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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a male project member representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Arthur O'Neal b c1740 d c1790 m Drucilla Bailey - Darrell W. O'Neal [darrellwoneal AT]
    • Silas O'Neal b c1778 probably NC d 1855 MS m1 Mary Grizznell m2 Jane Brown
      • William Riley O'Neal b 1811 NC d 1877 MS m Sarah Kennedy
        • William Barton O'Neal b 1859 MS d 1926 TX m Mary Stewart
          • Charley Haywood O'Neal b 1891 LA d 1958 TX m Anna Sanders 188997
  • Robert O'Neal Jr. b 1755-67 Poss VA, NC or IRELAND? d TN or AR m Elizabeth Davis - kecurroj [wilsncon AT]
    • John O'Neal b 1797 TN d 1863 Lone Oak, TX m1 Margaret Hickey m2 Hannah O'Dell
      • Wilson Samuel O'Neal b 1817 TN d 1873 Greenville, TX m Sarah Keith
        • John Clayton O'Neal b 1849 Greenville, TX d 1911 Crowder, OK m1 Mary Ellen Cocke
          • Wilson Samuel O'Neal b 1884 Greenville, TX d 1937 McAlester, OK m Florence Pound
  • Moses O'Neal b before 1759 m Nancy Rogers  - Bonnie Huffaker [ray2263x AT]
    • Isham O'Neal b 1782 Johnston Co., NC m Ann Pearce 
      • Wiley J. O'Neal b 1810 Bedford Co., TN m Pheby LaRue  
        • Andrew Jackson O'Neal b 1844 Bedford Co., TN m Virginia W. Bass  
          • Jasper Newton O'Neal b 1881 Hico, TX m Sammy Ida Collins
  • Baillen Brittain O'Neal b c1765 SC, d 1850 GA m. Hannah Sherrill -William O'Neal []
    • Andrew O'Neal b 1799 SC, d 1856 AL, m. 1. Delpha unknown, 2. Nancy Allen 1827, 3. Ann Smith 1856
      • Edward w. O'Neal b c1818 SC, d c1865 pbly TN, m. Elizabeth Freeman
        • William b. O'Neal, b1845 GA, d1914 TN, Memaline Russell
          • Joseph Harrison O'Neal, b 1871 GA d1950 al, m. Mollie Jones
            • William Allen O'Neal, b 1898 GA, d 1978 AL m. Ruth Amy Crauswell  O-7 68395
  • Constantine Johnston, 1782, Co. Donegal, Ireland, Catharine BrownWilliam L Johnston [1dearjohn AT]
    • Edward Johnston b 18 Aug 1822 Westmoreland Co. PA  m Elizabeth Harris
      • James Champlain Johnston b 23 Dec 1868 Westmoreland Co. PA  m Annie Virginia Short
        • Lawrence Joseph Johnston Sr. b 30 Jul 1891Westmoreland Co. PA m Lura Gertrude Jellison
          • Lawrence Joseph Johnston Jr. b 19 Sep 1912 Blairsville PA m Alda Louise Lowry N69983
  • Zachariah? O'Neal b. 1800 SC, m. Catherine Elizabeth Perry b. 1808 SC - Coppernot
    • William O'Neal b. 1834 GA, m. Celia Adeline Payne b. 1837 TN
      • George Washington O'Neal b. 1857 GA, m. Nancy Jane Hartline b. 1857 AL
        • Thomas Lester O'Neal b. 1886 GA m. Jessie M Crow b. 1889 AL
  • Obedience O'Neal b 1785/86 Johnston Co., NC and Wm. Hare Shallington (never married) - Nancy Smith [sweetdosan AT]
    • James H. O'Neal b 1812 Johnston Co., NC m Chloe Pyland
      • Mary Moten O'Neal b 1843 Marshall Co., TN m Charles T. Jones
  • Charles O'Neal b 1788 Ireland d 1860 Overton Co., TN m Martha Lowery - Carolyne Kennedy [ckk AT]
    • Hugh O'Neal b 12 Oct 1824 Damascus, Washington Co., VA d 26 Aug 1907 Overton Co., TN
      • Albert Lance O'Neal b 12 Dec 1868 Overton Co., TN d 14 Mar 1933 Geary, Blaine Co., OK m Josie Qualls
        • George Byrne O'Neal b 17 Jan 1891 Overton Co., TN d 26 Jun 1957 Long Beach, CA m Margurite Bunker 185760
  • Oliver G. O'Neal, b 1798, m Nancy Clark - Rodney O'Neal [oneal2311 AT]
    • George Marion O'Neal, b 1829, m Sarah Ann Ellis
      • Claybourne A. O'Neal, b 1866, m Nelle C. Radford   37568 (in Neal-O'Neal Project)
  • Hezekiah O'Neal, b c1812, KY, m1834 Sarah Coley - donnie [donnie AT]
    • Doctor Patrick O'Neal c1839, TN, m1881 Martha Carter
      • James Isaac O'Neal c1884, TN, m1906 Floretta Cliburn
  • William O'Neal, b 1818, NC, m1844 Lucretia Casey - Steve O'Neal [steveoneal_66 AT]
    • William Henry O'Neal, b1846, Henry Co IN,  m1871 Amanda Stanbrough
      • Ira David O'Neal, b1880, Harrison Co, MO,  m1899 Laura Ellen Bain  265977
  • Isaiah Murray O'Neal b 1836 IN d 1917 SD - Valerie [Whep2 AT]
    • William Willard O'Neal  b 1871 IA d 1940 IA
      • Henry Anton O'Neal  b 1900 MN d 1976 IA
  • Joseph H O’Neill, b c1836? NY City, New York Co, NY?, m Amelia Eden - Robin O'Neill [rlh2 AT]
    • Joseph H O’Neill, b 1868 Lake Forest, IL
    • Joseph W O’Neill, b 1873 Lake Forest, Lake Co., IL, m Bertha Foss
      • Joseph O’Neill, b 1910 Lake Forest, Lake Co., IL, m Hazel Swanton  O-2 49130
  • David O'Neal, m Laura Morgan,1873 Loudon , TN - Ed [edoneal AT]
    • William Price O'Neal c1893. Knoxville, TN?
      • Carrol Edward O'Neal c1915 Knoxville, TN  O-11 67362
  • James Elliott O'Neal m. Julia Ann Rebecca Wison Dec. 1892 Coffee Co., AL - jim oneal [onealpad AT]
    • James Robert O'Neal 1893
    • Rosa Lee O'Neal  1895
    • Samuel Wilson O'Neal 1896
    • William Owen O'Neal 1899
    • Henry Hill O'Neal  1902
    • Sidney Swift O'Neal 1905
    • Brantley Savage O'Neal 1908
    • Les Berry O'Neal 1910


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