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DNA Groupings

The Hoar, Hoare & Hore Surname DNA Project has groups based on known lineages and similarly matched DNA results from Patriarch Lines.  Sometimes the DNA test is not yet complete but the group is identified by strong genealogical research. Often just a single individual has tested, not yet been matched, and has several hundred years of research. The project identifies a lineage when either strong genealogical work exists and/or when DNA tests on two or more men show a high probability that they have a common ancestor. Each lineage has a volunteer coordinator, who promotes the gathering of more information about the lineage through further DNA tests and traditional genealogical research. More detail about the lineages are available on the Results and Patriarch pages.

We use yDNA-STR and yDNA-SNP testing to support this effort. Autosomal may be used for nearer term matching of known group members to an another unknown member not on the male-lineage line. See our Genetic Genealogy page for a better description of testing types and how they are used.


Group 00

Haplotype Coordinator Defining Ancestor
Branch SNP M253 -
Tim Peterman
t p e t e r AT gmail DOT com
Charles Hoar b.1586  Gloucester, England, m. Joanna Hinksman, d. 1638 Gloucester (family emigrated to Sudbury, MA)

One of the original New England families from Southwest England.  Charles was sheriff of Gloucester and died there.  His wife Joanna and youngest children moved to Sudbury, MA in 165x.

A well researched line (once in North America). Waiting to get more tested to DNA-type the line.  Was reported in Edward Horr's book of 1883 that Charles and Hezekiah Hoar were from the same line.  Tim started the project to see if that was the case.

Early leaders in Massachusetts history are part of this group.  Samuel Hoar and sons George Frisbee Horr and Ebinezer Hoar, among others, are part of this family.

Only one person tested so far.  Awaiting more testers with research to verify line, DNA markers and terminal SNP.  Current test results show they are very different from all others tested (Haplogroup I1 versus R1b).

See the Patriarch page for more information on current researchers and published material.


Group 01

Haplotype Coordinator Defining Ancestor
Branch SNP U152 - 
Terminal SNP L20
Randy Harr, Roz Edson
r a n d y AT mycuz DOT us, m r s e d s o n AT gmail DOT com
Hezekiah Hoar b.1608 Devon, England m. Rebekah unknown, d. 1693 Taunton, MA

The second, early New England family originally from Devon in Southwest England. Hezekiah Hoar arrived on ship Recovery in 1633 as a Puritan emigrant.  He went back one or more times to help fight the king's repression. Not clear but at some point he brought Rebekah back over and they settled permanently in New England starting in the early 1640's. 

First published in Norton Horr's book of 1907.  Much has been researched and detailed of this group then and since.  See Roz's Rootsweb database that contains over 80,000 members; mostly of this large lineage but also of Charles Hoare (G01) above.

Not many historically significant members are known in this group.  Only one of note is Josiah Horr who was an early leader in Illinois and helped found the county Champaigne in both Illinois and Ohio before that.  He is noted as giving Abraham Lincoln his first job and case as a lawyer.  Otherwise, just hard working settlers through the centuries here.

This family line claims lineage to the Risford Manor Hore's in Chagsford, Devonshire, England.  Many, likely unrelated lines, also claim this.  Hopefully DNA testing will help sort this all out.

This group has very dominant marker values that are fairly rare among the general population.  Specifically, a DYS385 value of 9-14.  Also DYS389ii of 28, DYS458 of 19 and DYS557 of 15.  Also of note is that the normally widely varying DYS464 is identical in all the tested individuals (15-15-16-17).

See the Patriarch page for more information on current researchers and published material.


Group 02

Haplotype Coordinator Defining Ancestor
Branch SNP U106 -
John Hore b.1552 or John Hore b.1710 

Only one member yDNA-SNP tested and that for only a single SNP: U106.  Positive for that.  So put group here for now until a more detailed study can be done.

See the Patriarch page for more information on current researchers and published material.


Group 03

Haplotype Coordinator Defining Ancestor
Branch SNP L21 -
Terminal SNP DF13
Bonny Cook
b o n n y c o o k AT earthlink DOT net
Thomas Hoare, b.1649 Chilham, Kent, England

Similar STR results to G02 but distinct enough to warrant its own subgroup.

See the Patriarch page for more information on current researchers and published material.


Group 04

Haplotype Coordinator Defining Ancestor
Branch SNP P312 - 
Terminal SNP DF27
Robert Hoare
y s e a r c h AT robhoare DOT com
Richard Hore b.1808

A loosely defined group of potential common ancestors nearer 1,000 years ago.  Only one member yDNA-SNP tested and that to L151 branch as positive only.  Other two members are predicted to P312 by STR results (-2).  The one tested is negative to sub-branches -2b and -2c, so presuming DF27 (-2a) as a terminal for thie group for the moment.

One of the Virginia Hord project members is a close match in here.  But only a yDNA-12 test for them so far.  Otherwise similar to G02 but further from a match there than G03.

See the Patriarch page for more information on current researchers and published material.


Group 05

Haplotype Coordinator Surnames
- - -

See the Patriarch page for more information on current researchers and published material.


Outside our Group

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