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Huddleston DNA Project Participant's Direct Paternal Lines of Descent
Huddleston DNA Project Participant's Direct Paternal Lines of Descent
Pedigrees are provided by each Huddleston DNA Project participant.
The Patriarch lines match the order YDNA chart. If one is missing, no line has been submitted.
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Line I

#112626 and #136538
1. Henry Huddleston, Sr., b. c. 1660, d. c. 1706 Langhorne, Bucks Co., PA., m. Elizabeth Cooper
2. Henry Huddleston, b. c. 1706 Bucks Co., PA., m. Mary Wilkinson
3. William Huddleston, b. 6 Sep 1733 Bucks Co., PA., m. Martha Mier/Myer
4. Daniel Huddleston, b. 1771 Bucks Co., PA., m. Agatha "Aggie" Holliday
5. Daniel Huddleston, Jr., b. 24 Oct 1802 VA., m. Louisa Rowley
6. Joel Huddleston, b. 10 Jan 1831 Madison Co., IL, m. Mona Ann Gray
7. Amos Clearwater Huddleston, b. 8 Oct 1856 Altoona, Knox Co., IL., m. Manerva Jane Bernard
8. Willis Percy Huddleston, b. 10 Jun 1884 KS., m. Susan Elmo Dunlap

1. Thomas Huddleston
2. Thomas Huddleston, "of Amelia Co., VA.," m. 1. Elizabeth Morgan, 2. Mary, 3. 1774 Amelia Co., VA. to Mildred Tanner
3. Robert Huddleston, b. c. 1759 Amelia Co., VA., m. Rittie Tucker
4. William Henry Huddleston, b. 1800 Warren or Mecklenburg Co., NC., m. Nancy Capps
5. Robert Randolph Huddleston, b. Mar 1835 NC., m. Eliza Ann Chandler
6. Robert Henry Huddleston, b. Jan 1879 SC., m. 1. c. 1902 Elizabeth Jane McKay, 2. Margaret B. Brown
7. Avery Sherrill Huddleston, b. 20 Feb 1910 Mecklenburg Co., NC, m. 1. Felester Frances Forester, 2. Elaine Swink

1. Robert Huddleston, b. 1720 VA.
2. Robert Huddleston, b. 1774 Spottsylvania, VA., m. Elizabeth
3. George Huddleston, b. 1764 Buckingham Co., VA., m. Martha Winston
4. Anthony Huddleston, b. 1780 Buckingham Co., VA., m. Elizabeth Lewis
5. George G. Huddleston, b. 1825 Wilson Co., TN., m. Mahala H. Williams
6. Thomas A. Huddleston, b. 3 Oct 1854 Wilson Co., TN., m. Henrietta Neeley
7. James M. Huddleston, b. Oct 1884 Wilson Co., TN., m. Cora

1. Benjamin Huddleston, b. 1763 VA., m. Margaret Welsh
2. Joseph Slaton Huddleston, b. 1786 SC., m. Elizabeth Young
3. Andrew Jackson Huddleston, b. 1813 TN., m., Bertha Seagoe
4. Joseph Green Huddleston, 1849 AR., m. Rebecca Raven
5. James Forest Huddleston, b. 1892 AR., m. Flaura Harmon

tcandkk AT
Granville County, NC group
1. William B. Huddleston b. c. 1735 VA m Ruth Unknown
2. John Hanson Huddleston b. c. 1762 m3 Susey Grenaway
3. Thomas Huddleston, b. c. 1803 NC., m. 1st Mary Ann Martin, m. 2nd Massie Brummett
4. William Washington Huddleston, b. 10 Jan 1841 Anderson Co., TN., m. Manerva Tapp, m. 2nd Mary E. Griffin
5. Lee Roy Huddleston, b. 17 Jul 1866 Roane Co., TN., m. Minnie Lois Ervin
6. Mildred Ervin Huddleston, b. 21 Sep 1912 Washington Co., AR., m. Mildred Nerine Dillard

1. Anthony Huddleston, d. 1669 Easington, West Yorkshire, England, m. Alice Chapman
2. John Huddleston, d. 1680 Easington, West Yorkshire, England
3. William Huddleston, b. 1681 Easington, West Yorkshire, England, m. Anna Standen
4. John Huddleston, b. c. 1700 Newton, West Yorkshire, England, m. Sarah Jackson
5. Joshua Huddleston, b. 1745 Newton, West Yorkshire, England, m. Ann Phillipson
6. William Huddleston, b. 1785 Newton, West Yorkshire, England, m. Margaret Proctor
7. Joshua Huddleston, b. 1811 Roeburndale, Lancashire, England, m. Mary Ann Wilson
8. Thomas Huddleston, b. 1837 Caton, Lancashire, England, m. Ruth Oddy
9. Henry Wilson Huddleston, b. 1871 Liverpool, Lancashire, England, m. Mary Ellen Jones
10. Henry Wilson Huddleston, b. 1907 Toxeth Park, Liverpool, England, m. Catherine Benson

1. Daniel Huddleston, b. 1803 Cabel Co., VA., m. Louisa Rowley (or Roley)
2. Joel Huddleston, b. 1831 Macoupin Co., IL., m. Mona Grey
3. Frank L. Huddleston, b. 1866 MO., m. Mary Belle Beeman
4. Henry Huddleston, b. 1893 Stillwater Co., OK., m. Ethel Naomi Sligar

1. Thomas Huddleston, b. 1777 Northern Ireland, m. Margaret Maginnis
2. William Huddleston, b. 1809 Northern Ireland, m. Eliza Jane Crail
3. Thomas Huddleston, b. 10 Oct 1867 Northern Ireland, m. Sarh Jane Nelson

1. David Hamilton, b c. 1830 Co. Down, Northern Ireland, m. Margaret Meney
2. David Hamilton, b. 1853 Co. Down, Northern Ireland, m. Elizabeth Ringland
3. William Hamilton, b. 24 Apr 1889 Brickhouses, Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland, m. Sarah Elizabeth McNeilly

1. John Branch Huddleston, Amelia Co., VA, b. 1816, d. 1891, m. Ursula Amelia Rowland
2. Robert Elam Huddleston, Itawamba Co, MS, b. 22 Sep 1853, d. 09 May 1933, m. Cyrena Josephine Ryan
3. Elbert Elam Huddleston, Itawamba Co, MS, b. Feb 1884 d. 11 Dec 1950, m. Jessie Mae Westbrook
6. Robert John Huddleston, Itawamba Co, MS, b. 14 Sep 1919 d. 26 Dec 1974, m. Bettye Louise Bailey

Line II

1. David Huddleston, b.. 1720, d. 1786 Rutherford Co., NC.
2. John L. Huddleston, b. c. 1755 Rutherford Co., NC., m. Sarah Cleghorn
3. Charles B. Huddleston, b. 29 Jan 1778 Rutherford Co., NC., m. Martha Lollar
4. Isaac Alexander Huddleston, b. 14 May 1804 Rutherford Co., NC., m. Janet Allison
5. William Jasper Huddleston, b., 26 Apr 1831 White Co., TN., m. Amanda Jane Jared
6. Isaac Monroe Huddleston, b. 1 Oct 1858 Putnam Co., TN., m. Virginia Frances Robinson
7. Oscar Dow Huddleston, b. 4 Jul 1883 Putnam Co., TN., m. Ida Mai Stanton
8. Isaac Stanton Huddleston, b. 2 Jul 1912 Putnam Co., TN., m. Mary B. Davis

1. William Huddleston, b. c. 1741 Rutherford Co., NC., m. Elizabeth Smart
2. James Huddleston, b. c. 1788 Rutherford Co., NC., m. Isabella McKinley
3. William Lemuel Huddleston, b. c. 1812 Robertson Co., TN., m. Nancy Lemon McKenzie
4. James Thomas Huddleston, b. 22 Mar 1856 Sevier Co., AR., m. Flora Eviline Whisenhunt
5. Herman Royce Huddleston, b. 1 Mar 1894 Dodd City, Fannin Co., TX., m. Mamie Hulin

1. David Huddleston, b. c. 1720, d. 1786 Rutherford Co., NC.
2. David Huddleston, b. 1743 Rutherford Co., NC., m. Dunn(?)
3. Josiah Dunn Huddleston, b. 22 Oct 1782 Rutherford Co., NC., m. Winnah Seal
4. Charles Wiggington Huddleston, b. 3 Sep 1810 TN., m. Mary Ann Mathews
5. Calvin Craig Huddleston, b. 14 Oct 1840 Milton, IA., m. Susannah C. Hagler
6. Charles Craig Huddleston, b. 10 Dec 1870 Milton IA., m. Ora Cless
7. Earl Craig Huddleston, b. 14 Mar 1905 Milton, IA., m. Ruth Marie Adams

hudelson8620 AT
1. William Hudelson, b. c. 1756, m. Ann Hudelson
2. James Hudelson, b. 25 May 1788 Juniata (Mifflin) Co., PA., m. Esther Craig
3. James Hudelson, b. 14 Mar 1825 Nicholas Co., KY., m. Sarah Margaret Atkins
4. Hugh Martin Hudelson, b. 3 Aug 1868 Henry Co., IN., m. May Susannah Leech
5. Hugh Byron Hudelson, b. 26 May 1905 Ogden, Henry Co., IN., m. Helen Marietta Wilson

Nonmember Descendant Lines Without Y-DNA Tests results. Obtained from the Huddleston Pedigree Forum.

1. David Huddleston, b. 1720 VA., m. Hannah Gilmore
2. David Huddleston, b. 1743 NC., m. unknown Dunn
3. Josiah Dunn Huddleston, b. 22 Oct 1782 Rutherford Co., NC., m. Winnah Seal
4. Anthony Seal Huddleston, Sr., b. 10 Nov 1806 TN., m. Elizabeth Tadlock
5. Anthony Seal Huddleston, Jr., b. 1851 Hancock Co., IL., m. Nancy Murphy
6. Perry Lee Huddleston, b. c. 1875 IA., m. Amanda McLauglin

1. John Huddleston, b. 1693 England, m. Elizabeth Carlton
2. Daniel Huddleston, b. 1716 England, m. Mary Ball
3. David Huddleston, b. 8 Feb 1735 Brunswick Co., VA., m Sarah Easley
4. Benjamin Huddleston, b. 1763 Halifax Co., VA., m. Margaret Welsh
5. Joseph Slaton Huddleston, b. 1786 SC., m. Elizabeth Young
6. Andrew Jackson Huddleston, b. c. 1813 TN., m. Bertha Seago
7. Joseph Green Huddleston, b. 12 Mar 1849 AR., m. Rebecca Raven
8. Alvin Green Huddleston, b. 2 Feb 1878 AR., m. Dora May Whipple

1. Thomas Huddleston, b. c. 1765, m. Mary Knaggs
2. Elizabeth Huddleston, b. 1816
3. George Huddleston, b. 1842, m. Hannah Wiles
4. Maud Amelia Huddleston, b. 1902
5. George William Huddleston, b. 1920

1. John Huddleston
2. David Huddleston
3. Benjamin Huddleston
4. Fleming Huddleston
5. William James Huddleston
6. Joseph Johnson Huddleston

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