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Compiled by Hazel Timblin Townsend for the Rankin DNA Project

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Updated August 3, 2013   

Listed below are all the DNA participating families for which we have information, beginning with the Earliest Ancestor and at the end the Line Leader or family genealogist. They are grouped according to how they are listed on the yResults page. Please note that we have some new groups. We hope that eventually, all member families will be listed on this page.

The groupings are according to the order of the Haplogroups in the yResults chart page, or as nearly as possible in that order. The oldest known ancestor is at the top of the family list and has a #1 for generation one. Each of the generations is given a number as it comes down to the most recent individual in the list, such as child of #1 is #2, child of #2 is #3, etc. In a few cases siblings are shown and the same generation number is used in front of their names. However, in other cases you will note that numbers are intermingled as in the following chart:

            5 William. (brother of Joshua)

                6 James (son of William)

                 7 Chester (son of James)

                    8 Lawrence (son of Chester

               6 Thomas (son of William and brother of James)

                  7 Charlie  (son of Thomas)

                      8 Charles (son of Charlie)

                  7 Otis (son of Thomas and brother of Charlie)

                     8 Charlie  (son of Otis)

                         9 William (son of Charlie)

           5 Joshua  (brother of William)

               6 Charles (son of Joshua)


At the end of the group, there is usually a name given with an e-mail address. That is the contact person for that particular family line. I’ve used the word AT instead of the symbol @, which has been recommended to me as being safer when putting e-mail addresses online.

Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a male representing them in the DNA Project by showing their Kit number. Some people have also been mtDNA tested and/or FamilyFinder.  Others have joined the project to find out more about their Rankin family line. There are some who do not have a family participating in the project but are interested in our findings. Please let me know of any additions or corrections.

Some participants do not have the name Rankin but they are a match. Some of these individuals know where the name change took place but others do not.  Changes can happen in a number of ways—(1) adoptions, (2) name change, (3) taking a child into the family without formal adoption (which often happened in pioneer days), (4) a child takes the step-father’s name, or (5) a child is born out of wedlock and takes the mother’s name. 

For additional background for some of the Rankin lines, please check the Discussion page. More stories of other lines are needed to add to the Discussion page.


No Haplogroup Assigned -No Match yet in the Project

1. Joseph Rankin, b 1704 Ireland/Scotland, lived in New Castle, DE  1720, d 1764, m Rebecca Armstrong

    2. William, b 1744 DE, d 1804 NC, m 1772 Jane Chambers

[contact Wolf Rankis <mewolf [AT]>   <rankis [AT]

>], R-45, #101569


Haplogroup E

Haplogroup E - No Match yet in the Project


1. John Calvin Baugh, 1835-1920s (Mississippi)

            [contact Joseph A Baugh, <jabaughlin AT>] R-45, #222146


Haplogroup I- Possible Lineage I


Morgan Rankins, 1818

[contact Alvin Rankins, [<shirleyjean AT>] R-45, #158020


1. Stephen C Rankin (Rankins) b June, 1849 or 56, GA; m. Mary Ellen Fulks (birth name) or Mary Ellen Johnson (stepfather's name) b April 1866, AR

    2. Homer Frank Rankin b. 9 April 1903, Hugo, OK.; m. Eva Nail, b. 29 Jun 1901, High Hill, OK

       3. Ulon Willis Rankin b 1922, McAlester, OK; m. Freda Grayson Lees b.1911, Manchester, England

          4. Ulon Willis Rankin, Jr. b. Manchester, England; m. Sally Ann Harris b. Austin, TX

[Lon Rankin <lrankin AT> R-45, # N51523


Haplogroup R1a, Possible Lineage I


1. Robert Rankin, b.1792 (Guilford, NC?) d.1845; m. Isabel Rankin, b.1791 NC, d.1861 AR, (daughter of Robert Rankin, b.1759, sister of Jedediah Rankin, b. 1783)

   2. Reuben Burr Rankin, b.1834 (Milan, TN) d. 1909, m. Nancy Elizabeth Nash (b.1836

      3. George Alver Rankin, b.1868 (Mulberry, AR) d.1938, m. Ollie Delana Francis (b.1869)

         4. Rollie Burr Rankin, b.1905 (Arkansas) d.1995, m. Hazel Melissa Mackey (b.1904)

[contact RB Rankin, Jackie Gilly <Jackie.gilly AT>] R-46, #207504


Ancestors of Isabel Rankin, wife of Robert Rankin b. 1792 (above)

1. Robert Rankin b. 1700 Donegal, Ireland (?), d. 1773 Guilford, NC; m. Rebecca (LNU??)

    2. George Rankin, b.1729 Donegal, Ireland (?) d.1761 Guilford, NC; m. Lydia Steele

        3. Robert Rankin, b.1759 Guilford, NC, d.1840 (McNairy, TN); m. Mary "Polly" Cusick

            4. Isabel Rankin, b. 1791 NC, d. 1861 AR (m. Robert Rankin, b. 1792, d. 1845)

[RB Rankin, [Jackie Gilly <Jackie.gilly AT>] R-46, #207504


1 Joseph Rankin, b. 1704 Ireland/Scotland, lived in New Castle, DE 1720, d 1764, m. Rebecca Armstrong

    2 William Rankin, b 1744 DE, d 1804 NC, m 1772  Jane Chambers

      3 John Chambers, b 1781, d 1858 Rowan Co, NC, m 1801 Tabitha Wharton

          4 Watson Wharton, b 1814, d 1857 Cabarrus Co, NC, m Sarah Elizabeth Alexander

              5 Watson Wharton Jr, b 1852, m 1885 Rowan Co, NC, Margaret C. Houston

                  6 Dr. Fred Wharton, b 1886 Catawba Co, NC, d 1954, Lexington KY

                     7 Fred Wharton Rankin, Jr.

                        8 Douglas Graham Rankin, [Doug Rankin <douglasrankin AT>] R-22, #149142

      3 Agnes/Nancy b 1775 Guilford Co. NC, m John Schoolfield

                                     [Peggy2002 posted on WorldFamilies Rankin Forum page


1. Henry Augustus Cochran, 1878-1962, TX

                [CG Sandeski, <csandeski AT>] R-37, #184037


Haplogroup R1b, Lineage I

Most of the people in this Lineage group have a connection to the western part of Ulster, Ireland, counties Derry and Donegal.  They immigrated in the early 1700s into Pennsylvania. From there they moved west and south down the Wagon Road through the Valley of Virginia. Many continued moving west to the deep south, mid-west, Texas and on to the Pacific coast. However, the common ancestor has not been found. It is probably in Ulster or Scotland. In one family listed below, the paper trail indicates a family connection. However, the DNA results do not match.  For other individuals the surname is not Rankin.


 1 David Rankin, b. 1695 Co Derry Ireland, d. 1768, m. Mildred McCormick

    2 David, b. 1726 enroute to America, d. 1795 Harrison Co KY, m Hannah Province

        3 Capt. Thomas, b. 1751 Frederick Co VA, d. 1820 Harrison Co KY, m Jane Montgomery

           4 John C. b 1774 VA, d 1834, m Catey Hunt 1795 Harrison Co.KY

              5 George L. H., b. 1796 NC, d. 1844 Weakley Co. TN, m Martha Fields, Williamson Co. TN

[Contact Tom W. Rankin <twr325 AT>] #104236

                 6 George Ezra, b. 1828 Williamson Co. TN, d. 1877 Obion Co. TN, m. Susan M. Phelps

                    7 George Thomas, b. 1870 Obion Co. TN, d. 1939 Lincoln Co. MS, m. Dora A. Sane

                       8 George Clint, b. Fulton Co. KY, d. MS

                          9 Gerald C. Rankin-[Contact <gcrankin AT>]- R-10, # 96344


1 David Rankin, b Ireland/Scotland, d 1768 (old) Frederick Co., VA, m. Jennett McCormick

   2 William Rankin, b 1720 Ireland, d 1798 (old) Frederick Co., VA, m. Abigail

      3 John Rankin, b Washington Co, PA, d 1798 Washington Co, PA, m. Rebecca

         4 James Rankin, b Washington Co, PA, d 1837 Smith Twp, Washington Co, PA

             5 Mary Rankin, b 1803 Washington Co, PA, d 1870 Cambridge OH, m Benjamin Boyce

                6 James Boyce

                6 Mary Jane Boyce, b 1840 PA,

                6 John Rankin Boyce, b 1837 OH, d 1904 Cambridge OH

                6 William Boyce, b 1830 PA, d 1902 Delaware OH, m. Sarah Jane Bell

                    7 Lester Smith Boyce, b 1856 Delaware Co. OH, d 1920 Dayton OH

                    7 Mary Ella Boyce, b 1861 Delaware Co. OH, d 1943 Paulding Co OH, m. James Evans

                6 Clarissa Boyce, b 1840

             5 John Rankin, d 1868 Belmont Co. OH, m Margaret Anderson

             5 William Rankin, b Washington Co. PA, d Delaware Co. OH, m. Sarah Cunningham

             5 Joseph Rankin

             5 Patty Rankin

             5 Rebecca Rankin

         4 Mary Rankin

         4 Abigail Rankin

       3 Zachariah Rankin

       3 David Rankin

       3 Matthew Rankin, m. Charity

       3 Thomas Rankin

       3 Jesse Rankin

       3 Samuel Rankin

       3 Abigail Rankin, m. Charles Campbell

       3 Mary Rankin, m. Thomas Cherry

   2 David Rankin

   2 Hugh Rankin

   2 Barbara Rankin

                [Contact Carole Evans <cgevans AT>]


1 William Rankin, b. ca. 1700 probably Ireland, d. 1769 Fayette Co. PA

   2 William Rankin, b. ca1720 Derry, Ireland, d. 1797 Fayette Co. PA, m Anne Davidson

     3 William b 1762/4, d 1807 Fayette Co., PA, m Jane

        4 Thomas  b 1786 Fayette Co., PA, d 1841 Guernsey Co., OH, m. Elizabeth Stephens

           5 William Thomas. b 1820/1 OH, d 1915 KS, m. Lucinda Bowman

              6 James Ezra, b. 1851 OH, d. 1949 IL, m. Hulda Bear

                 7 Chester, b. 1886 IL, d. 1980 NY, m. Edith Olson 

                    8 Lawrence Elwin Sr. b. 1911 IL, d WA

                           [Contact Dorothy Alzubaydi -<dja9565 AT>] R-44, #195192

              6 Thomas William b 1859 DeWitt Co. IL, d 1938 Chanute, KS, m. married Mary Jane Pape

                  7 Charlie H. b 1884 Attica, KS, d. 1964 Fredonia, KS

                      8 Charles Francis Rankin,

                            [Contact Sue Wilson <bnsfsue1 AT>] R-31, #179909

                  7 Otis Carl b 1893, IL, d 1967

                     8 Charlie Howard Rankin

                          9 William Carl Rankin;-

                               [Contact Sue Wilson <bnsfsue1 AT>] R-34, #176245

           5 Joshua Rankin b 1826 Guernsey Co. OH, d 1891 Bates Co. MO, m Nancy Upton

              6 Charles b 1869 Dewitt Co. IL, d Kansas City MO;

[Contact Lillie Ann Flora <bla3pkj8fs5 AT>]


1 Samuel Rankin, b. c.1790 OH, d  c.1833 Livingston Par LA, m 1823 Elizabeth Richardson

   2 Samuel E Rankin, b.1832 Livingston Par LA d 1914 St Louis MO, m 1859 Ellen Kline

      3 Sanford S Rankin, b. 1865 Perry Co MO, d 1934 St Louis MO, m 1904 Effie Daniel

         4 Lester N Rankin, b. 1905 Pulaski Co AR, d St Louis MO, m 1928 Alameda Klump 

               Donald Lewis Rankin [Contact Shirley Rankin,<rfhp AT> See #24 in Forum] R-54, #226870


1 William Rankin, b 1745 Co. Donegal, Ireland, m. Jane Steen

   2 Joseph A. Steen Rankin Sr., b 1774 Co. Donegal, Ireland, d 1839 Clarion Co. PA

      3 Joseph A. Rankin Jr., b 1811 Armstrong Co. PA, d 1867 Armstrong Co. PA, m Jane Hill

         4 Joseph Lemuel Rankin b 1852 PA, d 1902, m Martha

            5 Perry Martin Rankin b 1875 Clarion Co. PA, d 1924 PA, m Anna Hartzell

               6 Harry Raymond Rankin b 1903 Jefferson Co. PA, d 1993 York Co. PA, m Olive Bragg

                  7 Perry Wm. Rankin b 1929 Cumberland Co. PA, d Maine

                                [Contact Kevin Mitchell <kevin AT>] R-17, #108475


1 Joseph Rankin b 1704 Ireland/Scotland, lived in New Castle, DE 1720 d 1764 m Rebecca Armstrong

    2 Samuel Rankin, Born 1732/4 Paxtang, Chester Co. PA, d 1814 Lincoln Co. NC, m. Ellen Alexander

       3 David G, 1768 Old Mecklenburg Co, NC, d 1831, m. Anne Moore Campbell

          4 Rev Joseph Breden, b 1816, d 1891 AL, m. Rutherford Co, TN, Mary Ivey

             5 James Harvey, b 1841, d 1915, m Sallie Jane Hutchinson

                 6 Joseph Pervine, b 1875, AL, d 1915

                     7 Joseph P. Jr.

                        8 Dr. J. Don Rankin –

                                 [Contact-<kahkahwee AT>] R-15, #73182

       3 Robert, Born 1749, m. Mary Elizabeth Withrow

          4 James, born ca1773 Shenandoah, VA, m. Mary Muirheid/Morehead

              5 James born in 1824 Pulaski Co, VA, m. (1) Amanda Godbey, (2) Hannah Linkous

                 6 James Beauregard, b. 1862 Pulaski Co, VA, m. Susan V. Whitaker

                    7 William David, b. 1891 Pulaski Co, VA, m. Bertha V. Lovern

                        8 Charles Edward, b. Pulaski Co, VA

                            9 David E. Rankin

  [Contact Dave & Kathy Rankin <ksrankin AT> <drankin57 AT>] R-1, #50600

    2 William Rankin, b 1744 DE, d 1804 NC, m 1772 Jane Chambers

       3 John Chambers, b 1781, d 1858 Rowan Co, NC, m 1801 Tabitha Wharton

           4 Watson Wharton, b 1814, d 1857 Cabarrus Co, NC, m Sarah Elizabeth Alexander

               5 Watson Wharton Jr, b 1852, m 1885 Rowan Co, NC, Margaret C. Houston

                  6 Dr. Fred Wharton, b 1886 Catawba Co, NC, d Lexington KY

                      7 Fred Wharton Rankin, Jr.

                         8 Douglas Graham Rankin

[Contact Doug Rankin <douglasrankin AT>] R-22, #149142 (paper trail doesn’t match DNA test)


1 Alexander Rankin b. c1628 Scotland m. Maria (family tradition)

  2 William b. c1658 probably Scotland, d 1720 Ireland, m Dorothy Black (family tradition)

     3 Adam Rankin b. 1688, d. 1747 PA, m Mary Steele

        4 William Dunwoody Rankin b. 1726 PA, d. 1792 Franklin Co. PA m Mary Huston

           5 William Jackson Rankin b. 1743 PA, d. 1826, m Elizabeth A. McGinley

             6 William Johnson Rankin Dr., b. 1813 Indiana Co. PA, d. 1870, m Nancy Johnson Anthony

                7 William Wilson Renkin b. 1842 Indiana Co. PA, d. 1922, m Sarah H. Hunter

                   8 William Oran Renkin b. 1875 Allegheny Co. PA, d. 1943 Lancaster Co PA, m Jane Stewart

                      9 William Stewart Renkin b 1913 Allegheny Co. PA d Lancaster PA m Genevieve Conklin

                          10 William Matthew Renkin, b. PA

                               11 William Anthony Renkin

               [Contact <wm.renkin AT>; Jeanne Renkin <e.renkin AT>] R-20, #131912

     3 John Rankin b c1690 Ireland d. 1749 PA, 1720s settler in Cumberland Co., PA, m. McElwee 1719

        4 Thomas b c1724 m Isabella Clendenin in PA d 1812 Jefferson Co TN

           5 John, b. 1754, Cumberland Co. PA, d. 1829 Blount Co. TN, m Martha (Jenny) Waugh

               6 John M., b. 1781, Cumberland Co. Pa, m (1) Margaret Weir (2) Jane Weir

                   7 Campbell Rankin, b. 1807, Blount Co. Tenn., m Mary Ellen Prather

                       8 William Sanders Rankin, b. 1848, Lucas Co. IA, m Elizabeth Hovious 1873

                          9 John Albert Rankin, b. 1878, Livingston Co. KY, d. 1918 m Ryan 

    [Contact Dick Rankin <rrankin6 AT>] R-14, #105150

           5 Richard Rankin b, 1756 Cumberland Co. PA, d. 1827 Augusta Co. VA, m Jennett “Jane” Steele

              6 Samuel Steele Rankin b 1782/4 Augusta Co VA d 1859 Adams IL m Ethelinda Balch, Logan Co KY

                  7 David Steele Rankin b 1813/4 Jefferson Co., TN, d. 1898 m Matilda Nicholson

                     8 Samuel Joseph Rankin b 1848 IL d 1907 KS m Martha “Mattie Messenger, later Mattie m. Dawson

                        9 George Frank Rankin Dawson (Dawson is step-father’s surname)

                           10 Robert Bruce Dawson 

                                  [Contact Bob <bd AT>; Connie <cd AT>] R-24, # N21274

               6 Richard Duffield Rankin b 1800 Jefferson Co TN, d 1890 Jeff. Co TN, m. Mary A. C. Woods

                  7 Angeline Catherine Rankin, b. 1851 Jefferson Co. TN, d. 1935 TX, m. Isaac A. L. Willson

                     8 Minora Belle Willson, b. 1884 Plano, Collin Co. TX, m. Wm. Stevens Stiles

                        9 Sadie Elizabeth Stiles, m. Roy Reeves

                           10 Beverly Reeves Conolly,

                                      [Contact Bev <brconolly AT>] R-42, #105909

           5 Thomas b 1764 m Jennett "Jane" Bradshaw in PA d 1824 Jefferson Co TN

               6 Christopher b 1809 Jefferson Co., TN m Frances Gilbraith

                   7 Christopher Houston b 1851 Jefferson Co., TN m Catherine Franklin

                       8 Frank Walter b 1875 Jefferson Co., TN m Lula B. Sharp

                          9 Roy Marshall Rankin, b 1917 Jefferson Co., TN d 2009 Jefferson Co. TN

                                   [Contact Hazel Townsend <hazelt AT>] R-6, #80034

                          9 Lynn Boyd b 1908 Jefferson Co. TN d 2002 Rydal PA

                             10 Franklin B. Rankin, b. Lancaster Co., PA

                                      [contact <[franklinrankin AT>] R-2, #68162

                          9 Ross Wayne Rankin, b 1911 Jefferson Co., TN d Richmond VA

                             10 Francis Wayne Rankin b Roanoke, VA

                                    [Contact Jeanyne Rankin <jrankin1225 AT>] R-27, #156302

           5 Mary “Molly” Rankin m. William White, Sr. bef 1749

              6 William White Jr., b. ca 1750, d. cir 1835, m. Mary Johnson ca 1772

                 7 John White I, b. 1779, d. 1846, m. Margaret Lester 1797

                    8 Samuel White, b. 1812 TN, d. 1894 IA, m. Martha Finley 1836 IN

                       9 John White II, b. 1840 IN, d. 1925 IA, m. Emmeline German ca 1862

                           10 Florence White b. 1863 IL, d. 1950 MN, m. Byron Gardner 1887

                                11 Walter Gardner b. 1905, d. 1988 Rock Co. MN, m. Cleo Bastow 1925, IA

                                     12 Rick Gardner  [Contact <rickwg AT>]


1 Dr. George Ross, b 1746 SC, d, 1801, m Isabella Montgomery

   2 John Ross b 1784 SC, d 1877 MS, m Elizabeth Ferguson 1810

       3 John Leland Ross b 1816 SC, d. TX

           4 George Washington Ross b 1839 MS, d. cir 1900 MS, m. Salina C Tedford 1866

               5 Ula Barksdale Ross b 1869 MS, m Myrtis Linder

                   6 George Lee Ross, b 1891 Calhoun Co., MS, m Mable E Warrington 1892

                       7 John David Ross Sr., b. MS—

                           8 John David Ross Jr. 

                                  [Contact <rossjdjr AT>} R-51, #137930

       3 John Edward Ross, ca 1815 Polk Co., TN, d. before 1850, m. Martha E. Melton, TN

          4 John Edward Ross, b 1840 Polk Co., TN, d. Wise Co., TX, m. Martha Webb

             5 William Pleasant Ross, b 1868 Polk Co, TN, d Wise Co, TX, m Elizabeth B Rountree;

[Contact Daniel Grady Ross –<paw281 AT> & David Pitts <pitts281 AT>] R-33, #57200


Haplogroup R1b, Possible Lineage I

More DNA and genealogical data is needed to determine if he belong to Lineage I.


1 Bartley Rankin, b ca 1814 Ohio, m Rebecca Warren; Ken Rankin

   2 James Perry Rankin, b ca 1844/6 Ohio, m Harriett Jane Powers

      3 John Henry Rankin, b Jun 1870 KY, m Julia Johnson

         4 Joseph W. Rankin b 1915 KY

             5 Robert Joseph Rankin

                6 Ken Rankin,

           [Contact Ken <freerangecelt AT><dubh_sidh AT>] R-32, #120204

      3 Henrietta Rankin b 1866 Boyd Co. OH, d 1966 OH, m. 1865 James Harvey Workman 

           [Contact James Robert Barrett <J. Barrett <barrj777a AT> & Mary Ann Barrett <dubh_sidh AT>] R-35, #28688


Haplogroup R1b, Lineage II

The ancestor in this group, David Rankin, was an early settler in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and in Washington and Greene counties in Tennessee. It had been assumed over the years that David belonged to the same family line as those early settlers in Lineage I who settled in Chester/Lancaster/Cumberland Counties. However, the DNA study seems to disprove that. Was he a child “taken in” by a Rankin family? Or, was he the emigrant? We are searching for the ancestors of David Rankin who had a land patent in Bedford County, Virginia.


The much disputed DNA from the David Rankin descendants of Greene County, TN has revealed itself to be very interesting. After researching the sequence itself among other families, one member of this group found the DNA sequence nearly identical to that of the descendants of Alexander Campbell of Argyll circa 1668. This doesn't explain a couple of things. David did marry Ann Campbell after a short marriage to Margaret Kerr of Augusta County, VA.  Some questions arises relating to the first three brothers [Adam, Hugh and John] that supposedly settled in Cumberland County, PA. 1. Are we sure they were brothers and not maternal cousins? 2. Why did John arrive so much later than Adam and Hugh?


A descendant [131912] of Adam Rankin (1688-1747) was tested and matches the descendants of John Rankin (1690-1749). Hugh had no children.


1 David Rankin, Land Patent, Bedford Co.VA, d 1802, Greene Co, TN, m 1 Margaret Kerr, 2 Anne Campbell 1775

   2 James b 1768 Bedford Co VA, d 1810 Sequatchie Valley TN, m Mary Brashear(s), Washington/Greene Co. TN

      3 David Wilson, b 1799 Greene Co. TN, d 1862, Marion Co. TN m. Zilpah Roberson

         4 William Roberson, b 1833, d 1902, m. Louise Jane Stockell

            5 Thomas Turley, b 1878, d 1954, m. 1831 Katherine Johnson, Chattanooga TN

                6 Catherine Caroline Rankin, m. Harry Luck Wrenn

                    7 Thomas Wellford Wrenn—

                                [Contact <twrenn AT>]

      3 James, b. 1809 in Greene Co. TN. m. Jane Alley in Jasper, Marion Co. TN

          4 James Valentine b. 1865 Marion Co. TN  m Maggie A. Levan in Bledsoe Co. TN

             5 George Morgan Rankin, b TN, d. FL

                6 George Morgan Jr.

                        [Contact Morgan Rankin <cwgmr AT>, <cwgmr1 AT>] R-21, #134790

                   7 James Milton b. 1891 Bledsoe Co. TN. m. Roxie Stafford in Marion Co. TN

                      8 James Valentine, b Bledsoe Co. TN, m Leah Mae Ligon

                         9 William Ronald Rankin

                    [Contact Ron Rankin <wrr1050242 AT>] R-5, #73565

      3 Samuel Worthington, b. 1801 Greene Co. TN, d. 1875 Bledsoe Co. TN, m Dicey Brown

         4 James b. 1825 Bledsoe Co. TN, m Elizabeth Billingsly, Bledsoe Co. TN

            5 Worth Hill, b 1866 Warren Co TN, d 1916 Tulsa Co OK, m Mary Taylor, 1890 TN

               6 William Thomas Rankin, b. TN

                  7 William Theodore,

               [Contact Ted Rankin <trankin6 AT>] R-11, #95817

   2 David Jr., b 1775, VA, d 1836 Greene Co TN, m Jane Isabelle Dinwiddie 1836 TN

      3 Lewis, b. 1802 Greene Co., TN, d. 1881, Greene Co., NC, m Nancy Mary “Polly” Gray

         4 John Gray, b. ca1829, Greene Co, TN, d 1896 TN, m Elizabeth Birdwell

            5 William Glaze, b. 1874, Greene Co., TN, d. 1956, Edmond, OK, m Ella May Haworth

               6 Guy Malear, b. 1896 Greene Co., TN, d. Edmond, OK

                  7 Lawrence Malear Rankin,

                          [Contact Larry Rankin <larry3.13 AT>} R-11, #70856

                  7 Pauline Maye “Polly” Rankin,

                          [Contact Polly Rankin <pollyk AT>] R-40, #108848


1 David Rankin-b 1745, d 1802,-land grant in Bedford Co. VA m Margaret Kerr-Tazewell, VA

   2 James Rankin b 1768 Bedford Co. VA d 1810 Sequatchie Valley, TN, m Mary Brashear(s) 1794

      3 David Rankin III b 1799 Greene Co. TN d 1862 Jasper, Marion Co. TN m 1827 Zilpah Roberson

         4 William Roberson Rankin b 1835 d 1902, m Louise Jane Stockell

            5 Thomas Turley Rankin b  1878 d 1954 m Katherine Johnson

               6 Catherine Caroline Rankin  m Harry Luck Wrenn 1960

                  7 Thomas Wellford Wrenn   

             [Contact: bubbaw132000 at WorldFamilies Rankin Project Forum]


Haplogroup R1b, Lineage III

The oldest known ancestor of this line is Moses Rankin. He and his wife were born in Tennessee. In 1860 his son Henderson Rankin purchased farm land in Arkansas. The descendants were farmers in Arkansas for several generations.


1 Moses Rankin, b. TN m. Sarah Toombs 1810

    2. Henderson Clark, b 1822 TN, m Elizabeth Shepherd

        3. William Henry b 1848 AR, m Clarissa Sims

            4. John Harvey b 1874 AR, m Narcissa Irene Temple

                5. Wilbur b. 1899 AR, m Margaret Rappel

                    6. Wilbur Maurice m. Mary El.len Case

                          [Contact Ray Rankin <rrankin2006 AT>] R-26, #155123

        3. Thomas Jefferson, b 1856 AR, m Martha Ellen Strong

            4. Carl Benjamin, b 1877 AR, d 1955

                5. Thomas Carl  

                        [Contact Tom Rankin <trankin1 AT>] R-16, #108280


Haplogroup R1b, Lineage IV

This Rankin line is close to Lineage IIa but not quite a match. One family still lives in Northern Ireland. Another family emigrated from Ireland to Alabama in the late 1800s. We need more information about this line.


1 Michael Rankin b. Scotland, d. 1722 Co. Down, Ireland

   2 Michael d. 1749 Ireland

      3 James d.1783 Ireland

         4 Henry d.1793 Ireland, m. Sarah Wilson

            5 Michael b.1771, Ireland d.1856 Ireland, m. Elizabeth Orme

               6 Henry d. 1860 Ireland, m. Sarah Moore

                  7 William Henry b.1836 d. 1908 Ireland, Mary Miskelly

                     8 William Henry b. 1866 d. 1940 Ireland, m. Jane Caughey

                         9 Robert b.1906 d. Northern Ireland  m. Ethel Miskelly

                            10 John Andrew b. Co. Down, Northern Ireland

                                 11 Jason R Rankin, b. Co. Down, Northern Ireland                

                                       [Contact Jason Rankin <jason.rankin AT>] R-18, #133146


1 John R. Rankin, d. Ireland, m. Rosie Semple

   2 William, d. 1866 Ireland, m. Matilda Patrick b. Co Tyrone Ireland, d. AL

      3 John Robert, b 1844 Lancashire, Ireland, d 1903, m. Maria Celia Dickason, b. 1857 AL

         4 Amzi Godden, b. 1890 Al, d. AL

  John Robert Rankin   [Contact Mary R Jackson <mrankinjackson AT>] R-29, #169320

                                      [Contact Doris Strobel Rankin  <krbecket AT>] R-29, #169321


Haplogroup R1b, Unassigned Lineage

These individuals have not found a match. We need more participants that hopefully would provide matches.


1. Capt. Rankin, Birkenhead, Liverpool England

                [Contact Leander Ross Rankin  <albatross AT>] R-25, #147838


1 Adam Rankin, b. abt 1698 Ireland, d. 1747, m. Mary

   2 James Rankin b abt 1720

   2 Henry Rankin b. abt 1722, m. Elizabeth Cosmock

      3 Michael Rankin b. abt 1759

         4 James Admor Rankin, b. abt 1785, m. Magdalene Conrad

            5 Samuel Rankin, b.1806, d. 1885, m. Catherine Goodman

                6 Joseph G. Rankin, b. 1844, d. 1907, m. Elizabeth Eshleman

                    7 Samuel E. Rankin, b. 1874, d. 1948,  m. Margaret R Johnson

                        8 Barbara Ann Rankin, b. 1900, d.  m. William Ralph Strubel

                            9 Margaret Jane Strubel “Peggy Sue”, m. Kauffman (birth name Gentzler)

                               10 Judy Lorraine Kauffman, m.1st Longenecker, m. 2nd Warner

                                     11 Paul Anthony Longnecker

                   [Contact Michelle Longnecker Oxenreider <mllrox AT>] R-3, #31526


1 James Rankin, b 1785 Lebanon NH, d. 1860 Brownville ME, m. Rebecca Crosby

   2 Stephen C., b. 1809, d. 1874 Amherst ME, m. Almira Kimball

      3 Stephen Albert, b. 1850 Amherst ME, d. 1926 ME m Louisa Richardson

         4 Louis Albert, b. 1870 Ellsworth ME, d Bangor ME, m. Pearle Rebecca Watts

             5 Wesley Eugene Rankin, b. 1905 Amherst ME, d. Winterport ME, m. Jones

                 6 Wesley E. Rankin

                   [Contact Barbara Hammond <bhammond57 AT>] R-23, #45528


1 William Rankin, b. ca 1700, Ireland, d. 1769 Fayette Co., PA

   2 William, b. 1720, Derry, Ireland, d. 1797 Fayette Co., PA, m. Anne Davidson

      3 William, b. 1764, Fayette Co., PA, d. 1807 Fayette Co., PA, m. Jane

         4 Thomas, b. 1786 Fayette Co., PA, d. 1841 Guernsey Co. OH, m. ? Stephens

            5 William Thomas, b. 1820/1 OH, d. 1915, KS, m. Lucinda Bowman

               6 James Ezra, b. 1851 Guernsey Co. OH, d. 1949 IL, m. Hulda Bear

                  7 Chester, b. 1886 IL, d. NY

                     8 Lawrence Elwin, Sr., b. 1911 IL, d. WA, m. Mary Hume

                        9 Larry E. Rankin  [contact Larry <larry.rankin4 AT>] R-44, #195192

   [Contact Dorothy R. Alzubaydi <dja9565 AT>] R-44, #195192


1 William Rankin b VA, d. Robertson Co. KY, m Julia Ann Brewer [Ashpaugh?]

   2 Moses Perry Rankin b 1854 Robertson Co. KY, d. 1941 Fayette Co. KY m Mary Moore Rankin

      3 Claude Edgar Rankin b. c1892 Robinson Co., KY, d. 1949 Fayette Co. KY m Nancy Prater Rankin

         4 Thomas Prater Rankin

            5 Richard Thomas Rankin

             [Contact Tom Rankin, <stampguy19 AT>, <terankin AT>] R-8, #64873


1 Robert Rankin, b. 1753 Fredrick Co. VA, d. 1837 Cold Spring TX

   2 William M., b.  1786 KY, d. 1859 TX, m. Sarah Landrum

      3 William, b. 1839 TX, d. ca. 1900 TX, m. Matilda Hall

         4 Thomas Berry, b. 1870 TX, d. 1953 Sour Lake, TX, m. Annie Laurie Sewell

            5 Lester Boyd, b. TX, d. CO, m. Alma Jean Rankin

               6 Michael “Mike” B. Rankin, not tested at FTDNA

       [Contact Mike Rankin <mikesr1 AT>]


1 John Rankin b. 1800 Derry, Ireland; m. Nancy McPeak d. 1876 Kent Co. Ontario

   2 Joseph b. 1827 Derry, Ireland m. Emma Pray d. 1913 St. Clair Co MI

      3 James b. 1861 St. Clair Co., MI m. Mary Powell d. 1931 St. Clair Co. MI

          4 James Edgar b. 1888 St. Clair Co. MI m. Kate Benedict d. 1960 Sanilac Co, MI

                [Contact James P. Rankin <jprankin1966 AT>] R-55, #242081


1. Jacob Nicely Knisely

[Contact Jason D. Nicely <snicely1 AT>] R-49, #26404


1. Kenneth Rankin, Doak [Contact <doak AT>] R-30, # N83387


Maternal side:

Samuel Rankin b. 1740, d. after 1779

{Contact Craig Douglas Anderson <craig.karen.anderson AT>,

<craigdanderson AT>, <maryterri4 AT>] R-52, #218683


Tested mtDNA and/or Family Finder

These people are hoping to find others who have the same ancestors.


1 Peter Ranken of Scheill; -  William Ranken b 1577 d 1623, m 1619 Agnes Crawford

   2 James Ranken m Douglas

      3 George Ranken of Ardgrene d 1680, m Elizabeth Blackwood

         4 William Rankine, m Margaret

            5 John Rankine b 1727 d 1810, m Ann Aitken

               6 Adam Rankine b 1777 d 1859, m 1804 Sarah Mckenzie

                  7 John Rankine b 1807 d 1847, m 1845 Ann McCauley/Mausley

                     8 Adam Rankine b 1846 d 1936, m 1880 Louisa Martha Lawsond

                        9 Roger Rankine b 1888 d 1966, m Lily L'Estrange Eames

                           10 Lilian Joyce Rankine m Kenneth Percy Denham

                               11 Elizabeth Kaye Denham, m D. E. Aldous

                                     [Contact<kaldous AT>] R-39, # N3463


1 Robert Rankin, b. 1837 KY, d. 1881, m. 1st Matilda Redmond, 2nd Elizabeth Veach

   2 Joseph Allen, b.  1837 Harrison Co. KY, d. 1911 MO, m. India Ann McWilliams

      3 David Oscar, b. 1864 Ray Co. MO, d. 1950 MO, m. Ella J. Brockett

         4 Allen Milton, b. MO, d. MO, m. Alice Doolan

 [Contact Janell Rankin Gehrman, <jgehrman2001 AT> & <janellgehrman AT>] R-43, #186108


1. William Rankin b. c1801 Ireland, m Hannah Maria Chadworth 1830 Kent, UK

     2. Charles Henry Rankin b 1877 Plumstead, Woolwich, Kent, England, d 1944, Essex SW, England m Ellen Lowe 1881 Liverpool, Eng.

         3. William Frederick Rankin, b. 1904, Essex, d. Plaistow, Essex, m. Lilian Minnie Middleton

                [Contact Loma Jacqueline Guthrie, <athenalou AT>] R-47, #174183


1. James Leon Rankin b. 1910 TX, d. 1995 m. 1933 Margaret Lucille Barton b. 1913 TX, d. 1994

                [Contact Jenny Rankin Marshall  <jnnymarshall AT>] R-56, #244353


1. William Rankin b 1866 Derry, Ireland, d 1905 Queensland Australia, m. Sarah Ann M. McWhinnie

    2. Margaret Elizabeth Rankin b. 1891, Queensland, Australia, d. 1928  Queensland, Australia, m. Martin

                     [Contact Mark Martin: <mamartin AT >] R-59, #279590



Not Tested –Looking for Rankin Information

These individuals are looking for more information about their Rankin family lines.


George Rankin, d 1847 Kildare Town, County Kildare, Ireland, m. Anne Jesop, d 1837.

    George Rankin b c1823 m 1862 Kildare Town, Mary Toole b 1836

        Brigid Rankin b 1872 m 1899 in Kildare Town, Peter Belford b 1876

                [Contact aidan in Rankin DNA Pedigree forum]


1 William Rankin, b c 1700 probably Ireland, d 1769, Fayette Co PA

   2 William, b Derry Ireland, m Ann (e) Davidson

      3 William, b c 1762/64 Fayette Co PA, d 1807, m Jane

         4 Thomas, b 1786 Fayette Co PA, d 1841 Guernsey Co PA, m Elizabeth Stevens

            5 Joshua b 1826 Guernsey Co OH, d 1891 Bates Co MO, m Nancy Upton

               6 Charles Rankin, b 1869 Dewitt Co IL, d 1948 Kansas City MO –

[Contact Lillie Ann Flora <bla3pkj8fs5 AT>]


1 David Rankin (Dr.) b. c.1695 Londonderry Ireland m. Mildred McCormick Raphoenor, N. Ireland c 1718

   2 David, b. 1726 enroute to America (Frederick Co. VA) m. Hannah Province

      3 Thomas (Capt), b. 1751 in Frederick Co. VA, d. 1820 Harrison Co. KY, m. Hannah Jane Montgomery c.1770

         4 John C., b. 1774, d. 1834 ? m 1st Susannah Catherine Hunt, m 2nd  Elizabeth Beckett

            5 James Thomas, b. 1830 d. 1875, m. Tobitha Ellen Sims Nicholas Co. KY

               6 James William, b. 1861 Nicholas Co. KY d. 1933, m. Mary Ann Mastin 1884

                  7 Homer Louis Rankin b. 1889 Paris, KY d. 1973

                     8 Donald Rankin

                        9 Preston Keith Rankin Sr.

                           10 Preston Rankin Jr. – [Contact <prankin AT>}


1 Morgan Rankins b. 1818 Pickens SC d. Rabon Co. GA m Sarah b 1822 SC

   2 Malon John S. b. 1843 SC, d. 1902 Logan Co. AR. m. Sarah Jane Gordon

      3 William Marion b. 1870 Logan Co. AR. d. 1906 Logan Co. AR. m. Agnes Maxwell

         4 Oscar Leon b. 1896 Logan Co. AR. d. 1975 Osage Co. OK. m. Erman Manatal Smith

            5 Alvin Leon Rankins b 1924 Logan Co. AR. d. Tulare Co. CA. 

                                [Contact Shirley Perez <shirleyjean AT>]


1 Charles Thomas Rankin, b. c1833/1834 Ireland m. Jane Dutten/Duggeon, b. c1843, emigrated to America 1850

   2 Edward Garfield, b. 1873, m. 1894 Martha Elizabeth Hindman, b. 1876, Altoona, PA

      3 Edward Garfield, d. 1942, Westmont, NJ

         4 William Edward, b. 1901 Philadelphia, PA m 1924 Mary Peramelia Forrester b. 1900, Baltimore, MD

            5 William Edward, d. South Bend, IN –

                           [Contact <perawfa> on Rankin Pedigree page]


1 William Rankin b 1809 TN, d. before 1860, m. Mary Banes House

   2 Joseph Alvin “Joe”, b 1854 TX, d. 1926 TX, m. Mary Ann Miller

      3 Joseph Fritz, b 1898 TX, d TX, m Cora E. Kuykendahl

         4 Randall Ray b. TX, d. TX

            5 Michael Jay Rankin                               [Contact <Michael.Rankin AT>]


1 George Rankin d. 1760 Augusta Co. VA, m. Martha

   2 Capt. Thomas b. 1745 d. 1787 Augusta Co. VA, m. Mary Crawford

      3 George b. 1782 Augusta Co. VA, d. 1854 Anderson Co. SC, m. Mary “Polly” Rankin

         4 Thomas Franklin b. 1807, d. 1872 Anderson Co. SC, m. Sarah Ann Orr

            5 William Robertson b.1842 Anderson Co. SC, d. 1913 Calhoun, Gordon Co. GA, m. Maggie Ramsey

               6 Pauline Olivia b. 1877 Calhoun, GA, d. Mena, AK, m. Starr

[Contact Linda Sparks Starr <lsstarr AT>]


1 John Rankin, m. Ann Clough, widow of John Overton killed in Rev. War

   2 Robert Rankin

      3 Moses, m. Mary Polly Gill

         4 William Sr. m. Julia Ann Brewer

            5 William Jr. m. Issaphanie “Phannie” Linville

               6 Edna Earle Rankin, m. William Foster Perkins

                  7 Walter Thomas Perkins, m. Alice Adair

                     8 Mary Perkins Bishop   

                                     [Contact <mebishop1 AT>]


1 Thomas Rankin 1st, b. 1704 Scotland

   2 Thomas Rankin 1st, b. 1704 Scotland

      3 Thomas Rankin 2nd, b. 1728 Ireland, d. 1814, Washington Co., PA.

         4 James Rankin 1st, b. 1757 Ireland, d. 1812, m. 1792 Martha Stevens

            5 John Rankin, b. 1795, d. 1846, m. 1818 Charlotte Lytle

               6 Martin Walter Rankin, b. 1826 OH, d. 1902, m. 1858 Adeline McCurdy, b. PA

                  7 Edwin Grant Rankin, b. 1863 PA, d. 1930, m. 1887 Irene Thompson

                     8 Harvey Walter Rankin, b. 1893 PA, d. GA, m. Helen Engel

                        9 Robert Louis Rankin, m. Carolyn Leverance,

[Contact on Rankin WorldFamilies Forum #19, <>]


1 Adam Rankin B 1688 m Elizabeth May (later m. Mary Steele)

   2 James B 1721 m Jean Campbell

      3 David B 1742 m Ann Campbell, Cumberland Co Pa.

         4 James B 1768 m Mary Brashear 26 Aug 1794

            5 Samuel Worthington B 1801 m Dicy Brown, Bledsoe Co TN

               6 James B 1825 m Elizabeth Billingsly, Bledsoe Co TN

                  7 Worth Hill B 1866 m Mary Taylor, Warren Co TN

                     8 William Thomas Rankin B 1903 m Velma Cloud

                        9 William Ted B m Ruth Elizabeth Pounder 1942, Tulsa Co. OK

                           10 William Jack m Sharon Higgins, Tulsa Co., OK

                                       [Rankin in WorldFamilies Rankin Forum: <>]


Adam Rankin b. 1688 Scotland, d. 1747 Lancaster, PA, m. Elizabeth Ray/May, Ireland (possible parents)

   Mary Catherine Rankin b.c1705 Ireland, d.1756 PA, m Joshua Cox

      David Cox b 1735 Lancaster Co PA d 1818 Grayson VA, m Margaret Ann McCown 1764 Augusta Co VA

         Catherine Cox b. 1769 Augusta Co., VA, d.1843 Grayson, VA, m John Blevins c1785

                                [Contact Doloris <harleyyyo AT>]


1 Adam Rankin, b. 1688 Stirlingshire, Scotland, d. 1747 Lancaster Co., PA, m Mary Steele in PA

   2 William Rankin, b. 1723 Chester Co. PA, d. 1792 Franklin Co. PA, m 1742 Mary Huston

      3 David Rankin, b 1745 Cumberland Co PA, d 1802 Greene Co., TN, m Margaret Kerr 1765 Augusta Co VA

         4 James Rankin, b. 1768 Chester Co., PA, d. 1810 Bledsoe Co. TN, m. Mary Brashears

            5 James D Rankin b 1809 Greene Co TN d 1871 Jasper, Marion Co TN, m. Mary Jane Alley 1840

               6 William Milton Rankin, b 1842 Jasper, Marion Co TN, d 1897 Marion Co TN m. Mary Jane Moore

                  7 William James “Will” Rankin, b 1872 TX, d 1918 Chattanooga TN, m Sarah Layne

                     8 Milton "Milt" Rankin  b.1898 Marion TN d 1971 Marion Co TN, m 1921 Maude Mae Hicks

                        9 William Luther Rankin , b. TN

                           10 Clifford Ray Rankin , b. TN

                                11 Clint Rankin 

                                             [Contact <clint.rankin AT>]


Maude Estelle Rankin b 1878, m Barney Monroe Wollard 1895 Washington Co. TX b 1872

[Msmactx in WorldFamilies Rankin Forum


Capt. Thomas Rankin. b 1751 Frederick, VA and died in Harrison Co., KY.

Capt. Thomas Rankin b 1750 PA, d 1820 Harrison Co., KY, m Hannah Jane Montgomery

Does anyone have information about these two Captains and sources for your information?

                [Contact k8ball on WorldFamilies Rankin Forum]


1. Joseph Rankin(s) b. ? NH? d.>1772, Lebanon ME m. Mary

    2. Jonathan Rankin(s) b. 1760 Lebanon, ME d.1826 Lebanon, ME m. Molly Champen

        3. Daniel Rankin(s) b.1800 Lebanon, ME d.1867 Lebanon, ME m. Lydia Blaisdell

            4. Isaac Rankin(s) b.1831 Lebanon, ME d. 1891 Lebanon, ME m. Frances Buzzell

                5. Fred Rankin(s) b.1864 Lebanon, ME d. ? ME or NH m. Adelaid Durgin

                    6. James Rankin b.1884 Lebanon ME d. 1944 Shapleigh ME m. Katherine Grant

                                        [Contact Emily Engler <trappingrrl AT>] #281988


1. Moses Rankin, b 1795, in Tennessee, m. Sarah "Sallie" Toombs

    2. Henderson Clark Rankin, b 1822, in Murray, Tennessee, m. Elizabeth Shepherd

        3. William Henry Rankin, b 1948, in Crawford, Arkansas, m. Clarissa Sims

             4. John Harvey Rankin, b 1874, in Crawford, Arkansas, m. Narcissa Irene Temple

                  5. Wilbur Rankin, b 1899, in Crawford, Arkansas, m. Margaret Ruppel

[Contact Raymond Rankin <rrankin2006 AT]


1. David Rankin 1732-1781 m Margaret

    2. Robert Rankin b.1757? Iredell Co, NC m. Jean Denny

        3. Denny Rankin 1775-1823, m. Sarah McMin

        3. James Rankin 1778-1855 Iredell Co, NC m. Elizabeth K. McMin

            4. James Rankin 1807-1894? Iredell County, NC  m. Frances "Frankie" Mayhew

                5. George Lee Rankin 1832-1909

                5. Eleanor Rankin b.1837

               5. Rachel Rankin b.1837

               5. Caroline Rankin b.1841

               5. James D. Rankin b.1844

               5. Hester Rankin b.1845

               5. Osborne Tatum Rankin b.1852 Iredell Co, NC, d. 1918 Rowan Co, NC  m. Amanda Isabella Shuford

                   6. James Daniel Rankin b.1875 China Grove, NC, d.1966 Boone, NC  m. Tula B. Roberta Abernethy

                       7. Ruth S. Rankin b.1904 NC, d.2003 Dallas, TX  m. Paris Milton Rutherford

                       7. Charles Elmer Rankin 1908-1996 m. Mildred McDade

                       7. Winton Blair Rankin b.1916 m. Edith Dora Griffin

                   6. Robert Lee Rankin 1879-1940  m. Susie Mae Belk

                       7. Lucille Rankin

                       7. Bessie Rankin

                       7. Rosalie Rankin 

                       7. Gray Rankin

                       7. Flake Rankin

                       7. William B. Rankin

                   6. Etta Elmora Rankin 1882-1940 m. James H. Peeler

                       7. Lee Rankin

                       7. Olin Rankin

                   6. Charles Wesley Rankin 1886-1918 m. Lurlene

                       7. Charles Rankin

                       7. Ned Rankin

            4. Ann Rankin b.1816, m. James Reid

            4. Sarah Rankin b.1820, m. J. F. Brawley

            4. Nancy M. Rankin, m. James S. Beatty

            4. Ruth Rankin

            4. Rachel Rankin

            4. Jane Rankin, m. Alexander Williams

            3. Elizabeth Rankin

            4. Lucinda Rankin

        3. David Rankin

    2. Jane Rankin b.1765 Iredell Co, NC, d.1859 Bedford Co, TN

                                [Contact Bill Rankin <billrankin AT>]