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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

  • Bartolf,  #L-1  49120   Barrie Leslie  lesliejb AT
  • b c 1041, Hungary & d c1121, Scotland, m Beatrix Dunkeld
    • Malcolm, b c 1150, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
      • Norman, b c1175, Aberdeenshire (Constable of Inverury)
      • Malcolm, b c1178, Aberdeenshire
  • Walter Lashley,  #L-9  N26735   Laescelyn    mallewis AT
  • in Sep 1657 patent for 1800 acres in Surrey Co., VA - Laescelyn [mallewis AT]
    • Patrick Lashley b 1654 VA d 1711 Surry Co., VA
      • Walter Lashley b c1678 Surry Co., VA d bef 21 May 1751 Surry Co., VA
        • Thomas Lashley d 20 Jun 1765 Sussex Co., VA
          • Thomas Lashley Jr. b bef 1755 d 5 Dec 1823 Orange Co., NC
            • Elijah Lashley b 1790 NC d 1852 NC
  • Peter Lassle,  b c1680-1690 Germany.  d: April 11, 1734 Lancaster, PA - Leslie [earnest AT]
    • Peter Lassle, Jr. b: c1730  Lancaster, PA, m: Susannah Walter
      • Abraham Lasley b: Oct 11, 1753, m: Hester Kraft circa 1776
        • John B. Lasley b: Aug 24, 1777 Westmoreland, PA. m: Hannah (Davis?) c1799 KY
          • James Lasley b: Dec 24,1810, KY,  m: Theodocia Cottrell Sept 8, 1831
            • John W. Lesley b: Mar 10,1843 Addison, OH, m: Nancy Anne Downing April 11, 1865
              • John Gilbert Leslie b: Jan 26, 1879 Plymouth, MO, m2 Mayme Mae Armstrong L-8
  • Robert Leslie or Lesslie,  L-4  #52234
  • b c1750, m 1794 Jean Low  Airlie Scotland - L-4 [peter AT]
    • William Lesslie, b1798, m Kirriemuir Margeret Wilson
      • Robert Leslie, b1832, m Craig, Angus Margaret Stott
        • Peter Wilson Leslie, b 1857 Inverkeilor, Angus, m Annie Holt
          • Patrick Holt Leslie, b 1900 Corstorphine, m Evelyn de Berry 
  • Samuel Leslie Sr.  #132441  Gloria Leslie   gleslie376 AT
  • b c1767 d 1 Oct 1802 Abbeville  Dist., SC m Elizabeth Porter
    • Hugh Leslie b c 1798 Abbeville Dist., SC d 5 Jun 1852 m Mary Brown
    • Samuel Leslie II b 13 Jan 1801 SC d 20 Dec 1861 m Harriet Henderson
    • Alexander Porter Leslie b 3 Mar 1803 Abbeville Dist., SC      
  • Daniel   L -13   # 116293    sjohns7347 AT
  • b 1777 PA
    • George Paris b 24 Aug 1814 Washington Co., PA m Nancy Henderson
      • Francis Wyatt b 10 Apr 1844 Thornville, OH m Lydia Steinagle
        • Emanuel Bird b 7 Feb 1910 Van Wert, OH m Fern Head     
  • John Leslie b c1779 Scotland m Ann Huston - Besmer [besmer AT] (no DNA)
    • Jacob Leslie b 1794 d 1863 m1 Janette McClellan(d) m2 Mary Mathews Menoher
      • Joseph Scroggs Leslie b 1819 d 1892
      • Eliza Ann Leslie b 1821 m1 John C. Ray m2 Stephen Tuttle
      • James Leslie b 1822 d 1864 m Mary Bliss
      • William Leslie b 1824 d 1872 m Bertha Cowen
      • John Leslie b 1826 d 1868 m Elizabeth Pearsall
      • Samuel Leslie b 1830 d 1894 m1 Clara Olivia Brooks m2 Sophia M. Pierce m3 Lucia Pearsall
        • Karl L. Leslie b 1866 d 1951 m Bertha Cornell
          • Charles Walter Leslie b 1913 d 1962 m Hilda Fode
      • Sarah Isabel Leslie b 1840 d 1904 m James Templeton Torrence
      • Mary Logue Leslie b 1843 d 1926 m Thomas Benton Wade
      • Martha Janette Leslie b 1845 or 1847 d 1933 m Hugh Humphrey
    • Elizabeth Leslie b c1797
    • Gregg Lessly  # 209568 [Falcor2000 AT] 
  • John Lessly b 1781 VA
    • James Elkins Lessly b 26 Jun 1819 Nicholasville, Jessamine Co., KY d 10 Dec 1898 Grayson Co., TX
      • George Washington Lessly b 24 Dec 1845 Randolph Co., MO d 18 Feb 1922 Randolph Co., MO
        • James Elgin Lessly b 11 Mar 1871 near Higbee, Randolph Co., MO d 6 Oct 1947 near Higbee, Randolph Co., MO
          • Stiles Lessly b 21 Oct 1901 near Higbee, Randolph Co., MO d 9 Sep 1980 St. Louis Co., MO
          • Donald Leslie    # 222602 [DFLeslie AT]           
  • William Leslie b Scotland m Ann Elliott -
    • William b c1822 Pleasant Valley, Dutchess Co., NY
      • William b 27 Aug 1847 Albany, NY d 27 Mar 1894 m Charlotte Vickers
        • Irene Elliott b 22 Oct 1887 m John Kelly
          • Martin William b 10 Nov 1910
        • William b 23 Mar 1890 m Rose Barker
        • Reynolds b 22 Dec 1891 d 26 Mar 1892
      • Robert d at 3 years of age
      • Henry Clay b c1852
      • John Livermore b 1854
      • Minnie b 1857 m Charles Rand
      • Elliott Nelson b 1859
    • Robert b c1824 Pleasant Valley, NY
    • Nelson b 1826 Pleasant Valley, NY
    • Margaret b c1828 Pleasant Valley, NY m John Warner
      • Henry
      • Nelson Elliott
      • Lillie m William J. Rand
      • Jessie
      • Annabel [mrsballew AT] (no DNA)
  • Joseph Lessley b 30 Apr 1807 SC d 7 May 1890 New Edinburg, AR m Mary Rebecca Wilson -
    • John Joseph Leslie b 1835 SC d 22 Jul 1863 Hagerstown, MD m Frances Hunter
      • Joseph Thomas Leslie b 21 Nov 1858 Coweta Co., GA d 22 Mar 1937 Doraville, Dekalb Co., GA m Esther A. Young
        • John Calvin Leslie b 24 Nov 1885 d 30 Mar 1971 Doraville, Dekalb Co., GA m Maybell Willson
          • Samuel Boyd Leslie b 5 Jan 1912 d 10 Mar 1998 m Thelma Bonna Green
  • John Leslie, b c1816, Fayetteville Co NC d c1865 Macon Co., AL
    • Alexander M Leslie, b 1845, Macon Co AL, m Kate Goern
    • Catherine Leslie, b 1847, Macon Co AL
    • Ella Jane Leslie, b 1849, Macon Co AL
    • Martha A Leslie, b 1852, Macon Co AL
    • John Daniel Leslie, b 1853, Macon Co AL, m Mary Lula Raborn
    • Mr. Adolpus Leslie    # 162761     Sharon Leslie Morgan  morganoba AT
  • James E. Leslie (unconfirmed) b 1823 NC d 1875 AL m1 Martha Ann Betterton m2 Elizabeth Farley
    • Thomas Leslie b 1859 Lowdnes Co (?)., AL d 1939 Montgomery, AL m Rhoda Reeves
  • William Leslie b 1832 King Edward, Scotland   [monthor AT] (no DNA)
    • Alex Leslie b 1859 King Edward, Scotland d 1920 Cult, Scotland m Isabella Torry
      • Margaret Pirie Leslie b 12 Jun 1897 King Edward, Scotland d 25 Mar 1941 Hempstead, L.I.N.Y m Thomas McKane

 Erik Lassley  #L-19 139546

John Lassly born unknown   John Lassly born 1743, Voluntown, CT
o Cornelius Lassley b. 1767, Damascus, PA
 John Lassley born 1792, Damascus, PACornelius B. Lassley b. 1822, Damascus, PA
 Cornelius J. Lassley, b. 1868, Damascus, PA
 John Young Lassley, b. 1896, Damascus, PA        

 Richard Leslie   # 170529

  John Lassly born unknown  

John Lassly b. 1743, Voluntown, CT

Cornelius Lassley b. 1767, Damascus, PA
 John Lassley b. 1792, Damascus, PA

James Lassley, b. 1826, Lackawaxen, PA
 Warren T. Lassley, b. 1854, Tusten Twp., NY
 Ralph E. Leslie, b. 1888, Mast Hope, PA       

John Paul Hutchins      Kit   # 168631  contact  sales AT

Thomas Leslie b. Oct. 10,1818 in Ohio.  Died Oct. 17, 1891 in Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co., Kansas.  Wife Susannah, daughter Lelia Irene. 

  Roy McGregor Leslie            kit # B2621         bonnieharwood AT

Alexander Leslie b. about 1752 Badenoch, Parish Laggan, Inverness-shire

James Leslie b.21 May 1798, Badenoch, Parish Laggan, Inverness-shire

William Leslie b.08 Feb 1838 St .Anicet, Huntingdon Co. Quebec
John Leslie b. 01 Nov 1875 St. Anicet, Huntingdon Co. Quebec
Allen Leslie    kit # 233685    kshediowsli AT               
 1 John Lashley b: Possibly Ireland or Scotland, No proof, d: Aft. 1756 in Unknown
......2 James Lasly b: 15 Apr 1742 in Voluntown, New London Co., CT, d: Aft. 10 Jun 1813 in New York
State? (see notes & census)
.........3 James [Jr] Lassly b: 19 Jan 1770 in Woodbury, Litchfield, CT, d: 06 Feb 1857 in Mentz Twp.,
Cayuga, NY
............4 David Gager Leslie b: 05 Sep 1810 in Walkill, Ulster Co., NY, d: 28 Jan 1886 in Montrose,
Susquehanna Co., PA
...............5 Eugene Llewellyn Leslie b: 14 Mar 1841 in Mentz Twp., Cayuga, NY, d: 18 Apr 1899 in
Montrose, Susquehanna, PA
..................6 Frank Leslie b: 10 Feb 1873 in Montrose Borough, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania USA, d: 23
Aug 1969 in Tunkhannock, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, United States
.....................7 Rolland Benton Leslie b: 31 Jul 1898 in Franklin Twp., Susquehanna Co., PA, d: 19 Mar
1982 in Delhi, Delaware Co., NY
........................8 William Edgar Leslie
  Neil Leslie     Kit # 263938
1. James E. Leslie b. 1823, Iredell County, NC
2.William W. Leslie b. 1851-d. 1899, Braggs, Lowndes County, Alabama
3. Stewart Farley Leslie b. 1887, Braggs, Lowndes County, Alabama
4. William Stewart Leslie b. 1923, Birmingham, Jefferson County Alabama
5. Neil Roberts Leslie GA

 Timothy Wayne Leslie   Kit # 27004 
  Thomas Lessley, b.1802, maybe Abbeville, SC, USA
 Robert Alexander Lessley, b.8-18-1830, Abbeville, SC, USA
 John Joseph Lessley, b.2-25-1866, Coosa County, AL, USA
 Adrie Goggins Lessley/Leslie, b.2-26-1897, Coosa County, AL, USA
 Thomas Adrie Leslie, b.12-18-1927, Akron, OH, USA, d.4-18-2004

  John Leslie         Graham Leslie    kit# 277154
Name - John Leslie b. abt. 1736 in St. Vigeans, Arbroath, Scotland
Lived -  Angus, Forfarshire area of Scotland

Harvey Edward Leslie   L - 10  kit# 86376
John Leslie, b c1816, Fayetteville Co NC
John Leslie, d c1865, Macon Co AL
   Alexander M Leslie, b 1845, Macon Co AL
   Catherine Leslie, b 1847, Macon Co AL
   Ella Jane Leslie, b 1849, Macon Co AL
   Martha A Leslie, b 1852, Macon Co AL
   John Daniel Leslie, b 1853, Macon Co AL
      George Howard Leslie, b 1888 Bullock Co AL
   Edward W Leslie, b 1856, Bullock Co AL
   Frank Leslie, b 1858, Bullock Co AL
Edmund James Leslie  kit #  90556
James Leslie resided Co. Donegal, Ireland m 1848 O'Donnell
Frank b Killybegs, Co Donegal, Ireland
James Richard Leslie b 3/4/1874
Edmund Leslie b 8-7-1907  Chicago, Il.
Edmund James Leslie b 3-4-1946 Oak Park, Il
Andrew John Leslie Kit # 129483   andrew.leslie at
James Leslie born C 1802 Fife Scotland
James Leslie  b. 23 November 1827 Glasgow Scotland
Joseph Leslie born c 1826 Glasgow Scotland. 
John Leslie b. 1863 Liverpool
Thomas Leslie b. 1861
Thomas Leslie b. 1885 b. Argentina
James Douglas Leslie b. 1908

Richard Peter Leslie     kit# 231049
Peter Leslie  
Margaret b. 1811  
James b. 1813        
Ann   b. 1815   
Mary    b. 1816      
Barbara   b. 1818  
Catherine  b. 1820
Janet b.  1822
Alexandrina  b. 1823  
Elizabeth  b. 1825  
Marjory  b. 1827  
Peter  b. 1830
Helen  b.  1833

Frank W. Leslie   kit # 53256
1.   Robert Leslie  b.  April  8,  1711
     Robert Leslie
    William Leslie.
    Thomas Leslie, born 1744   John Leslie
Children of  William Leslie
   Robert Leslie b. 1765
   Margaret Leslie  b.  1777      
Children of  Thomas Leslie 
   John  Leslie       
   Mary  Leslie b. 1770 
   Robert Leslie  b. 1772
   Benjamin  Leslie b. Feb. 03, 1774 
   Jeremiah Larkins  Leslie b. Abt. 1777                                   
   Elizabeth  Leslie, born 1778. 
Peter James Leslie                 kit # N60156
PIETRE LESSLE b. c1680, Germany d 1734 Lancaster Co., Pa. USA
PETER LASSLE Jr. b c1731 Pa.
SOLOMON LASLIE Sr. b c1750 Lancaster Co Pa.
SOLOMON LESLIE Jr. b c1781 Pa.
JOHN R. LESLIE b 7/8/1830 Nelson Co, Ky.
DAVID WALTER LESLIE b 1872 Hammansville, Ky.
WALTER MAX LESLIE b 3/1/1896 Chicago,il.
Thomas J. Leslie 
Morgan Guthrie Leslie
Matthew Thomas Leslie
Arthur Leslie               Kit # 169311
Bartholomew “Bartolf” Leslie b c 1040 Hungary,
Malcolm Leslie d c 1176 Lorn, Argyll, Scotland
Norman Leslie b c 1175 Lorn, Argyll, Scotland
Norino Leslie b c 1209 Lesslyn
Sir Norman Leslie b c 1246 Lesslyn, Scotland
Sir Andrew de Lesslyn b c 1291
George Leslie
Hamelin Leslie b Balquain, Scotland
Sir Andrew Leslie b Balquhain
Sir William Leslie b c 1400 Balquhain
William Leslie,
William Leslie d c 1501 Scotland
Alexander Leslie d 1554 Scotland
George Leslie d c 1562 Scotland
Patrick Leslie d c 1611 Scotland
John Leslie b Scotland
Reverend William Leslie (Rector St John’s Church)
Colonel John Leslie
Brigadeer General Henry Leslie b c 1694 Barbados
John Leslie
Robert Collymore Leslie
John Henry Leslie b 1798 Barbados
Robert Henry Leslie b c 1821 Barbados
Joseph Henry Leslie b c 1845 Barbados
Arthur Robert Leslie b 1866 Barbados d 1967
 Kenneth D. Leslie     Kit # 184654
HENRY A. LESLIE, Senior, born 1773
HENRY A. LESLIE, born 1819
HENRY, b. 15 Nov 1853, emigrated to Australia

Joel R. Leslie    Kit # 266009
David Leslie Born 1780 unknown, Died unknown
James Leslie Born 1808 Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Died unknown
Charles (Chas) Leslie Born 1857 Scotland, Died 1910 St Peters, New South Wales, Australia
* Chas migrated to Australia in 1910 with son Alexander
Alexander Leslie Born 1888 Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Died 1957  New South Wales Australia
Arthur Leslie Born 1911 Bowral, New South Wales, Australia, Died 1975 Wollongong New South Wales Australia
Raymond Leslie Born  Wollongong New South Wales, Australia

Gordon Leslie Holland        kit # 281370
Theodore Gordon Leslie, b. 01 Sept 1907 in Cuily, Angola, West Africa d. 31 May 1949  Vinita, Craig Co., Oklahoma
William Henry Leslie, b. 12 Jan 1868 in London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada d. 25 Dec 1935 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., Florida.
Alexander Leslie, born 02 Oct 1826 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland d.19 May 1901 London,, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada 

Robert F. Abernethy Jr.      Kit  # 291908
George Abernathy DeBarrie
Robert Abernethy b. 1624 Abernethy, Scotland
Robert Abernethy b. 1660 Charles City, VA
Robert Abernethy b. 1690  Prince George, VA
Robert Abernethy b. 1719 Prince George, VA
Robert Abernethy b. 1742 Bristol Parish, VA
William Abernethy b. 1780
Robert Abernethy b. 27 Feb 1851
William Rocket Abernethy b. 22 June 1880
Robert Felix Abernethy b. 4 July 1908
Robert Felix Abernethy Jr.

David George Leslie      Kit   # 277083
Andrew Leslie, Born 1811, Northern Ireland
William George Leslie, Born 1850, Antrim Ireland
Thomas Crombie Leslie, Born 6/4/1886, Laen Vic Australia
William George Leslie, Born 12/2/1916, Laen Vic Australia

David Lawrence Lashly   kit # 303357

John T. Lashley b. 1842 Mississippi d. before 1910

Lawrence Lloy Lashley b.12 Oct 1883 MS d. ct 1970 Alexander City, AL

Marvin Davis Laslhey b. 09 Mar 1925 Greenwood Springs, MS d. 2008

David Lawrence Lashley  kit # 303357

John T. Lashley b. July 1842 in MS. Died in Scott Co. MS before 1910
Lawrence Lloyd Lashley b. 12 Oct 1883 in MS. d. Oct 1970 in Alexander City, AL. Marvin Davis Lashley b. 09 March 1925 in Greenwood Springs MS, d. 2008

Donna L. Nickolson   kit# 290235

Thomas Lesly b. 1725 Ireland d. 1778 Abbeville, SC
William Lesly b. 10 Nov 1754 d. 30 Dec 1821 Abbeville,S.C.

William b. 25 Apr 1793 Abbeville, S.C. d. 9 Feb 1867 Abbeville, S. C.
Alpheus E Lesly  b. Feb. 2, 1834 in South Carolina d. Mar. 23, 1905.
William Edwin Leslie b.7 Mar. 1868 Abbeville Co SC  d. Sep. 19, 1939 Abbeville SC.

David H. Lesliee b. 28 June 1900 Abbeville, S. C. d. 1966 Charleston, S.C.
Nicholas Miller Leslie  b Feb. 29, 1936  Virginia  d Dec. 1986 in Summerville, Dorchester, South Carolina,

  Helen R Jack kit#  340944

Alexander Leslie b. 27 Jul 1817 o farm, Silver Barton in Fife, Scotland  d. 27 April 1901 on famr Drinkbetween in Burntisland, Fife,Scotland.  Father, William and grandfather, Alexander.

James Micheal Taylor  kit # 338712

WILLIAM TAYLOR b. about 1790 and married HANNAH (unknown)
WILLIAM HENRY TAYLOR, b. 1815 Cloghroe, County Donegal, Ireland, d. April 22, 1894  Cloghroe, County Donegal, Ireland.  Married MARTHA TAYLOR born  Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 1826, died (Unknown) Cloghroe, County Donegal, Ireland,  m. April 9, 1846 in Stanolar, County Donegal, Ireland. She was the daughter of DANIEL TAYLOR.
JAMES TAYLOR b. March 26, 1847 Cloghroe County Donegal, Ireland d March 14,1919  Mower County, Minnesota, USA.   Married CLARA BAUMGARTEN,  November 9, 1881 in Chester, Pennsylvania, USA 
JAMES HAMILTON TAYLOR , b. July 10, 1885, Mower County, Minnesota,USA d. June 4, 1983 Mower County, Minnesota.  Married EDNA ANDERSON, b. Iowa  d. August 24, 1966 Austin, Mower County, Minnesota.
JAMES ANDERSON TAYLOR, born October 3, 1922 and died August 15, 1982
John LESLIE  # Thistle Anderson Kit 353507

JOHN3 LESLIE b.1791 Tullintrain, Claudy, Londonderry, N. Ireland d.1865 Tullintrain
Londonderry, N. Ireland (Dungorkin County
ANDREW3 LESLIE b. 1811 in Tullintrain, Claudy, Londonderry, N.Ireland d 1885 Dungiven
Andrew3 Leslie b. 1811 and Margaret Jane Wark had the following children:
MARTHA4 LESLIE b.1839 Dungiven, Londonderry, N. Ireland
JOHN LESLIE b 1841 Dungiven, Londonderry, N Ireland
MARGARET LESLIE b 1843 Dungiven, Londonderry, N. Ireland
ELIZABETH LESLIE b 1845 Dungiven, Londonderry, N. Ireland
JAMES LESLIE b 1847 Londonderry, N.Ireland
WILLIAM GEORGE LESLIE b 1848 Dungiven, Londonderry, N. Ireland
John Leslie b.1841 and Mary McFarlane had the following children:
James Leslie b. 1847 and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gibson had the following children:
William George Leslie b.1848 and Sarah Armstrong had the following children:
Al Leslie  kit # N140293

William Leslie b 1792 Aberdeen
James Leslie 1807
John Leslie 1839
George Leslie 1900
Alexander Leslie 1922
Al Leslie  Canada


John Leslie kit# B37491

John Leslie b. Scotland m. Ann Huston

Jacob Leslie b.1794 PA

Elizabeth b. PA

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