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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.


Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Wilson Maddox b c 1715 VA m Jane Gwin - Julia Mortenson [mortenson AT]
    • Dan Maddox b 1755 Luneneburg Co., VA
      • William Maddox b 1787 Charlotte Co., VA m Elizabeth B. Moreland
        • John W. Maddox b 25 Nov 1821 Milton, Henry Co., KY m Susan Jane Greenwood
          • Ira Owen Maddox b 15 Feb 1852 Milton, Trimble Co., KY m Mary Viola Sanders
            • Ernest Greenwood Maddox b 30 Sep 1875 Briensburg, Marshall Co., KY m Coral Leigh Warren
              • Ernest Warren Maddox b 30 Apr 1912 Memphis, Shelby Co., TN m Julia Grace Ledford 21313
  • Henley Maddox b 1761 Charles Co., MD d 10 Jun 1806 Abbeville Co., SC m Jennett Luckett - Tampey Howell [tampey AT hotmail .com]
    • Samuel Luckett Maddox b 1792 Abbeville Co., SC d 25 Feb 1857 Abbeville Co., SC m Jannett
      • William Whitcomb Maddox b 2 Jan 1838 Abbeville Co., SC d 20 Jan 1921 Fulton Co., GA m Anna Elizabeth Hammond
        • John Hammond Maddox b 18 Dec 1868 Laurens Co., SC d 26 Mar 1944 Laurens Co., SC m Karen Owings
          • Charlton Todd Maddox b 27 Jun 1902 Laurens Co., SC d 11 Dec 1982 Greenville, SC m Ethel Odell Smith 216815
  • Elijah Mattox b 1769 Yohogania Co., VA d Jul 17 1841 Pleasant Hill, Clermont, OH m Nancy Lindsey - Deborah M. Lloyd [dmattoxlloyd AT]
    • Jabez Mattox b b 2 Apr 1808 Fleming, KY d 5 Jun 1851 Tate, Clermont, OH m Mariah Meeker
      • John Nelson Mattox b 19 Oct 1839 Clermont Co., OH d 26 Oct 1926 Sullivan, Moultrie, IL m Rebecca Ann Beck
        • Benjamin Harley Mattox b 18 Apr 1866 Moultrie Co., IL d 18 Feb 1903 Whitley, Moultrie, IL m Anna Austin Graven
          • Harley Austin Mattox b 30 Nov 1898 East Nelson, Moultrie, IL d 11 Feb 1993 Memphis, Shelby, TN m Blondell Eunice Braden 90079
  • William Maddox b. 1773, Charlotte or Pittsylvania Co, VA, Wife: Catherine Tennis - Jack Maddox [buffalogun AT]
    • Madison G. Maddox b. 1810, Adams County, Ohio, Wife: Eleanor Watson
      • John Bascom Maddox b. 1833, Adams County, Ohio, Wife: Rebecca Rawlings
        • Francis Eugene Maddox b. 1858, Decatur, Adams Co., Ohio, Wife: Anna Marilla Webster
          • John Dwight Maddox b. 1884, McPherson, McPherson County, Kansas, Wife: Elzira Elizabeth Sellers
            • Howard Laverne Maddox b. 1912, Alva, Woods County, Oklahoma, Wife: Leila E.Gurley  344645
  • Henry Maddox b c 1785 SC m Mary "Polly" - Roger Maddox [roger.maddox AT]
    • William W. Maddox b c1820 SC m Jane
      • William Richard Maddox b 5 Nov 1850 SC m Mary Elizabeth Rucker
        • John Franklin Maddox b 1 Feb 1894 Robertson Co., TX m Agnes Mosely
          • Lloyd Glenn Maddox b 16 May 1925 Robertson Co., TX m Anita 145565
  • Christopher John Maddex b. 17 Nov 1812 KY d. 20 Jan 1876 m 2 Nov 1833 Isabella Consley b 1813 d 1891 80364
  • Jacob G. Maddocks  b. 1824/25 Maine m Elizabeth Linscott - Suzanne Gagnon [suzgagnon AT]
    • Ephraim A. Maddocks  b. 1847 Maine m Nellie Bonnell
      • Albert Revere Maddocks b. 1874 Massachusetts m Cora Belle Hudson
        • Charles Wesley Maddocks  b. 1911 Massachusetts m Francis Santoro
    • Chester S. Maddocks d in Sheffield, MA 1845-1859
    • Guilford Maddocks  b. 1850 Maine,  died? infant?
    • Avista L. Maddocks b. 1852 Maine, died age 3
    • Charles J. Maddocks b. 1856 Mass, may have lived in Grinnell Iowa
    • Rosella Maddocks b. 1858 Maine -1878
    • Libby Maddocks b.1860  Mass -1885
    • Martha E. Maddocks b. 1866 Connecticut d 1906 in Lynn, MA 263729
  • Robert E. Maddox b 1869 Scott, VA d 5 Sep 1912 VA - Marshall Maddox [Jrmmkid AT]
    • Roy E. Maddox b 7 Jul 1899 Scott Co., VA d 15 Sep 1985 TN 150580
  • James Maddox b 1877 Baker, Linn Co., MO m Callie - Charles Henry Maddox [mjames1829 AT]
    • Willard Maddox b 17 Apr 1901 or 1902 161331


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