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KENT Family & DNA Project

You are probably aware that there are and have been many Kent families in the US (and beyond) and it’s difficult to ascertain whether they relate to one another, or, if unknown circumstances have led them to work, live or migrate together without any family ties. The Kent Family & DNA Project is a group of over 100 participants that are eager to learn more about their respective Kent families and for more Kent researchers to get involved!

We are all fortunate enough to live in an era that we can combine traditional ‘paper-trail’ genealogy with genetic genealogy to determine close family connections, and equally important, to help us avoid false connections so we can hone in on where our personal time and resources should be focused.

In the Kent surname project, we strive to strengthen each other's family trees by identifying potential resources and also attempting to identify the "genetic signature" of each Kent ancestor by testing the "Y" chromosome that a son inherited from his Kent father. History dictates that a father usually passed along the family surname to all of his children, but only sons would pass on the family surname (since daughters would take their husband's surname). For a surname project, this is an ideal scenario since you can match the "Y" chromosome DNA results of a now living Kent male and it should match identically (or nearly identically) to his own father since the "markers" tested on the "Y" chromosome rarely mutates throughout each generation. These "marker" results can help identify a Kent ancestor from centuries ago.  

Women and men are welcome to be involved with this project, but it cannot be understated how important it is for Kent males to participate in this volunteer project since the results can solve genealogy questions that are centuries old. To date, sixty Kent males have generously contributed to the Y-chromosome study and distinct branches are beginning to form at our "Kent Patriarchs" page. 

All Kent researchers are encouraged to participate and we look forward to exploring the interesting journeys that our Kent ancestors took to bring us to this project!

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