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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

Flynn / Flinn / O'Flynn / O'Floinn / Lynn

Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Patrick Flynn in Ireland c1702, d c1784 Caswell Co. NC, m Mary  - Richard W Flynn [rwflynn AT]
    • John Flynn in Orange Co., NC 1757, d 1842 Stokes Co. NC, m Nancy Whitlock
      • Alfred Flynn in Stokes Co., NC 1794, d 1885 Forsyth Co NC, m Mary Calhoun
        • Constantine Flynn in Guilford Co., NC 1822, d in Guilford Co NC, 1902, m Lucy Carey Jones in Stokes Co NC 1845
          • Thomas Franklin Flynn in Stokes Co., NC 1846, d 1876, m Elizabeth A. Southern in Rockingham Co NC 1871
            • William Romulus Flynn in Forsyth Co., NC 1872, d in Newport News VA 1943, m Effie Elizabeth Walker
              • Walter Jasper Flynn in Forsyth Co., NC 1900, d 1989 Prince Georges Co., MD m Mary Belle Koontz F-4 31709
      • Jesse Washington b 1801 Stokes Co., NC d 1873 Independence Co. Ar.
        • Robert Lee b 1871 Independence Co., AR d 1962 Independence Co. AR F-1 9663
          • Monroe Lee F-3 31708


Researchers don't agree on the details of Ancestry of this family or how many of these possible generations can be supported by paper trail.  That work remains to be resolved.  Using all of the possible generations - only to show connection - not to support one paper trail over another, the outline family in gold is how the researchers would connect.  However, there is not even agreement among the researchers that Thomas had 5 sons.  


  • Edmond O'Floin (or Edmond Flynn)
    • Thomas Flinn/Flynn
      • Laughlin Sr
        • Laughlin Jr
          • Thomas
            • John  F-2 9665  - John Flinn [johnflinn111 AT]
            • Thomas  F-5 32594
            • Laughlin - Marie Lockhart [mlockhart AT]
            • William - Clarice [clarice AT]
            • Jacob -  Bill Williams [billwms AT]  
  • Edmond O'Floinn b abt 1570, Ulster,  Ireland d 1646 York Co, Va.- John Flinn [johnflinn111 AT]
    • Thomas Flinn b Ireland after 1610, m. Mary Laughlin , 1640 in Wexford
      • Laughlin, Sr. b about 1679, Ireland d Kent Co. Md. 1731
        • Laughlin Flynn, Jr.,  b. c1700, County Down, d. 5-1-1759 in Lunenberg Co., VA.., m. Elizabeth Stokes
          • Thomas, Sr b. 1731,  Prince George Co., VA. m. Elizabeth Wright.
            • John, b. 1760, b.1760, Surry Co. NC
              • John, Jr. b. 1790. Surry Co., NC
                • Thomas Travis, b. 2-2-1812,  Surry Co., NC. m. Jemima Hanks Palmer
                  • John William, b. 1850, Anderson Co., TX., m. Louise Alice Usleama
                    • John William, Jr., b. 12-8-1887, Palestine, TX.  m.Arilla Bradshaw F-2 9665 
  • Edmund Flynn b c1600 County Down, Ulster, Ireland d Unknown - Marie Lockhart [mlockhart AT]
    • Thomas Flynn b c1620 County Down, Ireland, m Mary Laughlin 1660  Wexford, Ireland, d 1680 Kent Co. Maryland
      • Laughlin Flynn, Sr. b c1679 County Down, Ireland, m Margaret Neale, d before March 3, 1730/31 Kent Co. Maryland
        • Laughlin Flynn, Jr b Ireland bet 1702-1705, m Elizabeth Stoker 1719, d 1758 Lunenburg, Va.
          • Thomas Flynn b 1725 Prince George Co. Va., m Elizabeth Laughlin, d c1783 Orange Co. N.C
            • Laughlin Flynn b 1758 Surry Co. NC, m Elizabeth Wright, d bet 1833-1834 Morgan Co. Il
              • James Flynn b 1781, m  Frances Martin, d 1850
                • William Clinton Flynn b 1814, m Cynthia Hall, d 1924
                  • James Robert Flynn b 1844, m  Margaret Scott, d 1924
                    • Sidney Monroe Flynn b 1871, m  Blanchie Kiser,  d 1943
                      • Ernest Gray Flynn b 1899, m  Nonnie Scott, d 1968 F-1 9663
  • William Lynn b 1773 KY m Elizabeth Stoops - Duain Roger Linn [kaysy AT]
    • Samuel T. Lynn b 24 May 1830 KY m Mary Ann Pleugh
      • Robert Alonzo Linn b 1850 IL m Mary Agnew Wortz
        • Frank George Linn b 7 Mar 1880 Maine Prarie, Stearns Co., MN m Velona Elvira Linn
          • Roy Albert Linn Sr. b 28 Feb 1913 Kimball, Stearns Co., MN m1 Lorraine Cole m2 Benedicta Marquart 245376
  • James Benedict Flynn b c 1800, Cork, Ireland - Edward James Maloney, Jr. [jim AT]
    • ​John Flynn b May 1838, Cork, Ireland m Catherine Cecelia Sweeney 321408
  • William Lynn d 1812 m Julia Lynn of Ireland - Robert Lynn [robert.lynn7 AT]
    • William Lynn b 30 Nov 1812 NYC m Marie Cady
      • James E. Lynn b 2 Apr 1833
      • Jenette C. Lynn b 1839
      • Erskin Delos Lynn b 1 Nov 1842
      • Charles Rufus Lynn b 16 Apr 1845
      • Almeran S. Lynn b 10 Jul 1847
      • George W. Lynn b 21 Jun
      • Nellie Lynn b 16 Jul 1851
      • Frank C. Lynn b 17 May 1855
      • Ada Lynn b 1858
        • Charles Rufus Lynn b Amelia Amanda Collins b 23 Apr 1854
          • William Wallace Lynn b 30 Jan 1874
          • Alma A. Lynn b 17 Nov 1878
          • Clayton Lynn b 26 Feb 1884
          • Delos Lynn b 26 Mar 1886
          • Florence A. Lynn b 26 Aug 1891
          • Ruth Lynn b 2 Jul 1899 170222
  • Timothy Flynn b c1800 Co. Cork, Ireland m Mary or Ellen - Tom Flynn [taflynn71 AT]
    • Timothy Flynn b c1818 Co. Cork, Ireland m Mary Kelley
      • Jeremiah Flynn b c1848 Boston, MA m Annie T. Jones
        • Orlando Flynn b c1877 Boston, MA m Emma Crowley
          • William Flynn b c1903 Boston, MA m Alice Powers 173654
  • William Colataness Flynn b 18 Apr 1804 Laurens Co., SC d 5 Jun 1889 m Rebecca Arnold - Joan Martin [Joanbluebird AT]
    • Mary Susan Flynn b 17 Apr 1834 TN d 1 Sep 1898 MS m William Jenkins 86281
  • Patrick Flynn born c1806 Cork? Ireland, m. Bridget Sullivan - Mike Flynn [mikeflynn AT]
    • Patrick Flynn b 1852 m Catherine Quinn
      • Peter J. Flynn b 1890 m Catherine Moran F-24 82467
  • Patrick Flynn b c1835 Listry, Milltown, Ireland m Mary Breen - Dan Flynn [dflynn01473 AT]
    • Ellen Flynn b 1857 Firies, Listry, Kerry, Ireland
    • Timothy "Tadgh" Flynn b 1865 Rockfield East, Kerry, Ireland m Honora Daley
      • Patrick b 1891 Killarney, Ireland d 1955 Killarney, Ireland
      • Molly Flynn b 1892 Killarney, Ireland d 1951 Dublin, Ireland m James Thomas
      • Michael Flynn b 1894 Killarney, Ireland d c1952 New York City, NY m Eileen Sherlock
      • Julia Flynn b 1895 Killarney, Ireland d 1978 Killarney, Ireland m Beaufort Coffey
      • Elizabeth Flynn b 1897 Killarney, Ireland d 1965 New York City, NY m Patrick Sherlock
      • John Flynn b 1898 Killarney, Ireland d bef 1903 Killarney, Ireland
      • Daniel Flynn b 1902 Killarney, Ireland d 1897 Chicopee, MA m Catherine Murphy
      • Jeremiah Flynn b 1903 Killarney, Ireland d 1963 Worcester, MA m1 Annie Fitzgerald m2 Frances Haley
      • Nora Flynn b 1906 Killarney, Ireland d 1987 Killarney, Ireland m Patrick O'Sullivan
    • Mary Flynn b 1868 Mollahiefe, Kerry, Ireland 12294
  • Thomas Flynn m Johanna Leary (aka Hannah O'Leary) Ireland c1850
    • John Joseph Flynn b 25 Feb 1859 Ballylanders, County Limerick, Ireland m  Mary Kinnane
      • John Joseph Flynn b April 1893 Fitchburg, MA d April 1977 Fitchburg, MA
        • Thaddeus Patrick Flynn b Aug 1937 Fitchburg, MA d 17 May 2005 Lakeland, FL
          • Mark Steven F-10 N16797




Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Laughlin Flinn in Prince George Co., VA 1718 from Ireland, Will probated Lunenburg Co. VA. May 1, 1759
    • Thomas Flinn b c1730 Lunenburg Co, VA, m Elizabeth, d 1783/84 N.C.
      • William Flinn b c1755 Lunenburg, VA., m Leah Speer,  d 1837/38 Lawrence Co. IN - Clarice [clarice AT]
        • Robert Flinn b c1784 probably Surry Co. N.C., m Sally Weddle,  d Feb 18, 1840 Lawrence Co. IN.
          • William Flinn b 1807 Surry Co. NC, North America Tatum,  d 8-12-1847 Lawrence Co. IN.
            •  Robert Newton Flinn b 10-6-1837 Lawrence Co .IN., m May Elizabeth Guthrie, d 7-20-1912 Lawrence Co. IN.
              •  Sarah Jane Flinn b 1-7-1860 Lawrence Co. IN, m Albert Morris Faris,  d 1-3-1930 Indian Springs, Matins Co. IN.
  • Laughlin Flinn d c1758 Lunenburg Co., VA
    • Thomas Flinn b c1730 prob Prince Geo. Co., VA, d. ca 1783 Surry Co., NC
      • Jacob Flinn b c1760 prob Lunenburg Co., VA, m. Sarah Martin, d 1846 Lawrence Co., IN
        • Mary Flinn b c1793 NC, m. Isaac Williams, d aft 1870 Daviess Co., IN - Bill Williams [billwms AT]
  • John Flynn b 30 Dec 1819 Co. Cork, Ireland d 6 Jul 1896 Jacksonville, IL m Catherine O'Brien - Paul E. Flynn [peflynn AT]
    • Lawrence Joseph Flynn b 12 Jan 1885 Jacksonville, IL d 3 Oct 1950 m Annie Mandeville
      • Thomas Joseph Flynn b 8 Jul 1888 Jacksonville, IL d 21 Aug 1939 m Theresa Louise Magner
  • Michael J. Flynn b Sep 1851 Ireland, to USA in 1862, m Hellen Cullen 1894 d ? India Arthur Bailey Flynn, Jr. [maxab AT]
    • John E. Flynn b 01 May 1897 Lawrence, MA m Marion G. Bailey 1920 d 1962 Napa, CA
      • Arthur B. Flynn Sr., b 10 Aug 1922 Lawrence, MA, m Susanne Schwinger
  • Joseph Thomas Flynn b 16 Dec 1836 GA   m Martha Jane Windborn - [deniseflynn18 AT]
    • James Walter Flynn b 3 Mar 1872 Lincoln County TN  m, Johnnie Caldorina "Callie" Anderson
      •  James Thomas Flynn b 3 Jun 1898 Lincoln County TN  S m, Edna Mae Hester

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