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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.


  • John McNair, b bef1672, Scotland - Andy MacNair [ahmacnair AT]
    • John, b 1690, nr River Dee, Scotland,  m Christiana Walker, d 1734, Co Donegal, Ireland
      • William, b 1727, Co Donegal, m (2)Sarah Horner, d 1823, Livingston Co, NY
        • Robert, b 5/29/1793, Northampton Co, PA, m Amelia Warner, d 1863, Liv. Co, NY
          • Wm. R., b 9/23/1823, Groveland, Liv. Co, NY, m Mary Williamson, d 4/1911, Lima, Liv. Co, NY
            • Chas. Willis MacNair, b 7/4/1856, Lima, m Emma Patterson, d 1947, LA, CA
              • Robert Leslie, b 8/20/1897, Liv. Co, NY, m Helen Tanner, d 2/9/1981, San Mateo, CA M-1 37275
  • John McNair b Scotland, m Janet Muir July 9, 1725 Govan, Lanarkshire - Sherry McNair [randsmcnair AT]








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