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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Edward McGrath b c1796 Ireland d c1850 Ireland m Catherine Harris - Steve McGrath [smcg39 AT]
    • James McGrath b c1830 Ireland d 1880 Co. Northumberland, Canada m Eliza Sanderson
      • Richard McGrath b 1880 Co. Northumberland, Canada d 1954 Ontario m Lottie M. Thompson 137453
  • Owen McGrath b 1810 Tipperary, Ireland d aft 1880 Shelbourne, VT m Bridget - Frank James McGrath [smcgrath AT]
    • Michael McGrath b 8 Mar 1848 d 21 Apr 1920 Chittenden, VT m1 Cecelia Doran m2 Mary Ellen Wall
      • Francis James McGrath b 3 Feb 1883 Shelbourne, VT d 23 Mar 1935 Duxbury, VT m Rose Louise Lacillade
        • Frederick Leonard McGrath b 16 Jul 1913 Waterbury, VT d 30 Apr 1974 Berlin, VT m Laura Madeline Sherman 177923
  • Martin McGrath b c1812 Co. Clare, Ireland m Honora Casey - Mary McGrath Klier [maireclare AT]
    • Thomas McGrath b c1864 m Mary Collins 189108
  • James J. McGrath b 20 Aug 1814 Tipperary Co., Ireland m Ellen Slingsby - Charlotte McGrath [jimchar2700 AT]
    • William J. McGrath b Jul 1847 Log Cabin on Buck Creek, Wallace Township, LaSalle Co., IL m Josephine E. Carey
      • James John McGrath b 24 Jul 1886 Prairie Center, LaSalle Co., IL m Jessica Ross 187440
  • Thomas McGrath b 1815 Philadelphia, PA m Hannah Edwards - Patrick Mcgrath [pat.mcgrath AT]
    • Thomas H. McGrath b 1849 Washington, DC m Catherine Clark
      • Frank McGrath b 1894 Washington, DC m Mary Alice Tobin
        • William Patrick McGrath b 1919 Washington, DC m Edna Larue Moore 284431
  • James McGrath b c1815 NY m Mary Jane Heddy - Linda McGrath [lmcgrath9 AT]
    • James McGrath b 1844 Hamburg, NJ m Sarah Jane Wood
      • Charles Henry McGrath b 1875 Orange Co., NY m Edith Babcock 178183
  • Patrick James McGrath b 14 Sep 1820 Tipperary, Ireland b Ann Tracey - Charlotte McGrath [jimchar2700 AT]
    • Daniel James McGrath b 2 May 1873 Ottowa, LaSalle Co., IL m Ellen Loretta Burke
      • Burdette James McGrath b 27 Dec 1898 Sheffield, Bureau Co., IL m Anita Cecilia Scherer 187439
  • Thomas McGrath b1830 MA m 1855 nsw Au Nott Emma - bmacdunn
    • Thomas Henry McGrath b1856 vic Au m Bownds Mararet
      • William Henry McGrath b 1880 vic Au m Blackmore Cecilia Ann
        • William Henry McGrath b 1907 nsw Au m Martin Audrey
  • Cornelius McGrath b c1843 m Sarah Shields - Sean Alexander McGrath [mcg_sean AT] 
    • James McGrath b 1864 Belfast, Ireland m Mary Hughes
      • Terence McGrath b 1892 Belfast, Ireland m Margaret Agnew 132666
  • Patrick H. McGrath m Mary McGrath (Donovan) - junyer_mint [junyer_mint AT]
    • William Patrick McGrath b 10 Sept 1895 d 15 Nov 1961 m Margaret Frances McGrath (Foshay)
  • Frank P McGrath, b 15 Jul 1896 Enid, OK m Mary E Brodigan - Roxie McBroom [mcbroom32 AT]



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