Rodgers Group 1 (Haplogroup R1b1c)

  • Matthew Rodgers, b c1750; d 1795 Mechlinburg Co, NC.  Whit Athey [wathey AT]
    • Matthew Rodgers, b c1790; m Sarah Gillon
      • Hugh Ross Rodgers, b 1827 Mechlinburg Co, NC; m Tabitha Ann Miller
        • Thomas Matthew Hugh Rodgers, b 1851 Muscogee Co, GA; m Lucy O. A. Folmar R-6
  • Robert Rodger, b c1760 in Scotland; m Margaret Laurie.  Sidney Rodger [helsid AT]
    • James Rodger, b c1785 Dalserf, Scotland; m Agnes Brown
    • Robert Rodger, b c1791 Dalserf, Scotland; m Ann Muter
      • James Rodger, b c1834 Lanark, Scotland
      • William Rodger, b 1839 Lanark, Scotland
    • Gavin Rodger, b c1796 Dalserf, Scotland ; m Janet Muter
      • Robert Rodger, b 1841 Dalserf, Scotland; m Amelia Borthwick (to New Zealand?) 
    • Thomas Rodger, b c1798 Dalserf, Scotland ; m Agnes Forrest
      • Robert Rodger, b 1823 Dalserf, Scotland; m Elizabeth Stewart
      • Daniel Rodger, b 1825 Carluke, Scotland; m (1) in 1848, Elizabeth Wallace; he m (2) in 1863, Agnes Black
        • Thomas Rodger, b 1850 West Lothian, Scotland; m Sarah Mack
        • Richard Wallace Rodger, b 1853 West Lothian, Scotland
        • Daniel Rodger, b 1862 West Lothian, Scotland
      • Thomas Rodger, b 1828 Carluke, Scotland; m Jane Hastie
      • James Hamilton Rodger, b 1830 Carluke, Scotland; m Margaret F. F. Harvey
        • Thomas Rodger, b 1853 West Lothian, Scotland; m Elizabeth
        • Robert Harvey Rodger, b 1855 Lanark, Scotland
        • James Hamilton Rodger, b 1857 Lanark, Scotland; m Jane
        • John Alpine Harvey Rodger, b 1859 Lanark, Scotland; m Margaret
        • Daniel Rodger, b 1864 Lanark, Scotland; m Elizabeth
        • Ebenezer Rodger, b 1870 Lanark, Scotland; d 1871
        • Richard Wallace Rodger, b 1873 Lanark, Scotland
      • John Rodger, b 1833 Carluke, Scotland; m Agnes P. Lumsden
        • Thomas Rodger, b 1857 East Lothian, Scotland; d 1861
        • Ellison Mathieson Rodger, b 1859 Greenock, Scotland
        • Thomas Rodger, b 1861 Greenock, Scotland
        • Alexander Wares Rodger, b 1865 Greenock, Scotland
      • William Rodger, b 1838 Carluke, Scotland; m (1) in 1861, Jean R. Howie, and had children:
        • Thomas Forrest Rodger, b 1862 Riccarton, Scotland; m Rose Elizabeth Barry
        • Robert Howie Rodger, b 1866 Glasgow, Scotland; m Mary Jane Smith
        • John Hamilton Rodger, b 1873 Somerset, England; m Mabel May Gress

He m (2) in 1883, Charlotte R. V. Westlake and had children:

        • Percival Charles Rodger, b 1884 Guelph, Ont, Canada; m Nellie A. Griggs
        • Sidney Westlake Rodger, b 1889 Guelph, Ont, Canada; m Phillipa Agnes Fitzhenry         R-1


  •  Andrew Rodgers/Rogers and wife Margaret arrived St John, NB, Canada in 1822; he probably came from around Castlederg, Co Tyrone, Ireland.  Garry Rogers [derby AT]
    • Nathan Rogers, b 1818 Co Tyrone, Ireland; d 1896; m (1843) Eliza Ann Hemphill
      • Harrison Wilmut Rogers, b 1859 Ferryville, NB; m (1888) Emily Knox    R-20

Rodgers Group 2 (Haplogroup G2)

  • John White Rodgers. b. 1723 PA, m Martha Rodgers - Anne Mills [annemills1 AT]
    • Seth Rodgers, b. 1760 Mecklenburg Co, m Eliza Martha ?
      • Parmenio Rodgers, b. 6 Sept 1788 Mecklenburg Co NC, m Rachel Adams
        • Alexander McQueen Rodgers I, b. 20 Feb 1824, Mecklenburg Co NC, m Mary Jane Alden
          • Parmenio Austin Rodgers, b. 31 Aug 1857, Bossier Parish LA, m Sarah Elizabeth Hall
            • Alexander McQueen Rodgers II, b. 16 Feb 1882, Benton Co AR, m Mamie Alice Caldwell – R-3


  • Hugh McGary Rodgers, b 1800 SC; d 1872 Lee Co, MS -- []

·        John Stanley Rodgers, b 1829 Lawrence Co, AL; d 1864 Logan Co, AR

·        David Mack Rodgers, b 14 Nov 1857  Logan Co; AR  d. 17 Jan 1910 Logan Co., AR - R-9


  • John Rogersaka "the Ulster Scot"  b. abt. 1700 in Ireland, d. Mecklenburg  Co., NC tracy.bumkin AT]
    • Joseph Rogers, b. 1735 in Bladen Co, NC m. Isabella White
      • William Orre Rogers b. 1787 in Mecklenburg Co, NC m. Sally McClelland
        • Thomas Asparia Rogers b. 1821 in Cabarrus Co, NC m. Elizabeth McKinley
          • Thomas Milton Rogers b. 1856 in Cabarrus Co, NC m. Catherine Bangle
            • Paul Milton Rogers, b. 1895 in Cabarrus Co, NC, m. Roslyn Grover R-14

Rodgers Group 3 (Haplogroup R1b1b2)

  • Everett Rogers, b. 1770 Pitt Co, NC; d 1850-60 Smith Co, TX, m Martha Rodgers – Sandra Hunter [sandyspiritwalker AT]
    • Samuel Everett Rogers, b. 1809 Martin Co, NC; d 1863 TX; m Elizabeth Ann Cooper Sparks
      • William Everett Rogers, b. 1841 Nacogdoches Co TX, m Virginia A. Purtle
        • Walter Everett Roders I, b. 1876 TX; m Mary Jane Alden  – R-16


  • Reuben Wilson Rogers, b 1813 TN; d 1876 Madison Co, AR – Sandra Hunter [sandyspiritwalker AT]

·        Miles Allen Rogers Sr, b 1842 Madison Co., AR; d 1912 Madison Co, AR

·        Green Berry Scott Rogers, b 1884 Madison Co., AR  d 1972 AR - R-26


Rodgers Group 4 (Haplogroup R1b1b2)

  • Daniel Willis Rogers (b ca 1818 Bedford Co, TN; d. 1874 Pope Co, IL); m Minta Keziah Maxwell -- Linda Grinnell []

·        James Franklin Rogers, b 1854 Bedford Co, TN; d.1943 Massac Co, IL; m Ellen Elizabeth Ragsdale

·                    Allen Littleton Randolph Rogers, b 1882, Pope Co, IL; d 1958 Edgar Co, IL; m Willie E.Denton - R-21


Rodgers Group 5 (Haplogroup R1a1)

  • Calvin L Rodgers, b. c1830, m Loucretia CookPaul Lightsey [plightse AT]
    • Hazel? Lafayette Rodgers Lightsey, b. February 1858 Bossier Co, LA; m. Jerusha Ann Smith [H. L. Rodgers

       was adopted by John W. Lightsey & Mary (Urrey) Lightsey and took the Lightsey name]

      • Robert Leonidas Lightsey, b. 02 February 1880, m. Rosa Eliza Bailey
        • Samuel Lafayette Lightsey, b 10 May 1910, m Gwen Lee Parker - R-7


  • John Rogers, b.1619 England, d 1683-85 VA Maurice Rogers []

·        John Rogers (b. 1829 Lawrence Co., AL  d. 1864 Logan Co., AR)

·         Rogers (b. 14 Nov 1857  Logan Co., AR  d. 17 Jan 1910 Logan Co., AR) - R-27


  • Levi Rogers, 1775-85 NC, d 1850 Warren Co, TN – Sandra Hunter [sandyspiritwalker AT]

·        John Rogers (b. 1829 Lawrence Co., AL  d. 1864 Logan Co., AR)

·        Rogers (b. 14 Nov 1857  Logan Co., AR  d. 17 Jan 1910 Logan Co., AR) - R-29


Presently Unmatched Rodgers

  • Jesse Rodgers, b 1774 Lincoln Co, NC; m Mary Ann Shelton [j.bulach AT]
    • Stephen Shelton Rodgers, b 1798 Orangeburg Dist, SC; m Patience Barnhill
      • Dobson Rodgers, b 1838 Hickman Co, TN; m Elizabeth Armstrong
        • Alonzo Franklin Rodgers, b 1882 Hickman Co, TN; m Eliz. Black – R-8

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