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KENT Family & DNA Project

You are probably aware that there are and have been many Kent families in the US (and beyond) and it’s difficult to ascertain whether they relate to one another, or, if unknown circumstances have led them to work, live or migrate together without any family ties. The Kent Family & DNA Project is a group of over 60 members that are eager to learn more about their respective Kent families and for more Kent researchers to get involved!

We are all fortunate enough to live in an era that we can combine traditional ‘paper-trail’ genealogy with genetic genealogy to determine close family connections, and equally important, to help us avoid false connections so we can hone in on where our personal time and resources should be focused.

In a singular surname project (in our case, the surname of Kent), traditional ‘paper-trail’ genealogy is supported by researchers, both male and female, collaborating to strengthen one another’s sources while genetic genealogy can test a portion of a male’s DNA that has been inherited from his Kent father. Since we are tracing Kent lineages and history dictates that male sons typically kept the surname of the father and his children retained the family surname, it is necessary to test the specific “Y” chromosome that only men carry through the generations. These combined methods can match a Kent ancestor from hundreds of years ago with his established genetic makeup. To date, forty-five Kent males have generously contributed to the Y-chromosome study and distinct branches are beginning to form, we are very excited to see this project grow and evolve to a place where all Kent researchers can work together.

All Kent researchers are encouraged to participate and we look forward to exploring the interesting journeys that our Kent ancestors took to bring us to this project!

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