Our Little/Lyttle/Klein Ancestors

E – Lineage I

Joseph Little, b 1771 Union Co. SC, d 1860 Tallapoosa, Haralson Co. GA, m 1) Elizabeth (Betsy Unknown), 2) Mary Johnson – Charles Hoyt Little, Barbara Good [bwgood AT AOL.com]

v  Thomas Jefferson Little (from 2nd wife),  b 16 Jan 1830, d 9 Jul 1874, m Annie Taylor 1849

Ø  Thomas Jefferson Little Jr.,  b 24 Feb 1861 Haralson Co. GA, d 13 Jan 1940 Haralson Co. Georgia, m Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Farmer 13 Sep 1883

§  Lewis Estus Little,  b 22 Mar 1889 Tallapoosa, Haralson Co. GA, d 8 Apr 1964, m Margie Melendia Bagby 20 Dec 1914

o    Charles Hoyt Little, b 6 Apr 1920, Haralson Co. GA, d ca 2006, m Marie Pollard Test  Kit 9765

E – No Match Yet in the Project

Unknown Lytle, b ~1710, U.K., probably N. Ireland, d ~1740 Lancaster Co. PA, m Elizabeth Clark – Rik Vigeland [rik_vigeland AT mentor.com]

v  Thomas Lytle b ~1740 U.K. or Lancaster Co. PA, d 1794 Randolph Co. NC

Ø  Francis "Frank" Lytle b ~1773 Randolph Co. NC, d 1869 Randolph Co NC, m possibly Mary Moore

§  Francis "Frank" Lytle Jr. b 1796 Randolph Co. NC, d 1880 Page Co. IA, m3 Martha "Patsy" Bulla

o   Henry Lytle b 1844 Grant CO., IN, d 1911 Crook Co. WY, m Virginia Brooks

      Thomas Jefferson Lytle b 1885 Crook Co. WY, d 1941 Crook Co. WY, m Mabel Ruth Moss  Kit N113872;Y-search 8U643

G – Lineage I

Pieter Klein, b 1575, Alsace, Germany m. Barbara unknown - Robert Cline by Syble Glasscock, [syble_gen AT yahoo.com]

v  Nicholas Klein, b before 1609, Mosselle, Germany m. Magdalena Lentz, b 1619, Mosselle, Germany

Ø  Sebastian Klein, b 15 Sep 1644, Alsace, Germany m. Anna Catharine Schmidt, b 1646, Germany

§  Moritz (Mauritius) Klein, b 18 Jul 1684, Alsace m. Anna Catharina Martzloff, b  abt 1685, Germany

o    Jacob Klein, b before 8 Oct 1713, Alsace, Germany m. Catherine Unknown

¨       John Cline, b 1745-1750, m. Mary unknown

Ø  David A. Cline, b 1777, Cabarrus, North Carolina m. Mary A. Conrad, b 1788-1790, North Carolina

§  George Washington Cline, b 1820-1829, North Carolina m. Narcissa Newton, b abt 1836, Macon, North Carolina

o    Robert Lee Cline, b 26 Sep 1868, Georgia m. Ida F. Daniel, b 20 Sep 1874, Aurora, Lawrence, Missouri

¨       Claude Cline, b 17 Apr 1904, Indian Territory, Oklahoma m. Gertrue Molly Perryman, b 19 Nov 1913, Lindale, Smith, Texas  Kit 67961:

Sebastian Johannes Cline d 1791

v  Christopher Cline b1740-1745, d abt 1798

Ø  John Cline b 1765-1770 Lincoln Co. NC, d 1834 Lincoln Co. NC

§  John Luther Cline b 1804 Lincoln Co. NC, d 1864 Jefferson Co. KS

o    Amon Calvin Cline b 1841 Lumpkin Co. GA, d 1930 Barton Co. MO

¨       George Washington Cline b 1868 Barton Co. MO  Kit 112512

I – Lineage I – Little’s of Wiltshire England & Surry Co. VA –

A common ancestor exists 1620 or earlier for the British descendants of Joseph Little and the American descendants of John Little.  SNP testing has shown this family to be Haplogroup I-L205 (I1d2).  Further information on the haplogroup can be found at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/yDNA_I1/ and http://www.familytreedna.com/public/I1dL205/default.aspx

John Lytle b. 1520 Yorkshire England. m. Isobel Dougall  - Bruce Francis Little [little.bf AT bigpond.com]

v  Thomas Little b. 1541 Yorkshire England. m. Anne Illes. d. 1599

Ø  Henrye Little b. 1569 Corsham Wiltshire England. m. Brigett Box

§  Henry Little b. 1610 Corsham Wiltshire England. m. Edeth Peirie. d. 1671

o    William Little b. 1635 Corsham Wiltshire England. m. Hanna Rudman

¨       William Little b. 1657 Corsham Wiltshire England. m. Mary d. 1705 Rowley Regis, Staffordshire, England

Ø  Francis Little b. 1680 Corsham Wiltshire England. m. Mary Ouldis. d. 1731 Rowley Regis Staffordshire, England

§  Thomas LITTLE b. 1705 Beddestone Wiltshire England. m. Ann Kean. d. Beddestone 1756)

o    George LITTLE b. 1749 Beddstone, Wiltshire England. m. Ann Champian. d. 1839 Camden Middlesex England

¨       John Little b. 1786 Beddestone Wiltshire England. m. Sarah Morten Brown. d 1864 Paparoa New Zealand

Ø  Henry George Little b. 1816 St Martins Middlesex England. m. Mary Ann Wardle (nee Sharley). d. 1902 Cambridge New Zealand

§  Francis William Little b. 1855 St Giles Middlesex England. m. Ellen O’Brien. d.1932 Sydney Australia

o    Francis Wardle Little b. 1895 Sydney Australia.  m. Elsie May Brohan. d. 1955 Sydney Australia Kit 318530

Joseph Little b approx 1765 m Mary Jones in Wiltshire – Barry Little [barry-little AT live.co.uk]

v  James Little b 1797 in Wiltshire, m Ann Francis.

Ø  James Little b 1828 in Wiltshire, m Louisa Rich.

§  Albert Little b 1871 in Wiltshire, m Dorcas Davis.

o    Lewis Little b 1908 in Wiltshire,  m Ellen Marjorie Cooper. Kit 41714:

Ø  Samuel Little b 1825 in Wiltshire, m Mary Snook – Robert John Little [roblittle_uk AT hotmail.com]

§   George William Little b 1850 in Wiltshire, m Sarah Jane Harman

o     Frank Arthur Little b 1898 in Wiltshire, m Eleanor Ruth Whitfield

¨       Reginald Ernest Frank Little b 1928 Berkshire, m Sheila Dixon Willing: Kit 238620 

John Little, b bef 1642, m Elizabeth Proctor 1678 VA, d Oct 1704 Surry Co. VA – Jane Murtishaw Lindsey [jmurt AT comast.net]

v  Francis Little b abt 1679 Surry Co. VA

v  Robert Little b abt 1684 Surry Co. VA

v  William Little b 1682 Surry Co. VA, m Frances Rayner, d Nov 1740 Surry Co. VA

Ø  John b 1707

Ø  Benjamin b 1711

Ø  William Little b abt 1703 Surry Co. VA m Mourning ?, d Mar 1756 Beaufort Co. NC

§  Isaac Little Sr. b 1722, d Feb 1797 Pitt Co. NC

o    Jacob Little b 28 Mar 1755 Surry Co. VA, m Mary, d 10 Mar 1838 Anson Co. NC

¨       Hosea Little b. ca 1792  d. ca 1847 – Nancy Sevier [waxwings6 AT hotmail.com

Ø  Jesse Knox Little b. 27 Feb. 1825 d. 30 July 1869 m. Martha Jane Ross

§  Ervin Little b. 18 Mar. 1853 d. 12 Jan 1947 m Eadie Leutechia West  - Anthony Little

o    Dora Belle Little b. 26 Aug. 1879  Strawberry, AR d. 29 Dec. 1910 Lawrence Co., AR m. Arthur Leonidas Peacock [Nancy Sevier FF Kit 160582]

o    Owen Obadiah Little b 10 Jul 1894, d Sep 1964, m May Horden 25 Jul 1915  Kit 300394

§  Hosea Little b. 23 Jan. 1868  d. 22 Jan. 1913 m. Annie Croom – Brad Little

o    John Bunyan Little b. 1 Aug. 1892  d. 18 Feb. 1960 m. Essie Etoya Watson   Kit 27629

¨       Jacob Little b abt 1803 Anson Co. NC m abt 1832 Frances Liles Anson Co. NC, d 1846 Carroll Co. TN

Ø  David Liles Little b 8 Jan 1836 Anson Co. NC, m Angeline Presson, d 24 Nov 1906 Sardis, Henderson Co. TN

§  John Bradford Little b 16 May 1856 Benton Co. TN m Mary Jane Ross, d 8 Sep 1947 Poteau Leflore Co. OK

o    William Alfred Little b 9 Aug 1876 Sardis, Henderson Co. TN, m 23 Dec 1897 Sebastian Co. AR Montezella Lewis, d 13 Dec 1960 Fayetteville AR - Kit 11330: Harry Little, Jane Murtishaw Lindsey FF Kit 166638, Irma Boyer FF Kit 230449 

§  Ivy Lorenzo Little b 2 Jul 1896 Crossroads, Sebastian Co. AR, m 19 Dec 1915 Lucy Louvania Livingston, d 29 Feb 1894 Heavener Co. OK  FF Kit 187667 

Ø  David Liles Little m 2nd Elizabeth Totty – Susan Little [susanlittleforhair AT gmail.com]

§  Charles Patrick Little b 23 Nov 1873 Henderson Co. TN, m Ellen Maude Guernsey, d Dec. 1963 Sardis, Henderson Co. TN

o    Edgar Duckworth Little b 22 Jul 1899 Sardis, Henderson Co. TN, m Elizabeth Marie Guy, d 27 Oct 1975 Manchester MI – FF Kit  Edward Guy Little


[Family history says Jimmy Little below is a son of Jacob but records lean toward being a son of Jacob’s  brother Isaac Little.] 

¨       Jimmy Little b 1810 NC d Henderson Co. TN (said to be son of Jacob Little 1755 see John descendants above) –  J. Randall Little [randal_little AT hotmail.com]

Ø  George W. Little b 1836 d 1864

§  Miles T. Little b 1863, d 1925

o    Royce “Roy” M. Little b 1897 d 1977

o    Delton R. Little b 1926 d 1999 Kit 39082

§  Joseph Little b abt 1726 Pitt Co. NC, m Elizabeth Blount, d 1799 Pitt Co. NC – Michael Collier Little [littlecrazy3 AT cox.net]

o    Edmund Little m abt 1796 Sarah Fleming probably in Pitt Co. NC

¨       William Gray Little b 19 Dec 1809 NC, m 15 Dec 1829 Washington Co. GA Nancy S Johnston, d 14 Mar 1889 Marengo Co AL

Ø  Jasper Marion Little b abt 1840 Chambers Co. AL, m 6 Nov 1857 Marengo Co. AL Angeline Nichols, d 1889 Robertson Co.

§  James Benjamin Little b 2 Mar 1867 Panola Co. TX, m 3 Dec 1884 Robertson Co. TX Nancy Jeannette Miller, d  6 Sep 1924 Lexington, Lee Co. TX

o    James Porter Little b 25 Jan 1889 Ben Arnold Co. TX, m 1 May 1909 Ida Pearl Fuller, d 19 Mar 1945 Martinez, Contra Costa, CA

o    William Collier Little b 30 Mar 1921 Tipton, Tillman Co. OK, m 18 Jun 1944 Martinez CA, d  8 Sep 2011 St.George Utah – Kit 262467

§  Thomas Gray Little b 30 Aug 1859 Marengo Co. AL, m Elizabeth (Georgie S.) 1881, d 16 Mar 1930 Rosebud, Falls Co. TX – Dwight Page Little [railrat1 AT comcast.net]

o    G.B. Little b 21 Nov 1895 Eddy, McLennan Co. TX, m Pauline Page, d 4 Apr 1978 Rosebud, Falls Co. TX

o    Dwight Page Little, b 29 June 1941 Rosebud, Falls Co. TX, d 1980 Rocksprings, Sweetwater Co. WY  - Kit 281168

§  Jacob Little b abt 1735 Surry Co. VA, d 1791 Edgecombe Co. NC

o    Nahum Little b abt 1767

[The following lineages likely descend from Nahum Little but are not yet proven]

¨       Wiley Little b. 1805 in Snow Hill, Greene Co., NC, d 1880, m Malinda Winbush  2/14/1828

Ø  Robert Francis Little b 4/1/1836 Jones County GA, d 3/31/1909, m Lucinda Annice Stewart 7/13/1859 (m her sister Rosa Lee "Lodie" Stewart 1/9/1890) - Jason Little [thequartermexican AT gmail.com] 

§  Benjamin F. Little b 7/1/1877 Monroe County GA, d 2/18/1931, m Dollie Edwards.

o    Ernest Elrod Little b 6/17/1903 Forsyth GA, d.12/14/1975 m Nannie Vaughn.

o    Benjamin Franklin Little b. 5/13/1932 Thomaston GA, d 7/11/2007, m Margarita Flores 7/19/1952  Kit 93330

§  Robert Lee Little b 9/21/1872 Monroe Co. GA, d 10/10/1918 Monroe Co. GA, m Kate Clyde Smit 1/11/1899 – Robert Lewis Little [r_little AT bellsouth.net]

o    George Pierce Little b 10/15/1907 Monroe Co. GA, d 9/26/1992 Ponte Verda Beach FL, m 1) Mary Aileen Williams; 2) Elizabeth Sophia Carter  Kit 121744

¨       Willis Little, b 6 October 1810 Pitt Co. NC, d after 1880, Schley Co. GA; m 04 Aug 1845, Nancy Oxford, Jones Co. GA. – William Conly Little [dlittle428 AT aol.com]

Ø  Joseph Harrison Little, b 5 Dec 1840, Jones Co. GA; d 6 July 1923, Valdosta GA, m 12 Dec 1866, Martha Frances Harman,  Macon Co. GA

§  William Harman Little, b 16 October 1870, Poindexter, Schley Co. GA; d 16 Aug 1924, Cordele, Crisp Co.GA, m 2 June 1902, Sally Elizabeth Jones.

o    Walter Clifford Little, b 22 Oct 1915, Cordele, Crisp Co.GA; d 25 July 2000, Atlanta, Fulton Co. GA, m 14 Aug 1938, Evelyn Ruth Halsey, Ashburn, Turner Co. GA  Kit 86133

Ø  Edward O. Little born 1843 GA, m Emeline Harmon GA – Clint Little [clintonlittle AT yahoo.com]

§  Willis Leonard Little m Shillie Josephine Lyle in 1897 Carrollton GA

o    Henry Willis Little m Dora Lee Doss, 11/16/1924 Carrollton GA

o    Milton Little b 1926,  m Cynthia Marie Burel  Kit# 303796

§  William Little b abt 1737 Surry Co. VA, d 1794 Edgecombe Co. NC

o    Exum Little b abt 1763 Edgecombe Co. NC, d 1816 Edgecombe Co. NC

¨       William Little b abt 1795, d abt 1860 Edgecombe Co. NC

Ø  William Little b. 1823 Pitt Co. NC, m. Louisa Jane Tugwell 1846 NC, d. ? – R. Vines, Aye Vines [vinesaj AT me.com]

§  Thomas Little b. 1852 Pitt Co. NC,. Susan Vines (no marriage) NC, d. 1 Mar 1935

o    Ben Vines b. 1872 Pitt Co. NC, m. Rebecca Mitchell NC, d. 14 Feb 1934 Greene Co. NC

o    Ben Vines b. 1900 Pitt Co. NC, m. Elizabeth Wade NC, d. 16 Jun 1940 Greene Co. NC  Kit 17283

[The following lineage likely descends from a son of William Little b 1705 d 1756, but could be from one of his brothers]

¨       Etheldred Little b 1774, m Betsy Moye 1795 NC, m Elizabeth Cannon 1819 Pitt Co. NC, d 1826 Pitt Co. NC

Ø  Thomas Little b 1825 Pitt Co. NC, d 1903 Madison Co. AR

§  William Gray Little b 16 May 1861 GA, m Sarah Kesner 1885, d Feb. 1941 Elmore Idaho  Kit 21996

[The following lineages likely descends from the immigrant John Little, but to which son is unknown]

§  Unknown father w Matilda Roberson/Robinson  - Keith Paul Robinson, Bill Faust [faust AT pobox.com] 

o    King William Roberson b. 1861 Henry AL d. 1937 Dale AL m Judge Ann Payne

¨       Joseph Tullis Roberson b. 9 Jun 1892 Dale AL d. 9 Feb 1970 Dale AL m Ruby Arnold Cason   Kit 284172

¨       Henry Robinson b. 1904 Barbour AL d. 2/7/1978 Dothan AL m Alice Marie Pearce   Kit 253093

§  Old Simon (Simon, Sr.), slave, b c.1776 Hyde Co. NC. Sold to Dr. Tunnell by Cason Jones in Hyde Co 1838 – Joyce Faison [fais AT aol.com]

o    Simon Jones b 1813 Hyde Co. NC

¨       Milton Jones b 1842 Hyde Co. NC, d Bladen Co. NC 10 Sept 1921, m Clara Louisa Harley  Kit N89445

I – No Match Yet in the Project

Thomas E. Little, b 1811 Harelaw - Hairlawhill, Dumfries, Scotland, d 1880 Glen Elder, Mitchell, Kansas – Kit 90073 Thomas E. Little Family [normandyancestors950 AT yahoo.com]

J – Lineage I      

Johannes (John) Klein b 1730 Germany? m. Magdalena UMN - Charles Grant Little, Lalita Kuhn, [Lalita.Kuhn AT comcast.net]

v  Anthony Klein (Little) b. 1760 m. Anna Mary Sanders

Ø  Jacob Little b. 1788  m. Mary Staub

§  Pius James Little b. 1821 Adams Co. PA  m. Mary Ann Stein

o    Charles Albert (Albert C.) Little b. 1869  Carroll Co. MD m. Cora Alma Benedict

¨       Charles Benedict Little b. 1902 Franklin Co.PA m. Dora Virginia Keefer Kit N9134

William Franklin Little - Maurice Eugene Little [nelopee1 AT Comcast.net]

v  John M. Little b 1805 VA/MD m 1835 Know Co. TN

Ø  William L. Little b 1848 MS, d 1917 Cottonwood Point MO

§  Albert Denton Little b 1875 Washington Co. IL, d 1939 Osceola AR

o    Maurice Eugene Little b 1916 Portageville MO, d 1975 Memphis TN  Kit 65398

George B. Cline b 1789 VA, d 1877 Saybrook IL

v  William Henry Harrison Cline b 1835 Butler Co. Ohio, d 1909 Broken Bow NE

Ø  William Roldin Cline b 1874 Saybrook IL, d 1948 Blissfield MI

§  Donald Clyde Cline b 1917 Broken Bow NE, d 1992 Bradenton FL  Kit 55927

Rabbi Avraham Adolf Klein b.1865 Balaton (Borsod-Megye), Hungary m. Sara Goldberger  - Ron Kenan [toontune AT aol.com]

v  Asher Imre Klein b. 4/16/1895 Szentrgroth, (Zala), Hungary m. Etel Schonberger

Ø  David Ivan Georg Klein b. 6/5/1926 Budapest (Pest), Hungary m. Eva Neuwirth  Kit 239101

J – No match yet in the project

Andrew Liddle, perhaps from Ireland, lived in Canada – Denise Allis [dalice AT kc.rr.com]

v  James Andrew Liddle b Canada m Elizabeth Bigford in CAN, immig 1853-6 to IA

Ø  George Liddle b Canada 1834 m Elizabeth Woolery in CAN, in St Lawrence Co., NY 1860 with Arnold Amos

§  Arnold Amos Liddle b Canada m Julia Hanlon in MN

o    Arnold J Liddle c1908 Liddell b MN m Carrie Brown in IA

¨       Thomas Liddell  Denis Allis FF Kit 383222

§  William Rufus Liddell b May 4,1836 Dundas, Ontario, Can; d Sep 23, 1893 Kingfisher OK, m Rebecca Daugherty

o    Eber Liddle b Sep 10, 1876 Marengo, Iowa, d May 17, 1966 Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, m Mary Elizabeth Grant

¨       Grant Arnold Liddell b 1898 Iowa, d April 2, 1977 Conway AR, m Laura Dee Merle Barker  Gary Liddle Kit 305685


R1a – Lineage I

Valentine (Klein) Little b c1730 Lincoln Co., NC – Donald Wayne. Lane, [dwlane AT chartertn.net]

v  Mathias (Klein) Little b abt 1761 d 1841/1843 Sullivan Co., TN

Ø  Valentine Little b 1780 Lincoln Co., TN d bef 7 Aug 1876 Sullivan Co., TN m Orra/Arrey b~1776 d Aug 19 1851

§  Martin Little b 1809 VA d 1882 Bluff City,Sullivan Co., TN m1 Sarah Perry b1812 TN d before July 11 1871, m2 Mary M Wolf 1873

o    George Washington Little b Feb 9 1843 Sullivan Co, TN d Mar 29 1906 Sullivan Co. m Oct 1866 Catherine Elizabeth Harkleroad

o    (Unknown – Possibly a) James Little b 1838 Sullivan Co., TN d c1864 Civil War m Rachel A. Little [d/o Martin, sister of Geo W and James B] b~1842-50 d 1903 Sullivan Co

¨       William Frank Little b c1865 Sullivan Co., TN d 27 Jul 1926 Sullivan Co., TN m Sarah Fine Barnes

Ø  Virgie Little-Bowery b1896 Sullivan Co TN d 1982. m Verlin Bowery b1893 d 1968

Ø  John Thomas Little b Feb 12 1904 Sullivan Co., TN d Mar 24 1992 Monroe LA, m Leona E Fleenor b Jan 1 1908 Sullivan Co d Jan 12 1993 SC TN

§  John Thomas Little Jr b Jan 16 1934 Sullivan Co., TN d Sep 15 2013 Sullivan Co., TN - Kit 112215

o    James Brian Little b Oct 1 1848 Bluff City TN d Apr 24 1920  m1 Martha E Goodman 1871, m2 Mary “Mollie” B Holly 1883  – Dr Thomas Nelson Little

¨       Thomas Shoun Little b (date?) Roan Mtn TN, d May 2009 Germantown TN - m Ruby M Boyd b 1914 TN d May 2004 Memphis TN

Ø  Dr Thomas Nelson Little (Col US Army Ret.) b 1936 Elizabethton TN d July 1 2009 Germantown TN - m Phyllis b 1939 St Johns MI d Apr 12 2007 Germantown TN Kit 11948

§  Dylan Little Oregon

§  Thomas Little Jr. Germantown TN

§  Charles Little Knoxville TN

o    William Moses Little b1854


§  Andrew J Little b. 8 Oct 1820 Monroe KY d. 12 Sep 1858, Monroe Co. TN m 1842 Rebecca J. Davis b 1817 d Mar 6 1900 Dayton KY - Arthur “Richard” Little [Arthur.little AT me.com]

o    Jesse Floyd Little b. 8 Nov 1844, Tn. d. 6 Nov 1878, Franklin Co., Illinois m. Francis Dillon

¨       William Franklin Little b. 20 Jan 1877, Franklin Co., Illinois d. 4 Jun 1941, Garland,  Ark, m Etna C. Robinson

Ø  Arthur Frank Little, b 16 Feb 1921  De Witt, Arkansas, AR, d 13 Jun 1948 Vicksburg, Warren County, MS  - Kit 238948

o    William Wilson Little Sr. b Nov 13 1846 Monroe KY d Mar 20 1913 Washington IN m Hannah J Thomas

¨       William Wilson Little Jr. b 1873 Posey IN d 1963 Salem OR, m Mattie Salvanene Saltsman b Aug 16 1878 Enfield IL d May 8 1966 Lebanon OR

Ø  Ernest R Little Aug 28 1902 MO d Aug 2 1976 m Edna M Krough b Oct 4 1905 Owyhee OR d Oct 15 1972 Salem OR

§  W Robert Little b 1929

§  Richard Allen Little b 1943

§  Ralph E Little b 1947

[ William Wilson Little Sr. through Ralph E Little, supported by genealogy research completed by Arthur R Little. No DNA test at this time ]


Ø  Martin Little b ~1780 TN d 1818 Franklin Co TN – m. May 20 1800 in KY, Mary “Polly” Russell b ~1780 Watauga Settlement VA d 1857 Lawrence AL – Burnie Roy Little [xxxx AT xxxx]

§  William Little b 1801 TN m Perminta “Minta”  b 1792 KY/TN (state boundaries un-clear pre-1800)

o    Rev. George W Little b 1825 AL m Mary M Blackwell b 1832 VA d 1870 AL

¨       Absalom M Little b1854 AL d 1900 AL m Judith E McKay b Nov 18 1855 Union GA d 1937 Pontotoc MS

Ø  George Washington Little b Nov 5 1875 AL d Jan 31 1963 Winfield AL, m Anna Jane Garrison b Sept 1877 Pontotoc MS d Nov 1963

§  Burnie Roy Little b Aug 15 1911 Pontotoc MS d Aug 29 1948 Winfield AL, m Gertie M Shirley b Nov 20 1916 d Mar 28 1993 Columbia TX

o    Ronald Jarvis Little b Feb 18 1941 Wynn AR m Helga I Andler b Apr 1 1938 Wurttenberg Germany   -  Kit 97266

¨       Stonewall Jackson Little b Oct 8 1867 AL d 1923 Akron OH m Alberta Inez Richardson b May 2 1871 Russellville AL d May 27 1964 Warner Robbins GA

Ø  James Albert Little b Jun 26 1906 Russellville AL d Dec 16 1950 Topeka KS m Gladys Elizabeth Bean b Dec 22 1905 OH d Mar 15 1997 Ft Collins CO

§  Dr. Stephen James Little b Jul 5 1936 Akron OH m Dr. Irene Renate Marenin b May 4 1941 Pilsen, CZH

o    Rev Robert Edmund Little b Jun 12 1828 Franklin Co AL d Feb 27 1905 Mt Hope, Lawrence Co., AL - m Matilda Rachel Blackwell – William L Little [Little60 AT charter.net]

¨       William Posey Little b Dec 25 1861 Hackleburg, Marion Co., AL d Sep 28 1943 Chattanooga TN – m Angie Mahala Riddle [6 children]

Ø  Claude Guy Little b Aug 3 1893 Mt Hope AL d Mar 20 1947 Hamilton Co. Chattanooga, TN - m Sarah Evans

§  William Lee Little Sr. b Jan 31 1916 Chattanooga, TN d Dec 28 2005 Soddy Daisy, Hamilton Co. TN - m Ruby E Norris

o    William Lee Little Jr. b Nov 6 1946 Hamilton Co. Chattanooga, TN – m Priscilla C Crawford – Kit 30058

o    George Guy Little b Mar 17 1948 Chattanooga TN d Sept 1984

o    Rebecca Ann Little b Chattanooga TN

o    Mary Katherine Little b Columbus GA

o    John Little b AL ( additional child of William 1801 and Perminta) [per William L Little genealogy]

o    Samuel Little b Northwest AL (additional child of William 1801 and Perminta) [per William L Little genealogy]

o    Mary Little b Northwest AL  (additional child of William 1801 and Perminta) [per William L Little genealogy]

o    William Little Jr. (additional child of William 1801 and Perminta) [per Clan Little, Dr Steven J Little genealogy file]


§  Capt. Edmond Little b ~1805 d 1850 m Elizabeth J. [6 children] Died in Steamboat accident.


§  Clarborne Little b 1809 TN d 1849 Lawrence AL m Sarah Burton b 1815 KY Stacy Lee Little [stacylittle77 AT hotmail.com]

o    Rufus Lafayette Little b 1835 Leighten AL m Martha Anne McGhehe (Maughey?) b 1836 Leighten AL d 1888 AL or MS

¨       Henry Rufus Little b Mar 4 1864 Leighten AL d May 8 1936 Mexia TX m Eunice Ella Beene b Jul 13 1862 MS d Jul 20 1942 Mexia TX

Ø  Martin Luther Little b Aug 23 1883 Boonsville MS d Aug 8 1968 Mexia TX m Lena Mae Johnson b Feb 15 1888 d Jun 7 1969

§  Roy Lee Little b Aug 8 1908 OK d Apr 16 1989 Corpus Christi TX m Ozell Archibald b Jan 1 1911 TX

o    Sylvia Adrian Little b Jun 6 1929 Mexia TX d Nov 20 2008 Kerrville TX m Betty Ruth Turner

·         Rodney Wayne Little b Jun 17 1949 Mexia TX d Feb 14 2012 m Kathy Lynn Estep b Jul 20 1957 Beeville TX Kit 286295

Ø  William Edgar Little b1884  d 1969 Ronald Little [ No DNA Kit – family genealogy only]

§  Edwin or Edward Jackson Little

o    Jon Warner Little

·         Ronald Little 

[William Edgar Little through Ronald Little, supported by genealogy research provided by Stacy Lee Little, and submitted by Ronald Little. No DNA test ]


§  Ann Little b 1819 Russellville AL m John Guthrie

[Capt Edmond and Ann are additional children of Martin+Polly Russell-Little, Ann b 1819 in Russellville , AL, after father’s death] (info by William L Little & Clan Little files)



R1b1 Lineage I – Combo 1113 group 

Members of this group all have the following unique markers: DYS406si=11, DYS617=13, at 385a,b =11,11, and DYS568=8.  Those who have tested are positive for SNP L193.  All members of this group likely have a common ancestor in the borderlands of Scotland and England, perhaps in the 13th century. See http://www.clanlittlesna.com/history.htm for background and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/1113Combo/ for more information on the haplogroup. 

John Lytle b. 1637 Edinburg Scotland  m. Christiane Tweedie - Jack Morris Little  [pentex3 AT yahoo.com]

v    Robert Lytle b. 1660 Edinburg Scotland  m. Sarah Sherman

Ø  Christopher Lytle  b. 1680 Ulster Ireland  m. Mary Steele

§  Archibald Lytle b. 1703 Clones Ireland  m. Sara Wood

o    Andrew Lytle  b. 1731 Lancastger PA  m. Sarah Taylor

¨       Samuel Little  b. 1750 S. Moton, Devonshire England  m. Mary Henderson

Ø  Hiram Little b. 1809 Cole Co, IL  m. Mary Polly  Lindley

o    Jonathan Little  b. 1836 Montgomery Co., TX  m. Elizabeth Smith

¨       William Hiram Little  b. 1859 Montgomery Co., TX  m. Nancy E. Owen

§  Walter Hatten Little  b. 1893 Montgomery Co., TX  m. Mina Etta Walding  - Kit No. B2171


Thomas Little b 1581 d 1652 Redkirk, Dumfriesshire Scotland m Masie Dalgliesh d 1658 – Andrew Crawford Little [crawfordlittle.salmon AT fsmail.net]

v  John Little b 1628 d 1698 in Gratney, Dumfriesshire Scotland m. Barbara Johnston b 1624 d 1700

Ø  John Little b 1670 d 1728 in Loanwath, Dumfriesshire m. Janet Irvin b 1673 d 1737

§  John Little b 1698 d 1745  in Hagtoun, Cumberland m. Janet Little b 1713 d 1781

o    John Little b 1744 d 1796 in Surrone, Dumfriesshire m. Margaret Richardson b 1747 d 1836

¨       John Little b 1779 d Jan 1845 in Guards Mill, Cumberland  m. Jean Birrell

Ø  James Little b 1831 d 1897 Tower of Sark, Dumfriesshire m. Janet Murray

§  George Birrell Little b 1863 d 1939  m. Margaret Little in Beckhall b 1853 d 1921

¨       James Little b 1891 Beckhall, Canonbie d 1969 West Moors, Dorset m. Janet Crawford b 1886 d 1943

Ø  James Crawford Little of Morton Rig b May 22 1922 Maxwelltown d 2007 Dumfries, m. Catherine Eliza Salt b 1926 d 2000 – Kit 45487


[Note: Margaret Little b 1853 is the product of a separate Little family beginning with James Little 1707 in Milntown of Sark, later farming in Beckhall]

 [John Little 1698-1745,latterly farmed in Cumberland, but he and his wife chose to be buried on home territory with their family in Gretna Kirkyard, Dumfriesshire, Scotland]


David Little b 1682

v  David Little b 1717 Crookholm Scotland

Ø  James Little b 1750 Dumfrieshire Canonbie Scotland, d 1822 New Brunswick Canada

§  James Little b 1785 Dumfrieshire Canonbie Scotland, d 1860 New Brunswick Canada

o    Andrew Little b 1815 Dumfrieshire, Canonbie Scotland, d 1854 New Brunswick Canada

¨       James Andrew Little b 1854 New Brunswick Canada d 1955 New Brunswick Canada

Ø  Angus Christopher Little b 1892 Quebec Canada, d 1927 Ontario Canada

§  Vernon Earle Little b 1924 Ontario Canada d 1979 Ontario Canada  Kit 45684

o    Robert Little b 1834 Galloway New Brunswick CA  m Jane Hudson

¨       Andrew Little b 1853 Galloway New Brunswick CA d 1933 m Margaret Ann Manzer

Ø  John Richard Little m Katherine Holland

§  Kenneth Holland Little Sr b 1923 Beverly MA, d 1992 Winchester MA  Kit 129225

George Little b abt 1733/5 Dumfries Scotland, m Mary, m 2nd Rachel Cook m 3rd Mary Handley Douglass abt 1802/3;  d1815 KY Morgan Little [mlittle AT toast.net]

v  John Little b 1777 SC, m Mary by 1800 SC, d 1850 TX

Ø  David Little b abt 1814 TN, m 12 July 1835 TN Mary J Webb, d by 1880 TN

o    Samuel N Little b 5 Jan 1858 AR, m 27 Sept 1877 Lucy Jane McDoniel;, d 30 Jun 1942 TX

¨       Milton M Little, b 11 July 1890 GA, m 10 Jun 1911 TX Mae Belle Bennet;, d 27 Feb 1978 T Kit 41605

Jonas Little b.1750 in Dumfries Scotland, d. 1822 Union Co. SC, m. Rebecca – Thomas Michael Little, [mike.little AT protective.com]

v  Amos Bingham Little b.08NOV1798 Union Co. SC, d.03DEC1879 Conecuh Co. AL, m. Elizabeth Hays

Ø  Jonas B. Little b.12MAR1821 Union Co. SC, d.20OCT1879 St. Clair Co. AL, m. Elizabeth Cunningham

§  John Abraham Little b.15OCT1851 Butler Co. AL, d.18APR1932 Etowah Co. AL, m. Mary A. McGriff

o    Benjamin Frank Little b.09DEC1893 Calhoun Co. AL, d.07JUL1976 Etowah Co. AL, m. Dewey Clyde Gwin

¨       Frank Gwin Little b.24JAN1927 Etowah Co. AL, d.20JUN1987 Jefferson Co. AL, m. Elizabeth Ann Williams Kit 83215

Thomas Little, b. Between 1779-1783 Dumfries, Scotland; d. 1839 White Co. Tenn. - G. Robert Little [sharon4454 AT yahoo.com]

v  Bryce M. Little, b. 17 Jan 1807 Hoddom, Dumfries, Scotland; d. 12 Nov 1893 White Co. Tenn

Ø  Joseph Washington Little, b.23 Jan. 1860 White Co. Tenn; d. 31 Oct 1936 White Co.Tenn

§  Robert Lee Little, b. 31 Aug. 1882 White Co. Tenn; d. 11 Feb. 1974 Sparta, Tenn

o    James Floyd Little, b. 23 Feb 1918 Sparta, Tenn.; d. 13 May 2002 Sun City, Ariz Kit 83371

Robert Little b 1739 Canonbie, Scotland d 1825 Canonbie, Scotland m Margaret (Peggy) Grant – Robert Francis Little [rplittle AT shaw.ca]

v  Lewis Little b 5 May 1779 Priorhill, Canonbie, Scotland d 30 May 1859 Canonbie, Scotland m Mary Dickson/Dixon

Ø  Robert Little b 2 Mar 1804 Canonbie, Scotland d 10 Mar 1885 Canonbie, Scotland m Mary Stockdale

§  James Little b c1836 Bewcastle, Cumberland, England d Mar 1883 Cumberland, England m Margaret Wright

o    Robert Little b 1862 Castleton, Roxburgh, Scotland d 16 Jul 1948 Nanaimo, BC, Canada m Jane Dobinson

¨       John James Little b 9 Sep 1888 Cumwhitton, Cumberland, England d Jan 1989 Nanaimo, BC, Canada m Barbara Maria Gomez Kit 194854


Thomas Little baptized Feb 17 1695/96 Carlisle UK  - Ian Stewart Little [i.little AT hotmail.co.uk]

v  John Little Bapt Apr 9 1722 Upperby Mill, Carlisle, m Mary b 1714

Ø  James Little Bapt. Aug 17 1760 Harraby Mill, Botcherby, UK, m Mary Kirkbride on Nov 12 1785 Carlisle, UK

§  George Little Bapt Mar 7 1802 Carlisle d aft 1851 in Newcastle or Manchester m Jane

o    William Little b 1838 Dalston UK d Feb 4 1892 Leeds UK, m Elizabeth Ivison b 1841 Penrith Cumberland

¨       James Samuel Little b Oct 15 1881 Leeds UK, m Florrie Seagrove b 1881

Ø  Norman Little b Jul 19 1917 Ribston N Yorks m Elizabeth Gourley MacMorland Dempsey b Feb 14 1921 Ayr SCT Kit 252465


John Little christened 31 August 1712, m Jane Phillips, Stapleton Parish, England

v  Mary Little m. James Todd (Mallsburn)

v  George Little m. Betty Halliburton, seven children (Malsgate, Stapleton Parish, England)

v  John Little, two daughters (Malsgate, Stapleton Parish, England)

v  Thomas Little m. Elizabeth LeGrande, four children (Richmond County, NC)

v  Nancy Little m. John Robinson, seven children

v  William Little b 10 May 1775 Malsgate, Stapleton Parish (Cumbria), d 30 Aug 1848 Anson Co. NC, m Elizabeth “Betsy” Steele 18 Dec 1806 Anson Co. NC – Walter Leake Parsons Little [leakelittle AT gmail.com]

Ø  William Little Jr. b 8 Oct 1813 Anson Co. NC, d 23 Jan 1892 Ansonville, Anson Co. NC, m Sarah Elizabeth Ledbetter 9 July 1840 Richmond Co.

§  Robert Eugene Little, b 21 Nov. 1852 Ansonville, Anson Co. NC, d 11 July 1923 Wadesboro, Anson Co. NC, m Mary Austin Bennett 17 May 1892 in Wadesboro, Anson Co. NC

o    Robert Eugene Little Jr., b 10 Jan 1893 Wadesboro, Anson Co. NC, d 1 June 1 1956 Wadesboro, Anson Co. NC, m Rosa Leak Parsons 14 Oct. 1926 Rockingham, Richmond Co. NC

¨       Robert Eugene Little III, b 9 May 1934 Wadesboro, Anson Co. NC, d 18 Feb. 2013 Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co. NC   Kits 279182 & 279183

John Beatty, Sr. b. 1725 Curlough Townland, Aghalurcher Parish, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland - Ronald Stephen Beatty, Rev. Dr. Cynthia Forde [cynthiaforde AT gmail.com]

v  John Beatty b. 1769 in Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland, d 01 Apr 1853 in Curlough Townland, Aghalurcher Parish, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland,  m Mary UNK in Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland. 

Ø  Benjamin  Beatty b. 29 May 1808 m. Margaret Jeffrey Forbes, Curlough Townland, Aghalurcher Parish, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland,  d 1866 in Van Buren Co., IA

o    Robert Linn Beatty b.  6/29/1886 Iowa d 6/18/1970  m Nellie Mechem  Iowa

¨       Harlynn Edmund b 11/10/1921 d 10/ 7/1983 m Lucille Rambo  Kit 174934  

John Little b c1740 probably Co Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland m Elizabeth - Phil Little,[plittle AT cox.net]

v  John Little b c1770 probably Co Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland, m Mary Anne

Ø  William Little b Jan 1798 Kimran, Co Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland m Jane

§  William Little b 1 Jan 1835 Tiernahinch Far, Co Monaghan, Ulster, Ireland m Margaret Jane Dixon

o    William John Little b 19 Jun 1878 Tiernahinch Far, Co Monaghan, Ulster, Ireland m Mary Stewart

¨       George Marable Little b 3 May 1907 Tiernahinch Far, Co Monaghan, Ulster, Ireland m Gladys Margaret McDonald Kit 196798:

Joseph Little b. c. 1800, Co. Down NI, m. unknown – Stephen Little [srlittle6 AT hotmail.com]

v  George Little b. c. 1830, Co. Down NI, m. Mary Bingham

Ø  Thomas Little b. 26 Jul 1854, Banbridge NI, m. Christy McLean

§  George Little b. 8 Jun 1900, Boston MA, m. Eva Langiell  Kit 45742


Simon Little b 1782 Scotland or Cavan Ireland d Jun 20 1885 Ontario CA. m #1 unknown d abt 1824 - John Harvey Little [john.insidney AT gmail.com]

v  John Little b 1824 Co Cavan Ireland, d Feb 23 1899 Nottawasaga, ON, CA. m 1850 Elizabeth Marshal b Oct 12 1830 Ballybay IRE d Jan 12 1916 London Ontario CA

Ø  John T Little b Feb 24 1871 Wareham, Ontario, CA d Jul 1 1954 Fresno Ca, USA. M Jennie Bell Harrison b Jun 21 1887 Winnipeg CA d Jul 27 1966 BC, CA

§  John Osborne Little b Jun 6 1909 Vancouver BC, CA d Mar 22 1933 Valemount BC m Violet Opal Harvey b Oct 3 1913 Modesto Cal d Mar 17 1996 BC, CA

o    John Little b Jul 19 1934 m Helen Deanna Finnie b Sept 21 1939 Kit B5250


William Lytle b 1745 Co Mayo Ireland d Jul 8 1833 Huntington PA m Miriam Carpenter Cooley b ~1765 NY d 1811 PA Claude George Sheppard [Claude0363 AT yahoo.com]

v  Nathaniel Lytle b Jul 6 1802 Goshen NY d Aug 1 1888 Huntington PA m 1825 Sarah Stonebreaker b Mar 6 1807 Huntington PA D Mar 28 1889 Spruce Creek PA

Ø  Milton Scott Lytle b Oct 18 1842 Spruce Creek PA d Mar 11 1915 Philadelphia PA m Elizabeth K Steel b Mar 10 1842 Huntington d Mar 15 1921 Philadelphia PA

§  Walter Channing Lytle b Sept 30 1879 Huntington PA d Dec 1960 New Albany IN m Viola Goddard b Jun 8 1881 Mapleton PA d Sept 1960 New Albany IN

o    Marion Steel Lytle m Mary Frances Bell b 1914 d Reddick FL

¨       Eugene Paul Lytle [name changed to George W Sheppard] b 1942 d Aug 29 2012 Reddick FL m Gerda Chrisoldis Schnaiter Kit 293817


James Little Co. Down, Northern Ireland, dates unknown (perhaps Lisnashanker or Lisnasure) James Bruce Lyttle [jim AT jimlyttle.com]

v  James Little, b 1831 Clare, Co. Down, N. Ireland, d 2 Oct 1901, m1. Rachael Hamilton Levingston. M2.Eliza Jane McCullagh,  

Ø  James Andrew Lyttle, b 1 Jul 1889 Clare, Co. Down, NI, d. 20 Feb 1964 North Bay CA.  m Marguerite Christina Cameron Brown 28 Aug 1926

§  James Cameron Lyttle, b. 13 Jun 1927 Sudbury, Ontario CA, m1. 12 Jun 1948 Morna Margaret Glasheen, m2.17 Jul 1982 Ann Marion Young

o    James Bruce Lyttle, b. 20 Sep 1952 North Bay On CA, m1.1984 Deb Grove, m2. 10 Jul 1998 Alma Sinanagic, m3. 22 Jul 2008 Jing Zhu Kit 27531

Thomas Little b 26 Nov 1830-32 Dublin Ireland, d 27 Dec 1922 San Antonio, TX. m Margrete Corbett -  Pat Day  [patday AT nctv.com]

v  Thomas Maxon Little b 1 Jan 1877 Ft Concho Tx, d 5 Mar 1940 San Antonio, TX.

Ø  Thomas Little b 31 Jul 1904-05 Brackettville Tx, d 18 Sep 1947 San Antonio, TX.

§  Thomas Michael Little b 29 Jul 1930 San Antonio, Tx, d 29 Nov 2004 Houston, TX. Kit 148503

Andrew Thomas Little b 1837, Clogherny North Ireland, m Matilda Semple, d unknown - William Frank Little [wiseasswilly AT gmail.com]

v  William James Little b 1865, Clogherny NI, m Agnes Fleming, d 1939

Ø  Robert John Little b 1919, Winnipegosis Manitoba Canada, m Constance Smith, d 2002

§  William Francis Little b 1954, Winnipegosis Manitoba Canada, m Sarah Smith, d 2010  Kit 257715

David Little – Paul Arthur Little by Joan Ogg [ joan.familyhistory AT gmail.com]

v  David Little b 1771 Dormansteads

Ø  Robert Little b 1811 Cragsike Cumberland, d 1860 Wetheral Carlisle Cumberland

§  Thomas Henderson Little b 1841 Wetheral, Cumberland England, d 1921 MA

o    Robert Henry Little b 1883 Winchester MA, d 1956 Boston MA  Kit 94432


Thomas Little b ca 1680-1700, birth place unknown, lived near New Castle DE.  d ca 1764 Beaufort Co., NC – Wesley Little, [wlittle AT uwf.edu]

v  John Little b abt 1720 New Castle, DE, d abt 1783 Pitt Co., NC

Ø  Thomas Little b abt 1755 Beaufort, NC.  d 1806 Guilford, NC

§  John Little b 1785 NC, d 1867 Niles, KS

o    Hugh Robinson Little b1829 Guilford, NC. d 1879 Niles, KS

¨       William Wesley Little b 1850 IN, d 1940 Barnsdall, OK

¨       John Joseph Little b 1852 IN, d 1945 Niles KS

¨       Elmore Little b abt 1855 IN, d 1944 Niles KS

¨       George Robinson Little b 1855 Tipton IN.  d 1929

o    Hugh Robinson Little b 1885 KS, d 1970 Barnsdall, OK

Ø  Hugh Carter Little b 1915 OK, d 1984

Ø  Jasper Wesley Little b 1917 OK, d 1991 AR Kit 13273  (also contact Hugh Little [ hughlittle AT me.com ] )


Simon Little of Rathfarnham Parish, Dublin, Ireland m Mary Commins - Dan Little [dlittle AT tulsafirefighters.org]

v  Stephen Little b 1782 Dublin, Ireland m Mary Connor

Ø  Barnard Little b 26 Aug 1823 Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland m Mary Ivers

§  Simon F. Little b 4 Sep 1860 Milton, MA d 18 Sep 1919 m Roseanna "Annie" Pierce

o    John Ivers Little b 24 Nov 1885 d 17 Jan 1978 m Josephine Hurley  Kit 74091



Joseph Little b 1732, d 5/20/1817, m Susannah Wetherbee b 1739 d 1827 - All of Joseph’s Children listed below were born in Springfield Vt.

v  Stephen Little b. 1761

v  Joseph Wetherbee Little b. 1765

v  Abijah Little b. 1769

v  Rufus Marshall Little b 7/9/1771 or 1772, Springfield VT d 8/14/1885 Richmond Twp, Crawford PA, bur Hatch Cemetary m 1806 Eunice Goodwell d 7/1/1805, Sudbury VT

Ø  Samuel W Little b 1810 Rutland Co, VT d 1847 or 1848, Sodus Bay, NY m 1832 Laura Gleason b 1812 VT, d 1896 FL

§  James Rufus Little b 9/30/1836, Crawford Co. PA, d 7/15/1917, Carthage MO, m 1892 Minnie Melva Wright b 7/4/1885 d 11/18/1921 KC, MO

o    J (James?) Watson Little b 11/15/1894, MO d 1/11/1985 m 1917 Faye Evelyn Beard, b 7/26/1898 d 10/24/1985 Joplin, MO

¨       Merle Watson Little b 10/15/1922, KS m 1949 Wilma Jean Smashey b 5/4/1928, St Louis Co., MO  Kit 20107 Thomas Lee Little [tlittle2004 AT yahoo.com]

v  Isaac Little b. 1781, Springfield VT, m. Sally Williams b. 1784

Ø  Loring W. Little b. 1811, Concord VT

Ø  Almon W. Little b. 1813, Concord VT

Ø  Married second wife, Sally Stacy, b. 1800

Ø  Isaac Edwin Little, b. 1830, Concord, VT, m. Mary Ann Jordan, b. 1834, d. 1902

§  Elmer T. Little b. 1861, Fair Haven, VT

§  James H. Little, b. 1863, Fair Haven, VT

§  William I. Little, b. 1863, Fair Haven, VT

§  Charles E. Little, b. 1868, Fair Haven, VT

§  Frank I. Little, b. 1872, Fair Haven, VT

§  George W. Little, b. 1875, Fair Haven, VT

§  Edwin L Little, b. 1859, Granville, NY, m. Emma Coon, b 1864

o    George A Little, b. 1890, Hampton, NY

o    Raymond L. Little, b. 1893, Hampton, NY

o    Charles L. Little, b. 1883, Fair Haven, VT m. Jessie Streeter, b. 1889

¨       William S. Little, b. 1925 Fair Haven, VT

¨       Edwin L. Little, b. 1918, Poultney, VT, m. Janice S. Wilmore, b. 1912

Ø  Kit 110260 – Bradford Little [bwl184 AT comcast.net], b. 1946, Fair Haven, VT.



William Little b 1753, d 1800

v  William Little b 1784 Jefferson Co. GA, d 1856

Ø  Robert Patterson Little b 1816 Burke Co. GA, d 1878

§  James Cain Little b 1846 Jefferson Co. GA, d 1917 Jefferson Co. GA

o    Augustus P. Little b 1891 Jefferson Co. GA, d 1971 Jefferson Co. GA

¨       Augustine Patterson Little Jr b 1914 Jefferson Co. GA, d 1944 Paris France

Ø  Augustine Patterson Little III b 1939 GA, d 1998 GA  Kit 33204

Francis Little b. abt 1760 in Maryland, d. 1829, Saxton, Bedford Co. PA, m. Susanna Shields - Thomas John Little,[ tomandkeith AT comcast.net]

v  William Little b. 07Dec1800 in Maryland, d. 28Oct1890 in Bedford Co. PA, m. Mary Fluck

Ø  William Little, Jr. b. 10Nov1828 in Saxton, Bedford Co. PA, d. 04Jul1887 in Loysburg, Bedford Co. PA m.Catharine Pepple and Nancy Eberly

§  James Patton Little, b. 16 Apr 1852 in Loysburg, Bedford Co. PA, d. 10 Jun 1929 in Loysburg, Bedford Co. PA, m. Rachael Belle Fisher

o    Charles Edgar Little b. 25 Mar 1883 in Maria, Bedford Co. PA, d. 08 Apr 1943, New Enterprise, Bedford Co. PA, m. Clara Virginia Jamison Kit 214883

John Little b1813, Kentucky, m. Cynthia Buck 6/27/1832, d12/30/1842, Green Co., IL – Rehann West (for Clarence E Little) Clan Little NA

v  Thomas Little b10/12/1837 Green Co IL, m. Mary Baird 1/28/1858, d3/24/1923

Ø  James Harmon Little b7/19/1867 Green Co IL, m. Iona Ballard 7/7/1923, d3/11/1948 Green Co.

§  George Thomas Little b6/14/1903 Green Co IL, m Eva Lawson 7/7/1923, d8/8/1977 Green Co. Kit  217097

William M. Lytle b 1841 NC; d 1892 Morganton, Burke Co.NC – Crystal [aa387genie AT gmail.com]

v  John Marshall Lytle b 1865 Morganton,Burke Co.NC; d 1920 Morganton,Burke Co.,NC

Ø  R Lytle Sr. b 1914 Morganton,Burke Co.NC; d 1961 NC

§  R Lytle Jr. Kit 215125


James Little  b 10 Mar 1816, Co. Armagh, N Ireland; d 24 June 1899, Blue Earth Co Minnesota, USA - Rodman Lance Little [rodmanlittle AT comcast.net]

v  James John Little b 1857, Blue Earth Co, MN, US; d 1954, Buffalo, Wright, MN, US

Ø  Walter F Little, b 1894, Lac Qui Parle, MN, US; d 1968, Watertown, Codington, S. Dakota, US

§  Rodman R Little b 1914, Lac Qui Parle, MN, US;  d South St Paul, Dakota, MN, US 1983  Kit 144090


R1b1 Lineage II – (Leo W. Little’s null-439 group). 

Members of this group who tested before 2012 all had a null value at marker DYS439.  FTDNA’s newer tests are now able to find the value (12), but this group should all test positive for the L1 SNP. Further information about this haplogroup can be found at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/null439/

Abraham Little b abt 1677 (or 1680) in UK d aft 1720 VA m in 1704 (Mary) Jane Tomlin b 1684 VA d aft 1720 VA: Joseph David Lyttle [dlyttle904 AT att.net]

v  Isaac Little b abt 1720 VA d 1785 VA m Susannah ?-

Ø  Thomas Little b 1750 VA d 1792 Elbert GA m Mary ? b ? d 1794

·         David Little b abt 1768 Halifax VA d 1810 Russell Co. VA, m 1789 Sarah Snead b 1769 d 1810 –

o    William Little b 1799 Halifax VA d 1868 Wash Co. VA, m 1824 Nancy Dye b 1802 NC d 1868 VA

¨       John S Little b 1830 Russell Co. VA d 1891 Russ Co, m 1854 Mary Cooper b 1833 Russ Co d 1903 Russell Co

Ø  David W Lyttle b 1869 Castlewood VA d 1931 Smyth Co, m 1887 Bettie Belle Dingus b 1868 Russell Co VA d 1922 Russell Co VA

§  Homer Seaward Lyttle b 1890 Castlewood VA d 1942 Balt MD, m Eleanore Alley b 1892 Tazwell VA d 1918 Coeburn Wise Co. VA

o    Joseph Franklin Lyttle b Feb 11 1916 Dante, VA d May 5 1993 Warm Spgs. GA m Catherine L Groseclose n Jul 21 1914 VA

¨       Joseph Franklin Lyttle Jr b 1940 VA d Waynesboro VA

o    James Ralph Lyttle b 1918 Coeburn, Russell Co. VA d 1974 Parkton MD, m Sophie Veronica Dembeck b 1917 Balt MD d 2004 PA Kit 198336

Ø  Nathaniel Little b 7 Jun 1861 Russell VA, d 1935 m. Ellen Holt b 1875 d 15 Jan 1936 Joseph Howard Little  [julittle AT bellsouth.net]

§  John Wesley Little b 1901 VA, d 2001 Richmond VA, m Mary Estell Howard b 1904

o    Joseph Howard Little b 1922 d 1993 Richmond VA, m Ethel Lee Kirby b 1927 d 2005 Sorenson Kit SDN001

Ø  Charles Edward Lyttle b Feb 13 1875 Castlewood VA d Jan 18 1947 Castlewood m Ida V Johnson b Nov 6 1882 d May 28 1956 [Robert Joseph Lyttle]

§  Joseph Hester Lyttle b Jul 26 1921 Castlewood d June 30 2001 Fairfax VA m Mable Virginia Reedy B June 6 1923 d Nov 10 2010 Fairfax VA


[Charles Edward Lyttle information derived from genealogy/family records provided by Joseph Hester and Robert Joseph Lyttle]


o    Harrington Lyttle b 1795 Caswell, NC d 1856 Harlan, KY, m Susannah Bays b1800 Washington Co., VA d KY [assume Harlan]  Michael Gerard Lyttle [ukdinger AT bellsouth.net]

¨       David Yancy Lyttle b Jan 27 1822 Russell Co., VA d Mar 25 1904 Clay Co., KY, m [3rd wife] Ellen Lunsford b 6/10/1878 Clay KY d 12/3/1964 Butler OH

Ø  David Yancy Lyttle Jr b Oct 1899 Clay Co KY d 1959 assume OH, m Agnes D Judd b 1905 OH d 2/22/1898 Butler OH

§  David Yancy Lyttle III b 1924 Butler Co., KY m Rosemary Scravano

o    Michael Gerard Lyttle m Susan Pickerrell

¨       Justin Harrington Lyttle m Liani Vasquez  Sorenson Kit B3358


·         Absalom Little, b. 1770, GA? d. 1831, GA, m. Mary? d. ~1850 - Leo Little, deceased

o    James Little, b. 1792, SC, d. 1848, GA, m. Nancy Logan?, SC

¨       Thomas Little, b. 1816, AL, d. 1891, GA, m. Elizabeth McDill, b. 1819, SC, d. 1893, GA

Ø  William Thomas Little, b. 1848, GA, d. 1907, GA, m. Leonora Strickland, b. 1855, GA, d. 1878, Duluth GA

§  Leo William Little I, b. 1876, GA, d. 1907, GA, m. Dora Utsie Stansell, b. 1878, GA, d. 1939, GA

o    Leo William Little II, b. 1904, Gwinnet Co. GA, d. 1985 Orange Co. FL   m. Dorothy Emory

¨       Leo William Little III, b. 1947, d. 21 May 2008, Austin TX m. Margot Beyersdorff  Kit 5100

¨       Holland Little b. 1839 GA. d. 8-10-1877,  m Elizabeth Alice Andrews b. 2-23-1826 Orange Co., NC  d. 1880 AR - Roger Little [little1_74864 AT yahoo.com]

Ø  Alexander Davis Little b. 8-1-1861 Walker Co.,GA d. 1-28-1923 Morrilton, Conway Co., AR, m Elenora Jane Brigham b. 4-8-1858 AR d. 7-8-1938 Morrilton, Conway co., AR

§  Thomas Lafayette Little b. 3-14-1882 Morrilton, Conway Co., AR d. 1-8-1950 Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK, m Vesta Jane Skinner b. 2-17-1888 Quitman, AR d. 8-19-1948 Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK

o    Marvin Louis Little b. 11-6-1917 Morrilton, Conway Co. AR d. 10-10-1987 Shawnee, Pottawotamie Co., OK, m Cecile Stevens b.4-4-1921 Tishomingo, Johnston Co., OK d. 8-3-2003 Shawnee, Pottawotamie Co., OK  Kit 15265


Ø  William Little b1755 sp Annaretta - Frank Wesley Little [fwlittle AT windstream.net]

·         Robert Henry Little, b1780 in SC sp Arminda ?

o    Henry Perry Little b Feb 23, 1800 in Pendelton County SC. 1st sp Sinthy Bass, 2nd sp Susan Crump, 3rd sp Arminda P. Ball

§  Wilburn King Little b. June 7, 1831 in Jefferson County, AL. 1st sp Sarah Ann Godwin, 2nd sp Eliza Pool Jones

Ø  William Rufus Little b Oct 26, 1860 in Jefferson County, AL. sp Fredonia McDaniel

·         Frank Edward Little b. May 15, 1886 in Jefferson County, AL. sp Florence O’Barr Fuller Kit 203157

·         Isaac Little b. 1798 Pendleton SC, d1861 DeKalb AL, m. Mahala Burchfield b 1808 SC, d1853 DeKalb AL – John Michael Anthony Little [johnmikelittle AT gmail.com]

o    Thomas Jefferson Little b. 1838 DeKalb AL, d. 1922 Lamar TX, m. Susan Smith b. 1835 GA d. 1907 AL

§  Wallace Byron Little b. 2/14/1873 Langston AL, d. 8/8/1951 AL, m. Lucinda Green Flowers b. 1876 AL, d. 1960 AL

Ø  John Byron Little b10/28/1898 Langston AL, d. 2/9/1958 AL, m. Ethel Mae Shavers b. 1904 AL, d. 1992 AL

·         Wayne Delbert Little b. 12/11/1932 Langston AL, d. 1/3/2001 AL, m. (?) Pope  Kit 6814


Ø  Isaac Little b 1760 VA, d 1823 Pike Co., KY, m Winnie/ey (possibly Roberts ?) b ~1760 d 1830 Jimmie Little, [ little7701 AT yahoo.com]

·         William Little b 1785 or 88 VA, d 9/16/1853 Pike Co., KY, m1 Jan 10 1817 Betsy Terrell b1790 VA d 1828 Floyd Co., KY, m2 1828, Elizabeth Swinney

o    Isaac Little b ca1820 Pike Co., KY, d 1888 Pike Co., m. Lucinda Caudill m 8/26/1841

§  James Little b Apr 1848 Floyd Co., Ky., d abt 1906, m 8/15/1869 Joyce Ann Justice

Ø  Joseph Little b 5/20/1879 Floyd Co., Ky, d 5/2/1939 Letcher Co., Ky, m 12/5/1899 Anzaline Johnson

·         Harve Little b 5/26/1910 Floyd/Pike Co., Ky, d 1/30/1975 Pike Co. m1 12/5/1930 Rizzie Little m2 Ethel Adkins

o    Jimmie Little b 7/4/1931 m 7/19/1954 Hall Co., NE Jacqueline L Schuett Kit 59985

o    James Little b May 23 1823 Floyd Co., KY d Feb 2 1903 Rowan Co., KY – m Mary Caudill b 1832 Floyd Co., KY d Oct 23 1882 Rowan Co., KY - Dennis Lee Little

§  George Washington Little b Dec 23 1854 Floyd Co., KY d May 25 1913 Rowan Co., KY m. Tempy E Guy b 1850 Scott VA d Dec 25 1935 Rowan Co, KY

Ø  Solomon Lee Little b Jun 2 1891 Rowan Co., KY d Nov 29 1942 Scioto Co., KY m. Amelia A Richmond b May 21 1892 Greenup KY d Feb 27 1964 Xenia OH

·         Major Lee Little b Aug 24 1928 Mount Verner WV d Mar 9 1999 Ashland KY m. Rada Lucille Harrison b Mar 16 1934 d Mar 26 1964 Portsmouth OH


[The above James Little b 1823 through Major Lee Little provided by Dennis Lee Little family genealogy research and Clan Little files]


v  Abraham Little  b 1710 Lunenburg Co.,  VA d ? m Ann [last name unknown] - Donna Jenkins, [rdjenkins9166 AT comcast.net]

Ø  Abraham Little II  b 1750 Jones Co NC d 1835 Williamson Co TN wife unknown

·         John Little b 1770 Jones Co NC d KY m ?Hannah?

o    William Neal Little b 14 Feb 1792 Jones Co NC d Jan 1835 Hickman Co KY m Elizabeth Cayce b 27 Mar 1797 Cumberland VA d aft 1850 KY 

§  Joseph Flem Little b 26 Feb 1828 TN d 8 May 1904 Pottawatomie OK m Jan 1879 Elizabeth Winstead b 19 Feb 1844 d 31 Aug 1939 Hughes Co OK

Ø  Benjamin Little b 26 Jun 1886 Erath Co TX d 16 Jan 1962 Kern Co CA m Jan 1906 Phoebe Johnson b 17 Aug 1890 Polk Co AR d 4 Dec 1948 Kern Co CA  Kit 204656


·         Abraham Little (III) b1773 Jones Co NC d 1835 Williamson Co TN m 1794 Temperance Huggins b 1777 NC d1840 Williamson Co., TN Thomas Vance Little

o    John Milton Little b Nov 24 1810 Williamson Co TN d Jun 1 1899 Williamson Co m 1834 Mary D Knight b Aug 1815 d Jun 1859 TN

§  William Dreason Little b Oct 9 1835 Williamson Co d Mar 5 1915 TN m1888 Mary Frances Hampton b aug 1842 d Oct 26 1931 TN

Ø  John Wesley Little b Aug 13 1889 Williamson TN d Dec 11 1959 Williamson TN m 1915 Margaret M Roberts b May 12 1894 TN d Feb 10 1979 TN

·         Thomas Vance Little b Aug 12 1931 Williamson TN Kit 23693


[The following lineage, beinning with James Huggins Little likely descends from Abraham Little b 1773 and Temperence Huggins. Details are currently incomplete].


o    James  Huggins Little b1818 Williamson Co TN d1870 Williamson Co TN  m Mary Nancy Locke b1824 Peg Johnson Zaremba [azaremba AT netnitco.net]

§  Thomas H Little b1845 Williamson Co TN d abt 1894 Humphreys Co TN  m Nancy W Russell

Ø  Sally E Little b1866 Franklin TN d1933 Dyer TN George Washington Parten (Paper trail; no DNA sample)


Ø  Isaac Franklin Little 21 Jan 1875 Perry Co TN d 7Jun 1941 TN, m Sadie Arlis DePreist b16 Feb 1888 d 12 May 1959 Henry Co.  TN – Thomas H Little

·         Garland Thomas Little b 3 Jun 1915 Beardstown TN d 28 Feb 1970 Paris TN m Sue Agnes Howard b 13 Dec 1913 d 22 May 2002

o    Thomas Harold Little b 5 Sep 1940 Springhill TN  m Judith Mary Steffen b 1942 (Paper trail; no DNA sample)



v  Charles Little b ~1720 Lunenberg VA d after 1770 Pittsylvania VA m Ann ? - Robert “Bob” Little [rlittleUSA AT hotmail.com]

Ø  Charles Little (Jr) b 1740 Pittsylvania VA d ~1810 NC  m Ester (Easter) Fallin b ~1745 VA d NC

·         Edmund Little b ~1760 NC d abt 1788 Grayson Co VA m Joannah Pennington b 1765 Wilkes Co NC d 6/24/1853 Perry Co KY

o    Edmund Little b 1784 Grayson Co VA d 1862 Breathitt Co KY m Nellie Caldwell b 1784 d abt. 1835 Perry Co KY

§  Jason Little B 1825 Perry or Estill Co KY d aft. 1870 Breathitt Co KY m Manerva Haddix b 7/27/1830 Estill Co  Ky d 8/28/1884 Breathitt Co KY

Ø  James Lawrence Little b 5/4/1853 Breathitt KY d 5/27/1925 Breathitt Co KY m Mary Elizabeth Brewer b1865 Breathitt Co KY

·         George W Little b Aug 1879 Breathitt d 6/4/1970 Jackson, Breathitt Co KY m Martha W Little

o    James W Little b 1908 Breathitt Co KY d ? m Eileen Jackson b 1910 d Breathitt Co KY d ?

§  Robert E Little b 1929 Detroit MI Kit 137182


[For the following lineage (kit #44351 Jame Crisler Little), Ancestry prior to Archibald b 1776 is unresolved, though DNA confirms 44351’s ties to Lineage II Null 439 group].


·         Archibald Little b 1776 NC, d Jul 30 1864 Randolph NC, m Elizabeth Bright d Feb 27 1866 - James Crisler Little [jnpoct AT triad.rr.com]

o    Robert Little b Mar 30 1809 Randolph or Chatham Co NC d Oct 22 1894 Randolph NC, m Elizabeth Davidson b Mar 9 1813 will probate Sept 2 1901 Randolph NC

§  William Riley Little b 1834 Gabriels Creek NC d bef 1880, m Mary A b 1834 will probated Feb 18 1901, Randolph Co.

Ø  Robert Edward Little b1863 Randolph NC d 1889 Randolph NC, m Martha J Burrow b Feb 5 1861 Randolph d Sept 14 1939

·         Robert Orlando Little b Oct 10 1888 Cedar Falls NC, d Feb 21 1947 Thomasville NC, m Maude Jane Turner b Aug 11 1887 Davidson NC d Oct 2 1975 Thomasville NC

o    Max Everett Little b 18 Sept 1916 Thomasville d Nov 17 1981 Thomasville, m Helen Rose Crisler b Jan 23 1916 Wilsons Church GA d Mar 2 2001 Greensboro NC Kit 44351 


[For the following lineage (kit #49498 for Dallas Johnnie Little), Ancestry prior to Isaac b 1800 is currently unresolved.]


o    Isaac Little b 1800, m abt 1827 Elizabeth Poe, d 1892 -  Dallas Johnnie Little [djohnlittle AT verizon.net]

§  Wm Mathias Little b 1837 Jefferson NC, m 1858 Mary Darnell, d 27 June 1915 Husk NC

Ø  John Marshall Little b 11 Aug 1874 Crumpler NC, m 1893 Rachel L Blevins, d 29 Dec 1952 Husk NC

·         Kirby Lane Little b 6 Jan 1922 Husk NC, m 1941 M. Bernice Edmondson Kit 49498


R1b1 Lineage III – Capt Daniel Little group

For more information on the Capt. Daniel Little group, see http://www.roperld.com/CaptLittle.htm


Capt. Daniel Little b abt 1731 Germany m Anna Mary Lewis, d Dec 10 1775 Salisbury NC - Lawrence Lewis Little Jr [landlenterprises AT attglobal.net]

v  Peter Little, Sr

Ø  Peter Little, Jr.

§  Lewis Little

o    Daniel Little

¨       Lewis Abraham Little

Ø  Lawrence Lewis Little

§  Lawrence Lewis Little, Jr. Kit 1901

v  Daniel Little, Jr b 6 May 1755 Salisbury, Rowan, NC; m 10 Apr 1783 Phillipina Lynn Eigener, b 1754 Salisbury, Rowan, NC – Michael William Little [Monica Little Monica AT financialtelesis.com]

Ø  John Paul ‘Poney’ Little b 1786 Crane Creek, Rowan, NC, d 1880 Maury, TN; m 1807 Kershaw, SC to Nancy Hogan, b Mar 1789 NC, d 18 Jan 1845 Marshall, TN

§  Daniel William Little, Sr b 21 Jan 1810 Bedford, Marshall, TN, d 11 Oct 1846 Marshall, TN; m 1831 Bedford, Marshall, TN to Hannah Dunn Sheffield b 3 Jun 1813, d 29 Jul 1878 Chapel Hill, Marshall, TN

o    James Madison Little b 7 Jan 1845 Chapel Hill, TN, d.16 Jan 1903 Burns, Cook, TX; m 29 Oct 1866 Lewisburg, Marshall, TN to Minerva Jane Edward b 17 Jan 1845 Marshall, TN, d 15 Nov 1926 Mountain Springs, Cook TX

¨       Robert Henry Little b 3 Jun 1874 Marshall, TN, d 5 Jun 1949 Tipton, Tillman, OK, m 19 Dec 1897 Cooke County, TX to Mary Louise Autry b Dec 1881 Cooke County, TX, d 1930 Tipton, Tillman, OK

Ø  John William Little b 29 Aug 1911 Manitou, Tillman, OK, d 18 Oct 1973 Salinas, Monterey, CA; m abt 1933 Frederick, Tillman, OK to Grace Crittenden b 20 Nov 1913 Hot Springs, Garland, AR d 4 Mar 1993 Menlo Park, San Mateo, CA

§  Cloyse Edward Little b 23 Sep 1934 Tipton, Tillman, OK; m Feb 1956 Salinas, Monterey, CA to Linda Lawrence b 30 Mar 1934 Salinas, Monterey, CA  Kit 262187


R1b1 Lineage VII


Martin Leetle b abt 1780 Galway Ireland, m Catherine Kelly – Gareth Little [gmelittle AT gmail.com]

v  John Leetle b abt 1820 Galway Ireland, m Mary Crean (Crane)

Ø  Martin Leetle b 1872 Galway Ireland, m Elizabeth Clarke

§  Martin Gerard Leetle(Little) born 1910 Galway Ireland, m L. Horan   Kit 284958

John Littell b bef 1646 d Apr 8 1713 Elizabeth NJ; m. Dorothy (Unknown) d Westfield NJ  - Jack Donald Littell Jr. [jacmar AT cableone.net]

v  Samuel Littell (#2) b1680 Westfield, Union NJ d Oct 17 1774 NJ; m. Lydia Bonnell

Ø  Benjamin Littell (#12) b abt 1706 Union NJ d Apr 14 1760 Union NJ. M. Susannah Tucker b abt 1718 d Jun 1753 NJ

§  John Littell (#27) b1746 Essex Co NJ d Apr 1 1781 NJ;  m. Apr 29 1766,  Phebe Thompson b 1748 NJ d Oct 1836 Westfield, Union NJ

o    Moses Littell (#51) b 1773 Westfield, Essex NJ d Sep 8 1828 Westfield Union NJ; m. Elizabeth “Betsy” Terry b Apr 22 1778 Union NJ d Apr 19 1843 Fulton Co IL

¨       William Terry Littell (#156) b abt 1799 Essex NJ; m Jun 29 1817; m1 Sarah Conkling-Durham, m2 Sara Legge

Ø  Asa D Littell (#424) b May 25 1818 NJ d Aug 7 1904 Butler OK; m. Nov 14 1843 Maria Holcomb b Aug 9 1824 d bef 1874

§  Henry Benson Little (#672) b Jun 9 1851 IL d Apr 8 1906 Marion Co IO; m. Martha E Buttrey b Jul 23 1856 Marion IO d Jan 26 1937 Linn Co OR

o    Charles Shellie Little b Jul !0 1884 Dunreath IO d Nov 17 1939 Gamerco, Mckinley MN; m Mary Ellen Gibbons b Sep 22 1888 IO d Aug 2 1967 San Diego CA.

¨     Jack Donald Little Sr b Dec 9 1921 Currie NM d Jul 25 2001 Delores CO; m. 1/11/1943 Gloria Irene Ballreich b Mar 26 1922 Gallup MN Kit 328250

Note: in the above John Littell lineage, the (# ) symbols represent the numbers assigned in the volumes “Littell Family History & Genealogy” under John of New Jersey by Judge Noble K. Littlell.


Abel (Abraham) Little b abt 1760 Sussex Co., DE d 1821 Brown Co., OH; m 1791  Elizabeth Griggs/Greggs b abt 1773 – Robert William Little Jr [blittle1963 AT yahoo.com ]

v  David Little b abt 1795 Monongalia Co., VA d  aft 1873 prob. WV; m Sarah Staats b abt 1800 d before Sept 14 1866

Ø  Robert C Little b abt 1834 VA d Sept 20 1890 Meigs Co., OH; m Elizabeth Hysell b abt 1835 d Sept 2 1898 Meigs Co., OH

§  Charles MacClellan Little b Sept 21 1866 Cottageville WV d Mar 23 1942 Cheshire OH; m Mary Ann George b Jul 31 1871 Mason WV d Sept 27 1953 Cheshire OH

o    Foster Alden Little b Jul 29 1905 Cheshire Twp OH d Feb 17 1967 Lorain OH; m Effie

¨        Robert William Little Sr b Nov 4 1929 Cheshire OH; m Gayle Rosabel Gandee Kit 270056



R1b1 - Not Yet Assigned to a Lineage


Gilbert Little b abt 1721 Leadhills Scotland d abt 1790 Wanlockhead SCT, m Agnes Aitkinhead b 1725 Lanarkshire SCT d ~ 1767 Dumfriesshire SCT – Allen Joseph Little, [kiwilittle AT inspire.net.nz]

v  James Little b Jun 10 1762 Dumfriesshire SCT d Aug 27 1833 Wanlockhead SCT m Helen Thomson b 1766 SCT d 1840 Wanlockhead Scotland

Ø  Thomas Little b Jun 6 1813 Wanlockhead SCT d 1877 Wanlockhead m Janet Ferguson b Jun 6 1813 Closeburn Dumfriesshires SCT

§  James Little b Nov 4 1837 Wanlockhead SCT d May 3 1896 Outram NZ m Grace Murray b  Sept 16 1846 Peebleshire SCT d Nov 8 1920 Outram, Otago NZ

o    William Little b Aug 13 1882 Palmerston NZ d Jul 1 1962 Outram NZ m Margaret Bucholtz bJul 25 1891

¨       Joseph Little b Apr 13 1923 NZ d Jul 16 1996 NZ m Florence Mary Wilkins b Jul 17 1923 NZ d Dec 26 1997 NZ Kit 281926

Thomas Little d Marshfield MA - Mitchell S. Little, [mitchellslittle AT gmail.com]

v  Ephraim Little b 1650 Plymouth MA, d 1717 Scituate MA

Ø  John Little b 1683 Marshfield MA, d 1767 Marshfield MA

§  John Little b 1714 Marshfield MA

o    Consider Little b 1746 Lebanon CT, d 1831 Columbia CT

¨       George Little b 1788 Lebanon CT, d 1864 Columbia CT

Ø  Edwin Hunt Little b 1822 Columbia CT, d 1878 East Hartford CT

§  George Henry Little b 1858 Farmington CT, d 1916 Enfield CT

o    Mitchell Stuart Little, b 1885 Hartford CT, d 1969 West Hartford CT 

¨       Edward Hapgood Little b June 1927 W Hartford CT d 2/20/2010 Milford CT   Kit N14186

Mathies Klein b. c1832 in Prussia m. Rosina Straus – kit is for E. Klein - provided by Susan O’Holleran [sioh AT bellsouth.net]

Ø  Fritz  "Fred" Klein b. 10 Sep 1868 in Chicago, Cook, IL  m. Alice Kline

§  Francis Frederick Edward Klein b. 01 Feb 1903 in Harvey, Cook, IL  m. Faith Berry Kit 226782

John Little (1646-1713) & Mary White –Floyd Little [clfloyd46@yahoo.com]

v  Anthony Little (1685-1735) & Mary Ladner

Ø  Amos Little (1725-1772) & Lavina Pettyjohn

§  Thomas A Little (1764-1851) & Rachel  Nixon

o    Thomas Little (1814-1851) & Eliza Harr

¨       George Little (1846-1920) & Annie Vincent

Ø  William Little (1872-1940) & Melissa Williams

§  Leo Little (1908-1953) & Gladys Clark Kit 107409

George Littell b 1617 London, England; m Alice Poore – R.T. Little [lisam_little@yahoo.com]

v  Joseph Littell – b 22 Sep 1653 Newbury, MA; m Mary Coffin

Ø  Daniel Little – b 13 Jan 1692 Newbury, MA; m Abiah Clement

§  Samuel Little – b 23 Apr 1714 Newbury, MA; m Sarah Follansbee

o    Joshua F. Little – b 17 Sep 1741 Plaistow, NH; m Lydia Brown

¨       Abijah Little – b 21 Mar 1774 Whitefield, ME; m Lydia Noyse

Ø  Benjamin Little – b 13 Mar 1802 Whitefield, ME; m Mary Ann Little

§  Melzar D. Little – b 21 Oct 1827 Whitefield, ME; m Sarah H. Cunningham

o    Eugene M. Little – b 12 Oct 1853 Pittston, ME; m Librada Solano

¨       Benjamin J. Little – b 28 Aug 1889 San Francisco, CA; m Viola G. Tweed  Kit  60393

Frederick Cline b 1833 PA, d 1874 - James Elling Cline  [jiminmn AT comcast.net]

v  James Orlando Cline b 1858 Columbia IL, d 1923 Springdale WA

Ø  John Fredrick Cline b 1898 Spokane Co. WA, d 1940  Kit 196373

Robert E. Little, b. 1841 Scotland d. between 1910-20 Chicago, IL., m. Anna 1885 - Robert Smith (Little)  [rsmith54520 AT gmail.com]

v  Robert Henry Little, b. 9/1889 m. Mayme Cull, 1916, Chicago IL d?

Ø  Donald Edward Charles Little, b. 10/18/1916 Chicago, IL, m. Lucille Price 1939, d. 9/1987, Kokomo Ind.

§  Ronald Dean Smith (Little), b. 11/5/1939, m. Judith Nye, 12/1/1962, d. 6/18/2009.  Kit 243475



Little Ancestry with no Y-DNA results


Isaac Little b 1791 NC, d 1863, m Rachel Sisson  - Wayne Brown [kayzie31 AT gmail.com]

v  James M. Little b 10 Apr 1815 Humphreys Co. TN, 3 Sep 1866, m Winifred “Viney” Ann Barton

Ø  Ervin Anderson Little b 1 Jan 1849 Graves Co. KY, d 26 Aug 1927 Polk Co. AR , m Mary Adaline Allen

§  Alonzo Elmer Little b 8 Oct 1876 AR, d 1923, m Mary Elizabeth Bolles

o    Mary Dell Little b 4 Oct 1913 Polk Co. AR, d 25 Jan 2001, m William Glen Hindman  FamilyFinder Kit 315881



William R. Little b abt 1823 VA, d 1860-1880 VA – Catherine O’Briant [obriant.c AT cox.net]      

v  William R. Little b 1847 Chesterfield Co. VA, d 1921-1930 Norfolk City, VA

Ø  George Herman Little b 1883 Norfolk City VA, d 1947 Norfolk Co. VA

§  Nellie Virginia Little, b 1908 Norfolk City VA, d 1966 Norfolk City VA  FamilyFinder Kit 188035

William Little b abt 1720 Holland

v  Jonathan Little b 1740 England or Holland

Ø  John Little b1773 Philadelphia PA, d 1830 Westmoreland PA

§  John Solomon Little b 1803 Somerset Co. PA, d 1893 Fayette Co. PA

o    Daniel Aaron Little b 1841 Westmoreland Co. PA, d Fayette Co. PA

¨       William Henry Little b 1870 Fayette Co. PA, d 1951 Fayette Co. PA

Ø  Daniel Aaron Little b 1908 Fayette Co. PA, d 1998 Fayette Co. PA  FamilyFinder Kit B2071

William Little  b 1822, d 1900 – Darrin Johnson [darrinj1969 AT me.com]

v  Clinton Bartlett Little

Ø  Grace M Little (Bellingham WA)  FamilyFinder Kit 204109


William Little b.1800 Randolph, North Carolina d. abt. 1850 Monroe County, TN m. Susannah Johnson March 17th 1821 Blount County, TN – Sylvia Denise Garlits [crowoman63 AT aol.com]

v  Rachel Little b. 1825  TN

v  Jane Little b. 1829 TN  d.1900 KY m. Isaac Dye Jan. 7 1852 Monroe County, TN (lived in McMinn County, TN 1860-1900)

Ø  Margaret "Peggy" Ann Dye b. Oct.11 1852, TN d.April 28th, 1937 McMinn County, TN m.Andrew J.Harris Oct. 11, 1869 McMinn County, TN

§  William Joseph Harris b.Sept. 20, 1870 Meigs County, TN d.1948 Englewood, McMinn Co., TN m. Ollie Daugherty  Oct. 13, 1892 McMinn Co, TN

o    John Riley Harris b. 27 Jul 1893 in McMinn Co, TN d. Aug 1971 in Englewood, McMinn Co, TN m.Maude Belle Perry 1909 25 Sep

Ø  Myrtle Arkansas Harris 1911 – 2006 m Sarah Elizabeth Whitener

§  Private FamilyFinder Kit B6279

Ø  William L. Dye b.1854 d. 1896

Ø  Elizabeth C. Dye b.1857 d.1898

Ø  James Dye b.1860 d.1898

Ø  Martha Dye b.1863 d.1937

Ø  Mary Dye b.1865 d. 1897

Ø  John Dye b. 1869 d.1898

Ø  Sarah Dye b. 1872 d. 1898

Ø  Isaac Clinton Dye b. 1874

Ø  Margaret Dye b. 1880

v  James Little b. 1830 TN



James Madison Little b Oct 10, 1804 Zanesville, Muskingum Co. OH, d 1867 Zanesville OH, m Sarah Parkinson – Robert Burns [robertburns AT oblaw.com]

v  Charles Edward Little b 1842? Zanesville OH, d Auburn, AL Aug 18, 1928, m Maria Charlotte Felton

Ø  James Monroe Little, b Feb 26, 1875, Auburn, AL, died Dec 17, 1960 Holtville, CA, m Ella Grace Rudulph

§  Charlotte Louise Little b Mar 7, 1905, Auburn AL m John Clifton Hammond, d 1988 El Centro, CA.   FF Kit B4541 Grace Louise Hammond;   FF Kit 32690 Robert Burns


Thomas Little, Scotland, m Jane Jardin  -  Carol Destromp [ yellowooleyber AT yahoo.com]

v  Andrew Little, Kilwinning Scotland,  m Agnes McLean Dec 1891 West Kilbride, Scotland

Ø  Jane Jardin Little b Scotland Sept 18, 1898, Kilwinning Scotland, arrived NY Feb 23 1927, d Nov 1981 Rutherford, Bergen NJ, m David Howie Lambie; partner with Robert W. McDonald

§  Jean Waddell McDonald b Mar 27, 1926 Glasgow (reg. also in Kilwinning).  FF Kit 336339





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