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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Anthony North b.1626 Va. d.1700 Va. m. Joane Rackley b. 1628 Va. d.1684 Va -stonehog [mvfodey AT]
    • William North b. 1652 Va. d.1706 Va. m. Mary Callaway b. 1655 Va. d.1711 Va
      • William North b. 1700 Va. d. 1748 Va. m Susannah Cottrell b.1710 Va. d.1747 Va
        • Thomas North b. 1742 Va. d. 1793 Va. m. Sarah W. McCarty b.1740 Conn. d.1772 Va
          • Thomas North b. 1760 Va. d.1837 Va. m. Mildred Clayton b. 1750 Va. D. 1784 Va.
            • Thomas Francis North b. 1784 Va. d.aft 1852 Mo. m. Elizabeth Branch b.1785 Va d1860 Mo.
              • James Richard North b.1825 Ken. d,1888 Mo. m Emiline Allison b. 1827 Tenn d.aft 1888 Mo.
                • Willis Franklin North b. 1870 Mo. d. 1916 Mo. m. Lavada Frances Capps b. 1877 mo d.1904 B3486
  • James Proctor North b 1894 Mo. d 1987 Wa. m Elizabeth May Eidson b 1893 mo. d 1966 Wa. - Mary Fodey [mvfodey AT]
    • Willis Franklin North b 1870 Mo. d 1916 Mo. m Lavada Francis Capps b  1877 Mo. d 1904 Mo.
      • James Richard North b 1825  Ky d 1888 Mo. m Emiline Allison b 1827 Ky d 1888 Mo.
        • Thomas Francis North b 1784 Va. (through Ky) d 1853 Mo.  m Elizabeth Branch b 1785 Va d 1860 (The DNA seems to link with this Branch family)
          • Thomas North b 1760 Va, d 1832 Va. m Mildred Overton  Berlkey b 1750 Va. d 1784 Va B3486
  • Thomas North b 1742 Va. d 1794 Va. m Sarah W McCarty b 1740 Conn. d 1772 Va. - Mary Fodey [mvfodey AT]
    • William North b 1700 Va. d 1748 Va. m Susannah Cottrel b 1710 Va. d 1740
      • William North b 1652 Va. d 1706 Va. m Mary Callaway b 1655 Va. d 1711 Va.
        • Anthony North b 1626 Va. d 1700 Va. m Jane ---1628-1684 Va
          • Thomas North b c 1600 prob England  ---1673/8 Va B3486

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Basset b c1790 NC m Sally Lassetter - northernone [lnorthern AT]
    • Allen B. b c1820 Macon, GA m Mary Ann Spearman
      • William Basset b 18 Jul 1858 Coweta Co., GA m Laura Frances Merrell
        • Otto Paul b 16 Jul 1889 Frost, TX m Mary Lou Prater
  • John North b c1791 d c1852 Huntingdonshire England m Charlotte Jarvis(s) - JimNorth [jim.north AT]
    • Henry North b c1820 Buckden, Hunts, England d 1903 Lewisham, Kent, England m Eliza Goldsmith
      • William John North b c1840 Islington, Middx, England d c1891 m Susan Sandiland
        • Alice J North b c1864 Islington, Middx, England
        • William Frederick P. North b c1865, Islington, Middx, Engand
        • Minne North b c1867 Islington, Middx, England
        • Arthur North b c1875 Islington, Middx, England
        • Florence North b c1880 Holloway, London, England
      • Frederick George North b 1842 Kennington, Surrey, England m Elizabeth Wallace
        • Ada Eliza North b c1867 Hoxton, Islington, Middx, Eng m Richard Smith
          • Reginald Alfred Smith b 1899
        • Henry George North b c1870 Barnsley, Middx, England m Edith Ellen Ford
        • William North b c1873 Islington, Middx, Eng
        • Harry Wilkie North b 1874 Wandsworth, Surrey, England m Julia Rose Harris
          • Frederick George North b 1903 Chelsea, London, England m Phyllis Doreen Woodman
          • William Harry North b 1905 Chelsea, London, England m Bertha Nllie Hurst
        • Emily Louise North b 1877 Balham, Surrey, England m Alfred James Woods
          • Nellie Woods b c1899 Catford, Kent, England
          • Elsie Audrey Woods b 1900 Catford, Kent, England
          • Kathleen Woods
          • Edna Woods
          • Doris May Woods b 1902 Lewisham, Kent, England
          • George H Woods b 1910 Lewisham, Kent, England
        • Nellie Kate North b 1881 Balham, Surrey, England   
      • Emily Ann North b 1847 Kennnington, Surrey, England m Edward Shuttleworth
      • Harry Sidney North b c1851 Islington, Middx, England m Emma Lucy ?
        • Kathleen B North b c1884 East Dulwich, London, England
      • Alfred Wilkins North b 1855 Islington, Middx, England m Louisa Jordan
        • Ruby Estelle North b 1884 Camberwell, Surrey, England
        • Sydney North b 1885 Greenwich, Kent, England
        • Valantine Alfred North b 1889 Camberwell, Surrey ,England
        • Connie Victoria North b 1897 Lewisham, Kent, England m Ernest James Moore
      • Mary E North b c1858 Islington, Middx, Englanad
    • George North b c1821 Godmanchester, Hunts, England
    • Elizabeth North b c1829 Huntingdonshire, England
    • Catherine North b c1829 Huntingdonshire, England m Thomas Smith

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