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Compiled by George Ely Russell, CG, FASG, FNGS, 1927-2013. This page is dedicated in memory of George.



George E. Russell's research -- the entire collection has been donated to the Genealogy Center of the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. George's family felt that this would be the best way to make the records accessible to the public.

To learn more about the arrangements, please contact:

Curt B. Witcher, MLS, FUGA, IGSF
Genealogy Center Manager

Senior Manager of Special Collections

Federation of Genealogical Societies Development VP 
Allen County Public Library
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Fort Wayne, IN  46801-2270
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Identified in the following list are 160 founders of American Russell families. The majority are assumed to have been original immigrant settlers. Some of the men may have been born in America, but are of as yet unknown parentage. Relationships between or among Russell men residing in the same locality, if not specified, should not be assumed. An appended R- number indicates that a Russell DNA profile has been registered on the World Families Network. Detailed and fully-documented typewritten accounts are available for each progenitor and for his known Russell descendants to 1850. 



Abraham Russell (ca. 1675-1744) of New York City and Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., N.J., wife Maria Faster

Abraham Russell (ca. 1755-ca. 1839) of Washington Co., Pa.

Alexander Russell (1721-ca. 1772) of Orange Co., N.C., wife Jean Wright

Andrew Russell (ca. 1710-ca. 1767) of Dorchester Co., Md.

Andrew Russell (ca. 1710-ca. 1780) of Augusta Co., Va., wife Florence Henderson

Andrew Russell (ca. 1735-1803) of Augusta Co., Va., and Knox Co., Tenn., wives Elizabeth Mitchell and Elizabeth Armstrong


Benjamin Russell (ca. 1715) of Hyde Co., N.C., wife Lydia [Avery?]

Benjamin Russell (ca. 1735-1789) of Anne Arundel Co., Md., wife Keziah [----] R-35

Bryce Russell (ca. 1728) of Augusta Co., Va., and Sullivan Co., Tenn., wives [---] Thompson and Rachel [----]


Charles Russell (ca. 1670-1737) of Henrico Co., Va., and Craven and Berkeley Cos., S.C., wives Elizabeth (King) Davis and Mary (Sterling) Healty

Charles Russell (ca. 1742-1840) of Rowan and Surry Cos., N.C., wife Catharine [Talbot?]

Charles T. Russell (ca. 1745-1795) of Prince George Co., Va., wife Susannah [----]

Charles Russell (ca. 1745-1807) of Johnston Co., N.C., and Grayson Co., Va.

Christopher Russell (ca. 1613-1662) of St. Mary's and Charles Cos., Md.


Daniel Russell (ca. 1672-ca. 1711) of Rowley, Essex Co., Mass., wife Hannah Wallingford

Daniel Russell (ca. 1677-1766) of Nantucket, Mass., wife Deborah Macy

David Russell (ca. 1673-1752) of Woodstock and Killingly, Windham Co., Conn., wife Susannah Lawrence

David Russell (ca. 1732-1802) of Mecklenburg Co., N.C., wife Jean [----]

David Russell (ca. 1748-1826) of Butler and Venango Cos., Pa., wife Isabelle Harper

David Russell (ca. 1750-ca. 1825) of Augusta Co., Va., and Washington Co., Tenn., wives Margaret [----] and Jane McNutt

Edward Russell (ca. 1709-1775) of Chester Co., Pa., wife Dinah Colburn

Edward Russell (ca. 1739-1815) of Salem, Essex Co., Mass., wives Abigail (Felt) Swasey and Sarah McClure

Elijah Russell (ca. 1747-1822) of Caroline Co., Md., wife Esther Cranor

Enoch Russell (1760-1848) of Essex and Caroline Cos., Va., Rockingham Co., N.C., Gallia and Jackson Cos., Ohio, wives Ruth Riddle and Martha (Cole) McQuaid R-42

Evan Russell (1760-1838) of Lancaster and Centre Cos., Pa., wives Ann Coheen and Mary Benson


Gabriel Russell (ca. 1765) of Morris Co., N.J., and Randolph Co., N.C., wives Jane Ward and Candace [----]

George Russell (ca. 1596-1694) of Hingham and Scituate, Mass., wife Jane James

George Russell (ca. 1615-ca. 1657) of Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Mass., wife Anne Rogers

George Russell (ca. 1650-1693) of Accomack and Northampton Cos., Va., and Somerset Co., Md., wife Sarah [----]

George Russell (ca. 1670-1710) of Berkeley Co., S.C.

George Russell (ca. 1690-1734) of Kent Co., Dela.

George Russell (ca. 1720-1797) of Craven and Washington Cos., N.C., and Grainger Co., Tenn., wife Elizabeth [----]

George Russell (ca. 1730-1782) of Tryon and Rutherford Cos., N.C., wives Elizabeth [----] and Mary (Underwood) Whiteside

George Russell (ca. 1737) of Halifax and Pittsylvania Cos., Va., and Surry and Randolph Cos., N.C., wife Rebecca Richards

George Russell (ca. 1755) of Rockingham and Hillsborough Cos., N.H., wife Martha McNeil

George Russell (1756-1837) of New Castle Co., Dela., wife Rachel Jones


Henry Russell (ca. 1611) of Ipswich, Mass., Portsmouth, N.H., and Newcastle, Me., wife Frances [----]

Henry Russell (ca. 1755-1836) of Charles and Montgomery Cos., Md., Rowan Co., N.C., Wayne and Madison Cos., Ind., wife Chloe Smallwood

Henry Russell (ca. 1760-ca. 1817) of Franklin Co., Tenn.,and Independence and Lawrence Cos., Ark., wife Rebecca [----]

Hezekiah Russell (ca. 1769-1837) of Oneida and Monroe Cos.,, N.Y., wife Margaret [----]

Hugh Russell (ca. 1749-1820) of New Castle Co., Dela., and Chester Co., Pa., wife Margaret Buckingham


Jacob Russell (1728-1798) of Berks Co., Pa., and Washington Co., Md., wife Maria Margaret [---]

Jacob Russell (1744-1827) of Ulster Co., N.Y., and Kingsclear, New Brunswick, wife Elizabeth DeForest

Jacob Russell (ca. 1760-1801) of Effingham and Chatham Cos., Georgia, wife Margaret Tussein

James Russell (ca. 1635) of York Co., Va., wives Jane [----] and Angellat [----]

James Russell (ca. 1675-ca. 1749) of Sussex Co., Dela., and Somerset Co., Md., wives Elizabeth Thomas and Sarah [----]

James Russell (ca. 1680) of Long Island and Tarrytown, Westchester Co., N.Y., wife Elizabeth (Gardenier) Tuttle

James Russell (ca. 1700) of Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Mass., wives Mary White and Deborah (Elwell) Carlisle

James Russell (ca. 1710-1791) of Birmingham Twp., Chester Co., Pa., wife Isabella [----]

James Russell (1716-1777) of Charleston, Berkeley Co., S.C., wife Mary Commander

James Russell (ca. 1720-1795) of Newcastle Co., Dela., wife Margaret Kerr

James Russell (ca. 1720-1775) of Cumberland Twp., York Co., Pa., wife Jane [----]

James Russell (ca. 1720-1815) of Charles Co., Md., wives Martha [----] and Lydia Robey

James Russell (ca. 1725-1765) of Marsh Creek, York Co., Pa., wife Margaret Hughes

James Russell (1730-1798) of Dutchess Co., N.Y., wife Thankful [----]

James Russell (ca. 1730-1785), of Derry Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., wife Margaret [----]

James Russell (1733-1799) of Rocky River, Cabarrus [old Mecklenburg] Co., N.C., wife Jean Carson R-22

James Russell (ca. 1734-1804) of Franklin Twp., York [later Adams] Co., Pa., wife Hannah Blackburn

James Russell (ca. 1735-1805) of Fairfield Co., S.C.

James Russell (ca. 1736-1826) of Westmoreland Co., Pa., and Poland, Mahoning [old Trumbull] Co., Ohio, wife Sarah [----]

James Russell (ca. 1740-1809) of Delaware Co., N.Y., wife Sarah [----]

James Russell (1742-1834) of Morgan Twp., Monongalia Co., W. Va.

James Russell (1744-1836) of Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa., and Moorefield, Harrison Co., Ohio

James Russell (ca. 1747-1819) of Dickson and Davidson Cos., Tenn., wife Elizabeth Gower

James Russell (ca. 1750) of Warren [old Frederick] Co., Va., Fayette Co., Pa., and Butler Co., Ohio, wives Margaret Shaw and Esther Vail

James Russell (ca. 1760-1850) of Frederick Co., Va., and Smithfield Twp., Jefferson Co., Ohio, wife Sarah Lupton

James Russell (ca. 1760-1819) of Derry Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa., wife Margaret Miller

Jeffrey Russell (ca. 1722-1800) of Lunenburg and Mecklenburg Cos., Va.

John Russell (1598-1680) of Cambridge and Hadley, Mass., and Wethersfield, Conn., wives Frances Bateman, Phebe Collins, and Dorothy Smith

John Russell (ca. 1608-1695) of Marshfield and Dartmouth, Mass., wife Dorothy [----]

John Russell (ca. 1612-1676) of Charlestown and Woburn, Mass., wives Elizabeth [----] and Elizabeth Baker

John Russell (ca. 1625-1689) of Calvert Co., Md., wife Margaret [----]

John Russell (ca. 1665) of Henrico and Charles City Cos., Va.

John Russell (ca. 1670) of King William Co., Va.

John Russell (ca. 1680-1747) of Somerset Co., Md., and Sussex Co., Dela., wife Mary [---]

John Russell (ca. 1700-1753) of Bath and Onslow Cos., N.C., wife Elizabeth [----]

John Russell (ca. 1704) of Huntington, Suffolk Co., L.I., N.Y., wife Mary Teed

John Russell (ca. 1715-1789) of Hamilton Twp., Franklin [old Cumberland] Co., Pa.

John Russell (ca. 1725-1786) of Shenandoah Co., Va., wife Isabel Baughzel

John Russell (ca. 1728-1776) of Braintree, Norfolk Co., and Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Mass., wife Mercy Foster

John Russell (ca. 1730) of Charleston, S.C., Harbour Island, Bahamas, and St. John's River, East Florida

John Russell (1735-1813) of Chester Co., Pa., Montgomery and Frederick Cos., Md., wife Hannah Fincher

John Russell (ca. 1740-1777) of White Creek, Washington Co., N.Y., wife Jane [----]

John Russell (1741-1819) of Pine Grove Twp., Warren Co., Pa., wife Mary [----]

John Russell (ca. 1745) of Southampton Twp., Cumberland Co., Pa.

John Russell (ca. 1748) of Baltimore, Md., wife Rebecca [----]

John Russell (ca. 1748-1817) of Augusta Co., Va., wife Elizabeth Swink

Jonathan Russell (ca. 1737) of Lebanon, New London Co., Conn., wife Deborah [----]

Jonathan Russell (ca. 1764) of Pittsylvania Co., Va., Warren Co., Ky., Blount and Hardeman Cos., Tenn., wife Anaphelda Watson

Joseph Russell (ca. 1665-1714) of Boston, Suffolk Co., Mass., wife Mary Skinner

Joseph Russell (1665) of Richmond Co., Va., wife Jane Bruce

Joseph Russell (ca. 1690-1745) of Lower Norfolk Co., Va., wife Catern Hollowell

Joshua Russell (ca. 1730-1797) of Donegal Twp., Washington Co., Pa., wife Martha [----]

Joshua Russell (ca. 1733-1805) of Franklin Twp., York [now Adams] Co., Pa., wife Jean McClure


Lewis Russell (1700-1793) of Marblehead, Essex Co., Mass., wife Mary Savage

Ludwig Russell (ca. 1741-1795) of Ulster Co., N.Y., wife Catharine Fiero

Luke Russell (ca. 1700-1780) of Craven Co., N.C., wife Jemima Loftin


Matthew Russell (ca. 1735-1812) of Cumberland Co., Pa., Mecklenburg and Tryon Cos., N.C., and South Carolina, wives Jane McIntire and Verlinda Lamar R-4, R-30

Michael Russell (1640-1705) of Talbot Co., Md., wife Elizabeth Shaw

Michael Russell (ca. 1720-1777) of Culpeper Co., Va., wife Mary [----]

Moses Russell (1745-1827) of Lancaster and Ashburnham, Worcester Co., Mass., Claremont, Sullivan Co., N.H., and Burke and Cabot, Caledonia Co., Vt., wives Sarah Phelps and Hannah Kendall

Moses Russell (1756-1825) of Berkeley Co., W.Va., Augusta Co., Va., Galia and Meigs Cos., Ohio, wife Mehitable Esther Noland


Nathan Russell (ca. 1754-1829) of Pa., Rowan Co., N.C., and Jackson Co., Mo., wives Jane Bledsoe and Elizabeth Quinn

Newton Russell (1762-1838) of Hanover, Morris Co., N.J., Essex Co., N.Y., and Shelburne and Charlotte, Chittenden Co., Vt., wives Phebe [----] and Charlotte (Webster) Payne

Nicholas Russell (ca. 1755-1831) of Washington Co., Pa., Berkeley Co., W.Va., and Jefferson and Bullitt Cos., Ky.


Oliver Russell (ca. 1735-1813) of Kennett and London Britain, Chester Co., Pa., and Newcastle Co., Dela., wife Elizabeth Simonson


Paul Russell (ca. 1720) of Chester Co., Pa., and Brandywine Hundred, Newcastle Co., Dela., wife Catherine [----]

Philemon Russell (ca. 1720-1775) of Cumberland and Lunenburg Cos., Va., wives Elizabeth [----] and Elizabeth Carlton

Philip Russell (1655) of Lewes, Sussex Co., Dela., wife Sarah Gush

Philip Moses Russell (1747-1830) of Germantown and Philadelphia, Pa., Norfolk and Richmond, Va., and Baltimore, Md., wife Esther Mordecai


Ralph Russell (ca. 1625-1679) of Lynn, Essex Co., Mass., and New Haven, Conn., wife Mary Hitchcock

Richard Russell (ca. 1611-1676) of Charlestown, Middlesex Co., Mass., wives Maud Pitt and Mary (Sharpe) (Wade) (Chester) Davison

Richard Rustull (ca. 1680-1761) of Craven and Carteret Cos., N.C.

Richard Russell (ca. 1710-1761) of Brunswick Co., Va., wife Margaret Twitty

Robert Russell (ca. 1630-1710) of Andover, Essex Co., Mass., wife Mary Marshall R-41

Robert Russell (ca. 1695-1748) of Stow, Middlesex Co., and Lunenburg, Worcester Co., Mass., wife Mary [----]

Robert Russell (1704-1775) of York Co., Pa., and Eden Hundred, Harford Co., Md., wives Margaret Smith, Jean Train, and Mary Train

Robert Russell (ca. 1710) of Rowan, Anson, & Mecklenburg Cos., N.C., wife Mary Wilson R-22

Robert Russell (ca. 1720-1774) of Woolwich Twp., Gloucester Co., N.J.

Robert Russell (ca. 1720-1772) of Accomack Co., Va., wives Scarburgh (Parker) Custis, Grace White, and Lavina [----]

Robert Russell (1728-1791) of Lunenburg Co., Va., and Lynchburg, Campbell [old Bedford] Co., Va., wife Ann Beard

Robert Russell (ca. 1730-1811) of Bedford, Westchester Co., and Frederick (Kent), Putnam [old Dutchess] Co., N.Y., wife Mary Kip

Robert Russell (ca. 1740-1818) of Hanover Twp., Washington Co., Pa., wife Hannah [----]

Robert Russell (ca. 1760-1827) of Petersburg, Dinwiddie Co., Va., Danville, Mercer Co., Ky., and Casey Co., Ky., wife Susan Wheeler

Roger Russell (ca. 1605-1687) of Kittery, Me., and Marblehead, Essex Co., Mass.


Samuel Russell (ca. 1708-1757) of Craven [later Kershaw] Co., S.C., wife Sarah Millhouse

Samuel Russell (ca. 1710-1758) of Charles City and Brunswick Cos., Va., wife Elizabeth [---]

Samuel Russell (ca. 1725-1806) of Bucks Co., Pa., and Shelburne Parish, Loudoun Co., Va., wife Sarah Hatcher


Thomas Russell (ca. 1645-1687) of Lower Norfolk Co., Va., wife Mary Walstone

Thomas Russell (ca. 1652) of New Haven, Conn., Bedford, Westchester Co., N.Y., and Sag Harbor, Suffolk Co., L.I., N.Y., wife Jane [----]

Thomas Russell (ca. 1650) of Orange and Spotsylvania Cos., Va., wife Sarah [----]

Thomas Russell (ca. 1715-1770) of Currituck Co., N.C., wife Margaret [----]

Thomas Russell (1756-ca. 1816) of Cecil Co., Md., Bedford Co., Pa., Wilmington, Newcastle Co., Dela., and Washington Co., Pa., wife Anna Owens


William Russell (ca. 1605-1662) of Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Mass., wife Martha [----]

William Russell (ca. 1612-1665) of New Haven, Conn., wife Sarah Davis

William Russell (ca. 1622-1681) of Lynn, Essex Co., Mass., and Southampton, Suffolk Co., L.I., N.Y., wife Elizabeth [----]

William Russell (ca. 1647-1733) of Salem, Danvers, and Peabody, Essex Co., Mass., and N. Reading, Middlesex Co., Mass., wife Elizabeth Nurse  R-79, R-208

William Russell (ca. 1648-ca. 1704) of Stafford Co., Va., wife Jane [----]

William Russell (ca. 1680-1739) of New York City and New Haven, Conn., wife Martha Sperry

William Russell (ca. 1680) of Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., Va., wife Elizabeth [----]

William Russell (ca. 1694-1761) of Newbury and Salisbury, Essex Co., Mass., Providence and Gloucester, R.I., and Hampton, Rockingham Co., N.H., wives Sarah Long and Elizabeth Chase

William Russell (ca. 1700-1774) of Deerfield, Cumberland Co., N.J., wife Phebe [----]

William Russell (ca. 1705) of St. Andrew's Parish, St. Mary's Co., Md., wives Catherine [Leake?] and Ann [----]

William Russell (ca. 1710-1777) of Antrim Parish, Halifax Co., Va., wife Anna [----]

William Russell (ca. 1710-1788) of Charlotte Co., Va., wife Anne Farguson

William Russell (ca. 1710) of Granville Co., N.C., wife Phoebe [----] R-34, R-45

William Russell (ca. 1715-1774) of Edgemont Twp., Chester [later Delaware] Co., Pa., wife Jane [----]

William Russell (ca. 1715-1770) of Broadkiln Hundred, Sussex Co., Dela.

William Russell (ca. 1720-1777) of Mtn. Falls, Cedar Creek, Frederick Co., Va., wife Mary Alexander

William Russell (ca. 1720-1795) of Guilford Co., N.C., wife Eleanor Cross

William Russell (ca. 1725) of Franklin Twp., York [now Adams] Co., Pa., Frederick Co., Md., and Brownsville, Fayette Co., Pa., wives Sarah (Hamilton) Greenway and Elizabeth [----]

William Russell (ca. 1725-1774) of Beaver Creek, Lancaster [old Craven] Co., S.C., wife Margaret [----]

William Russell (ca. 1730-1812) of Stephantown, Rensselaer [old Albany] Co., N.Y., wife Mary North

William Russell (ca. 1730-1785) of E. Nottingham Twp., Chester Co., Pa., and Washington Twp., Northumberland Co., Pa., wife Mary Ann Stewart

William Russell (1733-1828) of Bovina and Delhi, Delaware Co., N.Y., wife Janet Pumphrey

William Russell (ca. 1735) of Augusta Co., Va., and Blount Co., Tenn.

William Russell (ca. 1741-1817) of Boston, Mass., and Litchfield, Conn., wives Mehitable Cowley, Zillah Grist, and Abigail Strong

William Russell (ca. 1745-1813) of Shelburne Parish, Loudoun Co., Va., wives Ruth Russell and Edith Smith

William Russell (1755) of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, wife Isabella Peart

William Russell (1756-1829) of Hunterdon and Somerset Cos., N.J., Berkeley Co., W.Va., and Warren Co., Ohio, wife Jane Sewall


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