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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .

  • John Forsythe b. 1751 Derry Cavan Ireland m. Susannah Griffith b Wales
    • Elijah Forsythe b. 1786 b. Lancaster PA. m. Susanah McConnell b Wales
      • John Walter Forsythe b Ohio
        • WALTER PEMBERTON (1872-1949) m. SARAH CATHERINE  KENNEDY (1876-1953)
  • WALTER WELLINGTON (1896-1977) m. MARGARET ANNA HALEY (1902-1991)- Kit: 208852 

 Haplogroup BY575


  • Alexander Forsythe, b ~1780, Antrim, N. Ireland, m Jane/Janett White -kschimitz788 AT
    • William Forsythe, b 1813, Ballyalbanagh, Antrim, Northern Ireland, m Agnes Moore
      • Hugh White Forsythe, b 22 AUG 1870, Larne, Antrim, Northern Ireland, m Mary Ellena Fleming
        • John White Forsythe, b 15 AUG 1909, Saint Louis, MO USA, m Ethel Grace -Kit: B1497
Haplogroup BY575
  • William Forsythe, b Feb 4, 1825, Glasgow Scotland, m Jeannette Wilson, Jessie - thomasforsythe AT
    • Allen Ernest Forrsythe, b June 1 1873, Woodson, Illinois USA, m Zada Eunice Miner
      • Henry Miner Forsythe, b Aug 3, 1929, St. Boniface Manitoba Canada, m Lolabelle Dove
        • Thomas Allen Forsythe, b Feb 2, 1952, Coldwater, Mich USA, m Margaret Rose Culbert Kit: 224084
  • William Forsythe, b. ~1728, Scotland.   d~ 1779, Ballinderry, Antrim, N. Ireland
    • John Forsythe, b. ~1759, Ballinderry, Antrim, N. Ireland, m. Alice George
      • William Forsythe, b. ~1801, Aghalee, Antrim, N. Ireland, d. ~1870, m. Mary Compton (?)
        • James Forsythe, b. 7 Nov 1832, Aghalee, Antrim, N. Ireland, d. 13 Mar 1904, m. Margaret Maxwell
          • William Henry Forsythe, b. 28 Sep 1872, Agahlee, Antrim, N. Ireland, d. 1948, m. Jane Walker FORSYTHE Kit: 241609



  • Andrew Forsyth, b. 1743 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, m. Agnes Loughead, d. 1814 in PA
    • William Temple Forsyth, b. 1788 in PA, m. Elizabeth Gaskins, d. 1876
      • John Curry Forsyth, b. 1839 in PA, m. Mary Alice Gulick, d. 1915
        • Charles Gulick Forsyth, b. 1866 in Northumberland, PA, m. Anna Elizabeth Burke, d. 1920



  • John Forsythe  b. 1793 New Brunswick m. Catherine ? b. 1799?  d. Both are buried in Dawson Settlement, New Brunswick, Canada
    • William Forsythe b. 1845 Prince Edward Island, Canada m. Susan Walters 1848-
    • Gurney R. Forsythe (dropped e off Forsyth) b. 1860/1870? Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada m. Lillian B. Oliver  b.1875 ? Boston, Mass. 
      • Percy Clifford Forsythe (dropped e) off Forsyth b. 02-14-1903 Somerville, Mass d. 11-07-1960 Cambridge, Mass. m. 10-1928 Madeleine Englay Morrison/Morizen b. 12-25-1909 Somerville, Mass. d. 03-14-1978 Boston /Malden, Mass.
        • Richard Arthur Forsyth Sr. b.11-14-1932 Boston, Mass. m. Jean Marie Borden b.11-22-1931 Minn - Kit: 233863


  • Mathew Forsyth B: 1791 Lanarkshire, Scotland  m. Helen Brown -
    • James Forsyth B:1821 Lanarkshir, Scotland.  m. Agnes McDonald
      • Archibald Forsyth B:1850 Lanarkshire, Scotland m. Agnes Irvine
        • James McDonald Forsyth B: 1879 stirlinshire, Scotland m. 1. Christina Woods 2. Philomena Yancey - Kit: 240502


  • Alexander Forsyth (~1746-1829) m. ~1765, Rachel Lindsay - tjforsythe AT
    • Isaac Forsyth (~1765-~1831) m. 1792, Frances Brown
      • Oliver Forsyth (~1796-<1834) m. 1818, Margaret Layson
  • Alpha L. Forsyth (1819-1891) m. 1844, Lucinda Ann Witt
  • William Henry Forsyth (1845-1871) m. 1865, Martha Lurinda McFarland
    • William Marion Forsyth (1871-1904) m. 1892, Margaret Scully
    • William Henry Forsyth(e) (1893-1974) m. 1917, Minnie Elizabeth Hupmhrey 274437


  • Alexander Forsyth - anne.macinnes1 AT
  • Donald Forsyth   b May 1781 Avoch  Scotland     m Janet Munro
    • Donald Forsyth   b Apr  1805 Suddie Scotland     m Catherine Fraser
      • Kenneth Forsyth b 1850      Beauly Scotland       m Christina MacDonald
        • Simon Forsyth    b Sept 1886 Dingwall Scotland m Helen Murray   Kit - 283516


  • James Forsythe, b. circa 1790 had six children, wife unknown:
    • Joseph Forsythe
    • Sarah Forsythe
    • Cathrine Forsythe
    • Margaret Forsythe (my paternal ggm who married Robert McElrea)
    • Samuel Forsythe
    • Cunningham Forsythe

The name Cunningham appears several times in this family, so there's a good chance it is a surname connected to his wife or mother. I have a DNA match to descendants of another James Forsythe b. 1835, m. Summer Somerville, who emigrated to New Zealand in 1873 but we have not found the link.



  • James Forsythe m Ann Beattie
  • James Forsythe b.c. 1835 County Tyrone, N Ireland m Summer Somerville 11 Jan 1855 Newtonstewart, Country Tyrone, N Ireland
  • Joseph Forsythe b. 14 Nov 1872 Gortin, County Tyrone, N Ireland m. Alice Caroline Townsend 22 May 1895 Christchurch, New Zealand d. 24 Aug 1954 Christchurch, New Zealand
  • James and Summer Forsythe emigrated with their 9 children to Canterbury, New Zealand in 1873                                                                                          Kit 356606


  • James L. Forsythe    b.1819 KY, m.23 Sept 1845 Madison Co. KY to Emaline Richardson 
  •  Jesse James Forsythe b.4 June 1846 KY, m.9 Sept 1884 to Julia Ann 
  •  Samuel Ernest Forsythe b.26 Mar 1905 KY, m.26 Dec 1926 Climax, KY to Anna Belle Dalton
    •  Randall Eugene Forsythe b.3 Feb 1935, Butler Co. Ohio, m. 1953 to Barbara Evelyn Stanifer
  •  Ricky Lee Forsythe  Ohio -(brother) Kit# 442059-A902080
  • Carolyn Forsythe Smith b. Ohio Kit# A532894
  • John Forsyth, b. 15 Dec 1802, Monreagh, Co. Donegal, N. Ireland, m. Jane Osborne
  • William Forsyth, b. 26 Feb 1835, Saint John, N.B., Canada, m. Seraphina Baker
  • John Raymond Forsyth, b. 21 Sept 1863, Margaretsville, Annapolis, N.S., Canada, m. Gertrude Francis McIlveen
  • Joseph Christopher Forsyth, b. 3 Nov 1901, Lynn, Mass., USA, m. Ruth Hilda Barras
  • John Edward Forsythe, b. 24 Sept 1928, Lynn, Mass., USA, m. Harriet Greenberg
  •  Kit# A92306                                                           e-mail 
  • Haplogroup BY 575
  •  Ninian Forsythe b. 1795 UK, m. Alison Meikle 11 Jun. 1820, Westruther, Berwick, Scotland.
    • Elizabeth Forsythe b. 1 Oct 1824, Westruther, Berwick, Scotland. d. 27 Feb 1921, Ontario, Can. m. Hezekiah Helps, 1847, Ontario Can. Kit#F249093
Haplogroup BY575

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