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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 


Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove spaces.

  • Vinson (Vincent) Hobbs b c1720 Dorset Co., England d c1808 Wash Co, VA, m Mary Shelby - 88356 [jobbs AT] Lowell Jean Hobbs [lhobbs AT] 
    • Absalom Hobbs b 1752 Lee Co., VA d 1840 Lee Co., VA m2 Susan Helvy m2 Mary Olinger - Eleanor Rayl [erayl36 AT]
      • Levi T. Hobbs b 1809 Lee Co., VA d Apr 1863 Tipton Co., IN m Cynthia Boles
        • Clinton Howard Hobbs b 20 Dec 1843 Madison Twp., Hamilton Co., IN d 1 Oct 1917 Tipton Co., IN m Losada Jane Leavell 170678
    • Ezekiel Hobbs b 1762, MD d 1835 m Elizabeth Lillie
      • Greenberry Hobbs b 1807 Wash Co, VA d 1897 m Sarah Sally Sutton
        • Ray Hobbs b 1853 Woodson Co, KS d 1923 m Clarissa Brown
          • John Hezzy Hobbs b 1880 Greenwood Co, KS d 1961 m Josephine Ellen Lilley H-7 88356
      • Shelby Hobbs b c1813, Washington Co, VA m Lucinda Zion - RLHobbs [max_fan AT]; WilliamMHobbs [williammhobbs AT]
        • William France Hobbs b 1849, Lee Co, VA m Margaret Harper
          • John Jesse Hobbs b c1876 Lee Co, VA m Rosa Belle McElroy
            • Leonard Hobbs b 1909 Lee Co, VA m Lillian Blankenbeckler H-9 N12019
        • Zion Hobbs b 1 Mar 1855 Lee Co., VA - DoDo [dorcas999 AT]
          • Emory Cainor Hobbs b 24 Nov 1877 Lee Co., VA
            • Robert H. Hobbs b 5 Nov 1903 101823
      • Harrison Hobbs b c1820 d 1898 m Mariah Clemond - hobbs1966 [chocolat6910 AT]
        • A.B. Hobbs b 1862 d 1958 Scott Co., VA m Susan Barker
          • Estel Hobbs b 1913 d 2004 Scott Co., VA m Nona Marie Pierson
  • William Hobbs b. c1730 d 1789 Wake Co., NC - jackie mcinnis [mcinnisj AT]
    • John Hobbs b. c1768 Bute Co., NC d c1845 Crawford Co., GA
      • Bennett Hobbs b 1812 Warren Co., GA  d aft. 1870 Taylor Co., GA
        • Pascal Franklin Hobbs b. 1841 Crawford Co., GA  d. 1919 Gadsden Co., FL
          • James Abner Bennett Hobbs b. 1865 Schley Co., GA  d. 1928 Oklaloosa Co., FL
            • Christopher Colombus Hobbs b. 1891 Covington Co., AL  d. 1933 Tallahassee, FL 107799
  • James b 1732 d 1801 m Mary - [richard_hobbs AT]
    • Jesse d 1812 Iredell Co., NC m Sarah Rogerson
      • Hezekiah b 1794 Franklin Co., NC m Matilda Mayhew
        • Hezekiah Jr. b 1830 Iredell Co., NC m Louisa Cashion
          • William Franklin b 1852 d 1933 Weakley Co., TN m Mary Jane Rogers
            • John Warren Hobbs b 1881 Carroll Co., TN d 1953 m Anna Rilla Heath
              • Milton Heath b 1910 d 1990 m Elva Ruth Dacus 161596
  • William Hobbs, b c1755 d c1806 SC  - 88356- [jobbs AT] John Hobbs
    •    William Hobbs b Feb 17 1787 SC, d Sept 17 1837 Tal Co., AL, m Frances McWilliams
      •  Lewis Harrison Hobbs b 1813 Logan Co., KY d 1874 Van Zandt Co., TX m Wincy Sides
        • Francis Marion Hobbs b 1838 Tal Co., AL d 1922 Ellis Co, TX m Sue L Hickey
          •  William Harrison Hobbs b1871 Van Zandt Co., TX d1917 Ellis Co., TX m Nettie M Nolen
            • Levi Marion Hobbs b 1902 Ellis Co., TX d 1964 Tarrant Co., TX m Nelda Paschal  H-8 93098            
  • William Hobbs b c1760? d c1829 Laurens Dist SC m Elizabeth c1780 - John Hobbs [jandjhobbs AT]
    •  John Hobbs b 1783 Laurens Dist SC d 1849 Itawamba Ms m Isabella Madden
      • Harrison Hobbs b 1830 Laurens Dist SC d c1887 Delta Co., TX m Martha Ellison
        • Thomas J Hobbs b 1863 Itawamba Ms d 1908 Van Zandt Co., TX m Mary Ellison
          •  Albert D Hobbs b 1885 Delta Co TX d 1922 Van Zandt Co., TX m Novie S Herron
            • Ernie C Hobbs b 1911 Delta Co., TX d 1976 Llano Co., TX m Gladys Nunlee  H-6 81363
  • Simeon Hobbs m Hester Hill in NC - cehobbs [chobbs2 AT]
    • Gabriel Hobbs b 1816 m Mary Lewis, NC
      • Hardy Hobbs b 28 Oct 1844 Early City, GA d 23 Jan 1926 m Anna Cobb
        • Marion Hobbs b 5 Oct 1891 Houston City, AL d 7 Mar 1966 m Mattie Tate
          • Estus Hobbs b 23 Aug 1912 Houston City, AL d 16 Feb 1963 m Laverne Miller H-16 116711
  • Alexander Hobbs b 1803-5 VA m Elizabeth - P. Hobbs Lambert [reevesph AT]
    • Josiah Hobbs b 1845 TN m Nancy
    • Ananias Hobbs b 1847 TN m Martha Randolph
      • William Joe
      • Wash
      • Ollie
      • Samuel Stephen Hobbs b 1873 TN m Mary Frances
        • Amos
        • Ed Lee Hobbs b 1898 TX m Era Jane McClure 200492
  • Joel Claiborne Hobbs b 1804 TN d 1862 Humphrey's Co., TN m Rosannah White - AC Hobbs [miriamhobbs AT]
  • William Washington Hobbs b 1831 Hickman Co., TN d 1912 Humphrey's Co., TN m1 Ann Harris m2 Victoria Fowlkes
    • Coleman Claiborne Hobbs b 1861 Humphrey's Co., TN d 1951 Humphrey's Co., TN m Susan Elizabeth Turner
      • Maurice Bate Hobbs b 1905 Humphrey's Co., TN d 1993 Atlanta, GA m Dorothy Maria Schraut H-21 144200
  • Simeon Hobbs b 1822 m Mahulda Hubbard - jlhobbs [jlhobbs AT]
    • Isaac Hobbs b 1850 m Aggie Smith
      • Jesse Hobbs b 1875 m Ibbie Ellen Smith
        • Leonard Hobbs b 1910 m Mary Griffith H-15 112227


Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Maurice Hobbs b c1615 England d 4 Jan 1705 NH m Sarah Eastow - Russell Hobbs [Hobbsrm AT]
  • Simon b c1750 Nansemond Co., VA d 1800 Onslow Co., NC m Mary Lewis - JoanMillar40 [jpm123 AT]
    • Simon b 25 Sep 1772 Onslow Co., NC d 1864 Clay Co., GA m Hester Hill
      • Gabriel b 15 May 1816 Sampson Co., NC d 27 May 1899 Holmes Co., FL m Mary A.
        • Cynthia A. b 1842 Randolph Co., GA d 9 Aug 1932 Holmes Co., FL m T. O. Phillips
  • Robert L. Hobbs b 1754 d 1845 m Mary Marion Caldwell - Lois Ward [loisward1 AT]
    • Isham Hobbs b 1792 d 1854 m Martha Patsy Lankford
      • Meron Melinda Hobbs b 1826 AL d 1889 TX m William Samuel Moore




















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