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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.

Gallagher / Golliher

Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Maurice Gallagher b c 1720 Ireland - [janfortado2007 AT]
    • Thomas Gallagher b c 1755 Ballynoulty, Kildorrery, Cork m. Drake? Hayes?
      • Thomas Gallagher b c 1786 Kilcruaig, Kilflyn, Limerick m. Ellen Treacy/Tracy
        • John Gallagher b c 1829 Houndscourt, Kilflyn, Limerick m Ellen Roche
          • William Gallagher b. 1869 Castleterry, Ballindangan, Mitchelstown, Cork; m Elizabeth
            • Joseph  Gallagher b. 1896 Hyde Park, MA m Rose Minton
              • Henry Gallagher b. Lowell, MA 1923 m Margaret Kuster 143745
  • John Gallaher b. c1735 m Nancy - Timothy Paul Gallagher [spqr753 AT]
    • Hugh Gallaher b. c1765 d. 16 Dec 1831 m Ann Wilson
      • George Washington Gallaher b. 02/02/ 1796 m Margaret Douglass
        • Hugh Gallaher b.  01 Jul 1824 m Mary Emily Elder
          • William Wilferd Gallaher b. 09 Jun 1859 m Mary A. Smith
            • Elmer Francis Gallagher b. 25 Apr 1889 m Bertha Mae Schroyer G-15 89220
  • Maxfield Gallaher b c1775 m Hannah Ullem - Jerold Gallagher [jcg0151 AT]
    • Clark Gallagher b 2 Mar 1820 Pike, OH m Mary Jones Houchins
      • Alfred G. Gallagher b 21 Feb 1856 Portsmouth, OH m Susan Jane Harrison
        • Clifford J. Gallagher b 19 Feb 1897 Argonia, KS m Ruby L. Crocker N73517
  • John Gallagher b c1800 Drumbrisny, Co. Roscommon, Ireland - Brien Gallagher [agher AT]
    • Farrell Gallagher b c1830 Drumbrisny, Co. Roscommon, Ireland
      • John Gallagher b 1852 Drumbrisny, Co. Roscommon, Ireland d 1932 m Margaret Moffitt
        • Thomas Gallagher b 13 Oct 1877 Drumbrisny, Co. Roscommon, Ireland d 4 Dec 1942 m Mary Agnes Bradley
          • John Gallagher b 23 Aug 1903 Birr Castle, Co. Offally, Ireland d 5 Dec 1995 m Audrey Conklin 156015 
  • Thomas Gallaher b c1802-1804  m. Mary Ann "Polly" Evans TN  d aft 1850 - Becky C [beckyc AT]; Marjorie Foster-Kill [bttrswt AT]
    • Samuel Gallaher b 30 Jun 1830 Athens, McMinn, TN d 7 Jun 1902 Kingston, Adams, IL m Marha Mathilda Thomas
      • Rose Gallaher b 1873 Chestline, Adams, IL d 26 Feb 1941 Quincy, Adams, IL m Henry Albert Daugherty 80173
      • Charles Samuel Gallaher b 11 Oct 1879 Chestline, Adams, IL d 3 Sep 1946 Payson, Adams, IL m Lucy Margaret Schmalshoff
        • Russell William Gallaher b 13 Nov 1915 Pike Co., IL d 22 Feb 1995 Quincy, Adams, IL m Mary Ann Jansen 76057
    • Sarah Ann Gallaher b TN  1838  m. John Houston Caves  d 1902
  • Charles Golliher, b 1810 (?), m Elizabeth (Massey?) - K. Meredith [ke6129me AT]
    • James Washington Golliher, b 12/4/1837 Keokuck, Lee Co., IL; m. Clarissa Ann Bledsoe
      • Walter B. Golliher, b 4/9/1887 Warsaw, IL; m. Lessie Elisa Daugherty G-9 66472
  • Jacob Hood b 1813 near Burke County, NC d 1880-1900 Caldwell County, NC m Delitha Ramsey - Sam Hood [notsogringa AT]
    • Sidney Hood b 1845 Caldwell County, NC d 1865 Point Look Out, MD m Henrietta Martin
      • James Baxter Hood b 1861 Caldwell County, NC d 1935 Caldwell County, NC m Mary Adeline Piercy/Pearcy
        • Alfred David Hood b 1899 Caldwell County, NC d 1968 m Flossie Tedder 83591
  • William Gallagher b 10 Jan 1814 Ireland m Elizabeth Swan - Ray Gallagher [raykim83 AT]
    • Thomas William Gallagher b 1 Sep 1850 New Brunswick, Canada m Eunice P. Boone
      • Robert Nelson Gallagher b 20 Mar 1885 m Dora Ethel MacLean 275826
  • Florence James Gallagher b 1828 Ireland m Bridget Riley - GlenG [gallag70 AT]
    • Florence James Gallagher b 1857 Bureau Co., IL m Sarah Cain
      • Francis G. Gallagher b 1893 Champaign Co., IL m Hilda Schum 124204
  • Daniel Gallagher, b1841 Londenderry, No. Ireland,  m Anne Maquire - Dan Jenkins [dan_jenkins66 AT]
    • Daniel Gallagher b 1874, m Ellen Moor 
      • Daniel Alponsus Gallagher, b 1896, m Catherine McCool G-1 44433
  • Daniel M. Gallagher b Sep 1843 Donegal, Ireland d 1906 Echo, PA m Eliza Jane Marshall - Darlene Cass [darlenecass AT]
    • James Gallagher
    • Elmer Ellsworth Gallagher b 19 Sep 1891 Weat Mahoning, Indiana, PA d 15 Sep 1968 m Bertha McDivett 150560
  • Edward Gallagher b 1857 Co. Mayo, Ireland m Susan Mary Paul - [gallagher.da AT]
    • Thomas Edward Gallagher b 1879 Hartlepool, Co. Durham, Ireland m Ethel Blanche Austen
      • Thomas Paul Gallagher b 1911 Lemington-on-Tyne, England m Hilda Simms 167421
  • Daniel Gallagher, b c1859, Ireland G-12 75928
  • Michael Gallagher b. 1866 Achill, Mayo, Ireland G-13 77996



Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Owin (Owen) Gallagher b c1773 Kilrean, Kilteevogue, Donegal, Ireland - gallftree1973
    • Unknown Gallagher b Kilrean, Kilteevogue, Donegal, Ireland
      • John Gallagher b Kilrean, Kilteevogue, Donegal, Ireland
        • Patrick Gallagher b 1836 m Bridget McGlynn  Kilrean, Kilteevogue, Donegal, Ireland
          • John Gallagher b 1860 m Sarah Temple Kilrean, Kilteevogue, Donegal, Ireland
            • Patrick Gallagher b 1904  m Annie O'Meara  Dublin, Ireland
  • William Gallagher b c 1795 m Letita Mitchell - Erin [rinba AT]
    • William Gallagher b 1826 Ervey, Lower Cumber, Londonderry, Ireland m Jane Donaghy, Brackfield, Lower Cumber, Londonderry Ireland
      • Mitchell Gallagher b 24 Nov 1867 East Boston, MA, USA m Margaret Sarah Gillis
        • William Gallagher b 6 Apr 1900 East Bost, MA USA m Katherine Rogers (also Rodrigues)
  • Patrick Gallagher b 1816 Swinford, Mayo, Ireland m Mary H. Heaney - Pat Gallagher [tobinmoher AT]
    • John F. Gallagher b Oct. 1854 Livingston Co., NY m Mary Hendee (Leonard)
      • Francis J. Gallagher b 8 Feb 1891 Waupaca Co., WI m Marguerite Mayott
        • Eugene F. Gallagher b 1915 Langlade Co., WI m Marie Moher








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