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Our Kent Family Patriarchs

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Last Updated: 31 August 2014

The following patriarch lineages have been submitted by active Kent researchers interested in furthering their own genealogical knowledge. Many have contributed the results of their branch’s “Y-DNA” test (as listed on the “y-Results” tab above, cross-referenced by the DNA kit number). ALL Kent researchers, whether they have contributed DNA or not, are encouraged to post their lineage on this page, and to collaborate.

This page is arranged by haplogroups as either predicted or confirmed Family Tree DNA. Please search through all of the lineages to see if you recognize any names or locations. Those that share the same haplogroup do share a common genetic ancestor, however, the test results must be compared to determine if the connection is within modern history or beyond the scope of genealogical interest.

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Early Origins of the Surname of Kent

This long-established surname is of English locational origin from the county thus called, spelt as "Cantium" in 51 B.C., and as "Cantia", circa 730 in Bede's "Historia Ecclesiastica". The name is believed to derive from the Celtic "canto" (Welsh "cant"), meaning "rim" or "border"; hence, "border land" or "coastal district". The surname from this source is first recorded in the latter half of the 12th Century, and other early recordings include: William Kent, who appeared in the 1296 Subsidy Rolls of Sussex, and John a (of) Kent, recorded in the Subsidy Rolls of Suffolk, dated 1524. An early namebearer to settle in the New World Colonies was Nicholas Kent, who embarked from London on the ship "Plaine Joan" bound for Virginia in May 1635. An interesting namebearer, recorded in the "Dictionary of National Biography", was William Kent (1684 - 1748), a painter, sculptor and architect; he built Devonshire House, Piccadilly, and executed the Statue of Shakespeare at Poet's Corner. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Nicholas de Kent, which was dated 1185, in the "Knights' Templars Records of Warwickshire", during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

The above is as printed online at The Internet Surname Database, (, © copyright: Name Origin Research 1980 - 2014, reprinted with permission.


Lineages to Earliest Known Kent Ancestor


y-HAPLOGROUP I [Letter "I"]

The Haplogroup of “I” is estimated to have originated about 25,000 years ago among the people of Eastern Africa and Southern Europe. After the ice age, it spread into Northern Europe and is considered the only native European Haplogroup, representing nearly one-fifth of today’s European population. The following lineages are in Haplogroup "I" and within that haplogroup there are smaller subclades (subgroups), as identified from their y-DNA test.

* * * * *

Haplogroup I, Subclade M223: (I-M223, Longhand 12a2a)

(Lineage I) LINE LEADER: Stephen Grady Kent <sgkent AT>, Kit No. B3519.

1. Mark Kent, Sr., b c1750 Hartford Co., MD d 1791 Union Co., SC m Martha BANKHEAD

2. John Bethel "Bartu" Kent, b 1771 MD res. Union Co., SC d c 1849 Bedford Co., TN m Elizabeth MARION

3. David Marion Kent, b Oct 1818 TN d c 1903 AR m Monina NABORS

4. James A. Kent, b 24 Jun 1861 AR d 28 Jul 1939 TX m Julietta PANNELL

5. Grady Dale Kent, Sr., b 08 Sep 1891 AR d 18 Jun 1972 AR m Willie Mae BRAEKER 

6. Lloyd Leon Kent b 17 Feb 1922 OK d 26 Sep 2010 NC m 1) Holly Woodrow BUSH; 2) Betty HALE [Kit No. B3519, 37 markers, 2013] ​

(Lineage II) LINE LEADER: Active researcher for this Kent line is currently being saught. The DNA participant, Herbert Matthew Kent, was an active researcher when he passed away in 2011, Kit No. N83186.

1. David Alpine Kent, b abt. 1836 in England [Scot?], res. Armstrong Co., PA, d [unknown] m Margaret E. PHILLIPS

2. Harry Alpine Kent, b 02 Jan 1868 Phillipston, Clarion, PA d 16 Sep 1943 Oil City, Venango, PA m Adlaide Amanda PHILLIPS

3. Ralph Horton Kent, b 04 Aug 1887 Pittsburgh, Alleghany, PA d 20 Aug 1947 Pittsburgh, Alleghany, PA m Calista Margaret REILLY

4. Herbert Matthew Kent, Sr., b 04 Feb 1918 Pittsburgh, Alleghany, PA d 30 Jun 1939 m Margaret Regina HUDDY 21 Jun 1938 [Kit No. N83186, 12 markers, 2010]

I-M223 (Longhand 12a2a), Lineage I & IIParticipant #B3519 (Stephen G. Kent) tested at 37 markers and Participant #N83186 (Herbert M. Kent) tested at 12 markers and they have a genetic distance of (1) at the low resolution of 12 markers.

The haplogroup and subclade (subgroup) for Participants #B3519 and #N83186 is predicted as M-223. It is important to notate that over the past 10+ years this subclade has also been referred to as I2b1, 12a2a, and I1c in scientific research articles. Their Haplogroup and it’s subclades are, as follows (from largest branch to smallest known branch): Haplogroup I (I-M170) -----> I-P215 (I2)  -----> I-L460 (I2a)  -----> I-L181 (I2a2)  -----> I-M223 (I2a2a, I2b1, I1c).

As a result of significant research, Participant #B3519 has his furthest known Kent ancestor established firmly as MARK KENT, SENIOR, born circa 1750 at Hartford Co., Maryland, and died 1791 at Union Co., South Carolina (was married to Martha BANKHEAD). Participant #N83186 has his furthest known Kent ancestor as DAVID ALPINE KENT, born about 1836 probably in England or Scotland, resided at Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania and the date or location of his demise is unknown. He married MARGARET E. PHILLIPS and had a son named HARRY ALPINE KENT.

These two Kent participants have not found their common ancestor, but Participant #N83186 had only participated with the 12-marker test in 2010 before his sudden passing in 2011.

Without a paper trail and only a low resolution match of 11 out of 12 genetic markers, it can only be confirmed that Participants #B3519 and #N83186 most likely have a common Kent ancestor within the last 29 generations. It is ideal that the next-of-kin of Participant #N83186 would be located in case further analyzing of the test results is needed.

It is proposed that the subclade of M-223 had its roots, most likely, occurring in the Northern France region but is currently associated with Britain and the northwest part of Continental Europe. It is most frequently found within Viking/Scandinavian populations and extends at low frequencies into Central and Eastern Europe.

* * * * *

(I-M253) Lineage I:

LINE LEADER: Kent McMahan [volunteer for orphaned group] <kmcmahan.louisvill AT>. (Old Haplogroup confirmed as I-1)

1. Henry Kent Sr., b c1630 d aft 05 May 1677 Calvert Co., MD m Thomasine PARKER

2. Henry Kent, Jr., b 06 Jan 1651/52 Cecil, Calvert, MD d bef 06 Mar 1686 Calvert Co., MD m (-?-)

3. Absalom Kent, b c 1673 Calvert Co., MD d c Jul 1718 Calvert Co., MD m Mary WADSWORTH

4. William Kent, b aft 1700 MD d c Jan 1726/27 Calvert Co., MD m Elizabeth WILSON

5. Joseph Kent, b c1725 d bef 07 Nov 1776 Calvert Co., MD m Ann RAWLINGS

6. Daniel Kent, b 03 Aug 1754 Calvert Co., MD d 1805 Calvert Co., MD m Ann Weems WHEELER

7. Joseph Kent, b 14 Jan 1779 Calvert Co., MD d 24 Nov 1837 Bladensburg, Prince George's, MD m Eleanor Lee WALLACE

8. DeWitt C. Kent, b c 1810 Prince George's Co., MD d 10 Mar 1886 Anne Arundel Co., MD m Juliana MacCubbin SUDLER

9. John Etheridge Kent, b Apr 1847 Washington DC d aft 1920 Anne Arundel Co., MD m Mary Ann BEACH

10. Edward Bartlett "Bart" Kent, Sr., b 05 Oct 1895 MD d 02 Jun 1984 bur. Anne Arundel Co., MD m Julia Merryman LOWMAN

11. Edward Bartlett Kent, Jr., b 21 Apr 1916 MD d 28 Jul 1986 Anne Arundel Co., MD m Mary Evelyn FOWLER [Kit No. 222555, 37 markers, 2011]

(I-M253) Lineage II:

LINE LEADER: Ed Kent <kentj2 AT>, Kit No. 156321. (Old Haplogroup confirmed as I-1)

1. Benjamin Kentb abt 1813 res. Burke Co., GA d FL[?] m Elizabeth JONES

2. James Washington Kent, b Jan 1851 Ware Co., GA d 1910  Echols Co., GA m Mary McLEAN

3. Warren Jacob Kent, b 26 Jun 1895 Statenville, Echols, GA d 27 Mar 1976 m Anna May "Annie" CULPEPPER [Kit No. 156321, 67 markers, 2009]

* * * * *

Haplogroup I, Subclade P37: (I-P37, Longhand I2a1)

LINE LEADER: Terry A. Kent <103146 AT>, Kit No. 297407.

1. Alfred Kent (born Alfred Ignace Kantorowicz), b 14 Aug 1898 Galicia, Austria d 23 Sep 1948 Los Angeles, CA m 1) Laurette M. CURRY; 2) Irene KANJORSKI

RESEARCH GOAL: Find further information on Alfred’s heritage in Galicia, Austria (area as known in 1921 per Petition for Naturalization). His father’s name is unknown, but his mother’s maiden name, as listed on California Death Index, was RAPPORT. He immigrated from Austria to New York in April 1914 (at age 16) on the ship “Amerika.” The passenger list has not yet been located.

Participant #297407 (Terry A. Kent) tested at 12 markers. At this time, there is not another participant that matches his results.

The haplogroup and subclade for Participant #297407 is predicted at I-P37 (formerly 12a, 12a1). His haplogroup and it’s subclade path is as follows (from largest branch to smallest known branch): Haplogroup I (I-M170) -----> I-M438 (I2)  -----> I-L460 (I2a)  -----> I-P37 (I2a1, formerly I2a).

The subclade of I-M438 (formerly I2) appears to have originated in southeastern Europe between 15,000 to 17,000 years ago and is the most common y-Haplogroup in former Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria and Sardinia. The smaller subclade of I-P37 (formerly I2a, I2a1) is estimated have originated about 10,700 years ago, although identified members of I-P37 appear to share a common ancestor that lived about 8,000 years ago (give or take 4,000 years) and is the most common in the Balkans and Sardinia. Sources: Wikipedia and Eupedia, 2014

* * * * *


(R-Z2) Lineage I:

1. Benoni Kent, b c 1725 d abt 24 Mar 1774 Fairfax Co., VA m Jean (-?-)

2. Peter Kent, b 05 March 1760 Fairfax Co., VA d 24 Dec 1843 Greene Co., TN m Sarah Ann COOPER

3. John L. Kent, b 04 July 1791 Wilkes Co., GA d Sep 1881 Greene Co., TN m Sarah REYNOLDS 09 Feb 1821 Greene Co., TN

LINE LEADER: Esther Womack <estherwomack AT> or Donna Tully <donnatully AT>, Kit No. 73937. Online family tree at, "Patrick-Tully-Houston," <>. (Old Haplogroup is predicted as R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1)

4. Benjamin Harrison Kent, b 03 Oct 1824 Greene Co., TN d 04 Sep 1876 Independence Co., AR m Selina DAVIS 02 Dec 1845 McDowell Co., NC

5. John Albert Kent, b 16 Nov 1850 Buncombe Co., NC d 10 Oct 1928 Independence Co., AR m Elenor Elizabeth HAMM

6. Robert Lee Kent, b 29 Jan 1889 Maxville, Independence, AR d 24 Dec 1964 Jonesboro, Craighead, AR m Agnes Elizabeth BLAIR [Kit No. 73937, 37 markers, 2011]

LINE LEADER: Virginia Lapham <Vlapham AT>. Online family tree at Wikitree, "Virginia Lapham's Family Tree," <>. (Old Haplogroup is predicted as R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1)

4. Willis Milton Kent, b 01 Oct 1837 Limestone, Greene, TN d 11 Jan 1928 Parrotville, Greene, TN m 1) Matha Ann GWALTNEY; 2) Martha R. SHELTON; 3) Eliza Jane MORGAN

5. Willis Jefferson Kent, b 11 Sep 1868 Polk, Greene, TN d 1947 NC m Julia E. NICHOLS 

6. Cecil Alonzo Kent, b 31 Oct 1893 NC d 07 Jan 1976 Asheville, Buncombe, NC m Eva S. EDMONDS [Kit No. 204602, 67 markers, 2011]

RESEARCH GOAL: To find more male Kent descendents to participate in the y-DNA project. In this effort, several of us have banded together to encourage, and (if needed), help sponsor a y-DNA kit for any male who meets the following criteria . . . 

Can provide documented evidence of descent of an unbroken male line (father-to-son through each generation), from either of the following: Mark Kent, b abt 1753 Maryland d 1790 Union Co. South Carolina, or Joseph Kent, b 14 Jan 1779 d 24 Nov 1837 in Maryland, or Henry Kent, Sr. d aft 05 May 1677 in Calvert Co., Maryland, or Richard Kent, d 1756 in Fairfax Co., Virginia, or Benoni Kent, b c 1725 d abt 24 Mar 1774 Fairfax Co. VA (with the excepttion of sons of John L. Kent b 1791, this line is documented), or Any Kent male living in Maryland or Virginia in the 1600s or 1700s.

Please feel free to ask any questions or submit details of your lineage to Kent McMahan <kmcmahan.louisvill AT>.

* * * * *

(R-Z2) Lineage II:

LINE LEADER: Ed Fincke <efiincke AT>, Kit No. 216718. Online family tree at, "A Drjers Christian Fincke Family Tree," username: EdFincke42,<>. (Old Haplogroup is predicted as R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1)

1. Thomas Kent, b 1746 Prince William Co., VA d 1849 Bryan, Williams, OH m Ailey “Alice” (-?-)

2. John Kent, b 04 Jan 1807 Loudoun Co., VA d 13 Nov 1890 Madison, Scioto, OH m Jane LONGSHORE

3. Vincent Longshore Kent, 28 Sep 1833 Columbiana Co., OH d 04 Oct 1909 Sciotoville, Scioto, OH m Selina D. BONDURANT

4. William Sanford Kent, b 22 Jul 1866 Stockdale, Madison, Scioto, OH d Jan 1954 Sciotoville, Madison, Scioto, OH m Eunice “Una” Amy BENNETT

5. Lewis Marden Kent, 11 Nov 1901 Minford, Scioto, OH d 03 Nov 1959 Portsmouth, Scioto, OH m Eliza ADAMS [Kit No. 216718, 67 markers, 2012]

* * * * *

(R-Z2) Lineage III:

1. Thomas Kent, b c 1730 Craven Co., NC d bef Sep 1782 Jones Co., NC m 1) Unknown; 2) Margaret (-?-)

2. Isaac Kent, b c 1750 d 19 Aug 1824 East Feliciana Par., LA m Rebecca BAILEY

LINE LEADER: Kent McMahan <kmcmahan.louisvill AT>, Kit No. 208797. Online family tree at Rootsweb, "McMahan/Kilsdonk Ancestors," <>.  (Old Haplogroup is predicted as R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1)

3. John Kent, b c 1775 NC d bef 03 Jun 1824 East Feliciana Par., LA m Mrs. Ann SMITH

4. Seaborn Booker Kent, b 13 Jun 1806 Columbia Co., GA d 29 Sep 1882 East Feliciana Par., LA m Martha Ann HARRELL

5. William Carroll Kent, b 29 Jan 1843 East Feliciana Par., LA d 29 Oct 1904 East Feliciana Par., LA m Mary Jeanette ROBINS

6. Lea Tilden Kent, b 30 Jun 1876 East Feliciana Par., LA d 1958 Baton Rouge, LA m Jane ANDREWS [Kit No. 20879737 markers, 2011]

LINE LEADER: Gregory P. Kent <gregory AT>, Kit No. B1477Online family tree at, “Gregory P. Kent Family,” username: Gregory Kent, <>. (New Haplogroup is confirmed and further defined as R-Z12, Old Haplogroup is confirmed as R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1a1a1)

3. Abel Thomas Kent, b c 1789 Laurens Co., GA d 1853 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Par., LA m Susannah AMMONS 

4. Benjamin Franklin Kent, b 21 Aug 1822 East Baton Rouge Par., LA d 13 Nov 1895 East Feliciana Par., LA m Elizabeth JONES

5. Willie Elliot Kent, b 22 Feb 1861 Hammond, Tangipahoa, LA d 03 Oct 1916 m Susie JACKSON

6. John Alva Kent, b 15 Oct 1908 Hammond, Tangipahoa, LA d 02 Mar 1957 New Orleans, Jefferson, LA m Hilda McGOVERN 

7. Jerard A. Kent, b 04 Mar 1933 New Orleans, Jefferson, LA 25 May 2012 Lakeland, Polk, FL m Shirley A. WATSON [Kit No. B147737 markers, 2012]

LINE LEADER: Liz Fouss <lizfouss AT>, [There is not a male y-DNA participant from this line.] Online family tree at, “Mattmiller Family Tree,” username: LizFouss4, <>.

3. Abel Thomas Kent, b c 1789 Laurens Co., GA d 1853 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Par., LA m Susannah AMMONS 

4. Roxana Kent, b 25 Sep 1812 GA d 19 Sep 1856 East Baton Rouge Par., LA m Oconus Godfrey DREHER

5. Rebecca Elizabeth Dreher, b 27 Mar 1849 Pride, East Baton Rouge Par., LA d Jan 1922 Baton Rouge Par., East Baton Rouge, LA m Benjamin William CHRISTMAS

6. Roxana Esther Christmas, b 26 Aug 1876 East Baton Rouge Par., LA d 02 Jan 1959 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Par., LA m Norman Peter BLACK

7. Buren William Black, b 19 Sep 1896 Pride, East Baton Rouge Par., LA d 24 Oct 1968 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Par., LA m Mamie Carrie BOGGS

8. Mattie Louise Black, b 13 Jan 1922 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Par., LA d 16 Aug 2010 Gillett, Arkansas, AR m Charles Frederick Tilden MATTMILLER

* * * * *

(R-Z2) Lineage IV:

LINE LEADER: Francis Kent <fkent12252 AT>, Kit No. 241239. (Old Haplogroup is predicted as R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1)

1. Thomas Kent, Jr., b c 1773 Craven Co., NC d 08 Apr 1846 Crawford Co., IL m Eleanor CONNERLY

2. William Kent, b 28 Aug 1808 Orange Co., NC d 25 Aug 1885 Crawford Co., IL m Mahala PARKER

3. Riley Jackson Kent, b 1835 Crawford Co., IL d 26 Mar 1865 Crawford Co., IL m Elizabeth SIMONS

4. Francis Marion Kent, b 13 Oct 1861 Crawford Co., IL d 16 Nov 1922 Crawford Co., IL m Mary Ellen PARKER

5. Henry Clay Kent, b 24 Mar 1893 Crawford Co., IL d 08 Mar 1955 Gary, Lake, IN m Grace MOODY [Kit No. 24123937 markers, 2012]

* * * * *

(R-M269) Lineage I:

1. William Kent, Sr., b c 1783 NC d c 1870 m Sarah "Sally" [PARMER?] in Wilkes Co., GA

LINE LEADER: James Baucom <jim0400 AT>, Kit No. 73106Online family tree at, "Baucom, Jr. Family Tree" username: baucom6778, <>. (Old Haplogroup predicted as R1b1a2)

2. Wiley Elbert Kent, b c 1807 GA or AL d 1846-50 Morgan Co., AL m 1835 Polly CLARK Morgan Co., AL

3. David H. Kent, b 28 Mar 1844 Morgan Co., AL d 13 Feb 1891 Morgan Co., AL m 1) Mary PAIT; 2) Louisa S. GREEN

4. Elbert Jackson Kent, b 16 Jan 1875 Morgan Co., AL d 06 Dec 1944 Morgan Co., AL m 1893 Williametta HENDERSON

5. Lois Bertha Kent, b 21 Jan 1906 Hartselle, Morgan, AL d 06 Oct 1970 Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO m James E. BAUCOM, Sr. [Kit No. 73106, 37 markers, 2006]

LINE LEADER: Rick Kent <rkent AT>.

2. Wiley Elbert Kent, b c 1807 GA or AL d 1846-50 Morgan Co., AL m 1835 Polly CLARK Morgan Co., AL

3. Wiley Mitchell Kent, b 12 April 1847 Morgan Co., AL d 12 April 1900 Sharp Co., AR m Sarah Elizabeth McCORD

4. Joseph Norton “Joe” Kent, b 02 April 1893 Evening Shade, Sharp, AR d 15 Jun 1969 Evening Shade, Sharp, AR m Tina MEDLOCK

LINE LEADER: Chris Chamberlain <chrischamberlain AT>, Kit No. 342694, Online family tree at, "Chamberlain/Kent Family Tree" username: chrischamberlain65, <>(Old Haplogroup predicted as R1b1a2)

2. William C. “Buck” Kent, b 1821 Morgan Co., AL d 28 May 1892 Sharp Co., AR, m Susan CLARK  

3. Jasper Newton Kent, b 25 Aug 1870 Sharp Co., AR d 21 Jan 1944, m Margaret WOODS [Kit No. 342694, 37 markers, 2014]

* * * * *

(R-M269) Lineage II:

LINE LEADER: James Denny <dennjimm AT>, Kit No. 86111. (Old Haplogroup predicted as R1b1a2)

1. Elsberry Kent, b c 1816 GA d 1892 Pike Co., GA m 1) Elizabeth AMMONS; 2) Elizabeth GIBSON[?]

2. William M. Kent, b 1856 GA, d (-?-) m Jennie WALLER

3. William Albert Kent, b 10 Mar 1885 Pike Co., GA d 20 Feb 1950 LaGrange, Troup, GA m Mamie LANGFORD [Kit No. 86111, 67 markers, 2007]

* * * * *

(R-M269) Lineage III:

LINE LEADER: Kenn Sparks <km_sparks AT>, Kit No. 128807. (Old Haplogroup predicted as R1b1a2)

1. James Monroe Kent, b 1829 SC d 1900 Jefferson Co., AL m Francina (-?-)

2. Johnathon M. Kent, b c 1870 Blount Co., AL d 31 May 1908 Jefferson Co., AL m Rosetta STINSON

3. Charles Spurgeon Kent, b (-?-) res. Birmingham AL d 196[?]

4. Frank Douglas Kent, b 1922  [Kit No. 128807, 25 markers, 2012]

* * * * *

(R-M269) Lineage IV: [Genetic match to R-M269, Lineage III, common ancestor yet to be discovered]

1. John Kent, b 1750 d 1791

2. Charles Kent, b 1778 Virginia d Oct. 1855 Pike Co., GA, m Mary “Polly” (-?-)

LINE LEADER: Mary Moore <mooremartha AT>, Kit No. 317071[There has not been a participant tested from an unbroken chain of male y-DNA from Charles Kent, to date.] Online family tree at, "The Family of Our Loved Ones," username: mmoore012,<>. 

3. Susan Kent, b 1808 Wilkes Co., GA d bet. 1850 and 1860 [census] Pike Co., GA m Ebenezer GRIFFIN 16 July 1833 at Jackson Co., GA

4. Samuel Charles “Sampson” Kent, June 1834 Pike Co., GA d 1902 in Sargent, Coweta, GA m 1) Unknown; 2) Georgia Anna MILES 23 Jun 1860 (Note: He retained his mother’s maiden name, the reason is unclear although he was clearly raised by his grandfather Kent and mentioned in his will).

5. John Allison Kent, b 26 Dec 1856 in GA and died 26 Jul 1934 in Winston Co., MS m Mary Louisa DAWKINS

6. Ben Irvin Kent (aka Birdie Lee Kent, legally changed birth name), b 26 Jan 1903 Louisville, Winston, MS d 02 Aug 1960 Sturgis, Oktibbeha, MS m Beatrice Christine FORD   [Kit No. 317071, 37 markers, 2014]

LINE LEADER: Rosann Kent <rosannkent AT>, Kit No. 220632. [There has not been a participant tested from an unbroken chain of male y-DNA from Charles Kent, to date.] Online family tree at, “Kent and Wilson tree updated Jan 2011" username: Rosann Kent, <>.

3. Nancy A. Kent, b 1802 VA or GA 1802 d Sep 1870 Pike Co., GA m? (-?-)

4. Walton Peterson Kent, b 1824 GA d 13 Aug 1890 Jackson Co., GA m Martha Ann “Mattie” IRVIN  [Kit No. 220632, 37 markers, 2011] (Note: he retained his mother’s maiden name, the reason is unclear although he was raised by his grandfather Kent and mentioned in his will).

RESEARCH GOAL: 1) Identify the father of Samuel Charles "Sampson" Kent. 2) Find an unbroken male line from patriarch, John Kent or his son, Charles Kent to identify Kent y-Haplogroup. 

* * * * *

(R-M269) Lineage V:

LINE LEADER: David W. Kent <dwkent AT>, Kit No. N53211. (Old Haplogroup is confirmed as R1b1a2).

1. William Kent, b 15 Nov 1777 Somersby, Lincolnshire, England d 09 Sept 1853 Kingston, Ontario, Canada m Rebecca CARTWRIGHT

2. Noel Kent, b 23 Oct 1827 Saxelby Castle, England d 26 Oct 1913 Kingston, Ontario, Canada m Charlotte M. POWER

3. Claude de la Poer Kent, b 28 Feb 1881 Kingston, Ontario, Canada d 04 April 1930 Durham, Ontario m Ila Beatrice STEPHENS [Kit No. N53211, 12 markers, 2007]

* * * * *

(R-M269) Lineage VI:

LINE LEADER: Bernie Kent <bernie.kent AT>, Kit No. N34652. (Old Haplogroup R1b1a2)

1. Alfred Symmes Kent, b (-?-) in Scotland, Ireland or England d (-?-) m Jeanette (-?-) of Scotland

2. Morse Bernard Kent, b 24 Apr 1888 St. Louis, MO d 23 Dec 1941 Houston, Harris TX m Ruby Gardiner HOPPER

3. Morse Bernard Kent, b 03 Oct 1930 Houston, Harris, TX d 26 May 1973 Birmingham, Jefferson, AL  [Kit No. N34652, 67 markers, 2009]

RESEARCH GOAL: Find ANY information on Alfred Symmes Kent beyond what is listed above (only source is from family tradition). It is not known when he came to US, and has not been located in any census or vital records.

* * * * *

(R-M269) Lineage VII:

LINE LEADER: David H. Kent <dkent AT>, Kit No. 56164Online family tree at, "Kent Family Tree," username: dhkent55, <>. (Old Haplogroup R1b1a2)

1. Robert Easley Kent, b 1748 Hanover Co., VA d 28 Sep 1840 Fluvanna Co., VA m Anne TATE

2. James T. Kent, b 1790 VA d 1850 Murray Co., GA m Frances Elizabeth COON

3. William Edward Kent, b Jul 1812 GA d 20 Jun 1903 Patterson, Wayne, MO m Caroline Narcissus SCHAFFER

4. John Franklin Kent, b Oct 1853 Henderson Co., TN d 28 Oct 1935 Saltillo, Hardin, TN, m 1) Mary Arba HOOKS; 2) Daisy Josephine CRAVEN [Kit No. 56164, 12 markers, 2006]

* * * * *

(R-M269) Lineage VIII:

LINE LEADER: George D. Thompson <NFT36 AT>, Kit No. 67759Online family tree at, "Parks-Clark Family Tree," <>. (Old Haplogroup R1b1a2)

1. Thomas Kent, b 1748 County Derry, Ireland d 1835 Greene Co., PA m Ann RALSTON

2. David Kent, b 10 Jul 1801 Franklin, Greene, PA d 28 Apr 1855 Franklin, Greene, PA m Elizabeth BARNES

3. Malinda “Minnie” Kent, b 18 Oct 1828 Franklin, Greene, PA d 15 Dec 1892 Waynesburg, Greene, PA m David Milton THOMPSON

4. David Milton Thompson, b 1864 PA d 1944 PA m Lucy B. HOGE

5. George Washington Thompson, b 11 Feb 1893 Center, Green, PA d 18 May 1970 Sulphur, Murray, OK m Ruby Catherine EAST [Kit No. 67759, 67 markers, 2012]

RESEARCH GOAL: Find Thomas Kent's parentage, probably in County Derry in Ireland.

* * * * *

(R-M269) Lineages IX & X:

These two lineages have a genetic match of 36 out of 37 markers with a 0 step difference. The paper trail in New Jersey has not been found to connect these two Kent families that lived near each other at the same time. Further research by this group should be done to find their New Jersey connection.

1. Helmer Kent, b (-?-) d 1788 Morris Co., NJ m Sarah COOK

2. John Kent, b c 1776 prob Morris Co., NJ d 22 Jul 1823 Plattsburg, Clinton, NY m Elizabeth “Betsey” BEACH or Rachel BEACH Morris Co., NJ

LINE LEADER: Matt Kent <mattkentsworld AT>, Kit No. 250764. (Old Haplogroup R1b1a2)

3. Peter Kent, b abt Mar 1817 Ellenburg, Clinton, NY d 04 Jan 1894 Ellenburg, Clinton, NY m Lucretia Marie RILEY

4. Judson Kent, b 21 Dec 1846 Ellenburg, Clinton, NY d 26 Nov 1919 Ellenburg, Clinton, NY m 1) Isadora BEGOR; 2) Mary Leora McKINNEY

5. Orson Esterbrook Kent, 07 Apr 1885 Ellenburg, Clinton, NY d 05 May 1950 Ellenburg, Clinton, NY m Anna Belle VORCE

6. Leonard David Kent, b 1907 d 1972 [Kit No. 250764, 37 markers, 2012]

LINE LEADER: Laurie Cigan <lcigan AT>[There is not a male y-DNA participant from this line, to date.] Online family tree at, “Cigan-Gannon Tree,” username: lcigan1, <>.

3. Abner Kent, b 04 Dec 1800 Plattsburg, Clinton, NY d 12 Feb 1888 Polkton, Ottowa, MI m Almira LEWIS

4. Cornelia Ann Kent, b 17 Dec 1844 Ellenburg, Clinton, NY d 20 Jul 1903 Ellenburg Center, Clinton, NY m Orrin W. ORMSBEE

5. Myrtte “Merton” Edwin Ormsbee, b 24 Sep 1876 Ellenburg, Clinton, NY d 16 Feb 1947 Ellenburg, Clinton, NY m Marion May “Mamie” STARK

(R-M269) Lineage X:

LINE LEADER: Jim Kent, <kent.genealogy AT>. Kit No. 351714, Online family tree at, "Kent Family Tree Ver 1 minus living," username: vze8msw7, <>.

1. Calvin Kent, b 11 May 1800 Livingston, Essex, NJ d 02 May 1859 Caldwell, Essex NJ m Melinda WILLIAMS

2. Arza Nelson Kent, b 05 Nov 1826 Caldwell, Essex NJ d 22 Sep 1877 NJ m Ester DAY

3. Emmons Butler Kent, b 13 May 1847 Livingston, Essex NJ d 13 Aug 1886 Verona, Essex, NJ m Sarah Jane VREELAND

4. Emmons Willard Kent, b 15 Jul 1886 Verona, Essex, NJ d 29 Sep 1915 Newark, Essex, NJ m Mary Catherine CARPENTIER

* * * * *

(R-M269) Lineage XI:

LINE LEADER: Colleen Kent <ancientplanter AT>, Kit No. 356481. Online family tree at, "KENT Family Tree," username: ancientplanter, <>.

1. Moses Kent, b c1750 Wiltshire[?], England d [Unknown, Hampshire, England?] m Mary LOCKE 25 Dec 1775 Bramshaw, Hampshire, England

2. David Kent, b 1778 Eling Parish, Hampshire, England d. Apr 1839 Portsea, Hampshire, England m Mary LAWRENCE

3. David Kent, b c 1803 Portsea, Hampshire, England d. 26 Apr 1886 Belmont, Portage, Wisconsin m Elizabeth WHITING

4. Edward Lawrence Kent, b 19 May 1831 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, d 17 Jan 1916 Plainfield, Waushara, WI m Sarah Letitia McGWIN

5. Frank J. Kent, b 16 Oct 1858 Marathon, Marathon, WI d 31 Dec 1939 Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA m Martha “Mattie” Emma GROSS

6. Arthur Edward Kent, b 10 Feb 1908 Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA d 01 Apr 1984 Grayland, Grays Harbor, WA m Iola Pearl NIXDORFF c.1927 in WA  [Kit No. 356481, 12 markers, 2014]

* * * * *

(R-M269) Lineage XII:

1. Richard Kent, b prob. bet. 1535-1545 d 1609 Nether Wallop, Hampshire, England m 1) Unknown; 2) Elizabeth (-?-)

2. Thomas Kent, b ca 1563 d prob. 25 May 1605 Upper Wallop, Hampshire, England m Ellen/Helen PYLE 20 Jun 1585 at Over Wallop, Hampshire, England

3. Thomas Kent, b 1591 [b 1594?] Nether Wallop, England

4. Thomas Kent b 1612 Essex, England d 01 May 1658 Gloucester, Essex, MA m Ann "Mowit" NOYES

5. (Sergeant) Samuel Kent b ca 1634 Gloucester, Essex, MA d 02 Feb 1690/91 Springfield, Hampden, MA m 1) Frances WOODALL; 2) Mary Ann (-?-)

LINE LEADER: Ann Kenney Manning, <muffytoons AT>, Kit No. 177672. Online family tree at, "Kent Family Tree," username: KENTJ300, <>. (New Haplogroup confirmed as R-M269)

8. Ezra Kent Sr., b 05 Sep 1725 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 08 Mar 1811 Southwick, Hampden, MA m Elizabeth GILLETT

9. Ezra Kent, Jr., b 26 Aug 1768 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 23 Nov 1833 Southwick, Hampden, MA m Mary TRUMBLE/TRUMBALL 

10. Carlos Kent, b 06 Nov 1809 Southwick, Hampden, MA d 23 Jan 1892 [near] Sturgeon, Boone, MO m Lorinda GILLETT 

11. Orange Scott Kent, b 05 May 1844 Southwick, Hampden, MA d 27 Jan 1930 Carthage, Jasper, MO m Elizabeth Daveys LAWSON 

12. Isaac Franklin Kent, b 02 Aug 1876 [near] Rich Hill, Bates, MO d 30 Apr 1936 Carthage, Jasper, MO m Maude May MYERS

13. Charles Douglas Kent, Sr. b 28 Jun 1901 Essex, Ontario, Canada d 29 Sep 1927 El Paso, El Paso, TX m Edwinna DeMENT

14. Charles Douglas Kent, Jr. [aka Charles Douglas Kenney], b 01 Feb 1923 St. Louis, MO d 26 Aug 1992 Santa Fe, NM m Phyllis Aheniom TODD [Adopted by stepfather after decease of natural father.] [Kit No. 17767237 markers, 2010]

LINE LEADER: Gary H. Kent <kentgl AT>, Kit No. 251727(New Haplogroup predicted as R-M269)

6. Samuel Kent, b 26 Oct 1661 Gloucester, Essex, MA d 31 May 1740 Springfield, Hampden, MA m 1) Pricilla HUNTER; 2) Martha ALLEN; 3) Esther HOSFORD

7. Josiah Kent, b 24 Jan 1692 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 1762 Suffield, Hartford, CT m Esther GRANGER

8. Seth Kent, b 16 Mar 1737/8 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 04 Aug 1800 Suffield, Hartford, CT m Susanna KING

9. Zeno Kent, b 31 Jan 1766 Suffield, Hartford, CT d [Unknown] m Anna REMINGTON

10. Zeno Kent, b 09 Feb 1790 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 27 Mar 1837 Aurora, Portage, OH m Amelia "Emily" GRANGER

11. Julius Granger Kent, b 19 Nov 1812 Aurora, Portage, OH d 20 Dec 1887 Bentleyville, Cuyahoga, OH m Martha BENTLY

12. Julius Granger Kent, b 09 June 1842 Chagrin Falls, Cuyahoga, OH d 09 Nov 1920 Erie, Erie, NY m Emma HAYS

13. Harley H. Kent, b 31 May 1880 Chagrin Falls, Cuyahoga, OH d 26 Apr 1952 Buffalo, Erie, NY m Ella CALKINS

14. Harley H. Kent, b 1908 Wilkensburg, Allegheny, PA m Gertrude VARGA [Kit No. 251727, 37 markers, 2012]

LINE LEADER: Chuck Kent, <chuckent AT>, Kit No. 243164. Online family tree at, "Kent/Longest/Mederios Family Tree," username: MKDusty, <>(New Haplogroup predicted as R-M269)

6. Samuel Kent, b 1661 Gloucester, MA m Pricilla HUNTER

7. Josiah Kent, b 24 Jan 1693 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 1762 Suffield, Hartford, CT m Esther GRANGER

8. Ezra KentSr. b 05 Sep 1725, Suffield, Hartford, CT d 08 Mar 1811 Southwick, Hampden, MA m Elizabeth GILLETT

9. Ezra Kent, Jr., b 26 Sep 1767 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA d 23 Nov 1833 Southwick, Hampden, MA m Mary TRUMBALL

10. Levi Kehnt, b 28 Aug 1799 Southwick, Hampden, MA d 05 Aug 1849 Hinsdale, Cattaraugus Co., NY m Elizabeth COOLEY

11. Armenus Kent, b 28 May 1828 Hinsdale, Cattaraugus, NY d 16 Apr 1917 Hinsdale, Cattaraugus, NY m Phebe Arnelle SILL

12. William Sill Kent, b 28 May 1856 Hinsdale, Cattaraugus, NY d 09 Nov 1935 Brocton, Chautauqua, NY m Louise FRANTZ

13. Charles Wasson Kent, b 22 Oct 1884 Olean, Cattaraugus, NY d 11 Sep 1951 Yellowstone Co., MT m Edith Lucille McVETY

14. Ralph McVety Kent, b 19 Oct 1914 Streator, LaSalle, IL d 01 Dec 1992 Ormond Beach, Volusia, FL m Chrystal Vaun LONGEST  [Kit No. 243164, 67 markers, FF, 2014]

LINE LEADER: Roxanne Kent-Drury <rkdrury AT>. [There is not a male y-DNA participant from this line, to date.] Online family tree at, "Kent Family Tree," username: rkdrury, <>.

11. William K. Kent, b 05 Aug 1816, Ledyard, Cayuga, NY d 06 Dec 1891, Dundee, Monroe, MI m Charlotte RATHBUN

12. ​​​Joshua Edgar Kent, b 12 May 1846 Dundee, Monroe, MI d 28 Apr 1920 Monroe Co., MI m Catharine "Kate" E. VANDERCOOK

13. James Milburn "Bernie" Kent, b 14 Jul 1871, Dundee, Monroe, MI d 03 Jan 1946 Detroit, Wayne, MI m Charlotte M. "Lottie" PRENTICE

14. Harold J. Kent, ​b 23 Dec 1902 Wakarusa, Elkhart, IN d 09 Jun 1977, Orange, Orange, CA m Anna Bernadine McGLONE

LINE LEADER: Dee Allen-Kirkhouse <dallenk AT>[There is not a male y-DNA participant from this line, to date.] 

6. Samuel Kentb 26 Oct 1661 Gloucester, Essex, MA d 31 May 1740 Springfield, Hampden, MA m 1) Pricilla HUNTER; 2) Martha ALLEN; 3) Esther HOSFORD

7. Samuel Kent, b 06 Dec 1685 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 24 Dec 1763 Suffield, Hartford, CT m Hester PHELPS

8. Amos Kent, b 06 Oct. 1713 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 28 Apr 1805 Suffield, Hartford, CT m Sarah AUSTIN

9. Benajah Kent, b 21 Jul 1746 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 06 Jan 1841 Huntsville, Randolph, MO m 1) Elizabeth BRIGHAM; 2) Hannah HANCHETT

10. Samuel Benajah Kent, b 11 Nov 1806 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 06 Jan 1841 Huntsville, Randolph, MO m Sarah Jane STANDLEY

11. Sidney Benajah Kent, b 21 Aug 1828 Akron, Summit, OH d 08 Dec 1914, Lewiston, Cache, UT m 1) Mary Matilda DALEY 05 May 1848 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa; 2) Emeline HORNE 10 Nov 1856 Salt Lake City, UT; 3) Tressa Rose REYNOLDS 07 Dec 1867 Salt Lake City, UT

12. Samuel Benajah Kent, b 25 Sep 1857 Farmington, Davis, UT d 07 Dec 1913 Strevell, Cassia, ID m Sara Ann Jones DURFEE

LINE LEADER: Sherri Reaume <sherrireaume AT>. [There is not a male y-DNA participant from this line, to date.] Online family tree at, "Sherri Reaume Family Tree," username: sherrireaume1, <>.

6. John Kent, b 28 Apr 1664 Gloucester, MA d 11 Apr 1721 Suffield, Hartford, CT m 1) Abigail DUDLEY; Abigail WINCHELL

7. Rev. Elisha Kent, b 09 Ju 1704 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 17 July 1776 Phillippi NY m Abigail MOSS

8. Elisha Kent, b 30 Oct 1734 Newton, CT d 19 Mar 1811 Royalton, Windsor, VT m Anna HALLET 

9. Samuel Kent, b c1765 Royalton, Windsor, VT lived at Aurora NY, d 17 Oct 1839 Dundee, Monroe, MI m (-?-)  

10. Enos Kent, b 25 Feb 1797 Aurora, Cayuga, NY d 14 Sep 1878 Dundee, Monroe, MI m Elizabeth "Betsey" WILKERSON (of NJ)

11. Elisha L. Kent, b 08 Apr 1819 NY d 1891 Dundee, Monroe, MI m Jane M. ROBERTS

12. Eveline "Serelda" Kent, b 1845 MI d 1879 Dundee, Monroe, MI m Christopher KENYON (of NY)

13. Jennie E. Kent Kenyon, b 1873 MI d 1928 Dundee, Monroe, MI m Louis W. BESIER

* * * * *

(R-L21) Lineage I:

LINE LEADER: Ed Kent <ecken AT>, Kit No. 21988(Old Haplogroup is confirmed as R1b1a2a1a1b4)

1. Joseph Kentb c 1806 Fayette Co., PA m Eliza GASKILL

2. Jacob Kent, b 1836 W. Brownsville, Fayette, PA m Mary JOHNSON

3. Frank Kent, b 1878 Newell, Fayette, PA m Elizabeth WITHERSPOON [Kit No. 21988, 111 markers, 2011]

* * * * *

(R-L21) Lineage II:

LINE LEADER: Charles Oswald <charles.a.oswald AT>, Kit No. 289593. Online family tree at Heredis Online, "CharlesOswald," <>. (Old Haplogroup predicted as R1b1a2a1a2c)

1. George W. Kent, b 1808 Kent, Putnam, NY d 21 Aug 1884 Danbury, Fairfield, CT m Anna Betsey “Annie” HYATT

2. Clarence G. Kent, b Sep 1852 Kent, Putnam, NY m Pollyanna B. “Polly Ann” or “Annie” DAVIS

3. Charles W. Kent, b 26 Dec 1884 Danbury, Fairfield, CT d 02 Feb 1935 Miami, Dade, FL m Bessie Louise TUTTLE

4. Gordon Morris Kent, b 18 Apr 1922 Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT d 03 Sep 1974 Miami, Dade, FL, child with Suzanne Claire HILL​ [Kit No. 289593, 111 markers, 2013]

* * * * *

(R-L176) Lineage I:

LINE LEADER: Rick Kent <geopro AT>, Kit No. 235843(Old Haplogroup confirmed as R1b1a2a1a1b5)

1. Elijah Collins Kent, b July 1832 or 1834 New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas, OH d 30 Oct 1901 Elgin, Kane, IL m Sarah E. HETTINGER 12 Dec 1865 Allen Co., IL

2. Andrew Collins Kent, b 06 Nov 1868 Maysville, Daviess, IN d 17 Oct 1952 Grand Rapids, Itasca, MN m Grace Elnora MUNDY

3. Andrew Courtland Kent, b 14 Apr 1915 Grand Rapids, Itasca, MN d 06 Jun 1979 Eugene, Lane, OR m Lorraine Irene Elizabeth SACKARY [Kit No. 235843, 37 markers, 2012]

* * * * *


The Haplogroup of “E” is estimated to have originated in Africa about 50,000 years ago. This is a highly diversified and complex group and has been the most frequently revised y-haplogroup. Haplogroup E has over sixty subclades (sub-branches) identified, each with their own unique histories and distributions, but there are now considered two major subclades: E-M2 (longhand E1b1a) appears to have originated and expanded from West or Central Africa to Eastern Africa and Southern Africa; and, E-215 that probably evolved either in Northeast Africa or the Near East and then expanded to the west -- both north and south of the Mediterranean Sea.

Haplogroup E, Subclade M2: (E-M2, Longhand E1b1a1)

1. James Kent, b c1750 probably in New Jersey or (Hampshire Co.?) Virginia, d (-?-) m (-?-)


(Lineage I) LINE LEADER: Michelle M. (Kent) Roy <michelle AT> or Lynn Kent <lynnkent AT>, Kit No. 224485Online family trees at, "KENT-ROY Working File," username: michellemroy <> and "KENT_2010-06-04a_2010-10-23," username: lynnkent182 <>.

2. Silas Kent, b 09 Jun 1782 NJ, res. at Hampshire Co., VA, d 21 Aug 1833 Union Township,  Union, OH m Olive WEST

3. Elijah D. Kent, b 14 Jan 1824 Madison Co., OH d 30 May 1886 Concord, Delaware, OH m Charlotte NORRIS

4. ​Benjamin Franklin Kent, b 14 Aug 1865 Delaware Co., OH d 03 May 1930 Union Center, Elk, KS m Jane Iola MARTIN

5. Ed Nelson Kent, b 06 Feb 1891 Havensville, Pottawatomie, KA d 22 Mar 1962 Milaca, Mille Lacs, MN m 1) Ina May LEATHERS; 2) Georgia LEATHERS; 3) Francis A. FISCHER [Kit No. 224485, 37 markers, 2012]

RESEARCH GOAL: Find the names of the parents for Silas Kent and his siblings and find out where in New Jersey his family resided before moving to Patterson Creek, Hampshire Co., [now] WV.

(Lineage II) LINE LEADER: Tina (Hawthorne) Zimmer, <tina_hawthorne AT>, [Autosomal DNA participant at] Paper trail confirmed as descending from above James Kent and his Haplogroup.

2. Silas Kent, b 09 Jun 1782 NJ, res. at Hampshire Co., VA, d 21 Aug 1833 Union Township, Union, OH m Olive WEST

3. Elijah D. Kent, b 14 Jan 1824 Madison Co., OH d 30 May 1886 Concord, Delaware, OH m Charlotte NORRIS

4. Emily Jane Kent, b 23 Sep 1849 Darby, Madison, OH d 21 Aug 1894 Delaware Co., OH m Isaac Newton HOWARD

5. Iva Gertrude Howard, b 26 Oct 1878 Concord, Delaware, OH d 16 Oct 1900 Franklin Co., OH m Henry ZIMMER

(Lineage III) LINE LEADER: Billy Kent, Jr. <nctoyboy AT>, DNA Pending, Online family tree at, “Kent Jr Family Tree,” username: nctoyboy <>.

2. Silas Kent, b 09 Jun 1782 NJ, res. at Hampshire Co., VA, d 21 Aug 1833 Union Township, Union, OH m Olive WEST

3. Elijah D. Kent, b 14 Jan 1824 Madison Co., OH d 30 May 1886 Concord, Delaware, OH m Charlotte NORRIS

4. ​Benjamin Franklin Kent, b 14 Aug 1865 Delaware Co., OH d 03 May 1930 Union Center, Elk, KS m Jane Iola MARTIN

5. Everett Peter Kent, b 19 Nov 1889 Havensville, Pottawatomie, KA d 15 July 1948 Severy, Greenwood, KA, m 1) Jessie FORCUM; 2) Annie SCOTT [Kit Pending, 37 markers, 2014]

(Lineage IV) LINE LEADER: Michelle M. (Kent) Roy <michelle AT> on the behalf of Kit No. 281800.

2. John J. Kent, b 12 Jun 1769 NJ, lived at Hampshire Co., VA, d 27 Oct 1853 Concord, Delaware, OH m Margaret (-?-)

3. William Albert Kent, b 22 Dec 1795 KY d 02 May 1868 Union, Appanoose, IA m Huldah CALL

4. Silas Kent, b 1829 probably at Lake, Logan, OH d c1867 Appanoose, IA m Mary Janetta GROOM

5. Francis "Frank" Kent, b 08 Jan 1867 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA d 13 Oct 1956 Wichita, Sedgwick, KS m Ada Zeruah ORVIS

6. Fred Douglas Kent, b 04 Oct 1892 Dunlap, Harrison, IA d 24 Feb 1922 Santa Fe, NM m Helen RICHARDS [Kit No. 281800, 37 markers, 2013]

E-M2 (Longhand E1b1a1), Lineage I & II: Participants #224485 (Lynn Kent) and #281800 (R. D. Kent) have a genetic distance of (1) and match 36 out of 37 markers. Participant #224485 has his furthest known Kent ancestor as SILAS KENT, born 09 June 1782 at New Jersey, resided at Hampshire Co., (now) West Virginia between 1802 to 1807, and died 21 August 1833 at Union, Union, Ohio. Participant #224485 has his furthest known Kent ancestor as JOHN J. KENT, born 12 June 1769 at New Jersey, resided at Cabin Run, Patterson Creek, Hampshire Co., (now) West Virginia between 1786 to 1791, and died 27 October 1853 in the adjacent county of his home at Jerome, Union, Ohio. These two Kent patriarchs are confirmed as brothers, though their parents’ names and any known siblings are unconfirmed. The paper trail and a 36 out of 37 genetic marker match confirm Participants #224485 and #281800 as fifth cousins with their common ancestor approximately 245 years ago at 1769 in Colonial New Jersey.

Participant #281800 had a "backbone test" performed and the haplogroup and it's subclade is confirmed as E-M2, formerly referred to as “E3a” (longhand E1b1a). Haplogroup E originated in Africa and is a highly diversified and complicated group with over sixty subclades (sub-branches) identified, each with unique histories and distributions. The haplogroup and subclades for Participant #281800 is, as follows (from largest branch to smallest known branch): Haplogroup E (E-M40) -----> E-M132 (E1a) -----> E-M44 (E1a1) -----> E-P2 (E1b1) -----> E-M2 (E1b1a).

Among ancestral populations, haplogroup E’s subclade of E-M2 (E1b1a) has been restricted to sub-Saharan Africa although it is the major haplogroup in contemporary African Americans, with frequencies as high as 60%. It also exists at low levels in Europe and Asia. This is attributed to the transatlantic slave trade that took place during the 1500s until the 1800s that brought men with this haplogroup to the respective continents. 

Although Haplogroup E is scientifically acknowledged as an especially complicated group with dramatic changes and previously asserted theories revised, the hypothesis that this Kent family has had racial mixing cannot be denied. The heritage of this Kent family beyond Colonial New Jersey circa 1769 is unknown but all known branches have the collective appearance of European (White) descent with family tradition always stating descent from England. The genetic signature for the father of John J. Kent born in 1769 and his younger brother, Silas Kent, born 13 years later has been scientifically proven as subclade E-M2 and thus, had already been established before that time. Since John J. Kent and Silas Kent, along with their descendants were always listed as Caucasian/White, owned many parcels of land throughout the generations and served on juries, etc., it suggests multiple generations of blending that may have already occured and may trace back to Europe during the 1500s to 1700s. More information is needed to make any further determinations.

* * * * *
Haplogroup E, Lineage IV. Participant contributed to the National Geno Project and the Haplogroup was confirmed as E and the subclade as L485. Y-DNA test is pending for further placement within Haplogroup. 
LINE LEADER: Christopher Kent <ckspokane AT> or Michelle M. (Kent) Roy <michelle AT>. Online family tree at, "ROY_and_KENT, 23 December 2013," username: michellemroy, <>.

1. John Kent, b 1819//20 Plain City, Jerome, Union, OH d 28 Feb 1862 Vicksburg, Warren, MS (Union, Civil War Battle) m Catherine DEARDORFF

2. Joseph Braden Kent, b 23 Jul 1856 Schuyler Co., MO d 1940 El Paso Co., CO m Mary Belle ROBERTS

3. Elijah Boyd Kent, b 02 Oct 1882 Schuyler Co., MO d 1958 Jefferson Co., CO m Edith Pearl EPPERSON

RESEARCH GOAL: Find the parents of John Kent. High probability that he is a grandson of John J. and Margaret [-?-] Kent, pioneers of Union Co., Ohio OR possibility a descendent of John and Fannie [-?-] Kent that resided in Union Co., Ohio between approximately 1820 to 1834. What became of John and Fannie Kent is unknown.

* * * * *


Misc., Lineage I:

LINE LEADER: Melanie Sloger, <mdsloger AT> [There is not a male y-DNA participant from this line, to date.] This line probably descends from Haplogroup R-M269, pending further evidence.  Online family tree at, "Kent Family Tree," username: mdsloger, <>.

1. Samuel Kent, b 19 Jun 1757 Suffield, Hartford, CT d 29 Apr 1837 Salem, Meigs, OH m Mary NOBLE

2. Samuel Kent, b 22 Dec 1784 Rupert, Bennington, VT d 19 Mar 1855 Gallia Co., OH m Mary STEBBINS

3. ​​John Kent, b c Jul 1818 Meigs Co., OH settled in Jersey Co., IL d 06 Jun 1886 Seward, Logan, OK m 1) Sarah Margaret BENFER; 2) Elizabeth Jane (MAYFIELD) MANNING

4. Clarence Calvin Kent,  b 03 May 1870 Jersey Co., IL d 07 Nov 1943 Vernon, Wilbarger, TX m Sarah Sadie Nebraska SCHETROMPF

RESEARCH GOAL: Find direct evidence that John Kent was the son of Samuel and Mary (Stebbins) Kent. (Proof has been established through John's verified younger brother, Alexander Hamilton Kent, and he is a verified son of Samuel and Mary (Stebbins) Kent.)

* * * * *

Misc., Lineage II:

1. Absalom Kent, b 15 Feb 1702 [Fairfax Co.?] VA d 1765 Old Town, Allegheny, MD m Ann Nancy (-?-)

LINE LEADERMelanie Spychalski, <spychalski AT> [There is not a male y-DNA participant from this line, to date.] Online family tree at, "Overholser Family Tree," username: UB494, <>.

2. Joseph Elias Kent, b 24 Dec 1750 Fairfax Co., VA d Oct 1829 Green, Harrison, OH m Nancy "Ann" Perrin RANKIN

3. Absalom P. Kent, b 15 Feb 1802 Washington Co., PA d 29 Aug 1882, Marshalltown, Marshall, IA m Isabella WORTH

4. Sarah "Sally" Dugan Kent, b 25 Aug 1832 Harrison Co., OH d 12 Oct 1913, North, Marshall, IN m George CLABAUGH

5. Samuel Isaiah Clabaugh, b 02 Feb 1867 St. Joseph Co., IN d 25 Mar 1943 North, Marshall, IN m Barbara Ellen HAAS

6. Agnes Pearl Clabaugh, b 13 Dec 1895 d 02 Jun 1987 South Bend, St. Joseph, IN m Clyde Jay MARKS

RESEARCH GOAL: 1. To find an Absalom Kent male descendent that qualifies to participate with a y-DNA test to identify genetic relations to any other Kents' (the above branch daughtered-out in mid-1850s). 2) Also, to find more information about Absalom Kent and his parentage.

LINE LEADER: Malia (Hannah) Markwell, <themarkwell4 AT>. [There is not a male y-DNA participant from this line, to date.] Online family tree at,  “Hannah/Markwell,” username: MAMarkwell, <>.

2.    William Kent, b 03 Oct 1763 Hagerstown [Oldtown], Allegany, MD d 24 Mar 1849 Paxton, Ross, OH m Sarah PERRIN

3.    Perrin Kent, b 11 July 1794 Hopewell, Washington, PA d 30 Jan 1882 Kent, Warren, IN m Rebecca DILL

4.    Isabel Kent, b 07 Sept 1832 Kent, Warren, IN d 31 Mar 1910 Covington, Fountain, IN m 1) George H. WARREN; 2) William Pugh HANNAH.

5.    Kent Hannah, b 18 Feb 1868 Ross, Vermilion, IL d 17 Jan 1938 Ferndale, Oakland, MI m Jane “Jennie” Ethel DEWLEN

6.    Lloyd Marion Hannah, b 28 Sept 1913 Alvin, Vermilion, IL d 25 Feb 2009 Montrose, Montrose, CO m Josephine Emily DUNNINGTON

* * * * *

Misc., Lineage III:

LINE LEADER: Evelyn Fields, <harvestef AT> [There is not a male y-DNA participant from this line, to date.] Online family tree at, “Kent/Mayflower Tree, username: EveylnFields62<>.

1. Richard Kent, b 1590 d 1654 m Dorothy Emma SHORTE

2. Joseph Kent, b 1636 Taunton, Bristol, MA d 1704 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA m Susannah AUSTIN[?]

3. Joseph Kent, b 1665 Swansea, Bristol, MA d 20 Mar 1734 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA m Dorothy BROWN

4. Joseph Kent, b 09 Aug 1693 Swansea, Bristol, MA d 07 Dec 1771 Stafford, Tolland, CT m Bethiah THURSTON

5. Joshua Kent, b 09 Mar 1727 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA d aft 02 Dec 1809 m Sarah CROSS

6. John Kent, b 17 Oct 1764 Stafford, Tolland, CT d 18 Feb 1852 Washington, Berkshire, MA m Mary GRISWOLD

7. Charlotte Kent, b abt 1807 Washington, Berkshire, MA d 07 Aug 1891 Briscoe, Sullivan, NY m Otis SEGAR

* * * * *

Misc., Lineage IV:

LINE LEADER: Steve Bartsch, <ksufor2 AT>. [There is not a male y-DNA participant from this line, to date.] Online family tree at, “Kent Family Tree,” username: ksufor2<>.

[Father's name is unknown, his mother, Mary, was widowed when Tapley was young and they traveled by boat from either Virginia or “The Carolina’s” to Pennsylvania.]

1. H. Tapley Kent, b 14 Feb 1806 VA or NC, d 16 July 1849 Springfield, Clark, OH m Martha T. MILNER

2. John Waters Kent, b 15 Feb 1838 Springfield, Clark, OH, d 30 July 1905 Ionia, Jewell, KS m Celestria Ann TREMAIN/TRUMAN

3. Frank Clifford Kent, b 20 Nov 1879 Ogden, Riley, KS d 05 Sep 1930 in Brighton, Adams, CO m Albertine LOOMIS

4. Ansel H. Kent, b 14 Oct 1903 Ionia, Jewell, KS, d 17 Oct 1993 in Jewell, Jewell, KS m Ruth BARTSCH

RESEARCH GOAL: Little is known about the Kent family before Ansel Kent, though there is a clear paper trail to his great-grandfather, Tapley Kent, in Ohio. We are looking for family stories, etc., before Ansel’s generation and would like to document Tapley’s other descendants. Of course, finding a break through beyond Tapley Kent would be significant since there is little information beyond him and his widowed mother traveling by boat from (prob.) Virginia to Ohio. 

* * * * *

Misc., Lineage V:

LINE LEADER: Rosemary Clifford McDaniel <rmcdaniel AT>.

[Name of father is unknown, but his grandson asserted he was a member of the Mingo Indians, descendants, as listed on census records, recorded as "Mulatto".]

1. Evan Kent, b 1794 prob. Hardy Co., VA m Priscilla (-?-)

2. Satilpa Kent, b Hardy Co., VA m Isaac CLIFFORD

3. Theodore Kent Clifford, b 1844 Hardy Co., VA d 1908 Harrisonburg, Rockingham, VA m Sarah Jane TURNEY

4. William Henry Clifford, b 1835 Hardy Co., VA d 1881 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH Evaline A. CONAWAY

5. William Henry Clifford, b 1862 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH d 1929 Washington DC m Carrie WILLIAMS

* * * * *

Misc., Lineage VI:

LINE LEADER: Charles Thornton, <ThorntonDNA AT>. Online family tree at, "O'Donnell Family Tree," username: modonnell7891, <>.

1. Joshua Kent, b 15 Jan 1771 Barrington, Bristol, RI m Anna LOW

2. Desire Kent,  b 08 Feb 1781 d aft. 1860 prob. VT m Matthew ALLEN 15 Feb 1801 Barrington, Bristol, RI

3. Huldah Allen, b ca 1809 VT d 29 Dec 1861 m Harvey H. CLOUD Charlestown, Orleans, VT 

4. Marion "Minnie" F. Cloud, b May 1855 NH d 1932 Whitman, Plymouth, MA m Herbert W. LOVELL 06 May 1873 Abington, Plymouth, MA

5. Hattie Florence Lovell, b 16 Feb 1874 Abington, Plymouth, MA d 11 Apr 1907 Whitman, Plymouth, MA m Lawrence SMITH

6. Marion Edith Smith, b 07 Jun 1892 Whitman, Plymouth, MA d 22 Apr 1972 Boston, Suffolk, MA m William Matthew THORNTON

7. William M. Thornton, Jr., Boston, MA m Lorraine Hudson MORAN [Kit No. 159230, mtFull Sequence2010]

* * * * *


Haplogroup R-P312

Kit No. 148829, DH Kent - (Stevens, Matches a Fayetee Co. PA, at 25 markers only, 67 marker test 2009)

Haplogroup G-P15 (Confirmed)

Kit No. N19000, Joseph Kent, bap. 19 May 1723 Alrewas, England - No matches yet (12 markers, 2006)

Haplogroup I-M223

Kit No. N110384, Not Provided - (Kent, 12 markers, June 2014)

Haplogroup R-M512

Kit No. 319444, Thomas Marshall b.1634 or 1635 (Kent, 67 markers, Nov 2013)

Haplogroup R-M269

Kit No. 263068, Denis Kent (12 markers, FF, 2012)

Kit No. N38036, Not Provided  (Kent, 12 markers, 2012) 

Kit No. N13079, GB Kent - No matches yet (Kent, 12 markers, 2006)

Haplogroup R-P311

Kit No. 130515, R Kent - No matches yet, (37 markers, 2008)


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