence Russell  b 1886 Livingston Co MO; m Annie Ludwig; d 1961 Chelan Co WA


R-71 Contact  Lyn Storey

*       Matthew D Russell, b ~1810, NC m.  Charlotte Dannold, b ~1815

*       Thompson Daniel Russell, b.15Nov1835, Arcola, Dade Co, MO, m Harriet Holland

*       Thomas Jefferson Russell b 20Jan1872, Russell, Leon Co. TX, m Eugenine Madeline (Kate) Boykin

*       Marvin Luther Russell b 2Mar1896, Leon Co, TX, m Nan Starkey


R-72 Contact - Steve Russell

*       Matthew Russell b c1735 ?Ulster (N. Ire.) m1 Jane McIntire d Jul1812, SC

*       Thomas J. Russell b 7Jun1761 Cumberland Co PA m Tabitha Jenkins d 11Jul1850 AL

*       Matthew Russell b 5Jan1791 York Co SC m Harriet Morrow d 9Feb1832 AL

*       Andrew Grundy Russell b 20Apr1826 Franklin Co GA m1 Mary Nicholson d 21Apr1906

*       Charles Grundy Russell b 12Oct1862 AL m2 Hettie Moody d 16Aug1955 TX

*       Roy McFarland Russell b 21Mar1896 AR m Tennie Boatwright d 3Aug1961 TX

*       Roy Russell, Jr.  b 10Jun1924 TX  m Ina Tate d 02Mar1951 TX


R-73 Contact – J. Russell

*       Matthew C. Russell (maybe James Russell b1772 PA but haven't found proof) b abt1801 SC d aft1870  m2 Nancy Ada Chapman

*       Richard Acey Russell  b 2Feb1861 Giles Co. TN  d 26Dec1898 Limestone Co. AL  m 15Sep1885 Hester Viola "Het" Holmes

*       Joseph Wilburn Russell  b 17Sep1889 d 4Apr1976 Craighead Co. Ark. m1 Melissa F. Holt  m2 Nina Pearl Webb

*       Joseph Darby Russell  b 13July1924 Limestone Co.AL  m 9May1944 Emily Mae Hunt 

*       James Randall Russell  b 8Sep1961 Craighead Co. AR  m 15Mar1980 Lisa Ann Parker


R-76 Contact -  Kitty Gloyne

*       William Russell b c1730 VA   m Ann   d KY

*       Philip Russell b 17Nov1765 Lunenburg Co Va  d 17Aug1842 Williamson Co IL  m 6Jan1792 Elizabeth Stewart

*       William Washington Russell b 22Nov1808 Montgomery Co TN d c1853 Williamson Co IL m Rebecca Elizabeth Hogg

*       Philip Towns Russell b 8Feb1835 Franklin Co IL d 1904 Williamson Co IL  m 11Dec1856 Marjorie Campbell

*       Thomas Philip Russell b 3Dec1866 Williamson Co IL d 20May1930 Williamson Co IL  m 1890 Ellen Rebecca Zimmerman

*       Thomas Philip Russell b 28Jul1896 Williamson Co IL d 17Jan1959 McHenry Co IL m 9Nov1923 Ruth Lenore Calvert


R-77 Contact - Deborah Russell -

*       Elijah Russell b about 1797 (unknown location)  m Sallie Guest about 1815-1820  m Margaret Tullos after 1863  d about 1870 LA

*       George Guest Russell b March 1821 Franklin County, TN  m Sarah Jane McDonald 1844  m Mary McKaskle around 1865  d 1868 LA

*       Elijah Lafayette Russell b 19 Mar 1849 AL  m Irene Elizabeth "Eliza" Beavers 2 October 1873 St. Landry Parish, LA  d  13 August 1933 Cherokee County, TX

*       Lafayette Bingham Russell b 9 October 1879 Cherokee County, TX  m Oseola "Ocie" Perkins 4 October 1903 Cherokee County, TX  d 3 January 1964 Cherokee County, TX

*       Elijah Valiant Russell b 26 November 1908 Cherokee County, TX  m Clara Bell Berry 3 March 1929 Cherokee County, TX  d 30 May 1988 Lake Jackson,Brazoria County, TX

*       Marion Wadsworth Russell b 25 August 1930 Rusk, Cherokee County, TX m Wandaline Pillow 2 November 1957 Brenham, Washington Co., TX   d 11 October 2005 Austin, Travis County, TX


R-78 Contact -

*       James Russell b/d unk m Susannah ____?

*       Joseph Russell b abt1772 m Nancy Phipps d abt1816

*       Joseph L. Russell b abt1811 NC m Nancy Row/Rowe 14 Dec 1831 d abt1858 Wittsburg, Cross, AR

*       James Maston Russell b 05Feb-1845 Cherokee Co, AL m Martha Jane "Mattie" Sharp d 29Sep-1922 Teller, Johnston Co, OK


R-79 Contact - George E. Russell

*       William Russell, b ca 1647 m 25 Oct 1678 Salem MA Elizabeth Nurse d 1733 MA

*       Ebenezer Russell, b 7 Mar 1688 MA m Deborah Hibbard d 1762 CT

*       Samuel Russell, b 1 Apr 1716 MA m Mareitje Hof d Feb 1780 CT

*       John Russell, b 11Dec 1761 CT m Martha "Patty" Thrall d 22 June 1844 NY

*       Alanson Russell, b 22Apr 1793 CT m Nancy Caulkins d 20 May 1838 OH

*       George Hungerford Russell, b 9 Feb 1817 NY m Octavia B Hoskins d 22 Dec 1888 OH

*       Carl Stewart Russell, b 30 Mar 1862 OH m Caroline Florence Ely d 8 Apr 1940 NY

*       George Ely Russell, Sr b 24 May 1891 WI m Dorothy M Powell d 30 Oct 1941 ON CA

*       George Ely Russell, Jr b 24 Nov 1927 NY m Lois Anne Taylor m Donna Valley Stuart

*       Robert Webster Russell, b 6 Jan 1960 VA


R-83 Contact - Lisa Kennedy

*       Gavin Russell, b 1775-6, Isle of Arran, Bute, Scotland, m Sarah, d bet1851-5, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.

*       William Russell Sr, b c1805, Irvine Burgh, Ayrshire, Scotland, m Jean Kelly, d 29Dec1891 Almonte, ON.

*       William Russell Jr, b c1833, Montreal, QC, m Catherine Wilson, d 16Jun1868, Almonte, ON. 

*       William Shaw Russell Sr, b 21Mar1867 in Almonte, ON, m Harriet Belle Bruce, d 9Dec1939 in St. Louis, MO.

*       William Shaw Russell Jr, b 5Mar1897 in St Louis, MO, m Agnes Marie Russell, d 26Jun1971, Detroit, MI.

*       Eugene Bruce Russell, b 23Oct1924, St Louis, MO, m Mary Jean Ullrich, d 13Feb1992 , Grosse Pointe, MI.


R-87 Contact - Nancy Appelhanz

*       James Russell b. 1724, m. Elizabeth Bodin

*       James Russell b.? m. Elizabeth Horn 21 Feb 1779

*       William Russell b. 2Sep1782, Bolton, England, m. Nancy Russell

*       John Russell b. 16Dec1821, Bolton, England, m. Hanna Horn Jackson

*       Edwin Jackson Russell b. 9Sep1871 Wensley, England, m. Kate Almira Ludington


R-92 Contact- Deborah Russell

*       James Russell, b1784, d1868, West Caln Twp, Chester Co, PA, m. Violetta (Maiden Unknown)

*       Robert Jackson Russell b7-4-1831, West Caln Twp, Chester Co, PA, d1-10-1901, m. Mary Emma Simmons

*       Robert Lockard Russell, b8-9-1875, d12-13-1925, Coatesville, Chester Co, PA, m. Katherine Still

*       Robert Simmons Russell, b4-16-1906, d11-20-1977, Coatesville, Chester Co, PA, m. Marian A Russell


R-99 Contact- Linda Lewis

*       Matthew Russell, b. ca. 1785, Brunswick County, VA

*       Thomas L. Russell, b. 1806, Lunenburg County, VA

*       Adolphus Thomas Russell, b. 1854, Lunenburg County, VA

*       James Thomas Russell, b. 1878, Lunenburg County, VA


R-100 Contact - Larry Russell

*       "Father" Russell d 21JUL1818 Southside VA:widow d 1837

*       Paschal Russell b c1807 VA m. Elizabeth

*       William Garlenous Russell b 1845 VA d 1901 KY m Elvirah Wood b1845 VA

*       Charlie Thomas Russell 1877-1957 Ballard Co KY m Eula B Hutchison b 1880 KY

*       Orbrey Garlenous Russell 1906-1991 Ballard Co KY m Julia Gertrude Turner 1910



R-101  Kit#N75512 - Contact - Earl Leslie Russell IV

*      Thomas Russell b 1813 county Antrim Ireland, m Serah (Sarah) Russell 1840, d 31 May 1888, Tecumseh, MI

*      Robert S Russell b 9 Mar 1862 county Antrim Ireland, m Emma Dove, d 25 Dec 1931, Detroit, MI

*      Earl Lester Russell b 6 Oct 1887 Tecumseh, MI m Grace Knight 19 Nov 1907, d 21 Mar 1968, Plymouth, MI

*      Earl Lester Russell, JR b 6 Oct 1920, m Laura Margaret Ellis 23 Mar 1943, d 7 Jul 1995, Salina, KS

*      Earl Leslie Russell III b 25 Jan 1944, m Janice Kay Klusener 19 Nov 1966, living

*      Earl Leslie Russell IV b 13 May 1970



R-104 Contact - Bob Russell

*      William Russell b 1790's NC, d 9Aug1841 Franklin Co. TN m 1815 Arminta (Minty, Minta) Fowler

*      Samuel Russell b 1822 AL m2 Sarah A Gilliam

*      James M. Russell b 2Feb1869 Polk Co. AR, m Louisa F Oldham

*      Samuel T. Russell b 12Mar1904 Collin Co, TX, m Mable C. Hardy

*      Bob R. Russell, Sr b 22Sep1931 Socorro Co, NM, m JoAnn Gillespie


R-107 Contact - Roberta Russell

*       John Russell

*       James Russell b c1755

*       William Russell b c1780 PA d aft 1823 Beaver Co PA m lady from Ireland

*       James Russell b 14Nov1809 Beaver Co PA d 1892 Noble Co, IN m Mary Ulrich 1831 Richland Co, OH

*       Samuel Russell b1846 Richland Co, OH d1909 Noble Co IN m Mary E Herron 1867

*       William Parel Russell b 1875 IN d1942 Allegan Co, MI m Phoebe A Geiger 1897 Noble Co

*       James Victor Russell b 1906 Green Center, Noble Co, IN d 1957 Tucson, AZ m2 Thelma Blanche Butcher

*       Frank William Russell b 1938 Allegan Co, MI d 2003 Kremmling, Grand Co, CO m Roberta Jean Geeting


R-108 Contact - Dannielle

*       William A. Russell b OH m Laura Anna Smith 27Aug1863 Lenawee MI

*       William J Russell b 29Aug1865, MI m Alzina Lanning b Jun1875

*       Leland Stanford Russell b 21Jul1895 MI m Irene Lillian Bailey

*       William Leland Russell b 3Sep1917 Ann Arbor, MI d 8Jan2002

*       John W. Russell m Ingrid


R-110 Contact - Mark W. Russell

*       Syril Russell b 20May1799 Tyringham, MA m Relief Doolittle 1825

*       Henry Clay Russell b 19Jan1845 Bowling Green OH d 17Nov1908 Randall KS m Mary Ann Andrews 10Aug1868 OH

*       Louis Amzi Russell b 22Mar1876 Larue OH d 6July1951 Mitchell, SD m Julia Ellen Dowling 22Mar1903 Bonne Terre, MO


R-112 Contact - Kay Reichenau Ponder

*       David Russell b c.1767, NC, m Hannah Haynes

*       Thomas Sidney White Russell 15Dec1815, TN, m Mary Patience Cooke

*       John David Morrow Russell b 12Jun1849 Graves Co KY, m Minerva Martha Lamm

*       Carl Andrew Russell b 20Aug1884, Hunt Co TX, m Frankie Catherine Russell

*       Elon Jeanette Russell b 13Apr1918, Brazos Co TX, m Elgin Oscar Reichenau

*       Kay Reichenau 27Sep1938, San Patricio Co TX, m William Norman Ponder


R-113 Contact - John D. Russell

*       William Russell b 1741 Antrim Co. Ulster m Jeanette Roberson b 1743

*       James Russell b 12 Sep 1774 SC m Jane Cunningham d 18 Sep 1827

*       William Russell b 13 Jun1 804 Abbeville District SC m Sarah Ann Wallis b 26 Mar 1821 S.C.

*       John Hugh Russell b 04May1853 Talladega Co. AL m Ida C. Shacklford b 29 Sep 1861 AL

*       John William Russell b 30Jul1884 Childersburg AL m May Ollie Wheeler b 21 Nov 1889 TX


R-114 Contact - RW557

*       William, b. 1605, Abbots Langley, ENG, m. Martha Davies(Davyes)

*       Jason, b. 1658, Menotomy, MA, m. Mary Hubbard (Hobart)

*       Hubbard, b. 1687, Menotomy (Arlington), MA, m. Elizabeth Dickson

*       Jason, b. c1717, Cambridge, MA, d. 19 April 1775, m. Elizabeth Winship

*       Jason, Jr., b. 1742, Cambridge, MA, m. Elizabeth Locke

*       Jason, b. 1763, Mason, NH, m. Rebecca Laughton

*       Asa, b. 1793, Madison, ME, m. Mary Loveland

*       Sullivan, b. 1836, Brighton, ME, m. Irene Willard

*       Maurice, b. 1870, Brighton, ME, m. Elnora Tuttle

*       Otis, b. 1905, Woodland, ME, m. Nellie Plissey


R-117 Contact - Ray Russell

*       Joshua Russell b. c. 1800 in TN d. m unknown

*       James Albert Russell b. 1833 in TN d. 1864 GA m. Susan Trammel 1848 IL

*       Elijah Russell. b. 1860 Williamson Co IL d. 1927 AR m. Jennie Parish

*       Sanford Russell b. 1900 Kennett MO d. 1941 MO m. Elva Pearl Dowdy

*       Billy Wayne Russell b. 1937 Flint MI d. 2011 Lapeer MI, m. Mary Ann Ahrendt


R-119 Contact- Sharon Russell Moor  

*       Nicholas Russell, b. 1748 possibly Ireland, d. 1831 KY, Wife #1 unknown, Wife #2 Judah Nolan in 1818 KY

*       Benjamin Russell, b. 1779 possibly VA or PA d. 1853 IN, Wife #1 Phebe Clark in 1812 KY., Wife #2 Sarah __________ in IN

*       John Russell, b. 16 Mar. 1826 KY d. 23 Jan 1898 IN, m. Harriet Mater in 1849 IN

*       George Myrtle Russell, b. 29 Sep 1872 IN d. 13 Feb 1939 IN, Wife #1 Hester Wiley in 1892 IL. and Wife #2 Stella _____

*       Ira Lawrence Russell, b. 23 Jun 1900 IL d. 5 Mar 1966 CA, m. Oberene Hawkins in 1919 IL

*       Lawrence H. Russell,  b. 12 Jul 1920, m. Grace Goodsite 1943 in OH


R-121 Contact - Robin M. Russell

*       Joseph Russell b. 1812 TN d. before 1870 m. (1847) Susan Holland b. 1827 SC

*       Hugh Henry Russell b. 1854 GA d. 1924 Lumberton, MS m. (1872) Mary E. Price b. 1853 GA

*       Wiley (Wyley) Lee Russell b. 1876 GA d. 1946 Lumberton, MS m. (1896) Carrie Lee King b. 1880

*       Roy Ray Russell, Sr. b. 1898 d. 1962 Braxton, MS m. Elabell Davis b. 1900?

*       Roy Ray Russell, Jr. b. 1927 Braxton, MS d. ---- m. Jean Colton b. 1921 OR


R-123 Contact - Wendy Russell

*       William Russell b c1790 Harbour Island?, Bahamas m Jane Curry

*       Thomas B. "CoTommy" Russell b 12Mar1833 Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas m Sarah Sands

*       Thomas E. Russell b 30Aug1873 Key West, FL m Rafaela Dillon

*       Edmund L. Russell Sr b 07Sep1904 Key West, FL m Catherine Gilbert


R-127 Contact- Neil Russell

*       William George Russell, b1867, Ensham, Oxfordshire, England, m Ellen Louise Jeffery

*       William Jeffery Russell, b1895, Ensham, Oxfordshire, England, m Daisy Irene Todd

*       William George Russell, b1922, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, m Joan Taylor 


R-136 Contact -

*       William Russell b. 1605 Hertfordshire, ENG d. Cambridge, MA m. Martha Davies

*       Joseph Russell b. 1636 Hertfordshire, ENG d. Cambridge, MA 1694 m. Mary Belcher

*       Jeremiah Russell b. c 1680 Cambridge, MA d c 1748 SC m. Mary Akin 1708 SC

*       Joseph Russell b. 12 Apr 1711 SC d. c 1760 SC m. Mary Raven

*       Jeremiah Russell b. c 1748 SC d. c 1810 SC m. Catherine Aberly SC

*       Jeremiah Porter Russell b. 4 Apr 1788 Chst Dst SC d. Feb 1863 MS m. Polly Rhodes

*       Ephraim Russell b.15 Oct 1820 SC d 3 May 1876 Rankin MS, m Clementine Roberts

*       William Lycurgus Russell b. 31 Jan 1848 MS d. 24 Feb 1906 TX m. Cecilia Wilkinson

*       Thomas Benton Russell b. 26 Jul 1873 MS d. 5 Nov 1933 TX m. Hattie Wilson              


R-149 Contact- Joyce Russell Autry

*       James Goodwin Russell, Jr., b 1763, Fauquier Co, VA, m Marsippa?

*       James G. Russell, b 1811, m Sarah Boswell

*       James William Russell, b 1838, GA, m Martha Ann Brookins

*       Lorenzo R. Russell, b 30Dec1861, GA, m Julia Ann Allen 

*       Thomas Jefferson Russell, Sr., b 13Jul1887, m Elvine Maddox


R-155  Contact - Troy Russell

*       Jesse Russell, Sr - b 1779, m 4 Oct 1802 KY, d Dec1830 Hardeman Co, TN, Sarah Taylor

*       Jesse Russell, Jr - b 1812 Livingston Co, KY, m 1834, d 1847 Panola Co, TX, Jane Russell

*       William T Russell - b 1847 Panola Co, TX, m 1 Apr 1866 Comanche, TX, d 1882, Martha E Dunn

*       Robert Taylor Russell - b 28 Mar 1867 Comanche, TX, d 15 Jul 1937 Maysville, OK, Lillie C Graham

*       Floyd Eugene Russell - b 5 Jul 1913 Maysville, OK, m 1934 OK, d 5 Jul 1969 CA, Ruth Clara Manis

*       William Floyd Russell, Sr - b 2 Aug 1939 CA, d 27 Aug 1983 Reno, NV,  Caroline Holt



R-164 Contact- Gary G. Russell

*       Isaac Russell b. abt 1755, d. aft 1850, TN m Mary

*       Isaac J. Russell b. abt 1789 probably Wilkes Co, NC  d. 1865 TN m. Mary Bever

*       Isaac J. Russell b. abt 1810 TN  d. abt 1877 TN  m. Eliza Jane Gibson

*       Jacob Russell b. 1863 TN d. 1928 TN m. Seletha Ann Long

*       Anderson Cowan Russell b. 1892 Tn d. 1977 TN m. Cora Hattie LeQuire

*       Grayson Jake Russell b. 1924 TN d. 1958 TN



R-165 Contact- Sue Russell

*       John Russell b 1646 Clackmannan, Scotland m Margaret Murdock

*       John Russell b 1672 Clackmannan, Scotland m Janet Cole/Coult

*       William Russell b 1707 or 1705 Clackmannan, Scotland m Agnes Gardner

*       William Russell b 1731 Clackmannan, Scotland m Marion Bain

*       William Russell 1770, Clackmannan, Scotland m Katherine Russell


R-173  Kit# 335156  Contact- Charlie Russell

*      James S. Russell, b. 1770, d. 1828


R-176 Contact- Josh Russell

*      William C. Russell b. bet. 1814-1817 maybe in Jackson County, Alabama (exact location unknown). d. Sometime after 1858 where is unknown 

*       Robert Thomas Daniel Russell b. Jan 14, 1858. d. April 22 1901 North Little Rock, AR

*       Robert Otho Russell b. August 26, 1890 Appleton, AR d. June 15 1940 Memphis, AR

*       Robert Otho Russell Jr. b July 21, 1923 Cabot, AR 

*       Terry Michael Russell b. March 25 1952 Little Rock, AR d. February 25, 1986 Santa Cruz, CA



R-177 Contact- Mary Sue Lyons

*       William Russell b 1605 Eng, d. 1661 MA

*       Benjamin Russell b. 1638 Ma d. 1691 MA

*       William Russell  - b 1667 MA – d 1717, MA

*       James Russell Sr. – b 1695, d 1773 Concord, MA

*       James Russell Jr. (Lieut) – b. 1723, d. 1801, Concord, MA

*       Jacob Russell – b. 1776 Concord – d. 1851 Middlesex MA

*       Francis Russell – b 1807 Middlesex MA, d. 1887, Worcester, MA

*       Henry H. Russell (aka William Brown Ely) b. Mar 5, 1842 CT, d.  1921, NE m. Mary Frances Potter

*       Wm. McLouth Ely b 1875 NY, d 1955 Ainsworth, NE m Grace Chesnut

*       Samuel Chesnut Ely b 1910 NE d. 1982 AK m. Virginia Stoltenburg




R-179   Kit# 343763 - Contact- Jimmy Russell 

*      Major William Russell b. NC d. 16 Feb 1825 AL 

*       William Russell Jr  b. 1789 NC d. 3 May 1860 AR m. Lydia Bean

*       William Henderson Russell b. 1819 AL d. 18 Sep 1860 TX m. Mary Jane Quesenbury

*       Major Bean Russell b. 20 Nov 1846 AR d. 26 Jul 1883 TX m. Clara C. Cornell

*       Guy Merritt Russell b. 21 Oct 1882 TX d. 6 Feb 1962 CA m. Minnie May Rodgers

*       Guy Marvin Russell b. 17 Dec 1908 OK d. 6 Jun 1969 TX m. Lorena Bowling

*       Donald Marvin Russell b. 31 Dec 1934 OK d. 28 Jan 2012 TX m. Joyliece McDonald



R-180  Kit# 342795 -  Contact- Brian Russell 

*      Samuel Livingstone Wilson Russell- arrived in Australia in 1865 from Antrim, Northern Ireland


R-184  Kit# 390278 - Contact- Christopher Russell

*      Daniel Russell (b. c. 1744 Scotland -  d. c. 1815  Scotland)  married Margaret McHarg 

*      James Russell (b. 1773 Scotland - d. 1848 Bothwell, Scotland )  married Agnes Reid 

*       Andrew Russell (b. 1808 Hamilton, Scotland -  d. 1887  Concord, WI)   married Helen Hendry 

*       James Hendry Russell (b. 1843 North Ferrisburgh, VT -  d. 1927 Nampa, Idaho)  married Marion Mckeand 

*       Frank Archer Russell (b. 1876 Nielsville, WI - d. 1963 Staples, MN)  married Sarah Anglum 

*       Clarence William Russell (b. 1903 Ayrshire, IA -  d.  1981  Rochester, MN)  married Matilda Claus 



R-191  Kit # 377603  Frances Hutchinson (niece of George F Russell, Jr)

*      William Russell, born ca. 1803, New Brunswick, CANADA, spouse Eliza A Browne

*       George Russell born ca 1833, New Brunswick, CANADA, spouse Susan C. Price

*       Frederick M Russell, born 1865, New Brunswick, CANADA, spouse Mina J Conlogue

*       George F Russell (Sr), born 1900, Houlton, Maine USA, spouse Ressie C Wetmore



R-194  Kit# 463568 - Contact- Olivier Roussel   OLIVIER_ROUSSEL_DAVID@YAHOO.FR   

*       Jean ROUSSEL (winegrower) b. 1647 d. 1727 m Marguerite MONGIN

*       Claude ROUSSEL b. 1685 in Nogent (Haute-Marne, Champagne) d. 1752 in Nogent, m. Marguerite BOURGEOIS

*       Nicolas ROUSSEL b. 1723 in Nogent, d. 1795 in Nogent, m. Anne VIGNERON

*       Jean ROUSSEL b. 1759 in Nogent, d. 1817 in Nogent, m. Catherine PERNOT

*       Charles ROUSSEL b. 1787 in Nogent, d. 1847 in Nogent, m. Jeanne BALLIOT

*       Jean Baptiste ROUSSEL b. 1819 in Nogent, d.1903 in Chaumont, m. Madeleine DEMONGEOT

*       Nicolas Paul ROUSSEL b. 1855 in Nogent, d. between 1933-1939, m. Marie Christine PERRIN

*       Fernand ROUSSEL b. 1886 in Saint-Dizier, d. 1926 in Nice, m. Louise COTHENET

*       Raymond ROUSSEL b.1913, d.1979, m. Simone COUTURIER

*       GŽrard ROUSSEL b.1945, m. Marie-Odile DAVID




R-198  Kit# 491831 - Contact- Mark S. Russell

*       Joshua Russell b. 1730, Donegal, Ireland, d. 1795, Washington Co., PA



R-199 Kit# 457007 - Contact-  Gary G. Russell

*       Isaac Russell b. abt 1755, d. aft 1850, TN m Mary

*       Isaac J. Russell b. abt 1789 probably Wilkes Co, NC  d. 1865 TN m. Mary Bever

*       Isaac J. Russell b. abt 1810 TN  d. abt 1877 TN  m. Eliza Jane Gibson

*       Jacob Russell b. 1863 TN d. 1928 TN m. Seletha Ann Long

*       Anderson Cowan Russell b. 1892 Tn d. 1977 TN m. Cora Hattie LeQuire

*       Grayson Jake Russell b. 1924 TN d. 1958 TN



R-200  Kit#507489 - Contact- David Russell

*       Thomas Russell, b. Waterford, Ireland

*       Patrick Russell, b. c.1851, Waterford City, Ireland

*       Michael Russell, b.1875, Waterford City, Ireland

*       Michael Russell, b. 1933, Waterford City, Ireland



R-201 Kit#B81432 - Contact- Michael C. Russell

*       John Russell 1772-1848

*       Thomas William Russell  1812-1898

*       James Joel Russell  1853-1932

*       Herbert Stanley Russell  1891-1988

*       William Barton Russell 1912-1979

*       Curtis Duane Russell 1935-2015



R-203  Kit#508017 - Contact- Deborah J. Hollon

*       John Russell b. 1718 Ireland? d. 1800 Abbeville, SC, m. Isabell Unknown

*       John Russell b. 1757 Belfast?, Ireland, d. 1806 Pendleton, District SC, m. Martha Stephenson 

*       James Stephenson Russell b. 1791, Abbeville, SC, d. 1881, Gwinnett Co, GA, m. Nancy Akins

*       William Wilson Russell b. 1830, Gwinnett Co, GA, d. 1863, Gwinnett Co, GA, m. Mary Ann Matilda Tinsley



R-204 Kit#504955 - Contact-

*       Joseph Russell, b. 1776, NC, d. 1871, Green Co, KY, m. Catherine Davis

*       Abraham Russell, b. 1827, Green Co., KY, d. 1885, Green Co., KY, m. Lucinda W. McGlasson, Green Co., KY

*       William Jasper Russell, b.1856, Green Co., KY, d. 1938, Green Co., KY, m. 1874 Nancy Susan (Nannie) Thompson, Green Co., KY

*       William Spencer Russell b. 1889, Green Co., KY, d. 1938, m. 1908 Minnie Elanor Sluder, McLennan Co., TX



R-205 Kit# B58853 - Contact- Ken Russell 

*       John Russell b. 1784 Antrim, d. 1883, Auchinleck



R-206 Kit# 519005 - Contact- Gary G. Russell

*       Isaac Russell b. abt 1755, d. aft 1850, TN m Mary

*       Isaac J. Russell b. abt 1789 probably Wilkes Co, NC  d. 1865 TN m. Mary Bever

*       Isaac J. Russell b. abt 1810 TN  d. abt 1877 TN  m. Eliza Jane Gibson

*       Jacob Russell b. 1863 TN d. 1928 TN m. Seletha Ann Long

*       Anderson Cowan Russell b. 1892 Tn d. 1977 TN m. Cora Hattie LeQuire

*       Grayson Jake Russell b. 1924 TN d. 1958 TN



R-207 Kit# 276571 - Contact- Carol Wilkes

*       Henry Russell b. abt 1801, Hawkshurst, Kent, England



R-208 Kit#  545399 - Contact- John Russell 

*      William Russell b 1647 d 22 Dec 1733

*       Jonathan Russell Sr. b 19 August 1682 d 12 Jan 1729

*       Jonathan Russell Jr. b 1745 d 10 July 1800

*       John Russell b 1760 d 1835

*       Josiah Russell b 05 April 1791 d 26 Nov 1867

*       Daniel Russell b 19 June 1821 d 06 April 1883

*       Nathaniel J Russell b 17 Dec 1871 d 02 June 1917 

*       Nathaniel G Russell b 20 Jan 1901 d 29 June 1952



R-210 Kit# 566077 - Contact - Miriam Russell

*      William Russell b c. 1647, m 1678 Elisabeth Nurse, d 1733

*      William Russell, Jr. b 1680 Salem MA, m Ruth Richardson, Martha (Nurse?), d c. 1717

*      William Russell b c. 1706, m c. 1731 Sarah Emery, d 1776

*      John Russell b c. 1747 Somers CT, m 1778 Lovice Cooley, d 1826

*      Cyrus Russell b 1795 Somers CT, m 1816 Rebecca Pease, d 1865

*      Theodore Pease Russell b 1820 Somers CT, m 1846 Emily Wilder Guild, d 1899 

*      Claudius Cyrus Russell b 1850 Arcadia MO, m 1877 Mary Calvert Oat, d 1940

*      Clifford Norman Russell b 1881 Perry IL, m Hilda Edith Klepper, d 1926

*      Norman ("Bill") Calvert Russell b 1916, m Joan Mershon, d 2002




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