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This page is intended to contain information that will help others find links to their own ancestors. If a project participant has a proven line of descent or Y-DNA connection to 1709/10 Palatine immigrant, the immigrant's name is underscored and flagged with an asterisk. If the surname appears in the Hunter List but the line is not proven, it is shown in a separate list below.. If the emigrant ancestor is not known, we show the earliest known ancestor. However, if an emigrant is suspected, we include his name in the listing with a question mark. We will list all families by emigrant or earliest ancestor, along with the email address (disguised) for the line leader(s).  We hope that all families will be listed on this page, eventually.   We also hope to locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Note that information is submitted by individual participants, and this project is not responsible for its accuracy. To send an email to a line leader, below, simply replace the AT with @ and DOT with a period.
We are working on a new input screen that will simplify the task of supplying your pedigree for the Palatine Project.
In the meantime, please feel free to send an e-mail with your pedigree information
to the Project Administrator, Alice Clark, at .
Alice will make sure to post your pedigree promptly.
Palatine Emigrant or Earliest Known Paternal Ancestor - Y-DNA
Confirmed Y-DNA Connection to 1710
*Christain Aigler/Faigler & Henrich Schramm and Anna Elsa Kiffel and Johann Wilhelm Kieffer and Catharina Plotz - Line Leader: geneil AT geneseo DOT com
Pedigree:  (Schramm and Kiffel:  1710 Immigrant Henrich Schramm B 18 Dec 1667; M abt 1691; D ? Child:  Frederick Schramm B abt 12 Jun 1695 Woollensdorst, Germany; M 12 Feb 1717 Anna Maria Kieffer:  daughter Maria Schramm B Nov 1725; M 14 Mar 1749, Andrew J. Ecklor; D Jan 1760).
??????????? (Kieffer and Plotz:  Immigrant Johann Wilhelm Kieffer and Catharina (Plotz) M abt 1691; daughter Anna Maria Kieffer)
(1) *Christian Aigler (Hunter List 160)   b. abt 1 Jan 1671-;  d. aft 1712 and bef 1716 at West Camp.
(2) Andreas Aigler b June 1710 (either at Nutters Island or on board the "Lyon"), d aft 24 Oct 1761; m. Maria Borters
(3) Andrew J. Ecklor b 7 Mar 1732, Albany, now Greene Co., NY; m. Maria Schramm
(4) Frederick Ecklor b 21 Oct 1755 Albany, now Greene Co., NY; Sarah Barker;  d aft 21 Apr 1834, Cairo, Greene Co., NY; m. Sarah Barker
(5)  David Ecklor B 22 Jul 1786, Minisink, Orange Co., NY; d. abt 1871, Cropsey, Livingston Co., IL; m. Blondina/Rebecca Huyck
(6)  William Frederick Ecklor b. 7 Apr 1814, Huron, Erie Co., OH;  d. 5 Jan 1866; m. Gennette Cain
(7)  William Frederick Eiklor b. Huron, Erie Co., OH, d. 14 Jan 1905, Genoa, DeKalb Co., IL; m. Sophrona Olmstead
(8)  William A. Eiklor B 25 Feb 1859 Genoa Township, DeKalb County, IL; M 20 Aug 1881 Susan Amy Blundy,  Pontiac, Livingston County, IL; D 25 Mar 1925, Genoa, DeKalb County, IL
Lester Edward Eiklor b. 31 May 1882, Livingston Co., IL, d. 27 Jan 1939 Rock Co., WI; m. "Mary"/ Emma Marie Augusta Mittelstaedt
DNA Testee: Y-22, kit #113343
Eaklor.  Line Leader:
(1)  Christian Aigler (Hunter List 160)   b. abt 1680 Rhine Valley Region, Germany;  d. 29 Mar 1716  West Camp, Ulster, New York, USA

(2)  Andreas Eigler b. 08 Apr 1711 New York, USA ; d. aft 1732

(3)  Andrew Eckler b. 09 Mar 1732 Clinton, New York, USA; d. May 1805 Greene, New York, USA

(4)  Frederick Eckler b. 21 Oct 1755 Albany, New York, USA; d. abt 1807 Ohio, USA

(5)  Andrus Ecklor b 2 Feb 1781 Catskill, Greene, New York, USA; d. 6 Apr 1831 Rome, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA

(6)  Godfrey Eiklor b abt 1805 Rome, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA; d. 1887

(7)  Henry Eaklor b 04 Mar 1842 Dearborn County, Indiana, USA; d 13 Jun 1898 Shelby, County, Illinois, USA

(8)  George Henry Eaklor b 12 Jul 1867 Shelby, Edwards, Illinois, USA; d. 09 Apr 1940 Chromo, Archuleta, Colorado, USA

(9)  "Jack" George Henry Eaklor b 1 Sep 1987 Missouri, USA; d. 5 Aug 1965 Colorado, USA


Peter Batdorff  (Hunter List 18) - Line Leader jonathan DOT batdorff AT navistar DOT COM
Johannes ‘Peter’ Batdorff (b. abt 1640, d. ? ) 
(1) Peter Batdorff b. abt 1670, d. 1709 ? enroute to America from Holland); m. Anna Maria ? 
(2) Martin Batdorff b. Sept 1698, d. abt 1782; m. Maria Elizabeth Walborn 
(3) Henrich ‘Henry’ Batdorff b. abt 1732, d. 15 Aug 1808; m. Anna Maria Saltzgeber 
(4) George Peter Batdorff b. 11 Feb 1768, d. aft 1854; m. Catherine Brine 
(5) Johannes ‘John’ Batdorff b. 12 Aug 1794, d. 1 Mar 1871; m. Catherine Daniels
(6) Wilhelm/William Batdorff b. 20 Jul 1820, d. 14 Sep 1900; m. Sarah Cole
(7) Eli Batdorff b. 23 Sep 1848, d. 18 Jul 1930; m. Latheria Samantha Curtis 
(8) Emerson Martin Batdorff b. 3 Sep 1868, d. 13 Jul 1951; m. Talitha Agnes Myers 
(9) L. Dale Batdorff b. 21 Jun 1900, d. 3 Oct 1975; m. Henrietta Dorothea Radtke 
DNA Testee: Y-51, kit #126789
*Christian Bauch (Hunter List #20) Line Leader: john.bouck AT gmail DOT com
(2) - John Wilhelm Bauch b. c 1670
(3) - Johannes W. Bouck b. 1747
(4) - Adam Bouck b. 1772
(5) - John Adam Bouch b. 1797
(6) - John F. Bouck b. 1852
(7) - Hyrum Sidney Bouck b. 1887
(8) - Alvin Sidney Bouck b. 1911
DNA Testee: Y-77, kit # 149042
(same Palatine Ancestor):  Y-212, kit# 198089 Line Leader rbouck0808 AT comcast DOT net
(same Palatine ancestor):
(2) Johann Frederick Sr. Bauch b. Germany 1702; d. 20 Jul 1867, Schoharie, NY; m. Magdalena Ecker
(3) Henrich (Henry) Bouck b.  Feb 1737, Schoharie, NY; d. 7 Aug 1816, Schoharie, NY; m. Maria Feeck
(4) Peter Bouck b. 25 Aug 1771, Schoharie, NY; d. 4 Sep 1849, Frankfort Hill, NY; m. Sarah Nicholas
(5) John SR Bouck b. 22 Sep 1801, Schoharie, NY; d. 1879, Frankfort Hill, NY; m. Mary Lintz
(6) Peter Bouck b. 1833 Frankfort, NY; d. 21 Apr 1909, Frankfort, NY; m. Rhoda Youngs
(7) Judson Lewis Bouck b. 4 Jun 1874, Frankfort, NY; d. 9 Feb 1934, Ilion, NY; m.  Maude Ester Russel
(8) Charles Monroe Bouck b. 17 July 1910 Frankfort, NY; d. 25 Nov 1988, Ilion, NY; m. Vernetta Mae March
*Sebastian Becker (Hunter List #34) Line leader: lbmurphy AT hotmail DOT com
(1) - Sebastian Becker c.1663-c.1710, b. Alsheim, Germany; m. Magdalena Weyland
(2) - Conrad Becker c.1695-before 1738; m. Sabina Mattheus (Mattice)
(3) - Johann Nicholas Becker d. 1800; m. Elisabeth Schafer
4) - Henrich N. Becker 1743 - after 1800; m. Maria Zimmer
(5) - William H. Becker 1773 - 1838; m. Catharina Kaiser (Keyser)
(6) - Phillip S. Becker 1802 - 1887; m. Catharine Mann
(7) - Peter Mann Becker 1827-1918; m. Christina Bergh
(8) -Bergh Becker 1855-1935; m. Nancy Hyney
(9) - Vernon Becker 1885-1971; m. Elma Frances Fuller
DNA Testee: Y-118, kit #152421
*Johannes Bonroth (Hunter List #67) Line leader: travlin DOT pen AT gmail DOT com
(1) Johannes Bonroth/Peonradt 1680-1725 b. Prussia d. Maryland, m. Elizabeth Flam (suspected)
(2) Johannes Bonroth/Poenradt (later called John Penrod) 1700-1756 b. Prussia d. NY, m. Gertrude Delbert (suspected)
(3) John Penrod 1726-1799 b. NY, d. Pennsylvania, m. Catherine Barrone
(4) David Penrod 1754-1836 b. Maryland, died Pennsylvania, m. Barbara Shonts
(5) Michael Penrod 1780-1850 b. and d. Pennsylvania, m. Catharine Moore
(6) Elijah Penrod 1808-1899, b. and d. Pennsylvania, m. Joanna Bausch
(7) Franklin J. Penrod 1838-1913, b. Pennsylvania, d. Kansas, m. Susan Gardner
(8) Fredrick Penrod 1868-1894 b. Pennsylvania, d. Kansas, m. Martha Jane Hulse
(9) Franklin John Penrod Sr.  1891-1942 b. Kansas, d. California, m. May Isabelle Harrison
DNA Testee: kit #244648
*Johannes Bonroth (Hunter List #67) Line leader: lpfrankel AT gmail DOT com
Johannes Benroth m. Gertrude 
John Penrod  (1726-1799)
Eleazer Elijah Penrod (1768-1818)
John Penrod (1805-1866) 
Norman B. Penrod (1829-1896)
George H. Penrod (1860-1933)
John Winall Penrod, Sr. (1884-1967)
John Winall Penrod, Jr. (1911-1996
DNA Testee:  kit #555576
*Johann Valentin Bressler/Pressler (Hunter List #82) Line leader: daclyde AT gmail DOT com
b1669 Germany, m Anna Christina Franse, d aft 1742 NY
(2) - Hans Jurie Pressler b. abt 1707 Germany, d aft 1760 NY?; m Mary ?
(3) - John Presley/Presler b bef 1760, d. aft 1805, NC
(4) - Joshua Preslar b abt 1780 Anson Co., NC, d. aft 19 Jun 1864, Anson Co., NC; m Susannah Parker
(5) - Joshua Preslar b abt 1810 Anson Co, NC, d. aft 1860 Henderson Co., NC; m. Margaret ?
(6) - Thomas Parker Preslar/Presley b 8 Sep 1840 Anson Co., NC, d. 19 Dec 1907, Finley, Dyer Co., TN; m. Mary Elizabeth Carpenter 
(7) - James Richard Presley b 24 Apr 1875 in Henderson Co., TN, d. 9 Jul 1942, Dyersburg, Dyer Co., TN; m. Lumey Louise Smith 
(8) - Rufus Presley b. 29 Jan 1904, Finley, Dyer Co., TN; m. Nettie Mae Bivens
DNA Testee: Y-75, kit #40835; Y-76, kit #49060
*Mattheus Brong/Brunck (Hunter List 88) - Line leader: bbronk AT verizon DOT net
Earliest known ancestor:  Briccius Brunck of Andel, Mosel, Rhineland Pfalz, b abt 1609.
Palatine Emigrant:  Mattheus Brong/Brunck, b 23 May 1652, Mulheim, Rheinland Pfalz; d. 21 Jan 1714/15 West Camp, NY; m. Anna Wormser
(2) - Nicholas Bronk, b. 28 Feb 1712/13, West Camp  Loonenburg, NY; m. Catharine Schram
(3) - Abraham Bronk, b. 2 Mar 1764, Columbia County, NY; d. 5 Jul 1843; m. Catherine Rettelff (Radley)
(4) - John Bronk, b 11 May 1792, Albany County, NY; d. 11 Jun 1863; m. Elizabeth Thomas
(5) - Phillip John Bronk, b 1 Jul 1833, Schenectady County, NY, d. 6 Sep 1888, Mariaville-Duanesburgh, Schenectady County, NY; m. Catherine Callanan
(6) - Edwin Serviss Bronk, b. 8 May 1863, Watervliet, NY; d. 17 Sep 1942, Watervliet, NY; m. Harriet Lucinda Boyce
(7) - Edwin Nelson Bronk, b 29 May 1895, Watervliet, NY; d 21 May 1971, Troy, NY; m Marguerite Waddington
DNA Testee: Y-27, kit #116978
*Peter Faeg (Hunter List 184) - Line leader: adelia AT alltel DOT net
Emigrant: Johann Leonhardt Feg b. Germany, d. 1758 Berks Co., PA, m. Johanna Von Huss
(1) - Peter Feag b. 1749 Berks Co., PA; m. Maria Appolonia Hetrick
(2) - John Fake (Johannes Feek) b. 1796 Lebanon Twp., PA, d. c 1867, m. Christine Kreiser
(3) - Emanuel Fake b. 1 Jan 1820, m. Nellie Sattazahn
(4) - Amos Fake b. 29 Apr 1854, Union Twp., Lebanon Co., PA, d. 1907; m, Katherine Deaven
Harvey Fake b 20 Mar 1875 Green Point, PA, d 18 Nov 1954 Reading, PA; m. Mary Ann Klinger
DNA Testee: Y-24, kit #114777
Clarence A. Fake b. 2 Mar 1901, d Lebanon, PA; m. Ruth Heilman
DNA Testee: Y-25, kit #114968
Rev. Norman I. Fake b. 29 Jan 1891 Green Point, PA; m. Gertrude Luckebill
DNA Testee: Y-26, kit #114987
* (Johann) Michael Freymeyer (Hunter List #211) Line Leader:  jayf AT ptd DOT net
(1)  Johannes Michael Freymeyer b. 1670, Germany, d. Schoharie, NY; m. Anna Margaretha (first wife)
(2) Jacob Freymeyer b. 1695, Germany, d. 19 Feb 1778, Berks, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Anna Sabilla Hain
(3) Johannes Freymeyer b. 15 Feb 1742, Berks, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 23 Oct 1804; m. Elizabeth Fetter
(4) Heinrich Freymeyer b. 27 Feb 1778, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 9 Aug 1856, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Nancy Buch
(5)  Isaac Freymeyer b. 11 Jul 1817, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 7 Apr 1874, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Catharina Adams
(6)  Jacob A. Frymeyer b. 27 Oct 1859, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 16 Sep 1923; m. Martha Salome Kiehl
(7) Calvin K. Frymyer b. 8 May 1892, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 1 May 1926, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Mamie Dull
(8) Harry Frymyer b. 2 Aug 1913, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 31 Jul 1980, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Minerva Crowther
DNA Testee:  kit #208744
*Valentin Froehlich (Hunter List # 217) Line Leader: gfralick AT voyager DOT net
Earliest known ancestor:  Johann Heinrich Frohlich b. 14 Mar 1651, Germany, d. Mar 1721, Mannweiler, Germany; m. Anna Margrethe Lampen 
(1) Johann "Valentin" Frohlich, b. 1680 in Mannweiler, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany, d. abt. 1726 Ulster Co., NY, b. Katsbaan, NY; m. Anna Appolonia Rapp 
(2) Henrich Frolich b. 1708, d. abt. 1797; m. Elisabetha Catharina Schneider
(3) Martin Frolich b. 11 Oct 1732, d. 1809; m. Anna Maria Hagedorn
(4) Peter Fralick b. 12 Sep 1809; m. Ruth Grosethern 
(5) Martin Fralick b. 3 Dec 1786, d. 1849; m. Hannah Hoffman 
(6) Peter Smith Fralick b. 13 Jan 1810, d. 15 Nov 1882; m. Elisabeth Van Luven 
(7) James Wilson Fralick b. May 1831, d. 9 Aug 1890; m. Alidda M. Huffman 
(8) M Dee Fralick b. 28 Aug 1872; m. Minnie M. Gilpin 
(9) Sam D. Fralick b. 1903, d. Jul 1952
DNA Testee:   Y-215, kit #199371
*Peter Gerlach (Hunter List # 230) Line Leader: a_clark AT ix DOT netcom DOT com
Earliest known ancestor:  Johannes Gerlach d. 1686, Heddesdorf bei Neuwied
Johann Christian Gerlach b. Heddesdorf bei Neuwied 1663, d. 17 Oct 1723; m. Anna Catharina
(1) - Johann Georg Gerlach b Oct. 1708 Rengsdorf bei. Neuwied, d. ?, m. Elisabetha Lutzenius; emigrated 1722
(Johann Georg was a first cousin of Peter Gerlach, HL #230 and would, therefore, have had the same Y-DNA) 
(2) - Pieter Gerlach b. 22 Sept. 1723 Hackensack, NJ, d. after 1823, Canada, m.?
(3) - George Peter Garlock b. 14 July 1750 New Jersey Field Patent, d. after 1823, Canada; m. Margaretha Hulshover
(4) - Philip Garlock b. 9 Feb. 1791 Herkimer Co., NY, d. 22 Dec. 1865 Herkimer Co., NY, m. Elizabeth Garlock
(5) - Joseph Leonard Garlock b. 16 Mar 1814 NY, d. 10 Jun 1883 Alden, MN, m. Nancy Ann Horning 
(6) - John Leonard Garlock b. 6 June 1845 Jefferson Co., NY; d. 7 Sept. 1925 St. Paul, MN: m. Selina Trigg 
(7) - DeWitt Howard Garlock b. 5 Feb 1889 Alden, MN; d. Redlands, CA 9 Mar 1963; m. Nina Parsons
DNA Testee: Y-80, kit #17253
Line Leader:  ngarlough AT gmail DOT COM

(1) Henry (Heinrich) Garlough b. 1761 Hudson, Columbia NY d. 1851 Williamsburg, ON; m. Phillipina ??

(2) Jacob Garlough b. 09 Oct 1790 Williamsburg, ON d. 23 Sep 1880 Williamsburg, ON; m. Elizabeth Merkley

(3) Jacob Simon Garlough b. 17 Sep 1826 Williamsburg, ON d. 01 Jan 1924 Williamsburg, ON; m. Mary Lavinia Marcelis

(4) Hezekiah Garlough b. 9 Nov 1851 Williamsburg, ON d. 1932 Eagle Butte AB; m. Nancy Amelia Berkley

(5) Harris Barkley Garlough b. 1 Aug 1884 Williamsburg, ON d. 28 Dec 1961 Medicine Hat, AB; m. Mable Elizabeth Owens Dempster

DNA Testee:  kit #342265

*Johann Philipp Greisler /Kreissler or Kreussler (Hunter List 249) Line Leader:  fredcrysler AT aol DOT com
(1) Johann Wilhelm Kreussler b. 1560, Elz, Germany, d. 1621, Germany
(2) Johann Casper Kreussler, b. 1594, NiederHadamer, Germany; d. 1635, Germany
(3) Johann Friedrich Kreussler, b. 1630, Flacht, Germany; d. 1685, Germany
(4) Johann Philip Kreissler, b. 1668, Niederniesen, Germany; m. Ann Catherine Braun
(5) Johannes Kreissler, b. 1703, Guntersbloom, Germany; m. Eva Catherine Manck
(6) Wilhelmus Greisler, b. 1727, East Camp, NY; m. Catherine Schauer
(7) George Jury Chrisler, b. 1776, Johnstown, NY; m. Rebecca Sullivan
(8) Martin Chrisler, b. 1812, Marcellus, NY; m. Caroline Wood
(9) Tyrannus Crysler, b. 1835, Marcellus, NY; m. Sarah Ann Lay
(10) Elmer Crysler, b. 1864, Pittsfield, MI; m. Gertrude Robbins
(11) Frederick M. Crysler, b. 1893, Detroit, MI; m. Viola Yvaughn Brown
DNA Testee: kit #207298
*Johann Philipp Greisler /Kreissler or Kreussler (Hunter List 249) Line Leader:  ccryslerAT solowp DOT com
(1) Johann Wilhelm Kreussler b. 1560, Elz, Germany, d. 1621, Germany
(2) Johann Casper Kreussler, b. 1594, NiederHadamer, Germany; d. 1635, Germany
(3) Johann Friedrich Kreussler, b. 1630, Flacht, Germany; d. 1685, Germany
(4) Johann Philip Kreissler, b. 1668, Niederniesen, Germany; m. Ann Catherine Braun
(5) Johannes Kreissler, b. 1703, Guntersbloom, Germany; m. Eva Catherine Manck
(6) Wilhelmus Greisler, b. 1727, East Camp, NY; m. Catherine Schauer
(7) George Jury Chrisler, b. 1776, Johnstown, NY; m. Rebecca Sullivan
(8) Martin Chrysler, b. 1812, Marcellus, NY; m. Caroline Wood
(9) William Furlong Crysler, b. 1859, Sumpter, MI, d. 1921, Jacksonville, FL
(10) Orrah Charles Crysler, b. 1886, Ann Arbor, MI; d. 1948, Wyandotte, MI
(11) Clarence Theodore Crysler, b. 1907, Woodstock, Ont; d 1987, Wyandotte, MI
DNA Testee: kit #
*Johan Michael Haerter (Hunter List #270)  Line Leader johnharder at aol dot com
(1) Johan Michael Haerter m. Maria; d. abt 1717, NY
(2) Jacob Herder b. 1714 NY; d. 1792 NY
(3) Jan Herder  b.1740 NY; d. 1835 NY
(4) John J Harder b. 1780 NY; d. 1861 NY
(5) David Harder b. 1816 NY; d. 1860 IL
(6) Hudson Race Harder b. 1847 NY; d.1932 OK
(7) David Orlan Harder b. 1875 IA; d. 1944 OK
DNA Testee:  Y-186, kit #186117
*Peter Hamm (Hunter List #266) - Line leader: peterham AT sbcglobal DOT net
Emigrant : Peter Hamm  b. 1685 Germany, m. Anna Catharina Sibylla
(2) - Johann Peter Ham b. 18 Jan 1726, d. bef. 3 Jan 1795, m. 2nd Catharina Laurie Leik
(3) - Jeremiah Ham b. 1763, d. 1825
(4) - Jeremiah G. Ham b. 31 Dec 1790, d. 14 Jun 1871
(5) - Peter Ham b. 3 Mar 1822, d. 14 Aug 1909
(6) - John Peter Ham b. 20 Apr 1864, d. 24 Nov 1955
(7) - Leland Peter Ham b. 25 Aug 1904, d. 31 Aug 1986
DNA Testee: Y-32, kit #119955; Y-36, kit #120503; Y-21, kit #112972
*Johann David Ifflandt (Hunter List #341) - Line leader: jde.pbt AT gmail DOT com
(1) Emigrant: Johann David Iffland; b: 21 Jul 1675; Mecklar, Hersfeld-Rotenburg, Hessen; d: 09 Nov 1761; Amwell,Hunterdon,New Jersey; M: Rebecca Schneider

(2) Johannes John Eveland; b: 05 Oct 1704; Mörstadt, Alzey-Worms, Rheinland; d: 05 Oct 1765; Newton, Sussex, New Jersey; M: Anna Barbara Lowrance

(3) Frederick Eveland Sr.; b: 1744; Sussex, Sussex, New Jersey; d: 1838; Waynesville, McLean, Illinois; M: Catharina Van Garden

(4) Frederick Eveland Jr.; b: 1764; Newbury, Somerset, New Jersey; d: 1857; Bloomington, McLean, Illinois; M: Lois Evans

(5) John Eveland; b: 1800; Waterford, Washington, Ohio; d: 05 Jul 1830; Liverpool, Fulton, Illinois; M: Harriet Newton

(6) Joel Eveland; b: 16 Aug 1826; Marietta, Washington, Ohio; d: 14 Dec 1904; Watsonville, Santa Cruz, California; M: Jemima Hyler

(7) Chester Eveland; b: 26 Mar 1881; Covelo, California; d: 23 Jul 1942; Monterey, Monterey, California; M: Martha Gilbert
(8) Warren Chester Eveland; b: 24 Aug 1904; Watsonville CA; d: 18 Oct 1989; Carmel CA; M: Virginia Dudley
DNA Testee: TBD
*Johann Theobald Jung/Young (Hunter List # 350) Line leader: fauxdk AT yahoo DOT com
Johann Theobald Jung b 1691 Dunzweiler, Palatine, Germany d 1762 Canajoharie, NY.
(2) - Johann Adam Jung b 1717 Schoharie, NY d 1790 Grand River Indian Tract, Haldiman County, Ontario, Canada
(3) - Johannes Jung b 1742 St. Johnsville, NY d 1812 Grand River…
DNA Testee: Y-14, kit #17123
Daniel Jung b c 1749 near Indian Castle, NY d 1836 Barton Township, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada.
DNA Testee Y-13, kit #7552
*George Kuhlmann / Kilmer (Hunter List #410) Line leader: beatatune AT tds DOT net
Surname in Germany:Killmer.  Hunter Lists:Kuhlmann United States:Kilmer, Kilmore
First Name: George; listed as Jurry, Yurry and Johannes Jury in early records.
Earliest known ancestor: George Killmer b 1621 d. 1706 Altengronau, Hessen, Germany
Palatine Emigrant: George Kuhlmann/Kilmer Naturalized 1/17/1715/16 (Albany Nat), m. 2nd Anna or Eva Margaretha
2) Philip Kilmer m. Anna Margaetha Stiever/Stuber
3) Georg Kilmer bpt 21 Oct 1744 (Linlithgo Ref Chbk, Livingston, NY); d. aft 1810 m. Eva Loop/Lupe ; d. aft 1810
4) George Kilmer b. 16 Nov 1777 (St. Thomas Luth Chbk, Churchtown, NY)  d. 22 Feb 1863 Fleming, NY; m. Margaret Blass
5) George Kilmer b. 15 Apr 1801, d. aft 1875; m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Traver
6) George Edward Kilmer b. 9 Apr 1841 Fleming, NY, d. 30 Jun 1911 Port Byron, NY; m. Julia Etta Culver 
7) William A Kilmer b. 25 Nov 1866, Hannibal, NY, d. 13 Feb 1943 ,Port Byron, NY; m. Nellie M Dunham 
DNA Testee: Y-61, kit #130140; Y-66, kit #132317
Line Leader paulkilmer AT msn DOT COM
2) Abraham Kilmer m. Anna Eva Laucks
3) Adam A. Kilmer bpt. 3/16/1748 Germantown; m. Catharina Kuhl
4) Abram/Abraham Kilmer bpt. 7/15/1778 Manorton; m. Sophia Phity/Pytje Fietje Van Deuzen
5) Martin Kilmer b. 11/11/1823 Copake, NY; d. 2/15/1867; m. Amanda
6) Martin Kilmer b. 11/12/1855 Savannah, NY; d. 12/14/1943; m. Luella M. Bates
DNA Testee:  kit # TBD
Line Leader:  cdawn32 AT gmail DOT com

(2) Philip Kilmer b. 1712  NY d.1788 or 1790 NY m. Anna Margaret Steiver

(3) Henrich Kilmer  b. 1740 Livingston Manor, NY- d. after 1805 while visiting Humberstone, Ontario, Canada m. Rosina Neher

(4) Thomas Kilmer b. 1764 Germantown, NY  d. 1845 Aylmer, Ontario, Canada m. Margaret Chrysler

(5) Henry Kilmer b. 1795 Duanesburg or Schenectady, NY d. 1870 Centreville, Elgin, Ontario, Canada m. Mary Dennis

(6) Joseph Kilmer b. 1827 Malahide, Elgin, Ontario, Canada d. 1896 Chase Twp, Lake, Michigan m. Christina Shively

(7) Ezeliah Kilmer b. 1850 Malahide, Elgin, Ontario, Canada d.1930 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio m. Margaret 'Maggie' Sadler

(8) Alfred Ezeliah Kilmer b. 1876 Thedford, Ontario d. 1954 Ontonagon, Michigan m. Daisy Hawkins

(9) Alfred Ezelizh Kilmer, Jr. b. 1910 Greenland, MI d. 1964 Ontonagon, MI m. Ida Wilson

DNA Testee:  kit # 132317

*Johann Jacob Kuhn (Hunter List #411) Line leader: doriswh AT gmail DOT com
Johann Jacob Kuhn b. c 1675 in Von Balcken, Zurich, Gebieth, Switzerland; m. Maria Elisabeth (Unknown)
(2) - Henrich Kuhn b. 1708-1712, d c 1796, m. Anna Gertraut Falckenberg
(3) - Henrich Coon, Jr. b. bef 9 Jan 1759, d. 4 Apr 1834; m. Margaret Schneider
(4) - Henry H. Coon b. bef 4 Sep 1785 Manorton, Dutchess Co., NY, d. 3 Mar 1869 Clermont, Columbia Co., NY; m. Jannetjen Stahl
(5) - Henry H. Coon, Jr. b. 14 Jul 1813, d. 15 Mar 1890 Red Hook, Dutchess Co., NY; m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Van Etten
(6) - Jacob William Coon b. 28 May 1845 Clermont, NY, d. 23 May 1923 Red Hook, NY; m. Mary Catherine Shirts
(7) - Ruben Andrew Coons b. 1879 Columbia Co., NY, d. 1965 Barrytown, Columbia Co., NY; m. Ada Henrietta Lown
(8) - John Henry Coons b. 1899; m. Emma Martha Whitney
(9) -   Jonas Gilbert Coons b. 23 Jul 1887 Clermont, NY, d. 24 Mar 1963; m. Anna Edna Tipple
(10)     Isabel Coons b. 3 Feb 1910, d. 12 Jun 1979, Beacon, NY
DNA Testee: Y-40, kit #121110
*Johann Jacob Kuhn (Hunter List #411) Line leader: RHudson106 AT aol DOT com
Johann Jacob Kuhn b. c 1675 in Von Balcken, Zurich, Gebieth, Switzerland; m. Maria Elisabeth (Unknown)
(2) Henrich Kuhn b. 1708-1712, d. c 1796; m. Anna Gertraut Falckenberg
(3) - Simon Kuhn b. bet 1737-1739; m. Elsabetha Minckler 12 Dec 1758
(4) - Jacob S. Kuhn b. bef 26 Aug 1759; m. Maria Seifert
(5) - Peter Kuhn b. 13 Mar 1799 Columbia Co., NY, d. 12 Jul 1880 Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY
(6) - John S. Coon b. 8 Mar 1830, d. in MI; m. Lovisa Brown bef 1868
(7) - Edgar Coon b. ca 1868
(8) - William Herbert Coon
DNA Testee: Y-63, kit #111292
* Matthias Kuntz (Hunter List #420) Line Leader: wfcoons AT netacc DOT com
Jacob (JeckelKuntz (Coons) (Chun)  b. abt 1570 Bischmisheim, Germany; m. Elsa Becker
Johannes (Mertens Coons (Kuntz) d. ca 1648; m. Margareta Diener  
Johann Nickel Coons (Kuntz) b. 1625 Saarbrucken, Germany, d. 23 Nov 1693; m. Maria Clara Klager
(1)*Palatine Emigrant Matthias Kuntz b. 1665  Bischmisheim, Germany; m. Anna Margaretha Luck and Anna Margaretha Spitz in Germany
(2) - Philip Henry Coons (Kuntz) b. 1694 Bischmisheim, Germany, d. 1769 Ancram, NY; m Maria Elizabeth Manning (Manngen) 1716, m. Anna Barbara Hegadorn 1750
(3) - Nicholas Coons (Kuntz) b. 1717 Ancram, NY, d. after Mar 1799; m. Anna Margretha Weiderwachs
(4) - Andreas (Andrew) Coons (Kuntz) b. 28 Jul 1754, d. 9 May 1835, Ancram, NY; m.  Anna Barbara Laun
(5) - Philip A. Coons b. 28 Jul 1783. Ancram, NY, d. 9 Apr 1856; m. Ruama Washburn
(6) - John P. Coons b. 12 Oct 1814 Ancram, NY, d. 28 Aug 1882 at Salt Point (Pleasant Valley), Dutchess Co., NY; m. Catharine Maria Piester
(7) - Peter Coons b. 29 Jun 1839 Columbia Co., NY, d. 18 Apr 1899 Rock Rapids, IA; m. Mattie D Nichols
(8) - Frank Ellis Coons b. 9 Oct 1869 Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., NY,  d. 3 Mar 1943; m. Fannie Elida Edwards
(9) - Floyd Warren Coons b. 20 Oct 1895 Rock Rapids, Lyon Co., IA, d. 5 Nov 1992, St. Paul,Ramsey Co., MN; m. Anna Emily Peshek
DNA Testee: Y-39; probably kit 30536, Y-124
* Matthias Kuntz (Hunter List #420Line Leader:  kkoontz1946 AT frontiernet DOT net
Johann Nickel Cuntz:  b. ca. 1625, Saarbrucken, GE; m. Maria Clara Klager
(1) Matthias Kuntz (Palatine): b. 1665, Bischmisheim, GE; m. 1st Anna Margaretha Lucken, 2nd Anna Margaretha Spitz
(2) Johan George Kuntz (Palatine): bpt. 4 Nov 1691, Bischmisheim, GE; m. 1st ukn, 2nd Anna Margaretha Buck
(3) John Bernard Kuntz:  b. ukn, Columbia or Schoharie Co,, NY; m. 1st ukn, 2nd Anna Gertraut Kuhn
(4) Marcus (aka. Marks/Martin) Kuntz:  b. 1770, Columbia Co., NY; m. Elizabeth Barnhart
(5) Henry Koontz:  b. 22 Sep 1819, Stoystown, Somerset Co., PA; m. Mary Sel
6) John Koontz:  b. 4 Mar 1839, Reitztown, Somerset Co., PA; m. Rachel Brubakerl
(7) Samuel McGregor Koontz:  b. 21 Feb 1883, Reitztown, Somerset Co., PA; m. Florence Thomas
(8) Kinter K. Koontz Sr.:  b. 22 Jan 1923, Central City, Somerset Co., PA; m. Doris Marie Holmes
DNA Testee: Y-175, kit #14270

Johann Valentine Landt  (Hunter List #433)   Line Leader:  jeremyl DOT sfnm AT att DOT net

(1)  Adam Landt b. about 1600 at Horn, Germany

(2)  Johannes Landt b. 1628 at Germany d. 11 Feb 1704 at Dichtelbach, Germany; m. Maria Christina Theil

(3)  Hans Velten Simon Lant also known as Valentine Lant b. Mar 1658 d. 1710? enroute to America from Germany; m. Anna Catharina Schneider

(4)  Johann Valentine Lant b. abt 1700 in Germany d. 1791 at Claverack, Columbia Co, NY; m. Anna Catherine

 (5)  Jeremiah Frederick Lant b. 1753  at Claverack, Columbia Co, NY d. 1823?; m. Maria Ham

(6)  Frederick Landt b. 6 Aug 1796 at Columbia Co, NY d. 7 Jan 1881 at Big Spring, Adams Co, WI; m. Anna Edwards

(7)  Amos Frederick Landt b. 3 Feb 1833 at NY d. 30 Mar 1874 at Adams Co, WI; m. Celia A. Sweet

(8)  Delbert Allison Landt b. 8 Apr 1859 at Big Spring, Adams Co, WI d. 21 Apr 1926 at Newport, Columbia Co, WI; m. Judith Geraldine Best

 (9)  Newton Allison Landt b. 1 Feb 1890 at Cadott, Chippewa Co, WI d. 25 Feb 1969 at Wisconsin Dells, Columbia Co, WI; m. Faye Montes Brown

(10)  Eugene Fay Landt b. 4 Mar 1918 at Portage, Columbia Co, WI d. 25 Jan 2003 at Dell Prairie, Adams Co, WI; m. Mary Jane Loucks 
*Johann Jost Laux (Hunter List #440) - Line leader jloucks AT verizon dot net
(1) Johann Jost Laux, b. ca 1646, Kirberg, Hesse Nassau, Germany; m. Maria Catharina
(2) Johann Jost Laux, b. ca 1671, Kirberg, Hesse Nassau, Germany; m. Anna Maria Weizenstein
(3) Johann Peter Laux, b. 1726, Weyer, Hesse, Germany; m. Cathrina Hennz
(4) John Peter Loucks, b. 1760, Bucks Co, PA; m. Anna Overholt
(5) Peter Loucks, b. 1805, Westmoreland Co, PA; m. Anna Barkey
(6) Peter Barkey Loucks, b. 1847, Ashland Co, OH; m. Mary E. Holdeman
(7) Jesse Loucks, b. 1884, McPherson Co, KS; m. Carrie Becker
(8) Ora Loucks, b. 1909, McPherson Co, KS; m. Anna Ratzlaff
DNA Testee:  Y-187, kit #186278
Johann Jost Laux (Hunter List #440) - Line leader ploucks865 AT comcast dot net
(1) Samuel Loucks,  b. October 13, 1813, Mt. Pleasant, Berks Co, PA; d. March 2, 1898, Marietta, PA; m.  Catherine Stout
(2)  Charles Rueben Loucks, b. December 2, 1846 Womelsdorf/Wernersville, PA; d. September 23, 1918; Marietta, PA; m. Veronica Frances Lehman 
(3)  Chester Irvin Loucks, b. April 5, 1887, Marietta, PA  d.June 2, 1953,  Marietta, PA; m. Catherine Elizabeth Smith                                                                    
(4) Paul Richard Loucks,  b. July 7, 1920, Marietta, PA;  d. December 22, 1976, Marietta, PA; m.  Bertha Elizabeth Myers

DNA Testee:  kit #415562                         

Matches also with the following testee:
(No known emigrant but match with several members bearing the Loucks/Laux or similar surname):
Earliest known ancestor: Franciscus Schumacher of Entlebuch, Entlebuch, Lucerne, Switzerland, b abt 1700.
*Johann Georg Laux (Hunter List 442)Line Leader: loucksol at muohio dot edu
Earliest known ancestor: Thonges Laux b. ca 1625
(1) Johann Georg Laux b. ca 1660, Gravenweisbach, d.1717; m. Anna Eva Launert  
(2) Johann Peter Laux b.1701, d.1787; m. Neeltje Leg 
(3) Johannes Loucks b.1723, Loonenburg, NY, d.1788; m. Elisabetha Straub  
(4) Johan Jurge Loucks b.1774, d.1823; m. Maria Bouck 
(5) Richard Loucks b.1773, Schoharie, NY, d.1804; m. Maria Hains
(6) John Richard Loucks b.1803,  d.1872; m. Eve Land 
(7) Jacob Loucks b.1836, Williamsburg, ON, d.1923; m. Levina Ross 
(8) Albert Cyrus Loucks b.1867, d.1923; m. Hannah Vincent 
(9) Albert Vinton Loucks b.1898, d.1980 Minden, ON; m. Letitia Emily Hunter 
DNA Testee:  Y-148, kit #165776
*Johann Georg Laux (Hunter List 442)Line Leader: boblaux AT aol DOT com
Paper trail to be verified; connection to HL 442 presumed based on DNA match
(1) Henry C. Loucks b. 1810 Schoharie, NY; d. 1882 Albany, NY; m. widow Anna/Nancy Marie (Fox) Bellinger
(2) Othello F.(Fox) Loucks, Sr. b. 1836 Little Falls, Herkimer Co., NY; d. 1909, Glenville, Schenectady Co., NY;  m. Emma Augusta Wilcox
(3) Irving Alonzo Loucks, b. 1878, Little Falls, Herkimer Co., NY; d. 1958, Hawthorne, Passaic Co., NJ; m. Martha L.B. Vogel 
(4) Otis Charles Loucks b. 1915, Passaic, NJ; d. 1983 Fort Pierce, St. Lucie Co., FL;  m. (1) 1936: Marion Isabel Troop ; m. (2) Lois Jane Brown or Beckner 
DNA Testee: Y-210, kit #195745
Johann Georg Laux (Hunter List 442Line leader:  terrenceloucks at yahoo DOT com
Earliest known ancestor: Thonges Laux b. ca 1625
(1) Johann Georg Laux b. ca 1660, Gravenweisbach, d.1717; m. Anna Eva Launert  
(2) Johann Peter Laux b.1701, d.1787; m. Neeltje Leg 
(3) Johannes Loucks b.1723, Loonenburg, NY, d.1788; m. Elisabetha Straub 
(4) Johan Jurge Loucks b.1744, d.1823, Williamsburg, Dundas Co. Ontario; m. Maria Bouck
(5) Richard Loucks b.1773, Schoharie, NY, d.1804, Williamsburg Dundas Co., Ontario; m. Maria Hains
(6) John Richard Loucks b.1803, d.1872 Minden Twp. Ontario; m. Eve Lant ( Land )
(7) John Sidney Loucks b. 1834, d. 1905, Minden, Haliburton, Ontario; m. Mary Ann Gidley
(8) Michael Warner Loucks b. 1870, d. 1962 Lindsay, Ontario; m. Margaret Lillian Sawyer
(9) Ford William Loucks b. 1916, d. 1993 Toronto, Ontario;  m. Helen Aletha Morrow 
DNA Testee: Y-195, kit #177240
*Johann Dietrich Laux (Hunter List 443-444) -  Line leader: Ken AT winrox DOT ca 
(1) Johann Dietrich Laux/Loucks, b. Germany 1681; d. 1751 Stone Arabia, NY; m.Maria Catharina Starring
(2) Johann Adam Loucks, b. Stone Arabia, New York 1715; d. 1790 NY; m.Catharine Elisabeth Snell
(3) Richard Dietrich Loucks b Stone Arabia NY 1740; d. 1816 Stormont County, Upper Canada; m.Dorothea Fox
(4) John R Loucks b. Schenectady?, NY 1779; d.1852 Russell County, Ontario; m.Catherine Durst
(5) Elisha Fox Loucks b. Russell County, Upper Canada 1807; d. 1885 Russell County, Ontario Canada; m. Elizabeth Hannah Rupert
(6) Edwin Loucks b. Russell County, Upper Canada 1827; d. 1909 Russell County, Ontario Canada; m. Caroline Ann Pillar
(7) Pliny Loucks b. Russell County, Ontario Canada 1857; d. 1933 Grey County, Ontario; m. Alice Fetterly
(8) Cecil Rhodes Loucks b. Grey County, Ontario 1907; d. 1974 Grey County, Ontario; m. Blanche Josephine Lougheed
DNA Testee: Y-203, kit #193216
Line Leader:  vernonloucks AT me DOT com
(1) Thonges Laux b. 1660, Graevenwiesbach, Germany; m. Elizabetha Holwein
(2) Johann Dietrich Laux/Loucks b. Graevenwiesbach, Germany 1681; d. 4 Apr 1751 Stone Arabia, NY; m. Maria Catharina Starring
(3) Johan Adam Laux b. 28 Dec. 1715 Schoharie, Schoharie Co., NY; d. 14 Feb. 1790, Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY; m. Catharina Lisa Snell
(4) Henrious D. Loucks b. 22 Nov 1761, Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY; d. 8 Feb 1875, Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY; m. Maria Dockstader
(5) Adam H. Loucks b. 1793, Schoharie Co., NY; d. 1828, Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY; m. Jane Ehle
(6) Adam H. Loucks Jr.,  b. 16 Feb 1827, Montgomery Co., NY; d. Dec. 1897. Montgomery Co., NY;  m. Magdalena A. Van Wie
(7) Charles Nikolas Loucks b. 8 May 1854, Montgomery Co., NY; d. 1 Oct 1949, Chicago, Cook Co., IL; m. Mary Ellen Reece
(8) Vernon Reece Loucks b. 23 Feb. 1886, Chicago, Il; d. Mar 1, 1985, Wilmette, Cook Co., IL; m. Sue Barton
DNA Testee:  Y-185, kit # 182752
Johann) Heinrich Laux (no Hunter List Number but shown on Simmendinger Register). Shown after HL 443-444 Line Leader joelouks AT yahoo DOT com
1) Heinrich Laux and Anna Margaretha and two children are on the Simmendinger list but not on the Hunter list. Heinrich was naturalized in New York, 3 Jan 1715. Information from Henry Z Jones.
2) Johann George Laux b. abt 1722 Stone Arabia, Montgomery, NY, d. ???; m.Gertraud Diegertin ???\
3) Johann Jost Laux (Joseph Loucks) b. 22 Feb 1754, German Flats, Herkimer, NY, d. 20 Apr 1825, Ellery, Chautauqua, NY; m. Margaretha Maybie 
4) John Louks b.1 Sep 1795 in Dutchess, NY, d.12 Feb 1874, Arkansas; m. Sally Lennox 
5) James Franklin Louks b. 30 Aug 1820, Chautauqua, New York, d. 13 Feb 1895, Clinton, IN; m. Eliza Jane Alexander 
6) James Franklin Louks b. 30 Apr 1843, Clinton, IN, d. 4 Jul 1909, Clinton, IN; m. Nancy Ann Fish 
7) Jasper Newton Louks b.19 May 1864, Clinton, IN, d.2 Sep 1943 ; m. Mary Ellen Gray 
8) Everett Bryan Louks b. 4 Jun 1896 in Clinton, IN d. 31 Dec 1970 in Frankfort, Clinton, IN; m. Media Burgess  
9) Donald Louks b. 23 Nov 1920, Hamilton, IN, d. 20 Mar 2001 in Las Vegas, Clark. NV; m. Maxine Ruth Kingsolver 
DNA Testee: Y-71, kit #139953
(1) *Johann Henrich Laux ), (Hunter List after 443-444 listing) Line Leader: loucksap AT potsdam DOT edu
b. abt. 1685, Munster-auf-d. Runkel, Hesse, Germany; d. abt. 1740, New Heesburg, Schoharie Co., NY or Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY; m. Anna Margaretha
(2) Johann Georg Laux, b. abt. 1722, Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY; d. – unknown
(3) Johann Jost Loucks, Sr. b. 22 Feb 1754, German flats, Herkimer Co., NY; d. 20 Apr 1825, Township of Ellery, Chautauqua Co., NY
(4) Johann Jost Loucks, Jr. b. 10 Sep 1784, German Flats, Herkimer Co., NY; d. 17 Nov. 1864, Township of Ellery, Chautauqua Co., NY
(5) Ebenezer Loucks b. 18 Oct 1807, Onondaga Co., Cicero, NY; d. 15 Aug 1882, Township of Macedonia near Wattsburg, Erie Co., PA
(6) Paul Ebenezer Loucks b. 20 Nov 1861, Wattsburg, Erie Co., PA; d. 26 Apr 1945, Westfield, Chautauqua Co., NY
(7) Clayton Earl Loucks b. 31 Aug 1889, Spartanburg, Crawford Co., or Northeast, Erie Co., PA; d. 2 Feb 1966, Gowanda, Chautauqua Co., NY
DNA Testee: Y-103, kit #155161
(1) *Johann Henrich Laux (Hunter List after 443-444 listing)  Line Leader:  lloucksfresno AT yahoo DOT com

b. abt. 1685, Munster-auf-d. Runkel, Hesse, Germany; d. abt. 1740, New Heesburg, Schoharie Co., NY or Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY; m. Anna Margaretha
(2) Johann Georg Laux, b. abt. 1722, Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY; d. – unknown; m Gertraud Diegert (Dygert)
(3) Johann Jost Loucks, Sr. b. 22 Feb 1754, German flats, Herkimer Co., NY; d. 20 Apr 1825, Township of Ellery, Chautauqua Co., NY; m Margarette Mabie
(4) Johann Jost Loucks, Jr. b. 10 Sep 1784, German Flats, Herkimer Co., NY; d. 17 Nov. 1864, Township of Ellery, Chautauqua Co., NY; m Catherine Rice
(5) Ebenezer Loucks b. 18 Oct 1807, Onondaga Co., Cicero, NY; d. 15 Aug 1882, Township of Macedonia near Wattsburg, Erie Co., PA; m Cordelia Cole
(6) Paul Ebenezer Loucks b. 20 Nov 1861, Wattsburg, Erie Co., PA; d. 26 Apr 1945, Westfield, Chautauqua Co., NY; m Ida Mary Osborne
(7) Earl Ellsworth Loucks b. 22 February 1906, Roses, Forest Co., PA; d. 10 March 1964, Salinas, Monterey Co., California; m Helen Elizabeth Patmore
b. abt. 1685, Munster-auf-d. Runkel, Hesse, Germany; d. abt. 1740, New Heesburg, Schoharie Co., NY or Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY; m. Anna Margaretha
(2) Johann Georg Laux, b. abt. 1722, Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY; d. – unknown; m Gertraud Diegert (Dygert)
(3) Johann Jost Loucks, Sr. b. 22 Feb 1754, German flats, Herkimer Co., NY; d. 20 Apr 1825, Township of Ellery, Chautauqua Co., NY; m Margarette Mabie
(4) Johann Jost Loucks, Jr. b. 10 Sep 1784, German Flats, Herkimer Co., NY; d. 17 Nov. 1864, Township of Ellery, Chautauqua Co., NY; m Catherine Rice
(5) Ebenezer Loucks b. 18 Oct 1807, Onondaga Co., Cicero, NY; d. 15 Aug 1882, Township of Macedonia near Wattsburg, Erie Co., PA; m Cordelia Cole
(6) Paul Ebenezer Loucks b. 20 Nov 1861, Wattsburg, Erie Co., PA; d. 26 Apr 1945, Westfield, Chautauqua Co., NY; m Ida Mary Osborne
(7) Earl Ellsworth Loucks b. 22 February 1906, Roses, Forest Co., PA; d. 10 March 1964, Salinas, Monterey Co., California; m Helen Elizabeth Patmore
DNA Testee:  kit #196008

Sebastian Loescher, (Hunter List # 461), Line Leader John AT johnlasher DOT COM
(1) Clemens Lasher b. abt 1634 Switzerland d. aft 1680 in Germany  m. Maria Frey
(2) Johann Sebastian Lasher [Hunter Lists #461] b. abt 1669 (not certain if born in Switzerland or Germany) d. Unknown  m. in Germany to Anna Maria Elisabeth, maiden name unknown
(3) Johann Conrad Lasher b. 14 Sept 1699 b. Hochspeyer, Germany d. aft Feb 1776 m. Anna Angeline Engel Winegar
(4) Johann Gerrit Lasher b. 29 Dec 1732 d. Nov 1802  m. Catherina Dillenbeck
(5) Johann Henrich (Henry Lasher) b. 11 Aug 1765  d. 28 Jan 1845 m. Elizabeth Bauder
(6) Heinrich (Henry) Lasher Jr b. 17 Sep 1790 d. 13 Jan 1878 m. Anna Nancy Pather
(7) Jeremiah Lasher b. 5 June 1814 d. 7 Feb 1862  m. Eliza Ann Cox
(8) Jeremiah D. Lasher b. 1858 d. 19 Oct 1935 m. Alma Bedell
(9) Albert D. Lasher b. 25 May 1894 d. 3 July 1961 m. Lulu May Horton
(10) Gordon Horton Lasher b. 31 March 1919 d. 17 Jan 1982 m. Helen Jane Lansing 
 DNA Testee:  Kit #224004 
*Johann Jurg Meiser / Johann Georg Mauser (Hunter List #488) - Line Leader ancinsomniak AT aol DOT com
(1)Johann Jurg Meisser b. c1680 Trier Germany m pr 1703 sailed 7/28/1709
(2) Johann Michael Meisser b. 1703 Trier d. 1745 PA; m. Anna Sixt/Zecht
(3) Henry Meisser b. 4 Jul1728 PA, d.1801 PA; m. Anna Marie (surname unknown)
(4) Frederick Meiser b. April 1780 PA, d. 14 May 1856 PA; m. Margaret Bilger
(5) Frederick Meiser Jr. b. 23 Jun 1829 PA d. 14 Sep 1907 PA; m. Martha House
(6) Joseph House Meiser b. 27 Feb1860 PA d. 12 Mar 1932 OR; m. Ida P Light
(7) Martin McClure Meiser b. 08 Oct 1882 PA d. 15 Jan 1942 WA; m.  Bertha Dorris
DNA Testee: Y-112, kit #35251
*Johann Jurg Meiser / Johann Georg Mauser (Hunter List #488) - Line Leader caggergaard AT surewest DOT net
(1)Johann Jurg Meisser b c1680 Trier Germany m pr 1703 sailed 7/28/1709
(2) Johann Michael Meisser b 1703 Trier d 1745 PA; m. Anna Sixt/Zecht
(3) Henry Meisser b July 4, 1728 PA d 1801 PA; m. Anna Marie Meyer
(4) George Miser b. 27 Dec 1771, Miserville, PA, d. 1854, Miser Station, Blount, TN; m. Mary Elizabeth Druckenmiller 
(5) Joseph Miser b. 9 Nov 1825, Miser Station, Blount, TN, d. 2 Mar 1902, McClain, OK; m. Mary Polly Hays 
(6) Thomas Atkins Miser b. 10 Oct 1853, Maryville. Blount, TN, d. 19 Jun 1945; m. Mary Jane Irvin 
(7) Thomas Henry Miser b. 11 Oct 1894, Shady Point, OK, d. Norman, OK; m. Effie Lee Robison 
DNA Testee: Y-213, kit #198513
*Johann Jurg Meiser / Johann Georg Mauser (Hunter List #488) - Line Leader SIFER AT aol DOT com
(1) Johann Jurg Meisser b. ca 1680 Germany
(2) Johann Michael Meiser, b. ca 1703 Germany, d. Mar 1745 PA; m. Anna Sixt/Zecht 
(3) Henry Meiser, b. 04 Jul1728 PA, d. 1801 PA; m. Anna Marie Meyer
(4) John Michael Meiser, b. bef. 05 Jul 1764 PA, d. 1827; m. Christina Druckenmiller 
(5) Michael Meiser, b. 13 May 1796 PA, d. 11 Sep 1856, m. Anna Maria Kehn
(6) John Meiser, b. 08 Jan 1823 PA, d. 02 Jun 1880 IN; m. Catharine Zellers 
(7) Frederick S. Meiser, b. 28 Nov 1847 PA, d. 24 Jun 1928 IN; m. Elizabeth Ann Prechtel 
(8) Charles Walker Meiser, b. 08 May 1888 IN, d.18 Mar 1988 IN; m. Etta Mae Overmyer 
DNA Testee: Y-111, kit #153716
*Johann Jurg Meiser / Johann Georg Mauser (Hunter List #488) - Line Leader jw__193 AT hotmail DOT com
(1) Johann Jurg Meisser b. ca 1680 Germany
(2) Johann Michael Meiser, b. ca 1703 Germany, d. Mar 1745 PA; m. Anna Sixt/Zecht 
(3) Johannes Meiser, b. Bet. 1732–1736 PA, d. 17 Nov 1795 PA; m. Catherine unknown
(4) Johannes Adam Meiser, b. ca. Mar 1760 PA, d. ca. 01 Jun 1812 OH; m. Rosina Eckhart
(5) Jacob Miser, b. 13 Jan 1795 PA, d. 29 Dec 1878, m. Mariah unknown
(6) Samuel Miser, b. 1827, d. 1857; m. Hannah Hawk
(7) Daniel J. Mizer, b. Nov 1852 OH, d. 25 Feb 1935 IN; m. Sophia Ann Moseman
(8) Grover C. Mizer, b. 03 Nov 1887 IN, d. 15 Dec 1966 IN; m. Alma G. Collenbaugh
(9) Raymond Estel Mizer, b. 03 Jul 1915 IN, d. 19 May 2003; m. Ruth Irene Wells
DNA Testee: Y-37, kit #345216
*Friederich Merckel (Hunter List #496) - Line leader: stevefamily AT markleweb DOT com
Emigrant: Friederich Merkel - b. c1671 in Hassloch, Germany, arrived in New York in 1710, m. Anna Barbara Alman in Aug 1710 in West Camp, Ulster Co, New York, d. bef.1732.
(2) - Wilhelm (Wilhelmus) Merckel - b 22 Jul 1722 in Kingston, Ulster, New York Province, m. Sarah Koch 
(3) - William (Wilhelm) Markle - b 22 Jan 1754 in Marbletown, Ulster, New York Province, m. Agnes ?
(4) -  Isaac Markle - b c1792 in Ancaster, Wentworth, Upper Canada (Now Province Of Ontario, Canada), m. Gertrude "Gittie" Kerr  d. 20 Nov 1884, Waterloo, Waterloo, Upper Canada (Now Province Of Ontario, Canada)
(5) - Walter Kerr Markle - b 15 May 1817 in Upper Canada (Now Province Of Ontario, Canada), m. Eliza Corman
(6) - Richard Draper Markle - b c1853 in Upper Canada (Now Province Of Ontario, Canada); m. Eliza Maria Markle
(7) - Eugene King Markle - b 30 Dec 1879 in Decatur, Illinois, d. 1953, Carlisle, PA; m. Kittie Bell Snyder 
DNA Testee:  Y-28, kit #N61426
*Mueller, Johann Wilhelm (Hunter List #532) – Line Leader:  dennis7449 AT Aol DOT com

(1) Johann Wilhelm Muller/William Miller b. 1688 in Germany, d. 17 Sep 1768 in Morristown, New Jersey; m. Margaretha “Magra”.

(2) Henry Miller b.?, d. 1769 in New Cornwall, N.Y.: m. Margaret Hempen.

(3) Peter Miller b. 10 May 1759 in Woodridge, Bergen, N.J., d 20 Apr 1838 in Fairmont, Monongalia, (W.) Virginia; m. Mary Miller.

(4) Peter Miller b. 15 Dec 1801 in Monongalia Co., (W.) Virginia, d. 1868 in Delaware Co., Indiana; m. Mary Hays.

(5) Henry Coke Miller b. 21 Nov 1831 in Henry Co., Indiana, d. 4 Nov 1924 in Creston, Union, Iowa; m. Angeline Burgess.

(6) James Theodore Miller b. 9 Mar 1873 in Muncie, Delaware, Indiana, d. 27 Mar 1958 in Creston, Union, Iowa; m. Mary Lovina Kingery.

(7) Elbert Henry Miller b. 20 Aug 1898 in Union Co., Iowa, d. 22 Aug 1968 in Creston, Union, Iowa; m. Vera Ferne Davis.

DNA Testee:  kit # N12339

Johann Wilhelm Nellis (Hunter List #547) - Line Leader:  nellisks AT gmail DOT com
1) Johann Wilhelm Nellis, b. 1694, Germany; m. Ana Sabina Dyckerd
(2) Johannes Nellis, b. 1727; m. Maria Magdalena (Nellis)
(3) Joseph J. Nellis, b. 1759, Oppenheim, N.Y.; m. Mary Lampman
(4) Joseph J. Nellis, b. 1786/87, St. Johnsville, N.Y.; m. Magdalena Bellinger
(5) Horatio Arthur Nellis, b. 1827, St. Johnsville, N.Y.; m. Catherine Sanders
(6) Arthur C Nellis, b. 1858, Canajoharie, N.Y.; m. Alice Furman Vroom
(7) Richard Eugene Nellis, b. 1901, Staten Island, N.Y.; m. Laura Louise Whitford
(8) Richard Eugene Nellis, Jr., b. 1929, Staten Island, N.Y.; m. Elizabeth Barbara Squires
DNA Testee:  kit #215263
Line Leader mickeymain AT Comcast Dot net
(1) Ruperti Nellis b. Obermoschel, Germany;  d. bef 1710 in America or on ship; m. Maria Elisabetha Bundtin
(2) Johann Wilhelm Nellis b. 7 Jan 1694, Germany; d. Jan 1778, Stone Arabia, New York; m. Ana Sabina Dyckerd
(3) Johann Henrich Nelles b. 10 May 1735, Stone Arabia, New York; d. 28 Jan 1791, Grand River, Upper Canada; m. Margaretha
(4) Peter Henry Nellis  m. Sarah Mackie (2nd wife)
(5) Abraham Nelles b. 1813, New York; d.1902 Nebraska? M. Hepsibah Greenhedge
(6) Robert W. Nellis b. 1848, Canada; d. 1930, Iowa
(7) Daniel H. Nellis b. 1883, Iowa; d. 8 Jan 1955, Early, Iowa
(8) Robert C. Nellis b. 1914, Iowa; d. 1974, Iowa
DNA Testee:  kit #231704
*Johannes Wendel Pulver  (Hunter List #579)Line Leader jpulver2000 AT yahoo DOT com
(1) Johannes Wendel Pulver b. 1679 Germany, d. abt 1747; m. Anna Catharina Busch
(2) Peter Wendell Pulver b. 1708, Germany, d. 29 May 1794; m. Susanna Catharina Drumm
(3) Johann William Pulver b. bef 11 Aug 1745, NY; d. 18 May 1812, Columbia Co., NY; m. Christina Klum
(4) Peter Pulver b. 07 Apr 1771, Germantown, Columbia Co., NY; d. 23 Mar 1833, Queensbury, Warren Co., NY; m. unknown
(5) Henry W. Pulver b. 18 Jan 1809, Lake Luzerne, Warren Co., NY; d. 14 Nov 1871, Lake Luzerne, Warren Co., NY; m. Susan Evans
(6) Nathan Henry Pulver b. 25 Dec 1843, Lake Vanare, NY; d. 18 Dec 1830, Lake Luzerne, Warren Co., NY; m. Estella DuBois
(7) LeRoy Mortimer Pulver b. 01 Sep 1873, Lake Luzerne, Warren Co., NY; d. 21 May 1950, Lake Luzerne, Warren Co., NY; m. Julia Russell Barritt
(8) Russell DuBois Pulver b. 09 Sep 1901, Corinth, Saratoga Co., NY; d. 23 May 1984, Schenectady, NY; m. Annie Pearl Stone
DNA Testee:  kit #210373

*Johan Caspar Rausch (Hunter list #586) Line Leader:  garouse AT aol DOT com
(1) Johan Caspar Rausch b abt 1680, Neu Bamberg; m. Maria Margaretha Schneyder
(2) Johan Nicolas Rausch, b ca 1710, bp unknown, m. Anna Margaretha Brendell
(3) ? Johannes Rausch, b 9 or 14 Dec 1741, b Nine Partners, NY; m. Hannah Smith
(4) Anthony Rouse, b. 22 Oct 1773, prob Pittstown NY; m. Eunice _____
(5) Daniel German Rouse, b. 10 July 1810, prob Cortland, NY; m. Hannah Alvord
(6) Elisha Alvord Rouse, b. 1 Feb 1845, Marcellus, MI; m. Chastina Randall
(7) Claude Dee Rouse b. 6 Mar 1881, Bozeman, MT; m. Luella Reed
DNA Testee:  Y-184, kit #181692
*Johann Georg Reiffenberg (Hunter List #591)  - Line Leader rrifenback AT earthlink DOT net
(1) Johann Georg Reiffenberg b. c 1650, Flammersbach, Hesse
(2) Jurgen Reiffenberg b. c 1695; m. Maria Elizabeth
(3) Adam Reiffenberg b. 1716, Livingston Manor NY, d. 25 Nov 1756; m. Eva Maria Nies
(4) Adam Ryphenberg b. 1757, Livingston Manor N.Y; m. Ossell Freer
(5) George A. Rifenbark b.1782, Schoharie Co., NY; d. 1845, Sidney, NY; m Catherine Pettibone
(6) Stephen Rifenbark b. 1819 Newark, Wayne Co, NY; m. Hannah Mack. 
(7) Fred Rifenbark b. 1857, Sidney NY; m. Esther Bishop. 
(8) Mark Rifenbark b. 1887 Sidney NY; m. Florence King
(9) Richard K. Rifenbark b. 1919 San Jose CA; m. Virginia Petree
DNA Testee:  Y-30, kit#117966
Johannes Reisdorff (Hunter List #593) – Line Leader bobrisedorph AT gmail DOT com
(1) Jacob Reisdorff b. c. 1634 Luettenglehn, Rheinland, Germany; m. Helena Cluttin; d. 16 May 1714, Luettenglehn, Rheinland, Germany
(2) Johannes Reisdorff b. c. 1 Sep 1678; m. (1) Anna Margaretha Friedrich; m. (2) Anna Margaretha Coert; d. 17341-735, North Ward, Dutchess Co., New York
(3) Johannes Reisdorff (Reysdorff, Rysdorff) b. c. 1710 Rhinebeck, New York; m. Elisabetha Demuth; d. c. 1760, Rhinebeck, New York
(4) Georg Reisdorff b. c. 14 Sep 1741, bapt. Red Hook, New York; m. Anna Christina Dietrich; d. aft. 1790, New York
(5) Georg Reisdorff (Reysdorff) b. c. Feb 1763, Rhinebeck, New York; m. Elsje Stopplebeen, d. 14 Dec 1804, Kinderhook, New York
(6) Johannes (John L.) Reisdorph (Reisdorf) b. bef 26 Jun 1785, Claverack, New York; m. Hendrickje Scherp; d. 3 Aug 1848, Kinderhook, New York
(7) Peter Risedorph (Risdorph) b, 19 Feb 1817, New York; m. Martha Paul; d. 13 Apr 1887, Jonesville, Michigan
(8) Charles Henry Risedorph (Risdorph) b. 24 Feb 1843, Honeoye Falls, New York; m. Sarah Frances Fuller; d. 24 Feb 1916, Sutter Creek, California
(9) Frank Eugene Risedorph b. 6 Jun 1871, Battle Creek, Michigan; m. Lizzie Ada Pinkney; d. 30 Nov 1917, Oakland, California
(10) Earl Francis Risedorph b. 30 Apr 1899, Sutter Creek, California; m. Sara Josephine Antone; d. 21 Apr 1969, Oakland, California
DNA Testee:  kit #234082
*Conrad Rickardt (Hunter List #597) – Line Leader josh DOT rickert AT gmail DOT com
(1) Claus Rickert - d. 1674 Hailer, Hessen, Germany - m. Margaretha
(2) Johannes Rickert;  m. Eva Grauel 
(3) Johann Conrad Rickert - b. Hailer, bapt. Feb. 4, 1680; m. Kinigunda Fischer
(4) Johan Conrad Rickert - bapt. Feb. 28, 1703 in Nieder-Grundau; m. Elisabetha Hous
(5) Johannes Rickert - bapt. May 19, 1728 in Schoharie NY; m. Margaretha Catharina Jung
(6) Johan Georg Rickert - b. 1753 in Schoharie NY; m. Catharina Kramer
(7) Heinrich (Henry) Rickert - b. Oct. 18, 1784 d. Jan. 5, 1854; m. Lydia Blair
(8) John Blair Rickert - b. Mar. 24, 1814 d. July 15, 1885; m. Sophia Congdon
(9) Hiram Congdon Rickert - b. June 13, 1858 Putnam NY d. Apr. 4, 1918; m. Phila E. Kelsey
(10) Garfield Arthur Rickert - b. Nov. 16, 1881 Salisbury VT d. June 7, 1949 Watertown NY; m. Martha Amelia Cady Kelsey
(11) Willis Arnold Rickert - b. Sept. 17, 1915 Leicester VT d. Sept. 11, 1997 Portland OR; m. Louise Evelyn White 
*Reinhard Schaeffer (Hunter List #630) - Line Leader squirtieboy AT comcast DOT net
(1) Johannes Scheffer b. 1597 Germany; m. Elisabeth
(2) Johan Werner Scheffer b.? Germany; m. Anna Maria Volp
(3) Reinhard Schaeffer b. bef 1689 Obermockstadt, Frankfurt, Germany; m. Maria Margaretha Schuld
(4) Hans Adam Sheffer b. 5 Sep 1724 Moawk, New York; m. Maria Magdalena Hilts
(5) John Adam Sheffer b. 9 Mar 1767 Monroe Co., New York; m. Anna Margaret Osterroth
(6) Peter Sheffer b. 14 Aug 1815 York Co., Ontario, Canada; m. Eva Hilts
(7) William H. Sheffer b. 2 Sep 1847 Scott Twp., York, Ontario, Canada; m. Frances Elizabeth Quance
(8) Irving Peter Sheffer b. 7 Aug 1884, Michigan; m. Hattie Williams
(9) Donald Alger Sheffer b. 27 Sep 1917 Cheboygan, Michigan; m. Bertha Emily Fosness
DNA Testee:  kit #301542
*Johann Adam Segendorf (Hunter List #712)Line Leader jsag AT bridgemail DOT com
(1) Johann Adam Segendorf b. c 1660 Neuweid-Heddesdorf, Rhineland; m. Margaretha
2) Johann Herman Segendorf bm 10 Feb 1690 Neuwied-Heddesdorf, Rhineland; m Marie Catharina Schneider
(3) Adam Segendorf b. c 1736 Germantown, NY; m. Catharina Stickel
(4) Nicholas Segendorf b. 25 Jun 1758 Germantown, NY; m. Anna Haber
(5) Adam Nicholas Segendorf b. 11 Oct 1794 Germantown, NY; m. Elizabeth Havenor
(6) Daniel Sagendorf b. c 1825 Pinehill, NY; m. Hanna Hasbrouck
(7) Theodore Fred Sagendorf b. c 1853 Pinehill, NY; m. Augusta Crawford
(8) Fred Westbrook Sagendorf b. 10 Apr 1876 Pinehill, NY; m. Emma Westlund(9) Frank Sagendorf b. 17 Mar 1916 Murray, UT; m Roxie Watts
DNA Testee:  Y-74, kit #144566
*Peter Wolleben (Hunter List #820) – Line Leader Rachel DOT meyer AT insight bb DOT COM
(1) Peter Wohleben, b. 1570, death date unknown,  m. Barbara Blasbach (1st marriage)
(2) Johann Paulus Wohleben, b. 1602, Basel, Switzerland, d. 1676, Altenbaumberg,Germany;   m. Barbara Schumacher
(3) Walrath Wohleben, chr. 20 Oct 1648, Saarbrucken, Germany, d. 1709, Germany, London or on the Atlantic during the crossing; m. Anna Catharina Baumann
(4) Johann Peter Wohleben, chr. 28 Jan 1677, Bacharach, Rhineland-Pfalz,
Germany, d. 1730, Hunterdon Co., NJ; m. Agnes Odenheimer (1st marriage)
(5) Johann Peter Wohleben, b. 4 Jan 1703/04, Langenlonsheim-an-der-Nahe,
Germany, d. 1767, Sussex Co., New Jersey; m. Anna Margaretha Finck
(6) John Woolever, b. 14 Mar 1725, Kingston, New York, d. bef 30 May 1816, Warren Co.,New Jersey;  possibly m. Mary Stewart
(7) Phillip Woolever, b. 1752, New Jersey, d. before Nov 1817, probably New Jersey; m. Catharine (unk surname)
(8) Phillip Woolever, b. 9 Nov 1786, Warren Co., New Jersey, d. 21 Nov 1864, Hocking Co., Ohio; m. Catharine Schultz
(9) John S. Woolever, b. 27 Mar 1812, Warren Co., New Jersey, d. abt 1874, Licking Co.,Ohio; m. Sara (Sally) Rush
(10) Jonah Woolever, b. 6 Jan 1851, Hocking Co., Ohio,  d. 13 Sep 1924, Pickaway Co., Ohio; m. Catharine Kellstadt
(11) Melvin G. Woolever, b. 14 Aug 1890, Pickaway Co., Ohio, d. 6 Nov 1959,
Franklin Co., Ohio; m. Lerlie V. Goodman
DNA Testee:  kit #236784
Ziegler.  Descended from Michael Ziegler on First Rotterdam Embarkation List.  Line Leader edz AT magazinesales Dot com
(1) Andrew Ziegler b 1707  Elizabeth Kolb
(2) Michael K. Ziegler  b 1735 Lederach, PA  Mary C. Clemens
(3) Abraham C. Ziegler b 1774  Lederach, PA  Barbara Kolb
(4) Jacob K. Ziegler  b 1802  Lederach, PA  Elizabeth Landis(5) Abraham L. Ziegler b 1833  Lederach, PA  Susan K. Ziegler
Abraham L. Ziegler b 1833  Lederach, PA  Susan K. Ziegler
(6) Clayton Z. Ziegler b 1880  Lederach, PA Mamie S. Drissel(7) Russell D. Ziegler b 1914 Norristown, PA Mildred R Seipt
DNA Testee:  kit #258505
"Irish Palatines"
James Alton   Line Leader baltontwo AT eircom DOT net
(1) James Alton  b. probably Cork/Kerry Ireland abt 1770-80, d. 1845 Limerick, Ireland; m. Frances Bindon
(2) John Bindon Alton b. 1814 Limerick, Ireland  d. 1893 Limerick; m. Ellen Poe
(3) James Poe Alton b. Limerick Ireland 1846 d.1922; m. Margaret Keeley
(4) Norman Bindon Alton b. Limerick, Ireland 1880, d. 1924 Dublin, Ireland; m. Mary Hayes
DNA Testee:  Y-199, kit #185813
Israel Bredauer  (presumed emigrant) Line Leader: topsails AT gmail DOT com
(1) Michael Julius Brethour, b. 1774, Ireland, d. 1862; m Mary Shier
(2) David Brethour, b. 1792,  Ireland, d. 1869, Brock Twp, Ontario,
(3) John Brethour, b. 1830, Ireland, d. 1906, Scott twp, Ontario,
(4) Christopher Brethour, b. 1858, Scott twp, Ontario, Canada, d.
(5) Earl Leslie Brethour, b. 1894, Brock twp, Ontario, Canada, d 1970
DNA Testee: kit # 211228
Fischel  Line Leader: BobFizz AT sbcglobal DOT net
(1) Stoffel Fischel, abt 1627, Essenheim, Hessen
(2) Hans Adam Fischel, 20 or 25 Feb, 1649, Essenheim, Hessen
(3) (Johann Adam Fischel?), bpt. 24 May 1693, Essenheim, Hessen
(4) Adam ye Younger Fishell, bpt 1733, Court Matrix, Co. Limerick, Ireland, m. Mary Dolmage
(5) Adam Fizzell, bpt 23 Jun 1765, Court Matrix, Co. Limerick, Ireland, m. Ann Teskey
(6) Tobias Fizzell, bpt 2 Mar 1800, Court Matrix, Co. Limerick, Ireland, m2. Maria Atkins Lester
(7) Robert Fizzell, b. 17 Sep 1858, Middletown, West Gwillimbury, ON, Canada, m. Rozanna Elizabeth Miller
(8) James Lester Fizzell, b.8 Jun 1887, Litchfield, IL, USA, m. Flora Ellen Fisher
(9) James Albert Fizzell, b. 20 Feb 1912, Rheinlander, WI, USA, m. Gladys Blankley
DNA Testee:  kit # 108549
Charles Piper    Line Leaders: killer AT ntl DOT sympatico DOT ca; Leanne DOT piper AT Guelph DOT ca
(1) Charles Piper b. abt 1780 Tipperary, Ireland
(2) Charles Piper b 12 Aug 1811, Nenagh, Tipperary Ireland, d. 16 Nov 1883; m. Elizabeth Ardel
(3) John Piper b. 1847, Bytown, March Twp, Ontario Canada, d. Feb 18, 1878 Stoneleigh, Muskoka District, Ontario; m. Johanna Ryan
(4) Charles Henry Piper b. 1874 Lucan, Middlesex Co, Ontario, d. 2 Mar 1956 Toronto, Ontario; m. Mabel West
(5) Allan Charles Piper b. 29 Jun 1906, d. 27 Jul 1976; m. Emma Doris Warrian
DNA Testee:  kit #211114
Possible 1710 Connection
Joseph Tiger.  Possible connection to Werner Eiewchert/Deuchert/Dyker (Hunter List 130)  Line leader:  tigertale58 AT aol DOT com
(1) Jacob Tiger/ Tyger (b. abt. 1736) Germany; m. Anna Marie Gertroudt
(2) John Tiger (b. 1770) Tewksbury Twp NJ; m. Sarah Everitt
(3) Asa Tiger (b. 1806) Tewksbury Twp NJ; m. Mary Ann Everitt
(4) Nathan L. Tiger (b.1838) Tewksbury Twp NJ; m. Jane Hildebrandt
(5) Joseph C. Tiger (b. 1881) Tewksbury Twp NJ; m. Nellie Hensor
6) Joseph C. Tiger (b.1911) Morrisville PA; m. Rose Marie Kovacs
DNA Testee:  Y-31, kit #34431
Doug German.  Possible connection to Jacob Germann (Hunter List 233).  Line Leader:  douglaskgerman AT gmail DOT com

(1) Isaac F German, b.c. 1783 Dutchess County, NY; d. 1866 Prattsville, Greene, NY; m. (1) Rachel Husted of Dutchess County, NY; m. (2) Jane ?
(2)  Zachariah German b. 1806, Delaware Co., NY; d. 1880 Vienna, MO; m. (1) Mary (Polly) Chamberlain of Prattsville, NY; m. (2) Sarah Snodgrass of Vienna, MO
(3)  Abel German b. 1836, Delaware Co., NY; d. 1904 Glen Elder, KS; m. Sabina Howard
(4)  Chessman German b. 1873, Crab Orchard, NE; d. 1953 Glen Elder, KS; m. Eva Hadley
(5)  Kenneth German b. 1909 Glen Elder, KS; d. 1999 Beloit, KS; m. Ellen Shull
DNA Testee:  kit #204988
Randolph Henry.  Line Leader:  randolph6612 AT sbcglobal DOT NET

(1) Jacob Henry b.abt.1732 in New Jersey d. 1816 in Napier Twp. Bedford Co. Pennsylvania

(2) Peter Henry b.1760 in New Shannock,New Jersey d.1841 in Milford Twp.Pennsylvania

(3)John Henry b.1784 in McConnellsburg,Bedford Co.,Pennsylvania m. Elizabeth Imel; d.June 1856 in Somerset Co.,Pennsylvania

(4) Thomas Henry b.Nov.1830 in Somerset Co.,Pennsylvania m. Eliza Stout; d.Feb.1912 in Scullton,Somerset Co.,Pennsylvania

(5 ) Ira Henry b.Dec.1882 in Scullton,Somerset Co.,Pennsylvania; m. Hattie Crawford; d.Feb.1963 in Connellsville,Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania

DNA Testee:  kit # 294762


Loucks  Line Leader dmloucks AT aol DOT com

(1) Jacob Loucks, b.11 Apr 1820 near Lancaster, Pa.,  d.7 Aug1892 Shenandoah,Pa., m. Magdalena Geist

(2) Ulysses Simpson Grant Loucks, b.abt 14 Sep 1864, d. 22 Aug1893 Pottsville, Pa.,  m. Evelyn Outwin Kerslake

(3) Ulysses Guy Loucks, b. 6 Dec 1891 Reading, Pa., d.18 Jan 1968 Pima, Arizona., m. Olwyn Harris

(4) William Vaughn Loucks, b. 25Jun1924 Cleveland, Oh, d. 8 Feb1 969 Chesterland, Oh m. Marian Bagnall


DNA Testee:  kit# 299162


John Teeple from New Jersey. Possible connection to Johannes Diebel/Dievel (Hunter List #128).  Line Leader: Kathymarshall3 AT gmail DOT com
(1) John Teeple b. about 1760, New Jersey : m. Sophia Guest
(2) Pitney Teeple b.  1807, New Jersey; m. Isabel Merchant
(3) John B Teeple b. Feb 1, 1851, Battlesburg, Stark, Ohio, USA; m. Mary Agnes
(4) Roy J Teeple b. 1889, Pike, Stark, Ohio, USA; m. Cada Brothers
(5) Lawrence Kenneth Teeple b. 1913, Pike, Stark, Ohio, USA; m. Edna Blanche Ebersole
DNA Testee: kit # 214786
Wiser.  Possible connection to Johann Conrad Weiser, (Hunter List #799).  Line Leader:  wahoosier07 AT gmail DOT com
1. Henry Weiser (b. circa 1730; d. 1786, Fairfax Co, VA)
Michael Wiser (b. 1758; d. 26 Apr 1845, Fauquier Co, VA) m. Nelly Beach
Thomas Wiser (b. circa 1790, Fairfax Co.; d. 1856, Fauquier Co, VA) m. Elizabeth Willingham
Henry Thomas Wiser (b. 29 Apr 1826, VA; d. 11 Mar 1862, Moniteau Co, MO) m. Jane Ann Davis
John Henry Wiser (b. 26 Jan 1854, Fauquier Co, VA; d. 30 Jul 1921, Olean, MO) m. Mary Rebecca Son
John Earl Wiser (b. 2 July 1900, Olean, MO; d. 17 Sep 1937, Mt. Vernon, MO) m. Sadie Larcenia Amos
DNA Testee:   kit #268051
Wismer.  Possible connection to Johan Jacob Wismer, London Board of Trade Census May 6, 1709 as Jacob Wismer, New Bern colony (de Graffenried) March 1710.  - Line leader mwismer AT msn DOT com
1) Johan Jacob Wismer / Wismar / Wyssmer (b. abt 1659 place unknown, suspecte Canton Bern or Palatinate (Alzey-Worms, Kraichgau, Alsace), d. abt 1725, New Bern, NC)
(2) Jacob Wismer b. abt 1684 probably in the Palatinate, d. 4 Feb 1787 in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, PA, m. Nanny ?
(3) Mark Wismer b. 1737 in Bucks County PA, d. 1831 in Bucks County, m. ?
(4) David Wismer b. 1771 in Bucks County, d. 8 Sep 1890, moved to Markham Township, Ontario, Canada in 1806, m. Lydia Everett
(5) David  Wismer, Jr. b. 22 Dec 1807 in Markham Township, d. 8 Sep 1890 in Markham Township. m. Mary Toman
(6) Enos Everett  Wismer, b. 11 Feb 1844, in Markham Township, d. ? Essex County, ON, m. Jemima Young
(7) Theodore Augustus Wismer, b. 27 Nov 1868 in Essex County, d. 1948 Amherstburg, ON, m. Georgina Copeland
(8) William Wilfred Wismer, b. 1897, d. ?, m. Kathleen Harris
DNA Testee: kit # 304527
Other Emigrants
Fisher  Line Leader:  nospam AT orerockon DOT com
(1) Baltasar Fischer, b. 1587; d. 1625, Langenselbold, Wetterau Hess, Germany; m. Katherine Christin, [1593-1633]
(2) Georg Fischer, b. 1613; d. 1659, Langenselbold, Wetterau Hess, Germany; m. Catharina Lerchen [1623-(1656-1707)]
(3) Weygel Fischer, b. 1654; d. 1725, Langenselbold, Wetterau Hess, Germany; m. Anna Barbara Lerch [1668-1719]
(4) Johan Wilhelm Fischer,b. 11 Apr 1706 Langenselbold, Germany d. 23 Oct 1771 Heidelberg, Berks, PA m. Elisabetha Gertruat Hain b. 11 Apr 1711
(5) Wilhelm Fischer, b. 1737-1740; d. S. Heidelberg, Berks Co., PA; m. Anna Catherine Marshall
(6) William Fischer, b. 1766; d. 1842, S. Heidelberg, Berks Co., PA; m. Margaret Krick
(7) Peter F. Fisher, b. 1808; d. 1889, Spring, Berks Co., PA; m. Anna Maria Bensing
(8) William B. Fisher, b. 1855, d. abt 1927, Spring, Berks Co., PA; m. Amanda S. Leid
(9) Levi Fisher, b. 1893; d. 1963, Lwr. Heidelberg, Berks Co., PA; m. Grace Irene Moore
DNA Testee:  kit # 113742
Fuhrman   Line Leader:  deepblue32000 AT msn DOT com
(1) Stephen Fuhrman b. abt. 1720 , Germany, d. 1781 in Manheim Twp.
(2) Wilson Fuhrman b. 31 Jul 1859, d. abt 1906
(3) Levi Stephen Fuhrman b.16 Apr 1893, Michigan, d. Illinois
DNA Testee: Y-192, kit #N40487
Gebel   Line Leader mlcolgan AT Verizon DOT net
(1) Johann Gebel, b. 1831 Romania, d. 1872 Chicago, IL; m. Mina Born
(2) Adolph Gebel, b. 1864 Chicago, IL c. 1909 Chicago, IL; m. Augusta Schwartz
(3) Herman Fred Gebel, b. 1899 Chicago, IL, d. 1963 Chicago, IL; m. Gertrude Berndt Adolph Earling Gebel, b. 1919 Chicago, IL, d. 1944; m. Violet Peterson
DNA Testee: Y-81, kit #113422
Hess  Line Leader fhess518 AT comcast DOT net
(1) Hans Hess, b. abt 1683 Switzerland, m. Magdalena; emigrated 1717
(2) Michael Hess, b. abt 1715 Switzerland or Germany, m. Barbara Kreider
(3) David Hess, b. 1746 Conestoga, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Anna Keeports
(4) John Hess, b. 1785 Conestoga, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Catharine Keagy
(5) Edward Hess, b. 1813, Conestoga, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Mary Ann Lewis
(6) David Lewis Hess, b. 1859, Safeharbor, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Ida Jane Keller
(7) Edward Keagy Hess Sr., b. 1893, Harrisburg, PA; m. Emma Brubaker Shearer
DNA Testee:  kit #152027
Kirbach  Line Leader jskerbauch AT Comcast DOT net

(1) Johann Georg Kirbach; abt.1681-1721; Niederwambach, Germany; m. Maria Catharina Marts

(2) Georg Wilhelm Korbach/Kirbach; abt. 1717-after 1756; Niederwambach, Germany; m. Anna Eva Trapper

(3) Georg Wilhelm Korbach/Kirbach/Kerbaugh; 1749-1803/1805; York Co., Pennsylvania; m. Catharina Lingenfelter

(4) Jacob Kerbaugh/Carbaugh; 1799-after 1862; Virginia; m. Margaret Myers/Moyers

(5) Thomas Franklin Kerbaugh; 1843-1899; Greene Co., Tennessee; m. Lida Johnston

(6) John Thomas Kerbaugh; 21 Nov 1894 - 11 May 1982; Greene Co., Tennessee; m. Eula Harrell Leonard

(7) Shoun Leonard Kerbaugh; 10 Feb 1918 – 16 Oct 2000; N. Wilkesboro, Wilkes Co., North Carolina; m. Bessie Clo Rhodes

DNA Testee:  kit #331744

Lauck  Line Leader davell350 AT verizon DOT net
(1) Alies Lauck b. 1835, Baden, Germany; m. Helena
(2) Frank Lauck b. Feb 1868, Germany; m. Mary
(3) Edwin Lauck b. Feb. 1890; m. Emma Josephine
DNA Testee:  Y-188; kit #194358
Meyer  Line Leader corinne5280 AT att DOT net
(1) Rudolph Meyer/Mire b. abt. 1682, d. 9 Feb 1767, m. Barbara
(2) Rudolph Meyer II (Moyer, Myer) b. 1724 Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d. 1783 Pennsylvania; m. Anna Light
(3) Henry “Heinrich” Meyer Sr. b. 4 Mar 1756, Bethel Twp. Berks Co., Pennsylvania; d. abt. 24 Sep 1821, Pennsyvania; m. Veronica Light
(4) Henry Meyer, Jr. b. 12 Mar 1797, Lebanon Twp., Pennsylvania; d. 8 Dec 1825 Annville Twp., Pennsylvania; m. Nancy Light
(5) Joseph Meyer b. 9 Dec 1821, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania; d. 28 Mar 1886, Pennsylvania; m. Sarah Yingst
(6) Samuel P. Meyer b. 5 Dec 1871, North Lebanon Twp., Pennsylvania; d. 17 Nov 1947, Pennsylvania; m. Alice V. Bomberger
(7) Joseph Henry Meyer b. 26 May 1891, North Lebanon Twp., Pennsylvania; d. 3 Apr 1937 in New York, New York; m. Alice Kate Boyer
DNA Testee:  kit #224493
Reigel   Line Leader terry AT reigelridge DOT com
(1) Jacob K Riegel b. c 20 Sep 1816 prob PA, d. 13 Sep 1857 Northumberland Co. PA; m. Christiana Ohl
(2) Benjamin Franklin Riegel b. 25 Jan 1850 Northumberland Co. PA, d. 6 Jan 1931 Clark Co. WA; m. Esther Matilda Gann
(3) Frank William Reigel, b 23 Apr 1881 Holt Co. MO, d 29 Jul 1952 Clark Co. WA, m. Emma Sophia Gapsch
DNA Testee:  Y-168, kit #172939

Roemisch.   Line Leader mishraye AT gmail DOT com

(1) Georg Wendel Roemisch b. abt. 1660, Germany, m. Margaretha Herner
(2) Johann Adam Romig b. 13 Feb 1669, Riedenstein?, Palatinate, Germany, d. 11 Jul 1768, Northampton, Pennsylvania, m. Agnes Margaretha Bernhardt
(3) Johann Friedrich Romig b. 24 Apr 1713, Ittlingen, Germany, d. 6 Jul 1783, Macungie, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, m. Catherine Siegfried
(4) Joseph Romig b. 27 Mar 1740, Macungie, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, d. 1814, Union, Pennsylvania, m. Anna Margaretha Walbert
(5) Josias Isiaiah Romig b. 9 Oct 1778, Pennsylvania, d. 1 Oct 1862, Seneca, Ohio, m. Susannah Fry (or Dry)
(6) Daniel Romig b. 25 Apr 1801, Pennsylvania, d. 11 Feb 1879, Starke, Indiana, m. Catherine Konser (or Kuzer)
(7) Daniel Romig b. 2 Oct 1836, East Penn, Carbon, Pennsylvania, d. 30 Jul 1902, East Penn, Carbon, Pennsylvania, m. Levina Maria Hoffman
(8) Maurice A Romig b. Oct 1860, m. Emaline Rehrig
(9) Charles M Romig b. 26 Apr 1898, Pennsylvania, d. Jun 1981, Palmerton, Carbon, Pennsylvania, m. Mary Agnes Schempp (var. Schremp)
Seeber Line Leader chseeber AT speednetllc DOT com
(1) Johann Martin Seeber b. 1674, Lambsheim,Pfalz, Germany, d. NY; m. Anna Marie
(2) Johann Jacob Seeber b. 1707, Lambsheim, Pfalz, Germany, d. New York, d. 25 Nov 1789, Ft. Plain, NY; m. Anne Marie
(3) Jacob W. Seeber b. abt, 1730, d. abt. 1807; m. Elizabeth Barbara Laux
(4) William Seeber b. 1780, Montgomery Co., NY, d. 1866, Lincoln, NY, m. Anna Maria Marsh
(5) Nicholas W. Seeber b. 1812 in NY, m. Edith Lawrence
(6) Moses Seeber b. 1838, Oneida, NY d. 1909, Barry Co., MI, m. Maria E. Gesler
(7) Alfred Charles Seeber b. 1867, Barry Co., MI, d. 1931, Barry Co., MI; m. Rose Etta Johnson
(8) Roy Seeber b. 1894, Barry Co., MI, d. 1984, Barry Co., MI, m. Treasia Ceceila Barber
(9) Leo Seeber b. 1919 Barry Co., MI, d. 1974, Kent Co., MI; m. Ilene Anna Cappon
DNA Testee:  Y-54, kit #124302
Seeber   Line Leader chseeber AT speednetllc DOT com
(1) Johann Wilhelm Seeber, b. 15 Nov 1721 in Germany, d. 01 Sep 1777 Ft. Plain, New York. (second wife - Catherine Eccker )
(2) Johann William Seeber, b. 13 Jun 1747, Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY; d. 18 Jan 1828, Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., NY; m. Anna Elizabeth Schnerr;
(3) William H. Seeber, b. 13 Dec 1769, Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., New York; d. 03 Dec 1800, NY; m. Anna Eva Casler
(4) William Henry Seeber, b. 29 May 1791, Fort Plain, Montgomery Co., New York; d. 26 Feb 1881, Fort Plain, Montgomery Co., New York; m. Nancy Ann Failing
(5) William Henry Seeber, b. 06 Nov 1826, Fort Plain, Montgomery Co., NY; d. 14 Mar 1900, Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., NY; m. Catherine Mount
(6) Clarence Morton  Seeber, b.14 Mar 1857, Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., NY, d. 1932 Port Huron, Ontario, Canada; m. Sarah Annette Hitchcock
(7) Albert Fuller Seeber, b. 30 Sep 1906, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, d. 01 Dec 1990 in Spokane, Washington. m. Irene Barbara Eva Symonds
DNA Testee:  Y-53, kit #124303
Seeber   Line Leader chseeber AT speednetllc DOT com
(1) Johann Wilhelm Seeber (1721-1777) (third wife - Maria Elisabeth Goebelin)
(2) Johannes (John) W. Seeber (1763-1851)
(3) Daniel Seeber (1817-1896)
(4) Byron Seeber (1846-1928)
(5) Donald (Don) Seeber (1912-1996)
DNA Testee:  Y- 68, kit #135617
Simon    Line Leader:  dokubi AT yahoo DOT com; ssimon AT uottawa DOT ca
*Earliest known ancestor (maybe): Jacob Simon d. April 1741, Pfeffelbach, Palatine; m. Agnes 
Palatine Emigrant: Nicolas Simon, b. 1706, Pfeffelbach, Palatine 
OR (more likely, his brother) – Jacob Simons, b. 1710 (?), Pfeffelbach; m. Catherine Schmidt
(2) George Simon, b. 1749 d. 1804, Hardy Co., VA; m. Mary Reuger
(3) – George Simon, b. 1777, Hardy Co., VA; d. 1866, Hardy Co., VA; m. Sarah Rieger 
(4) – Michael Simon, b. 1797, Hardy Co., VA; d. 1880, Hardy Co., WV; m. Catherine Simon  
(5) – Christian W. Simon; m. Martha Virginia Borror
(6) Jacob Randall “Yuck” Simon b. Sept 1854, Hardy Co., VA; d. 4 March 1931, Hardy Co., WV; m. Margaret Angeline Edith Simon 
(7) James Michael Paren Simon, b. 20 September 1876, Petersburg, WV; d. 25 August 1956, Mercer Co., OH; m. Lillian Florence Judy
 (8) Lester James Simon b. 22 Jan 1906, Petersburg, Hardy Co., WV; d. 25 Feb 1999, Rockford, OH; m. Mary Elizabeth Lutz
DNA Testee:  Y-115, kit #N61047    
Thornburgh   Line Leader rthornbu AT hughes DOT net
(1) Frederick Ambrosius Tranberg b. 1709; d. USA; m. Eva Marie Wittmer
(2) Frederick David Tranberg/Throneburg b. 17 Apr 1749 York, PA d. 24 Apr 1837 Lincoln Co., NC; m. Catharine ?Hunsucker?
(3) Daniel Throneburgh b. 1786 Guilford Co., NC, d. Vigo Co., IN 1850-1860
(4) Eli Throneburg b. 1817, Lincoln Co., NC, d. 1859, Vigo Co., IN
(5) Marcus Martin Throneburg b. 1838, Lincoln Co., NC, d. 2 Apr 1895 Clark Co., IL
(6) Francis Marion Thornburgh b. 22 Oct 1872 IL, d. 9 Mar 1953, Romulus, MI
(7) Arthur E. Thornburgh b. 10 Jun 1915,Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN d. 26 June 1987 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN
DNA Testee:  Y-19, kit #110717
Tromper/Tremper  Line Leader ctsteinbuck AT gmail DOT com
(1) Johann Jacob Tromper (abt 1670 Neuwied - aft 1740 New York, New York, NY) m. Anna Christina Welcker
(2) Hermannus Tromper (1718 Neuwied - aft 1786 *Unknown*, {Orange} Rockland, NY) m. Elisabetha Felten
(3) Jacob Tremper (1760 Tappan, {Orange} Rockland, NY - aft 1806 *Unknown*, Rockland, NY) m. Nancy Ryder
(4) George J Tremper (1804 *Unknown*, Rockland, NY - 1870-80 South Ottawa Twp, LaSalle, IL) m. Catharina Hubbart Tallman
 (5) William Henry Tremper (1829 Clarkstown, Rockland, NY - 1898 Ottawa, LaSalle, IL) m. Catherine Keesler
(6) Orvil J Tremper (1863 Ottawa, LaSalle, IL - 1926 Chicago, Cook, IL) m. Effie Adell McFarlane
(7) Everett William Tremper (1901 Morris, Grundy, IL - 1947 Chicago, Cook, IL) m. Helen Marie Josephine Hoffman
DNA Testee: Kit #237311
Walter  Line Leader kewalter AT q DOT com
(1) Johann Bernard Walter, b. 1716 Nordrhein, Heilbronn, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
(2) Michael Walter, b. 1813, Hamilton Twp., Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; d. 1891, Mill City, Wyoming Twp., Pennsylvania; m. Esther Hough
(3) Michael Melvin Walter, b. 1845, Mill City, Falls Twp., Wyoming Co., Pennsylvania; d. 1919, Grand Junction, Colorado; m. Carthena D. Tilton
(4) Orren James Walter, b. 1878 Deep River Iowa, d.1953 Laramie, Wyoming; m. Mary Middleton
DNA Testee:  kit #237316
Warner    Line Leader:  michaelwarner AT roadrunner DOT com
(1) John Thomas Warner, b. 1786-1800, South Carolina; d. 1879, Winn, Louisiana
(2) David James Warner, b. 1822, South Carolina; d. 1896, Caldwell, Louisiana
(3) Joseph Monroe Warner, b. 1874, Louisiana; d. 1913, Caldwell, Louisiana
(4) Herman Clyde Warner, b. 1907, Caldwell, Louisiana; d. approx. 1985, California
DNA Testee:  Y-87, kit #22103
Young   Line Leader: skepglen AT hotmail DOT com
(1) Peter Young d. maybe Lincoln Co., NC.; m. Katherine Totorow
(2) John David Young b.1808, d. unknown; m. Annie Clemmer
(3) David Alexander Young b. Monroe Co., TN, d. 1889 Springtown, TX; m.  Minerva Matlock
(4) William Jason Young d. Wainright, OK
(5)  Henry Young d. Woodlake, Ca.
DNA Testee:  Y-11, kit #77592
No Known Emigrant (Family has always lived in Europe)
Schumacher  Line Leader:  cholito AT freesurf DOT ch
Earliest known ancestor: Franciscus Schumacher of Entlebuch, Entlebuch, Lucerne, Switzerland, b abt 1700.
DNA Testee:  Y-198, Kit #E4842

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