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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.


Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove space

  • William McIntosh b c1664 m Margaret Ord - pegbob [pegbob105 AT]
    • Jon b 29 Mar 1689 Botriphnie, Banff, Scotland m Anna Ross
      • George b 24 Sep 1720 Cullen, Banff, Scotland m Elspet Stuart
        • John b 30 May 1746 Keith, Banff, Scotland m Mary Neish
          • George Ross b 7 Jun 1776 Kinfauns, Scotland m Ann Crichton
            • Thomas C. b 24 May 1803 Dundee, Scotland m Isabella Luke
              • William Petrie b 29 Aug 1834 Dundee, Scotland m Sarah Terry
                • William Petrie b 27 May 1873 Sarnia, Ontario, Canada m Alice Weld Kenison
                  • Robert Edward b 21 Nov 1908 Haverhill, MA m Mary Natilie Glynn B3894
  • John McIntosh b bef 1706 Inverness Scotland - Gary Violette [viofam AT]
    • John Morh McIntosh, b c 1731 Inverness Scotland, m Mary Boran
      • Charles McIntosh, b 1759 Culpeper Co VA, m Candace McElhaney
        • Charles Anderson McIntosh, b 06 Jul 1803 TN m Drucilla Porter
          • Henry Wise McIntosh b 08 Dec 1837 TN, m Rachel Elizabeth Keller
            • Robert Vernon McIntosh b 03 Apr 1880 Keysburg Logan Co KY m Nellie Lilburn Herndon M-1 63314
  • William McIntosh b. Inverness-shire - Doyle McIntosh [dgmcint AT]
    • Robert McIntosh b 1774, Perthshire, native of Logierait, Perthshire, m. Agnes Bartie
      • John McIntosh b 9 Feb 1810 Craiglochie, Scotland m Catherine Simpson Dutch
      • David McIntosh, b. 2 Feb 1812, Craiglochie, Kilspindie, Perthshire, Scotland m. Mary Freer 
        • Robert McIntosh, b. 17 Nov 1840, Bathurst, Gloucester, New Brunswick, m. Margaret Barclay
          • Hugh James McIntosh, b. 4 Jan 1866, Bathurst, Gloucester, New Brunswick, m. Mae Lewis
            • George Foster McIntosh, b. 15 Sep 1906, Skykomish, King, WA, m. Wilma Cady 281409
          • Samuel Hunter McIntosh b 13 May 1879 d 4 Dec 1941 m Mary Feldman - mcintoshjody [mcintoshjody AT]
            • Clarence Lloyd McIntosh Sr. b 22 Oct 1902 d 26 Dec 1985 m Genevieve Cora Walton 292081
  • Alexander McIntosh b 1744 possibly Perth Co., Dull Parish, Scotland d 1823 m Margaret McBean (or Dingwall?) - Laird McIntosh [Lardo59 AT]
    • John McIntoshb bet 1769-1779 Scotland, NY, or Canada
      • Alexander McIntosh b c1811 Prescott, Ontario, Canada d aft 1876 m Rosanna Hughes
        • Daniel McIntosh b 1845 Prescott, Ontario, Canada d 1900 m Elizabeth Shaffer
          • Daniel Elton McIntosh Sr. b 1888 Palmer, KS d 1964 m Evelyn Ford N104946
  • Alexander McIntosh d 1809 Scotland m Mary - Michael Duane McIntosh [mcintosh AT]
    • Neill McIntosh b 1772 Isle of Skye, Scotland d 1846 m Mary Jackson
      • George Washington McIntosh b 1818 Carthage, NC d 1885 m Susanna Ritter
        • George William McIntosh b 1870 Itawamba Co., MS d 1951 m Buliah Bell Grissom
          • Eddie Sherman McIntosh b 1899 Itawamba Co., MS d 1963 m Quaynah Lee Cannon
            • Ray Cannon McIntosh b 26 Jun 1919 Itawamba Co., MS d 2004 m Jean Thelma Betts 294373
  • Malcolm McIntosh b bef 1750 Killymine, Newry, Ireland - Timothy J. McIntosh [tmcintosh AT]
    • James McIntosh b 1802 Bedford Co., PA m Jane McConnell
      • James McIntosh Jr. b 1827 Bedford Co., PA m Charlotte Zerbe
        • James B. McIntosh III b 6 Jun 1874 Bedford Co., PA m Mary Augustus Cramer 63314
  • James McIntosh b.c. 1769 Edinburgh m. Isabella Nisbet 1794.- Gordon McIntosh [McInOvingham AT]
    • William McIntosh b.1812 Edinburgh m. Jessie Hunter 1842.
      • David McIntosh b.1841 Edinburgh m. Constance Paxton 1867.
        • John McIntosh b. 1877 Newcastle m. Margaret Jane Edwards 1900.
          • James McIntosh b.1903 Gateshead m. Edith Curry Clement.  231540
  • John McIntosh b c1769 Glenurquhart, Inverness, Scotland m Bessie Chisolm - John McIntosh [lochmoigh1745 AT]
    • William McIntosh b 1796 Glenurquhart, Inverness, Scotland m Alexanderina McLeod
      • John Duncan McIntosh b c1842 Glasgow, Scotland m Catherine Ryan
        • Norman Donald McIntosh b 1876 Edinburgh, Scotland m Susannah Wallace 179930
  • William McIntosh b c1770 Scotland m Nancy Merideth - Dave McIntosh [mcintosh.d AT]
    • Solomon Parks McIntosh b 1796 m Elizabeth Edmonston
      • Charles Anderson McIntosh b 10 Jun 1833 m Lourania Coday
        • R. N. McIntosh b 6 Nov 1866 m Mary Ann Coday
          • Allen McIntosh b 12 Jun 1906 m Leo Gordon 294951
  • John Tosh b 1777 SC m Margaret Johnson - Terry F. Tosh [lindagail38320 AT]
    • Aruthur Allen Tosh b 1808 KY m Candace Sellers
      • Jeptha Allen Tosh b 1849 TN m Mary Jane Hall
        • Floyd Asbury Tosh b 1902 TN m Mary Kathryn Bowman 268414
  • John McIntosh b 1795, Croy, Inverness, Scotland m Girsey Rankin - Malisa [starfighteraz AT]
    • William McIntosh b 16 Sep 1819, Barony Parish, Lanark, Scotland m Maria Caldwell
      • Abraham Edward McIntosh b 4 Mar 1860 Clover, Tooele Co, UT m Mary Louise Guhl
        • Abraham Vance McIntosh b 26 Apr 1885 St John, Tooele Co, UT m Florence Karna Monsen M-2 74060
  • John McIntosh b c1875 d c1934 m Hyacinth Gwendoline Bennetts - Melanie McIntosh [melanie AT]
    • William Henry McIntosh b 1916 South Africa d 1995 South Africa m Joyce Myrtle Mathews
    • Pearl McIntosh b South Africa, died at an early age
    • Phyllis McIntosh b 1922 South Africa d 2007 South Africa 260580



Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Lt. Benjamin McIntosh b 1686 d 1746 m Margaret Marion McGillivray - [cedarpondfarm AT]
    • Captain John McIntosh b 1715 d 1787
      • William F. McIntosh b 1745 d 1794
        • Chief William McIntosh b 1778 d 1825

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