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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • John Nunn b 1450 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England d 17 May 1535 Rattlesden, England m Elizabeth - Daniel Brunson Nunn Jr.
    • George Nunn b 1475 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England d 8 Oct 1526 Rattlesden, England m Agnis Osborne
      • James Nunn b 1510 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England d 1560 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England m Joan
        • William Nunn b 1541 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England d Jul 1604 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England m Joan Punchard
          • Thomas Nunn b 1581 Stanton, Suffolk, England d 1627 Jamestown, VA m Sara Posford
            • Thomas Nunn b 1613 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England d 20 Jul 1659 Westmoreland, VA m Elizabeth Joanes
              • John Nunn b 1636 VA d 1677 Lancaster, VA m Elizabeth
                • John Nunn b 1660 VA d 1700 VA m Mary Richardson
                  • Francis Nunn b 1687 Craven, NC d 1738 Craven, NC m Naomi Barrett
                    • William Nunn b 1713 Craven, NC d Jan 1787 GA m Elizabeth Loftin - David B. Nunn
                      • Francis IV Nunn b 6 Jul 1752 Orange, NC d c1816 Williamson, TN m Marcy Rice
                        • John Nunn b c1786 NC or Williamson, TN d 5 Jul 1829 Luce, IN m Celia Benton
                          • John Benton Nunn b 19 Mar 1816 TN d 26 Mar 1860 Luce, IN m Rebecca Richards
                            • James Buchanan Nunn b 23 Apr 1858 Luce, IN d 31 Oct 1951 Rockport, IN m Victoria McKenney
                              • James Franklin Nunn b 10 Mar 1908 Richland, IN d 23 Aug 1965 Denver, CO m Margaret Katherine Bennett 63396
                    • Francis Nunn b 1714 NC d c1788 Craven, NC
                      • John Nunn b 1745 d 1836 Wilkinson Co., GA m Eliza Pratt
                        • James Nunn m Nanny Fluker
                          • James R. Nunn b GA d 1845 m Holly J. Edenfield
                            • Joshua Nunn b 1834 d 7 Mar 1863 Richmond, VA m Elizabeth Snider
                              • Joshua E. Nunn b Feb 1861 GA d 9 Aug 1941 Aiken, SC m Mary M. Grubbs
                                • Daniel Joseph Nunn b 7 Jul 1899 SC d 21 Oct 1981 Jacksonville, FL m Elizabeth Brunson N56700
                  • Thomas Nunn b 20 Nov 1690 Chesterfield, VA d c1735 Henry Co., VA m Elizabeth Whorton - William Henry Nunn
                    • William Nunn b 1720 King & Queen Co., VA d 1777 King & Queen Co., VA m Jane Quarles
                      • James Nunn b 1759 VA d 9 Jan 1786 VA m Lucy Clayton
                        • Thomas Asbury Nunn b 1778 VA d c1835 prob Banks Co., GA m Francis Woodall
                          • Howell M. Nunn b c1815 prob Franklin Co., GA d 1880 Polk Co., GA m Elizabeth L. Stapler
                            • James Wiley Nunn b 29 Jan 1849 GA d 11 Feb 1939 Sikeston, MO m Martha Hattaway
                              • Edward Lee Nunn b 11 Nov 1883 GA d 22 Dec 1952 Etowah Co., AL m Lillie Snell
                                • Willie Clarence Nunn b 16 Jul 1903 St. Clair Co., AL d Jul 1973 Attalla, AL m Lila Mae Duncan 196032


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