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R. Caerlock.  Line Leader:  setilleman AT gmail DOT COM

(1) Johan Peter Gerlach, b. 1631, Kusel, Pfalz (Palatinate), Germany; m. Anna Maria Kummerin.

(2) David Gerlach/Carlock, b. 1674, Heidelberg, Germany; d. 1763, Augusta Co., VA; m. possibly Anna Maria Lisemus.

(3) Frederick Carlock/Carelock, b. 1720, Holland; d. 1792, probably Cabarrus Co., NC; m. Clary.

(4) David Carlock, b. ca. 1739, probably VA; d. after 1813, probably KY; m. Elizabeth.

(5) George W. Carlock/Cearlock, b. ca. 1779, NC; d. ca. 1862, possibly Montgomery Co., IL; m. Rachel Landers.

(6) Abraham Carlock, b. 1808, KY; d. 1856, Fayette Co., IL; m. Cynthia Landers.

(7) John Henry Cearlock, b. 1831, Fayette Co., IL; d. 1900, Fayette Co., IL; m. Thursa Rhodes.

(8) James Robert Cearlock, b. 1851, Fayette Co., IL; d. 1926, Montgomery Co., IL; m. Melvina Peradine Virden.

(9) Joseph Edward Cearlock, b. 1870, Fayette Co., IL; d. 1935, Shelby Co., IL; m. Mary Elizabeth Hicks.

(10) Claude Abner Cearlock, b. 1892, Fayette Co., IL; d. 1975, Christian Co., IL; m. Audria Cleo Carney.

(12) Voris Carney Cearlock, b. 1912, Christian Co., IL; d. 1999, Sangamon Co., IL; m. Rosalind Irene Funk.

DNA testee:  Kit #N118255


C. Garlock   Line Leader:  glgarlock AT comcast DOT net

(1) George Peter Garlock b. 14 July 1750 Palatine, NY; d. 3 March 1836 Canajoharie, NY; m. Margaretha Melissa Hulshover

(2) Jacob P. Garlock b. 20 Aug. 1780 Canajoharie, NY; d. 20 Jan. 1843 Marion, NY; m. Maria Dunckel

(3) Alfred H. Garlock b. 28 April 1825 Montgomery, NY; d. 8 April 1903 Howell, MI; m. Elizabeth Jane Cole

(4) Emory Allison Garlock b. 29 Jan. 1849 Marion, NY; d. 25 Aug. 1929 Howell, MI; m. Catherine Marie Schoenhals

(5) Charles Edward Garlock b. 12 Aug. 1871 Howell, MI; d. 10 Dec. 1936 Ann Arbor, MI; m. Sarah Owens

(6) Carl Owens Garlock b. 1 June 1904 Howell, MI; d. 30 Sept. 1965 Howell, MI; m. Gabriella Amalia Horvat

DNA Testee:  Kit #325890


K. Garlock Line Leader: a_clark AT ix DOT netcom DOT com

(1) - George Peter Garlock b. 14 July 1750 Palatine, NY, d. 1836, Canajoharie, NY; m. Margaretha Hulshover

(2) - Philip Garlock b. 9 Feb. 1791 Herkimer Co., NY, d. 22 Dec. 1865 Herkimer Co., NY, m. Elizabeth Garlock

(3) - Joseph Leonard Garlock b. 16 Mar 1814 NY, d. 10 Jun 1883 Alden, MN, m. Nancy Ann Horning 

(4) - John Leonard Garlock b. 6 June 1845 Jefferson Co., NY; d. 7 Sept. 1925 St. Paul, MN: m. Selina Trigg 

(5) - DeWitt Howard Garlock b. 5 Feb 1889 Alden, MN; d. Redlands, CA 9 Mar 1963; m. Nina Parsons

DNA Testee kit #17253

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