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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 
  • John b c1609 England m Elizabeth Malinda Cole - Curtis Legg [ctlegg AT]
    • Samuel Sr. b c1640 Marblehead, MA m Deliverance Thayer
      • John Sr. b c1678 Boston, MA m Temperance Thayer
        • Aaron b 7 Nov 1731 Mendon, MA m Experience Fish
          • Joel b 28 May 1758 Mendon, MA m Sarah Holbrook
            • Laten b 11 Jan 1794 Mendon, MA m Eliza Thomas
              • Russel Reno b 4 Jan 1847 Union Co., GA m Sarah Elizabeth Carson
                • James Wordlaw b 9 Jan 1865 Carrolton, GA m Laura E. Pittman
                  • Walter Hickman b 6 Sep 1886 Culllman Co., AL m Cora Lee Persall L-5 80241
  • Thomas Legg I b c1692 Richmond Co., VA m Sarah Davenport - Raymond M. Legg [mllewis2 AT]
    • Thomas Legg II b 11 Apr 1722 Richmond Co., VA d c1811 Monroe Co., VA m Elizabeth
      • Thomas Legg III b c1745 Richmond Co., VA d c1838 Monroe Co., VA m Elizabeth Hughes/Henderson
        • James Legg b c1792 Monroe Co., VA d 1870 Nicholas Co., WV m Jane Ellis
          • Allen Thomas Legg b 3 Oct 1834 Nicholas Co., WV d 1878 Frederick Co., VA m Jane Bell
            • James Addison Legg b 12 Mar 1859 Nicholas Co., WV d 1948 m Oceola Keenan
              • Raymond C. Legg b 28 Sep 1889 Nicholas Co., WV d 1972 m Verna Murphy L-6 99713
  • Gilbert Legg, b. c. 1700, Isles of Scilly, Eng  L-1 12424
  • Richard Legg, b c1741, Paignton, Devon, England, m Sarah Matthews - Gary Bartlett [wfnforum AT]
    • Richard Legg, b 7 Sep 1771, Paignton, Devon, England, m Agnes Warren
      • John Legg (Sr), bap 12 Nov 1802, Paignton, Devon, England, m Jane Bartlett
        • Joshua Legg/Bartlett, b 6 Jun 1843, Totnes, Devon, England, m Elizabeth Aubrey
          • Thomas Henry Bartlett, b 10 Aug 1877, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales, m Edith Emily Williams L-2 14394
  • Edward Legg; b. 1748; b. Manchester, Lancashire, UK; m. Mary Polly Gover (MD) - Michael (Mike) Brian Legg  [mlegg001 AT]
    • Wesley Legg; b. 1797; Jefferson Co, TN; m. Christine "Chrissy" Price (TN)
      • Edward Price Legg; b. 1818; Knox Co., TN;  m. Matilda W. Harris (TN)
        • Daniel Tennessee Legg; b. 1868; Knox Co., TN; m. Emma C. Gorsuch (MD)
          • Edward Preston Legg; b. 1905; Knox Co., TN;  m. Mary Lucy Clower (TN) 275542

Click here to find out how to add your pedigree or contact a pedigree provider.

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