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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

  • Fulton, Alexander b: c1700 d:1762 m: Elizabeth,  PA>MD>NC-                              Diane Renfrow [dianel14 AT]
    • Fulton, Francis Sr., c:1735 d:1770 m: Ann Matthews, Stokes county NC
      • Fulton, Frances Jr., c:1763/68 d: 1849 m: Mary Ward, Stokes County NC
        • Fulton, Francis III, c:1800 d:1877 m: Jane Young, Stokes County NC
          • Fulton, Enoch K, b:1839 d: aft 1910 m: Frances Jane Westmoreland Stokes County NC
            • Fulton, Nancy Lillie, b:1871 d: 1950 m:1889 Henry Clay Yates Stokes County NC
  • Fulton, Alexander b: c1700 d: 1762 Cecil County MD m: Elizabeth                           -Heather [Dkujaw4947 AT]
    • Fulton, Samuel m: Jane formerly Taylor d:1811
      • Fulton, Jesse "judge" b: 1760 d:1835 m: Lucy Kimberly later m Sarah Daniels formerly Jones b:1787
        • Fulton, Lewis Robert b:1826 in OH d: 12 May 1900 in Onaga KS m Rosetta Day
          • Fulton, Mary Belle b: Aug 1862 in IL d: 1931 in Havensville, KS m: Joseph Newell Clark
  • Fulton, Abraham b:1712 Articlave, N. Ireland, d:1787, m: Margaret Guthrie                -Steven W Folkers [swf2262 AT aol.ccom]
    • Fulton, Robert b:1751 Articlave, N. Ireland d: 1820 PA, m: Nancy (Agnes) Sloan
      • Fulton, Abraham b:1794 PA d: 1881 IN. m: Jane Turner
        • Fulton, James Sloan b: 1835, d: 1904 IN, m: Martha Hughart
          • Fulton, George Leone b: 1865 IN, d: 1941 IL, m: Lucia Mae Farrington d:1936
            • Fulton, Leilia Pearl Fulton b: 1897 IL, d: 1973 IL, m: 1928 Herbert Peter Folkers d:1986
  • Fulton, James b: 1763 N. Ireland d: 1823 Butler Co. PA m: Agnes Thompson                    -Tom Fulton [tjf.genes AT]
    • Fulton, Mary (Polly) b: 1785 d: 1869 m: William Clendenning
    • Fulton, John b: 1787 d:1856 m: Ann Hays
    • Fulton, Samuel b: 1790 d: 1858 m: unknown
    • Fulton, William b: 1792 (twin of Robert)
    • Fulton, Robert  b: 1792 (twin of William)
    • Fulton, James B b:1795 d: 1858 m: Jane Hays
    • Fulton, Agnes b: 1800 d: (infant)
    • Fulton, Jesse (b: 1797 Allegheny Co. PA d:1870 m: Margaret Brown
      • Fulton, Samuel Thompson b: 1837 Butler Co. PA d: 1892 m: Louise Huey
        • Fulton, Jacob b: 1876 Butler Co. PA d: 1936 m: Edna Mahan
          • Fulton, W b: 1915 Washington Co. PA d: 2003 m: Living
            • Fulton, (Living)                F17 131635
  • Fulton, James Jackson b: 1780 Derry, Ireland d:1869 Rimersburg, PA                     -Ben Fulton [benmarkfulton AT]
    • Fulton, Cochran b: 11 Jan 1808 in Clarion, PA d: 3 Feb 1892
      • Fulton, Charles Clinton b: 2 Jul 1852 in Strattanville, PA d: 7 Jul 1920 in Brookville, PA
        • Fulton, Carl Jesse Craft b: 23 Jun 1888 in Strattanville, PA, d: 16 Nov 1946 in Warren, OH
          • Fulton, Jesse Woodrow Wilson b: 30 Nov 1912 in Buffalo, NY, d:Jan 2000 in Willoughby, OH
  • Fulton, David b: 1795 Guilford Co. NC; d: 1875 Shelby Co. AL. m: Rebecca Lindsay   - J Bush [ jbush3838 AT]
    • Fulton, James Monroe b: 1825, Shelby Co. AL. d: 1882 Shelby Co. AL. m: Martha Jane Lemley
      • Fulton, James Walter b: 1863, Shelby Co. AL; d:1944, Mobile AL m: Susan Alice Richards
        • Fulton, William Henry b: 1896 Shelby Co. AL; d: 1991, Alexandria VA. m: Mina Lucile Townley
          • Fulton, (F), b: 1938 Amory MS
          • Fulton, (M) b: 1945 Birmingham AL     F-16 100242 
  • Fulton, Neal b: c1800 VA m: Lucy Harris 1821 MO                                                  -Donna Fulton Price [donnak AT] 
  • Fulton, John b: c1800 in Londonderry, N. Ireland m: Nancy                                       -Lena Reid [lenareid AT]
    • Fulton, David b: 1829 in Upper Alla, Claudy, Londonderry N. Ireland m: Isabella Sproul
    • Fulton, John m: Rose Ann McDermott Upper Cumber, Londonderry
      • Fulton, William James 1855-1928 Londonderry, N. Ireland m: Rebecca Dunn
      • Fulton, Robert  b: 1857 m: Minnie Hill (emigrated to Toronto, Canada, 1911)
      • Fulton, Isobella b:1860 Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland m: Robert H Dunn
      • Fulton, Andrew b: 1861 Liscloon, Co Tyrone, N. Ireland
      • Fulton, David b: Sep 1864 in Liscloon, Co.Tyrone. N Ireland. d:1944 m: Marion Watson b:1875 Scotland
        • Fulton, Robert b:1913 in Belfast, Co. Antrim. N. Ireland d: 2000 m: Lena McKay
          • Fulton, Robert N. Ireland     F-09 73996
  • Fulton, John b:c1800-1809 Ireland m:Sarah McDowell d:1899 Huron Co. Ontario, Canada-Randy Fulton [ranzac216 AT]
    • Fulton, James b: c1829 Northern Ireland, m: Margaret Cruise d: 1909, Huron Co. Ontario Canada
      • Fulton, Samuel b: 1859, Ontario, Canada, m: Jane Armstrong d: 1934 Lapeer Co. Michigan  
        • Fulton, James "Harry" b:1881 Lapeer Co.Michigan m:Elizabeth Boeneman d:1969 Lapeer Co.Michigan F-12 85371
  • Fulton, James b: c 1804 N. Ireland d: July 1890 m: 1826 to ukn.                               -Ross Fulton  [rwfulton AT]
    • Fulton, Joseph b: 1827, N. Ireland d: 1905 m: Maryanne Burris 1848
      • Fulton, Joseph Burris b: 1861 Broagh, L/Derry, N. Ireland d: 1934 m:1897 Marion Margaret Steel (to Sydney 1891)
        • Fulton, George Hugh William b: 1915 West Wallsend, NSW, Australia d: 1976 Sydney
          • Fulton, Ross William living, Sydney, NSW, Australia       F-14 97326
  • Fulton, John                                                                                                   -Craig Fulton [CRF8 AT]
    • Fulton, William, b: c1806, m: Mary Anne Fulton, 1845 in Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone, Ireland 
      • Fulton, Isabella  b: c1849/59, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, m: William Fulton m: Feb 12, 1874 in Newtownstewart, Ireland F-02 29661
  • Fulton, Thomas Jefferson b: c1817 in Virginia d:c1878 Jefferson Cty Alabama m:Rutha Massey -E. Howell [ottermed AT]
    • Fulton, T, b: 1865. Alabama
    • Fulton, Sophia b: 1868. Alabama
    • Fulton, Thomas W b: 1870. Alabama
    • Fulton, Samuel b: 1873. Alabama
    • Fulton, John David b: 1876; d: 1939. Fulton Springs, Alabama  M: (1) Ella Mae Turner. M: (2) unknown
      • Fulton, Joseph Clarence b: 1904, and d: 1975.  M: Margaret Leona Kinard. 
        • Fulton, Living m: Earl O Howell b: 1924, and d:1999.
        • Howell, E (Living)
  • Fulton, John m: Janet Fairlie                                                                                             -[jeinarso AT]
    • Fulton, Robert b: 1815 in New Luce, Scotland m: Elizabeth McWhirter b: abt.1811 in Scotland
      • Fulton, Hugh b:1850 in Barrhill, Colmonell, Ayr, Scotland m: Annie Cleaver b:1864 Listowel, Ontario, Canada
          • Fulton, Wilfred Laurier b: 1895 in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada m Bessie G Bateman b:1898 Thedford, Ontario
          • Fulton, Vera b: 24 Jan 1922 in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada
  • Fulton, Robert                                                                                                         Craig Fulton [CRF8 AT
    • Fulton, Mary Anne, b: c1818, Beaghs, Ardstraw, Ireland,m:William Fulton, c1806 m: 1845, Newtownstewart, Co.Tyrone 29661
  • Fulton, George William  b:1820, Geneva, NY, m: Mary A Brooks                                  -Becca Fulton [Mamacole7 AT ]

·         Fulton, Wilburn "Dump"  b: 1829 Grayson County, VA , m: Jane Phipps                    - Eric Fulton [eric.fulton AT]

o    Fulton, Elbert "Judge" Martin , m: Sophronia E. Dotson

o   Fulton, (Foltyn) Joseph b: abt. 1895, d: 1959 m: Anna Lutkowoska

·         Fulton, Raymond Joseph b: 1928; died 1994 m: Frances Rose Capan b: 1928 176559



Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 


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