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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 


  • Thomas Hinton, Sr. b 1574 Parham, Sommersetshire, England - Lori Hinton [lrhtn AT]
    • Sir John Hinton b 1603 St. Martin's Parish, Chilton Foliot, Wiltshire, England
      • James Hinton b 1642 Fullwood Rents, Leyden, England
        • William Hinton, Sr. b 1670 Wiltshire, England
          • Dr. William Hinton b 1725 Chowan District, NC
            • Noah B Hinton b 1787 Gates Co., NC 
              • Eugene Hinton
  • James Hinton Sr. b c1670 Wiltshire, England - mel126 [mel126 AT]
    • Aaron Hinton b 1745 Franklin, New Hanover, NC
      • Jesse Hinton b 1761 Newbern, Johnston Co., NC
        • Sidney Bud Hinton b 1798 Johnston Co., NC
          • George Hinton b 1837 Richton, Perry Co., MS H-2 19866
  • Jesse Hinton b 1761 d 1841 m Sarah Brauner - johnboy [johnlevon72 AT]
    • Hugh Hinton b 1810 d 1882 m1 Winford Huey m2 Effie McCloud/McLeod
      • Roderick Tobe Hinton b 1843 d 1865 m Belzora Wright
        • Cade John Hinton b 1874 d 1939 m LuLa Mae McIntosh
          • Sidney Rodrick Hinton b 1899 d 1962 m Mattie Eva Carson 140946
  • John Hinton b c1794 River, Kent d c1859 Bristol, Glocester m Anne Jane Read - Jack Murray
    • John Hinton b 16 Mar 1826 Southampton d 16 Jul 1908 Woolston, Hants m Charlotte Parker
  • James Hinton b c1794 d 1855 Oxfordshire, England m Anne Bidden - Don Ernst [ernstm AT]
    • James Hinton b 1817 Oxfordshire, England d c1860 USA m Mrs. Martha Webb
      • Ellen Mary Hinton b 1845 Birmingham, England d 1944 Oakland, CA m George Ernst
  • William Hinton, b c 1816 Ireland, m Nancy Jenkins Elizabethtown Ontario 1841 - Dee Fitton [fitton AT]
    • Hugh, b 1843 Irish Creek Ontario, m Mary Reel
    • Robert, b 1849 Quebec, m Louisa
    • James, b 1856 Quebec


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