Last updated: September 28, 2011


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Analysis of results:

Although we only have one participant in the project, we do have a match in the DNA tested world - a 34/37 match with a HAMILTON tree with Irish roots but currently in Sth Carolina.
FT DNA only give it 71% probability of a shared ancestor within 12 generations, so we're unlikely to find the matching paper trail.
Checking the HAMILTON project for further information, the majority of tested HAMILTONs are R1 haplogroup, and only 2 of their participants are "G".
(See Group X in their project)

For further FAMILTON details, check out the supplementary FAMILTON DNA pages
And, if you are a direct male line FAMILTON interested in checking how you may match with the identified lines, do follow the link to join the project.

Surname DNA tests support or supplement traditional genealogy.