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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • David Pinkerton b 1717 NC d 1771 NC m Mary Glass - Dennis C. Pinkerton [dcp1 AT]
    • David Pinkerton b 1755 NC d 1783 NC m Annie Shipton
      • Robert Chapman Pinkerton b 1779 NC d 1846 NC m Mary Ray
        • William Anselom Pinkerton b 1819 NC d 1880 AL 191618
  • John Pinkerton b c1750 m Jane - Charles Raymond (Ray) Pinkerton [crpink AT]
    • James Pinkerton b c1784 GA m Elizabeth J. Dupree
      • James A. Pinkerton I b 15 Feb 1826 Putnam Co., GA m Mary Frances Harrison
        • James A. Pinkerton II b 19 Jan 1877 Putnam Co., GA m Bessie Randall Hawkins
          • Charles W. Pinkerton b 6 Dec 1908 Putnam Co., GA m Jennie Beatrice Methvin 193150
  • Hugh Pinkerton b 1767 PA m Margaret Eckert - Helen Pinkerton Rydell [hrydell AT]
    • Joseph Pinkerton b 1810 Halifax, PA m Susan Shadow
      • Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton b 1846 Tremont, PA m Mary Russ
        • Paul W. Pinkerton b 1887 Tyrone, PA m Estelle Foute 113052, 195886
  • Robert Pinkerton  b c1770 Secon,Ballymoney, Co.Antrim, No.Ireland  m Jane Lockridge -Ronald Pinkerton    [rpinkerton AT]
    • Robert John Pinkerton  b c1797 Ballymoney, Co.Antrim, No.Ireland  m Margaret Devine
      • Robert Allen Pinkerton b 24Jun1833 Ballymoney,Co.Antrim,No.Ireland  m Nancy Ann Mahan
        • Robert Pinkerton  b 30Jun1872  Hebron,WashingtonCo.,NY  m Jenny Mae Whitaker
          • Alfred Pinkerton  b 21Jun1902  Salem,WashingtonCo.,NY  m Edith Dunster 198270
  • Henry Pinkerton d1787  Hunterdon County NJ  mKeziah (Harold) Douglas Pinkerton -Douglas Pinkerton [hobit at]
    • John Pinkerton d1817 Hunterdon County NJ mRachel Lequear
      • David Lequear Pinkerton b1775 d1851 Hunterdon County NJ mRebecca Rockefeller
        • Henry Rockefeller Pinkerton b1809 d1880 Hunterdon County NJ mJuliana White
          • John Wesley Pinkerton b1846 d1908 Hunterdon County NJ mLorrvina Emmons
            • Frank Emmons Pinkerton b1888 d1938 Hunterdon County NJ mAda Vanselous 421530
  • James Harvey Pinkerton b c1825 TN m Jane - Larry Pinkerton [pinkerton9181 AT]
    • Jordan Alexander Pinkerton b c1845 TN m Catherine Wilhelm
      • James Marshall Pinkerton b 1865 d 1955 Paducah, KY 187185

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