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Having your DNA tested is a useful aid when you reach dead ends using traditional documentation.  DNA testing can help you identify your extended and ancient family if everyone posts their baseline pedigree information.  When you order your test and receive your results, you will frequently ask; what do I need to do next?

The answer is simple.  Build a basic family tree starting with yourself and ending with your earliest known ancestor.  If you choose to keep your tree information private you have likely squandered the funds and opportunity to learn more about your extended family.  How else are we to identify you beyond your name if you elect to conceal your pedigree?

Don't worry if you only can provide a few generations, it is perfectly reasonable to expect that this is the reason you are having your DNA tested in the first place.  Each member, or project participant is asked to post their own paternal pedigree to the Quinn Surname DNA Project Pedigree Forum.

Note the Pedigrees Menu item from the website's top menu.  The menu item is located on the extreme right of the menu above. Notes about pedigrees are located at the bottom of this page.


R1b Lineage II - Laughlin Quin, 1712-1774

The entries below correspond to Haplogroup R1b - Lineage II.  Lineage II is a line currently identified by the ancestors of Laughlin Quin of Newport, Carteret, NC, USA and has no further validated information beyond Laughlin including no known country of origin.

Laughlin Quin's origins are therefore stalled.  The group's participants are looking for other individuals in Ireland, Scotland, England, or Wales that match Lineage II.  To-date, there are no matches for Lineage II anywhere except in North America.

Laughlin is identified as Planter, Granted 100 Acres in Carteret County, Province of North Carolina in 1749 (m1) Mary Canaday near Edenton, Chowan County, Province of North Carolina 1748/9.

T. Allen Quinn's Line (

Caleb Quin, 1752-1833 (m1) Virginia Jane "Jenny" Johnston, 1761-1840 near Potter's Hill, Duplin County, NC on 6 November 1787

Jesse Quinn, 1794-1860 (m2) Susan Ann Jernigan 1799-1854 near Wolfscrape, Duplin County, NC on 20 December 1824

Watson Franklin Quinn, 1834-1908 (m1) Julia Ann Garner 1845-1917 near Summerlin's Crossroads, Duplin County, NC on 21 December 1865

Franklin Pugh Quinn, 1873-1932 (m1) Minnie Victoria Davis 1886-1958 near Wolfscrape, Duplin County, NC on 24 Jan 1909

Joseph Samuel "Joe" Quinn (m1) Margaret Rivenbark 1912-1957 near Mt. Olive, Wayne County, NC on 14 Sep 1933

Living Quinn, (m1) Living Lamm in Goldsboro, Wayne County, NC

T. Allen Quinn (KIT 151962)


Betty Quinn Landrum's Line (

James William Quinn, 1761-1802 (m1)  Elizabeth Ann Rigby 1765-1792 near Potters Hill, Duplin County, NC in 1786

William Graham Quinn, 1792-1850 (m1) Sarah "Sally" Bryan Holmes 1810-1898 near Macon, Houston County, GA in 1826

William Bryan Quinn, 1829-1902 (m1) Martha Caroline Watkins  1837-1902 near Potters Hill, Duplin County, NC on 12 December 1854

James Henry Quinn 1856-1935 (m1) Ida Emaline Teer 1875-1954 near Noxapater, Winston County, MS in 1893

David Monroe Quinn 1894-1960 (m1) Beatrice Ophelia Reed 1896-1931 near Noxapater, Winston County, MS

Betty Quinn Landrum via L. B. Quinn (KIT 52177)

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