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 By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • William Fytche b 1398 d 24 Apr 1466 Essex Co., England - Alan Fitch [adfitch AT]
    • John Fitch b c1437 Essex, England d 9 Apr 1468 Wicken Bonhunt, Essex, England m Juliana
      • Thomas Fitch b 1465 Essex, England d 21 Apr 1514 Essex Co., England m Agnes Algore
        • Roger Fitch b c1500 Bocking, Essex, England d 1559 Essex, England m Margery
          • George Fitch b 1540 Brason Head, Essex, England d 12 May 1605 Bocking, Essex, England m Joan Thurgood
            • Thomas Fitch b 12 Jun 1590 Bocking, Essex, England d 1633 Bocking, Essex, Englnad m Anne Reve
              • Thomas Fitch b 14 Oct 1612 Bocking, Essex, England d 14 Apr 1704 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT m Anne Stacie
                • Thomas Fitch b 1640 Bocking, Essex, England d 1684 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT m Ruth Clark
                  • Thomas Fitch, Gov. of CT b 1696 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT d 18 Jul 1774 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT m Hannah Hall
                    • Ebenezer Fitch b 25 Sep 1729 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT d 23 Feb 1762 Wilton, Fairfield, CT m Lydia Mills
                      • Ebenezer Fitch b 9 Sep 1755 Wilton, Fairfield, CT d 14 May 1817 Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, NY m Sarah Hobby
                        • Ebenezer Fitch b 27 Mar 1783 Wilton, Fairfield, CT d 6 Jul 1830 Butler, Wayne, NY m Polly Howland
                          • Ebenezer Howland Fitch b 18 Dec 1814 NY d 21 Jul 1888 Walworth, Wayne, NY m Jane Douglass
                            • Frederick Douglass Fitch b 17 Jun 1870 Walworth, Wayne, NY d 12 Sep 1964 Northampton, Hampshire, MA m Charlotte Hackstaff Waring
                              • John Douglass Fitch b 18 Dec 1903 Montclair, Essex, NJ d 9 Dec 2003 Vero Beach, FL m Mary Hamilton Grover 243543
  • Roger Fitch b 1498 Widdington, Essex, England d 1558 Bocking, Essex, England - Ann Marie [aj1946writer AT]
    • William Fitch b 1533 St. Albans Co., Hertfordshire, England d 1574
      • Hugh Fitch b 14 Mar 1561 Canada d 14 Apr 1620 Reading, Middlesex, MA
        • Zacharire Fitch b 25 Jan 1589 St. Albans Co., Hertfordshire, England d 9 Jun 1662  Reading, Middlesex, MA
          • Benjamin Fitch b 1640 St. Albans Co., Hertfordshire, England
            • William (W. M.) Fitch b 1680 Queen Anne, Prince George's, MD d 11 Aug 1787 Baltimore, MD
              • Mary Ann Fitch b 1716 Baltimore, MD d c1786 Washington Co., VA 114910
  • Ezekiel Fitch, b. 11 Mar 1732 d. Nov 1811 m. Susannah Higley - Donna Starring [wonder_woman AT]
    • Abel Fitch, b. 17 Nov 1750 Lebanon, New London Co. CT, m. Lydia Abell
      • Abel Fitch, b. 7 Jul 1774 Lebanon, New London Co. CT m. Martha Barnett
        • Stephen H. Fitch, b. 17 Jul 1807 Kinderhook, Chautauqua Co., NY m1 Louisa Martha Collins m2 Julia Chamberlain
          • Henry M. Fitch b. 23 Feb 1839 Romeo, MI m. Louisa Margaret Collins
            • Ada L. Fitch b. 26 Jul 1864 Rochester, Oakland Co., MI m. William Shutler Starring
  • Joseph B. Fitch b c1765 Fayette Co., PA m Susannah Pettit - Robert H. Fitch [rbrtfitch AT]
    • Benjamin E. Fitch b 27 Oct 1794 m Ollie Burris
      • Salathiel Burris Fitch b 22 Sep 1824 Lewis Co., KY m Nancy A. Rankin
        • George William Fitch b 23 Aug 1866 Crittenden, Grant Co., KY m Nancy Margaret Fouts
          • John Tecumseh Fitch b 31 May 1895 Crittenden, Grant Co., KY m Maybelle Edna Porter 80122
  • Henry Fitch b.1774, d. 07 Mar 1849 ME m. Martha Fish - RonaldFitch [wa1lcr AT]
    • Henry Anson Fitch b.1810, d.1895 Washington Co., ME m Jane Speed
      • Albert S. Fitch b. 1838 m. Herriet Ames
        • William Herbert Fitch b c1889 in Perry ME m. Myra Etta Tucker
          • Cleo Sherman Fitch b. 07 Jul 1906 in Perry, ME d Jul 1984 in Bridgeport, CT m. Florence H. Hilderbrand
  • Stephen Fitch d c1856 Jackson Co., OH m Susannah Vance - jmisky [jmisky AT]
    • Elizabeth Fitch b 1841 OH
    • Barbara Demariaus b 1843 OH
    • Peter Leonard Fitch b 1845 OH d c1917 Grand Rapids, MI m Geogianna Dunlap
      • Charles (Charlie) Fitch m Iva
      • Ada Belle Fitch b c1874 m Frank B. Ferguson
      • Stephen Fitch b c1877
      • Samuel Fitch b c1879
      • Margaret Susan Fitch b 30 Dec 1880 Springfield, IL m Bert Colton
      • William Shackelford b 1887 m Anna F.
      • Leonard Fitch b c1891
    • James Fitch b 1847 OH
    • William Fitch b 1851 Jackson Co., OH
    • Ellen Fitch b 1852 Jackson Co., OH
    • George Fitch b 1854 Jackson Co., OH
    • Simeon Fitch b 1857 Jackson Co., OH F-4 32389
  • M. E. Fitch, b c1812, England, d 11/14/1872 Marquette Co, MI m Susan A. Roberts Clark - CookieIV
    • Albert Fitch, b c1863, Delta Co, MI
    • Edwin E. Fitch, b c 1867, Delta Co, MI, d Colexico, CA
  • Charles Peter Fitch, Sr. b 1824 NY - Robert Fitch Sr. [lamoritz AT]
    • Charles Peter Fitch, Sr. m Mary Woodard 1845, Arlington, Bennington Co., VT
      • Charles Peter Fitch, Sr. d unknown, Cold Harbor, VA
        • Charles Peter Fitch, Jr. b 1852 Cook Co., IL
          • Charles Peter Fitch, Jr. m Almeda Aldrich 1874 Macomb Co. MI
            • Charles Peter Fitch, Jr. d 1933 Lansing MI
              • Grover Cleveland Fitch b 1894 Lapeer Co MI F-1 N29369
  • Henry Fitch, b 1828 Ohio,  d. 1907 MN m Eliza Jane Brown - Fitch [jeanealogist AT]
    • John H Fitch, b 1851 Guernsey Co OH, d 1934, Wayne Co NE m Martha Garland
      • Don J Fitch, b 1885 Wayne Co IA, d 1971 Seattle WA m Leona E Smith
  • John Fitch m. Lycinda - iowagirl8546 [tontim AT]
    • John Freemont Fitch b. March 30, 1856 d. 8-30-1961 Blockley, Iowa
      • Gary Harley Fitch d. June 10, 1927 Decatur Co., Iowa
        • Marjorie Fitch b. 10-2-1913 Decatur Co., d. 7-14-1963 Iowa m. John Easton
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 

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