By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
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  • Michael Ward Rooney: b. 1844, Ireland; m. 1896, Margaret Murphy, MN; d. 1918, MN
  • Francis Joseph Rooney: b. 1898, Minnesota; m. 1927, Josephine Jasken, Minnesota; d. 1956, MN
  • ​John Rooney: b. 1820, Ireland; m. 1844, Mary McCool, Canada; d. 1880, MN
    • Hugh Rooney: b. 1854, Canada; m. 1888, Winnifred Sophia Rooney, MN; d. 1942, MN
      • John Thomas: b. 1903, MN; m. 1929, Ethel Loretta Redmond, MN; d. 1956, WI
  • William Edward Rooney: b. 1862, Canada; m. 1899, Helena Riedel, MN; d. 1938, MN
  • Walter Edward Rooney: b. 1904, MN; m. 1931, Loretta Margaret Ahles, MN; d. 1987, MN 483608