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1, Andreas Gnann G-3, a musketeer in Ulm, Germany, m. Anna Maria Michler

2. Johann Georg Gnann G-3, b 1718 in Ulm, Germany; m. Anna Gress in 1744 in Langenau; emigrated in 1751; settled in Ebenezer, GA;  sons: Michael, Andreas (Andrew), Jacob, Benjamin, and Solomon

3. Andrew Gnann, m Anna Francisca Rottenberger; sons: Christopher, Timothy, Andrew, Jr. G-3, Benjamin 




1. Jacob Gnann, b abt.1729 G - 1, G - 2, Langenau, Germany; emigrated in 1752 and settled at Ebenezer, GA; m the widow Margaret Depp; sons: John, b 1760; Jonathan, b 1762; David, b 1764; Jacob, b 1766

2. Jacob Gnann, b 1766 G - 1, G-2, m Mary Catherine Snyder; sons: Solomon, Jacob, Jr., Joshua

3. Jacob Gnann, b 1791, m widow Christine Metzger (nee Rahn); sons: William, b 1813; Frederick, b 1817; Cletus, b 1819 G - 1, G - 2; Elbert, b 1821

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