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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


McIntyre / MacIntyre / McIntire

Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove space

  • Duncan MacIntyre 1st Chief b 1640 Glenoe, Scotland d 1722 m Mary Campbell- Alan B. MacIntyre [glenoeus AT]
    • Donald MacIntyre 2nd Chief b 1666 Glenoe, Scotland d 1740 m Catherine MacDonald
      • James MacIntyre 3rd Chief b 1727 Glenoe, Scotland d 1799 m Ann Campbell
        • Donald MacIntyre 4th Chief b 1762 Edinburgh, Scotland d 1792 m Esther Haines
          • James MacIntyre 5th Chief b 1785 Newburgh, NY d 1863 m Ann Campbell
            • Ewen McIntyre b 1825 Johnstown, NY d 1913 m Emily Bridgeman
              • Henry Knox McIntyre b 1876 New York City, NY d 1926 m Edna Moore
                • Alan Bridgeman MacIntyre b 1921 Raleigh, NC m Marguerite George 152046
  • Henry McIntire b c1720-1728 possibly Falmouth, ME d bef 2 Oct 1787 m1 Mary Small m2 Sarah Dodd - Cynthia McIntire Johnson [cacitoo AT]
    • Benjamin McIntire Sr. b c1745-1760 Falmouth or Lewiston, ME d 28 Nov 1797 - 14 Apr 1800 Falmouth, ME m Sarah
      • Benjamin McIntire Jr. b c1791-1793 possibly Yarmouth, ME d Aug 1872 New Gloucester, MEA m Maria Prince
        • Levi Prince S. McIntire b c 5 Dec 1818-1822 possibly Yarmouth, ME d 11 Jul 1867 Dixfield, ME m Adelia Holman
          • Maurice McIntire b 14 Sep 1856 New Gloucester, ME m Nancy Cummings Martin
            • John Alfred McIntire b 7 Aug 1887 Dixfield, ME m Abbie Matilda Demerritt 164095
    • David McIntire b c1756 Falmouth, ME m Margaret Pool - klcm67 [kristina.rees AT]
      • David McIntire b 14 Feb 1793 New Gloucester, ME m Dorcas Wharff
        • Joseph F. McIntire b 18 Sep 1822 Brunswick, ME m Eliza Ann Dickey
          • Charles J. McIntire b May 1850 Boston, MA m Emma J. Buxton
            • Charles Elbert McIntire b 28 Jan 1879 Boston, MA m Agnes Downing
  • J.M. McIntyre b 1720 Scotland d NC m Jane Marshall - Margaret Orlowski Moore [megomoore AT]
    • Rosannah McIntyre b 1741 Tyrone, Ireland d 1798 Elberta Co., GA m Thomas Mackie 100393
  • Peter McIntyre b 1 Aug 1733 Ardlui Arrochar Dunbartonshire Scotland m Margaret Gray - Libby Donelan [weemala AT]
    • Peter (Padruig) McIntyre b 1 Aug 1771 Arrochar Parish Dunbartonshire Scotland m Agnes McDonald
      • Peter McIntyre b 18 Aug 1808 Edintaggarl Glen Luss Loch Lomond Scotland m Jane McFarlane
        • Dugald McIntyre b 6 Jan 1849 Stuckendroin Arrochar Dumbartonshire Scotland m Christina Herbert
          • James McIntyre b 26 Oct 1876 Paddington Sydney New South Wales Australia m Gertrude V. Havenstein/Harvnstein
            • Malcolm McIntyre b 5 Sep 1910 Paddington Sydney New South Wales Australia m Coreta Aileen Sanders M-8 N35557
  • Neil [Noel, Edouard, Eleonore] McIntyre b 1744 Barra, Scotland, m Margaret MacKenzie [phill AT, denis AT]
    • John (Jean-Baptiste) McInyre b 1766 Barra, Scotland, d 1850 Charlo, NB, m Marie-Reine D'Amboise dit Bergeron 
      • ​Jean-Baptiste McIntyre b 26 Mar 1823 Charlo, NB, m Marie-Madeleine LeBlanc
        • ​Jean (John) McIntyre b abt Jul 1855 Charlo, NB, m Marie-Anne Poirier
          • Frederick William McIntyre b 15 Mar 1878, m Marie-Zelica LeBlanc
            • Edward Harold McIntyre b 7 Jun 1911 ME, d 31 Jan 1991 ME  M-14 N45055
    • Honoré-Joseph McIntyre b 7 Jul 1779 St-François-de-la-rivière-du-Sud, Qc, d 29 Sep 1860, St-Hyacinthe, Qc, m Marie-Madeleine Côté [participants recherchés]
      • Pierre-Martin McIntyre b 11 Nov 1803 St-Hyacinthe, Qc, m Marguerite Goddard
      • Honoré McIntyre b 27 Jun 1806 St-Hyacinthe, m Anastasia Picotte
      • Toussaint McIntyre b 1813, m Lucie Foisy
  • William McIntyre b ca1746, d 1787 Strenraer, Scotland m Margaret Kelly b 1746 d 1837 - Dan McIntyre [4rasfam AT]
    • William McIntyre Jr. b 1778 Strenraer, Scotland d 1851 Freeport PA m Mary McNish b 1782 d 1880
      • John McIntyre b 1823 Strenraer d1903 Freepor ,PA d 1903 m Mary Miller b 1830 d 1902
        • Nathaniel McIntyre b 1853 d 1932 Freeport m Mary Etta McLaughlin b 1879- d 1932
          • Alva Merle McIntyre b 1880 d 1990 Freeport m Edna May Carnahan b 1880 d 1932
            • James W. McIntyre b 1911 Freeport d 2005 m Kathryn Kinsella b 1913 d 2006 M-13 N43012
  • Padruig [Big Peter] Macintyre b Glenorchy 1755, d 1845, Skye, m Annabella Macintyre - jsmci [jsmci AT]
    • Duncan Macintyre, b Luing, 1789, d Applecross 1867, m Marion Macintyre
      • John Macintyre, b Skye 1817, d Casterton, Australia 1888, m Mary Mackay
        • Murdoch Macintyre b Skye 1846, d Casterton 1932, m Mary Jelly
          • Murdoch Macintyre b Casterton 1891, d Bendigo 1984, m Janet Sinclair M-15 88603
  • Donald MacIntyre b c1760 Howbeg, S Uist, Scotland possibly m Flora - Richard MacIntyre [rmacintyre AT]
    • John MacIntyre b 1814 prob Howbeg, S. Uist, Scotland m Mary Currie
      • Charles Albert MacIntyre b 1858 East Williams, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada m Stella Blanche Dodge
        • Archibald Currie MacIntyre b 1897 Manistitque, MI m Sarah Margaret Harris 285947
  • Malcolm MacIntyre b 1765 Argyleshire, Scotland d Sep 1856 Melbourne, Ontario, Canada m Janet Buchan - Bradley C. MacIntyre [brad.macintyre AT]
    • Peter MacIntyre b 20 Nov 1806 Argyleshire, Scotland d 20 Dec 1867 Lobo, Ontario, Canada m Mary Jane McArthur
      • Malcolm Arthur MacIntyre m 12 Nov 1832 Lobo, Ontario, Canada d 29 Jun 1919 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada m Mary Angeline Campbell
        • James Alexander MacIntyre b 19 Apr 1873 Lobo, Ontario, Canada d 16 Sep 1955 Glencoe, Ontario, Canada m Maud Pearl Carnell 186378
  • John McIntyre b c1767 m Janet MacNicol in Scotland - mcinty4664 [kevinntrish AT]
    • John b Scotland, moved to Canada 1824 M-18 N64384
  • Duncan McIntyre b c1781 Scotland m Elizabeth Prestwood - ystewart [stewartsfam AT]
    • John Thomas McIntyre b 1816 GA m Lucinda Deer
      • Daniel Nathaniel McIntyre b 1863 Conecuh Co., AL m Lucinda Alabama Stephens N14051
  • Angus McIntyre b ca1785 Harris, Scotland, migr. 1828 West Bay Cape Breton  M-9 47666
  • Joseph McIntire b c1794 NC m2 Elizabeth A. Whisenhunt - Albert C. McIntyre [ztnoble AT]
    • Martin McIntire b 4 Jan 1856 Yancey Co., NC m2 Sarah Ann Geer
      • John Martin (Martie) McIntyre b 30 Apr 1898 Smyth Co., VA m Fannie Mae Myers 170761
  • John Daniel McIntyre b c1800 probably Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland m Margaret McKinlay - Rowan Taylor [rowan.m.taylor AT]
    • John McIntyre b c1831 probably Loughan Bay, Antrim, Northern Ireland m Catherine O'Shea
      • Daniel Arthur McIntyre b 19 Oct 1880 Tuapeka West, Otago, New Zealand m Johanne Wilhelmina Wohlers 145936
  • William McIntire b 1806 PA m Mary - sjmac [disara919 AT]
    • Robert Gibson McIntire b 14 Nov 1830 Erie Co., PA m Harriet Delphine Beatty
      • Edwin Gant McIntire b 7 Aug 1877 Traer, IA m Orissa Veenstra 183934
  • Richard McIntire b 1 Jan 1807 PA d 25 Dec 1866 Harrison Co., IN m Lucinda Fowler - Evelyn [evehess AT]
    • Parson David McIntire b 24 Nov 1831 Harrison Co., IN d 1 Jan 1909 Johnson Co., KS m Elizabeth Crosier
      • Richard Edward McIntire b 4 Jul 1863 Laconia, Harrison, IN d 26 Oct 1944 Edgerton, Johnson, KS m Susannah Kingsley
        • Howard Lincoln McIntire b 21 Oct 1908 Gardner, Johnson, KS d 5 Feb 1987 Olathe, Johnson, KS m Effie Evelyn Gay 226023
  • John McIntyre b 1808 Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland m Euphronia - Carol McIntyre Long [lightcatcher AT]
    • John Stuart McIntyre b 1830 NJ m Mary Augusta
      • John Hardwick MccIntyre b 28 Jul 1861 Mobile, AL m Mary Elizabeth (Mollie)
        • Thomas Stewart McIntyre Sr. b 13 May 1889 Falls, Callahan Co., TX m Ada
          • Tom Stewart McIntyre Jr. b 26 Jul 1915 Callahan Co., TX m Marjorie 242414
  • Soloman McIntyre b 1824 probably NC d 1851 Russell, AL m Alethia Maynor - Sylvia Maehler [oriskany1777 AT]
    • George Thomas McIntyre b 1850 Russell, AL d 1928 CA m Mary Martin
      • Walter McIntyre b 1879 TX d 1964 CA m Jeanette Goolsby 148294
  • George Washington MacIntyre b. c1842 Philadelphia, PA m. Elizabeth Moore - catsgolf2 [catsgolf2 AT]
    • George Washington MacIntyre 2  b.7/15/1875 Philadelphia, PA m. Emma May Slater d.1/9/1924
      • John Hoover Macintyre b. 10/30/1906 Philadelphia, PA, m Dorothy Marie Morrison d. 3/16/2005 M-10 79404


Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Archibald McIntyre b c1735 Scotland m Mary McIntyre - ballywing [debwickens AT]
    • Alexander McIntyre b 17 Jan 1760 Inverary, Scotland m Catherine Hay
      • Solomon McIntyre b 13 Aug 1796 Inverary, Argyll, Scotland d 6 Jul 1878 Ekfrid, Ontario, Canada m Ann McIntyre
        • Donald James MacIntyre b 1825 St. George, NB, Canada d 6 Nov 1914 Ashfield, Huron, Ontario, Canada m Agnes McMaster
  • Roderick [Rory] McIntyre b 1741 Barra, Scotland, d Berthier-en-Bas, Qc 10 Aug 1776, m Mary MacNeil - [participant needed, denis AT]
    • John Angus (Jean) McIntyre b c1766 Barra, Scotland, m1 Marie-Louise Charland, m2 Marie Mathieu
      • ​(François) Xavier McIntyre b 5 Mar 1797 Québec, Qc, m Sophie Sispion dit Lalancette
    • Joseph McIntyre b 3 Oct 1773 St-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Qc, m Angélique Gosselin
      • ​Joseph McIntyre b c1796 Qc, d 7 Sept 1809 St-Carles, Bellechasse, Qc, m Louise Lecours
  • Angus [Ignace] McIntyre b 1741 Barra, Scotland, d 8 Oct 1819 Québec, m Flora (Florida,Fleurina,Claudine,Geneviève) MacNeil - [participants recherchés, denis AT]
    • Jean-Baptiste McInyre b 14 Feb 1780 Montmagny, Qc, m Marie Etchevarry
    • Angus (Ignace-Barthélémy) McIntyre b 24 Aug 1787 Montmagny, Qc, m 10 Sep 1822 Louise LeBel
  • Edward McIntyre b 1782 Dumfries m Margaret Dunn - marcher [marcher56 AT]
    • John McIntyre b 1807 Dumfries m Margaret Nixon
      • John Mc. McIntyre b 1848 Glasgow m Mary Cowan Howat
        • Elizabeth Jane McIntyre b 1891 Philadelphia, PA m Earl Chester Davis

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