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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Johann Gottfried Otto b 1770 m Hanna Rosina Schafter - OTTO [0.Day293 AT]
    • Johann Gottlob Otto b 1795  d 1853 m Eva Rosina Barthel
      • Karl Friedrich Otto b 1820  d 1877 m Johanne Rosine Mueller
        • Karl Friederich Otto, Jr. b 1846  d 1898 m Emilie Pauline Kleinert
          • Friedrich Oswald Otto b 1877  d 1961 m Anna Martha Schultz
            • Max Heinz Otto b 1917  d 1983  92704
  • Henry Otto m Marie - Jewel [julpickett AT]
    • Peter Otto b c Nov 1819 possibly Damerau, West Prussia d 5 May 1886 Detroit, MI m Charlotte W. Fuchs
      • August Ludwig Otto b 10 Aug 1849 Damerau, W. Prussia d 8 Jun 1928 Saginaw, MI m Mathilde Charlotte Lange
        • Martin Theophilus Otto b 26 Jun 1891 Detroit, MI d 7 Aug 1960 Detroit, MI m Martha Dorothea Sattelberg
  • Johann Christian Friederick Otto b c1810 m Caroline Dortee Marie Gull - EDO [Bruces_Genealogy AT]
    • Carl Friederick Wilhelm Otto  b 1838 Prussia, GER d 1882 AUS m Auguste Alwine Rosetta Amelia Giegler
      • Ottilie Albertine Otto  b 1865 Brisbane, QLD, AUS d c1866
      • Friederick Carl Franz Otto b 1866 Brisbane, QLD, AUS d c1925 m Emilie Dahms
        • Carl [Pollo] Otto  b 1885 Coolabunia, QLD, AUS d 1963 m1 Anna Amilie Fechner m2 May Chesney
        • Friederick Otto  b 1889 d 1965 m Emilie [Millie] Jorgensen
        • Auguste Otto  b 1891 Lowood, QLD, AUS d 1962 m Edward Fredrick [Ted] Knof
        • Henry Otto  b 1893 d 1957 m Winifred Ena Moore
        • Emily Otto  b 1895 d 1987 m ....  Piglish
        • Hermann Otto  b 1898 d 1964
        • Edward Otto  b 1900 d c1987
        • Franz Otto b 1901 d 1992
        • Annie Otto  b 1903 d 1992 m Henry Frederick William Bochow
        • Hilda Otto  b 1905 d 1907
        • Minnie Otto  b 1908 m .... Little
      • Carl Friederick Otto  b 1868 Brisbane, QLD, AUS d 1948 m Anna Wittman
        • Catherine Otto  b c1897
        • Carl Otto  b c1898
        • Jack Otto  b c1900
        • Friederick Otto  b c1901
        • Bernard Otto  b c1903
      • Henry Otto  b 1870 d 1960 m Antionetta Margaret Jeppersen
        • William Henry Otto  b c1906
        • Herbert Carl Otto  b c1907
        • Olive Majorie Otto  b c1909
        • Daphne May Otto  b c1911
        • Norman Hans Otto  b 1913 Kingaroy, QLD, AUS
        • Beryl Gwendoline Otto b c1914
      • Benjamin Otto  b 1872 QLD, AUS d 1873
      • Helene Otto  b 1874 Fernvale, QLD, AUS d 1953 m Joseph Franklin
      • Annie Auguste Otto  b 1877 Brisbane, QLD, AUS d c1941 m William Franklin
      • Josop Otto  b 1879 d c1880
      • Auguste Alwine Otto  b 1880 QLD, AUS d c1974 m Hermann Dahms
      • Robert Otto  b 1882 Ipswich, QLD, AUS m Ettie Pohlman and m Lillian Borchart
      • Harry Otto  b c1907
      • Evelyn Otto  b c1908
      • Charles Otto  b c1910
  • Gotlieb Otto b 1840 d 1918 Mequon, WI m Margarethe Louise Caroline Leder - Linda Lea Christ [llchrist AT]
    • Anna Otto Laun b 3 May 1884 d 1945 Mequon, WI
    • George Otto
    • John Otto
    • Caroline Otto Vick
    • Helena Magdaline Otto m Albert Reppin
    • Harry Otto
    • Curtis Otto
    • Gary Otto


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