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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • William Love b. c1637, England m. Judith Gerard - Carla Love Maitland [cllfm AT]
    • Thomas Love b. c1681, Newport Hundred, Charles Co., MD m. Lucy Dobson
      • Samuel Love b. c1686, Charles Co., MD m. Mary Abbott
        • Samuel Love b. c1720, Charles Co., MD m. Mary Briscoe
          • Samuel Love b. 20 Feb 1745, Trinity Parish, Charles Co., MD m. Jane Jones
            • Charles Jones Love b. 1773, Salisbury, Fairfax Co., VA m. Frances Peyton Dixon
              • Charles Jones Love b. 1823, Fairfax Co., VA m. Julia Elizabeth Lee Shrewsbury
                • Samuel T. Love b. abt. 1848, TN m. Mary Elizabeth Roberts
                  • Richard Enloe Love b. 28 Apr 1891, Tiptonville, Lake Co., TN m. Huldah Norma Akers 14108
  • Isaac Love b 6 Sep 1783 VA m Mary (Polly) Lewis - Bill Love [dorawlove AT]
    • Mordecai Lewis Love b 6 Feb 1816 Sevier Co., TN m Mary (Polly) Rambo
      • Preston Blount Love b 28 Jan 1840 Sevier Co., TN m Mary Mallissa Howell
        • Andrew Hamilton Love b 1 Sep 1865 Sevier Co., TN m Mary Jane Davis
          • Horace Victor Love b 22 Jan 1890 Sevier Co., TN m Rheva Nell Trotter 180516
  • Monemia E Love, b 1830, MD; d 15 Apr 1876, North East, Cecil, MD, m  James H Fulton- Kenneth J. Contrasciane [kjcontri AT]  33027

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