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Welcome to the Mixon/Mixson/Megginson DNA project!
Many, if not all Mixons can trace their lineage to John Mixon born ca1630 in England and d. 1655. It was believed that he was the progenitor of many Mixons and Megginson lineages here in the U.S. Records indicate there were too many inconsistencies with the spelling of the name "Mixon" and highly likely, the name was originally a "Meggi(n)son" variant. Also, for many years, the name Mixon was regarded as a phonetic variant of Meggi(n)son.  Records and DNA has proven the connection with the the two surnames.
Early Mix(s)ons and Meggi(n)sons have settled in Virginia and moved into North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Texas.
The objectives of this project is to:
-Aid research in determining the relation among males with the surnames and others with similiar or different surnames
-Encourage project participation in determining connections and promoting reconcilation between the two or any other male lineages 
-Spreading the long standing traditions of the families and the history that is rooted all the way to the first English settlement of the Virginia Colonies in the early 1600s.
To become a participant of the Mixon/Megginson project, you can click here to submit a Y-DNA test. I highly encourage any participant to test with a minimum of a 37 marker Y-DNA test to assist in confirming relation. Also, the combination of Y-STR and Y-SNP testing can assist in confirming relations. Any questions regarding what is Y-STR and SNP testing can be found here
Thanks for visiting and please feel free to contact me with any questions!


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