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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Charles Heard, b. 1691, Ulster, Northern Ireland; d. 1748, Albemarle Co. VA m Isabella ? 
    • Stephen Heard, b. c1715, Ulster, Northern Ireland; m. Mary Faulkner
      • John Heard, b. 1744, Albemarle Co. VA; m. Mary Meador
        • ​Jesse Heard b 1774 d 1835 VA m Margaret Hayes - Erich Heard [genealogy AT]
          • ​Jesse M Heard b 1801 d 1846 TN m Nancy Elliott
            • ​John Heard b 1824 d 1865 TN m Emily Frances Clement
              • ​Francis MArion Heard b 1863 d 1900 AK m Violet Mary Seamanes
                • ​George Elmer Heard b 1889 d 1949 AK m Grace Beulah Roberts 328800
        • James Heard, b. May 19, 1776, Henry Co. VA; m. Elizabeth Holloway - Frances Heard [francesfreeman7 AT]
          • Jessie Holloway Heard, b.11/26/1818, Greene Co., GA; m. Mary Susan Hewell
            • John Thomas Heard, b. 1/21/1845, Dry Creek, LA; m. Sarah Adeline Lindsey
              • James Addison Heard, b. 3/14/1870, Dry Creek, LA; m. Clora Frances Nolen 183418
  • Robert Hird b unk. m Agnes Clerk Kennoway, Fife, Scotland - Peter Herd [herd_peter AT]
    • Walter Herd b 1709 Kennoway Fife m Christian Millar?
      • David Hird b 1747 Kennoway, Fife m Jean Greave
        • Peter Herd b c 1781 Narkinch, Fife m Margaret Milne 1807
          • James Herd b 1828 Auchterderran, Fife m Agnes Wymess 1854
            • Walter Herd b 1874, Australia m Alice McDonald 1900
              • Ronald Clive Herd b 1918, Wallsend, Australia m Jennie Elsie Fraser 1942 336268
  • John Heard  b. c1738, Hartland, Devon, England - Nickheard [heardn AT]
    • John Heard b.1766 Hartland Devon, England d.1802 Sandford, Devon England
      • John Heard b.1798 Sandford, d.1879, East Village, Sandford, Devon ,England
        • James Heard b. 1829 Sandford, Devon England d.1897, Crediton, Devon, England
          • William Heard b.1854, East Village, Sandford,England, d.1925, Crediton , Devon,England
            • Walter Heard b.1887, Crediton, Devon, England.d.1957, Crediton, Devon, England 154915
  • George Heard/Herd b c1749 d c1839 - Jerry Herd [jerherd AT]
    • Jesse Herd b c1791 Hawkins Co., TN d 17 Sep 1855 m Amelia Walling
      • George W. Herd b c1818 Hawkins Co., TN d c1861 Red River Co., TX m Lucy Roller
        • James Lacy Heard b 6 Sep 1848 Hancock Co., TN d 10 Dec 1919 Jack Co., TX m Pearilee Hughes
          • Charlie B. Herd b 4 Apr 1896 Parker Co., TX d 19 Mary 1989 Jefferson Co., OK m Edna Loree Wood 195999
  • Charles Heard, d 1748 Albemarle VA, m 1695 Isabella - Nannette Serra [pilgrimchaser AT]
    • Charles Heard, b 1718  d Wilkes CO, GA, m Elizabeth
      • William Henry Heard, b 1751 GA, m Nancy McClendon
        • Charles Heard, b 1791, m Sarah Whitman
          • Samuel A. Heard, b 1823, m Sarah Elizabeth Steward
            • Martha Elizabeth Heard, b 1861, m Henry Edwin LeVert H-3 N19721
  • Samuel Herd, m Euphemia Johnston 8 May 1812, Markinch, Fife, Scotland - kathleen [katmas AT] H-5 N26452
    • Samuel Herd, b 1813, Markinch, Fife, m Christian Miller
    • John Herd, b 29 February 1822 Markinch, Fife
    • Alexander MacGregor Herd, b 10 October 1828, Fife, m Jean Donaldson
      • Samuel Herd, m Catherine Adams1858  in Markinch, Fife
        • Alec Herd, m Ellen "Nellie" Lockhead
          • Jane, b 5 February 1882
          • Alexander, b 22 October 1883 Edinburgh
          • Mary, b 31 August 1885
          • Helen, b 9 February 1888
        • David Wilson Herd, b 22 September 1877, Lasswade, Scotland, m Bessie Carrie Reynolds
        • James
        • John
        • Sam
    • David Herd, b 20 February 1831 Fife
  • Alsay/Alcee Heard, March 1863, Kentucky, Mary Capras - Clemonce Heard [cmh8166 AT]
    • Alcide Imogene Heard, August 26, 1886, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, Maude Madeline Wills
      • Clemonce Raymond Heard, December 27, 1919, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, Mary Ellen North 340493

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