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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.

Eubanks / Eubank / Banks / Ebanks

Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Henry Ebanks b c1720 St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica m Hannah - Cecil [c.ebanks AT]
    • Augustine Ebanks b 1750 St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica
      • Joseph D. Ebanks b 1800 G. Cayman m Mary
        • Samuel M. Ebanks b 1824 G. Cayman m Sarah Collins
          • Philip A. Ebanks b 1850 G. Cayman m Rachel Bodden
            • Hillard L. Ebanks b 1883 G. Cayman m Florence Hydes N10706
  • Thomas Eubanks b c1735 d 1808 Onslow Co., NC m Salome - JoeJane [Jhamp65244 AT]
    • John Eubanks b c NC
      • Thomas Eubanks b c1780 d c1818 Hancock Co., GA m Nancy Dickson
        • Elijah Eubanks b 17 Oct 1805 d 15 Jul 1883 m Martha N. Dickson
          • Anna Eubanks b 10 Apr 1840 Crawford Co., GA d 29 Sep 1925 m Elijah Long
  • James Eubank b c1750 VA m Lucy Taylor - Paul333 [genzen1 AT]
    • James Taylor Eubank b 1788 VA m Anna Marie Brown
      • James Moss Taylor Eubank b 1 Jan 1814 Covington, Kenton Co., KY m1 Sarah Dempsey m2 Mary Ann McCoy
        • James Thomas Eubank b 3 Apr 1842 Covington, Kenton Co., KY
        • Virginia Eubank b 10 Jan 1851 Covington, Kenton Co., KY m Jonas Specht Roth
  • John Eubank, d: 10 May 1789 Albemarle Co, VA, m. Hannah - Jackie P [jackie AT]
    • John Eubank, b 1745-1757 Albemarle Co, VA, m. Frances Eubank
      • Thomas Kent  Eubank, b. 1785 Albemarle Co, VA, m. Jane Parrock
        • Chastain Shores Eubank, b.1822 Monroe Co, KY, m. Nancy E. Harlan
          • McClellan Eubank,  b.1866 Monroe Co, KY, m. Magnolia Daniel
            • Bethel Eubank, b.1899 Monroe Co, KY, m. Nellie Thomas E-4  79942
  • Thomas Eubank d 1776 Jones Co NC, Land Grant of 1757 in Craven Co NC m Rachel - Katharine Eubanks Jordon [2012kejgen AT]
    • Elijah Eubank b c 1756 probably NC, d 1845 Robertson Co TN
      • James Eubank b 1787 NC, d 1879 Robertson Co TN m Charlot Woodward
        • James W Eubank b 1815 Robertson Co TN, d 1895, Paris, Monroe Co MO m Mary Woodward
          • Cicero Huston Eubank b 1855 Monroe Co MO, d 1933 m Alice Gray Waller
            • Clyde Gray Eubank b 1878 Paris MO, d 1937, Madison, Monroe Co MO m Mary G Cunningham
              • Perry Huston Eubank b 1912 Madison MO d 2007 Atlantic Beach FL m Shirley Gardner  E-2  55127
  • Hezekiah Joseph Eubank Sr. b 1786 VA d 1874 IN m Christina Deardorf - James B. Eubank [j11thphoenix AT]
    • Joseph Eubank b 1820 OH d 1891 IN m Rosannah Rohrer
      • Henry James Eubank b 1849 OH d 1923 MI m Charlotte Swaim
        • Charles Franklin Eubank b 1875 IN d 1962 MI m Myrtle Laura Berringer
          • Roy Franklin Eubank b 1901 IN d 1985 MI m Edna Matilda Dingman E-10 155260
  • James Eubanks b 8 May 1800 SC d 28 Feb 1879 Randolph Co., AR m Frances Massey - E 10 [lsknabue47 AT]
    • William Pickney Eubanks b 1824 GA d 18 Jul 1876 Greene Co., AR m Sarah
      • Joseph Buchanan Eubanks b 1856 Murray Co., GA d 1920 Green Co., AR m Martha L. Martin-Danley
        • Lee Henry Eubanks b 7 Jan 1885 Green Co., AR d 20 Jun 1935 Howard Co., TX m Eula May Masters E-10  155260, E-12  136842
  • Richard C. Banks,  b c1821 NJ, m Caroline Slate - Lewis W Banks [vikingnureye AT]
    • Francis Asberry Banks, b c1849 Paulding Co. OH, m Indiana Moyer
      • Charles Wesley Banks, b 30 Nov 1874 Paulding Co. OH, m Alice May Gary
  • John Eubank, b. Spring 1816, Albemarle Co, VA, spouse Perlina Wade 23 Dec 1844, Nelson Co, VA - Kelly Eubank [kelly.nupp AT] 
    • William Addison Eubank b. 23 May 1855, Braxton Co, WV; d. 1 Dec 1931; m. Ella Nora Arthur Hines 4 May 1911, Webster Co, WV 297062 
  • Thomas Ewbank, b 1816 Ormside, Westmorland, England, m Jane Ann Scarr - John R Ewbank III [Jrewbank AT]
    • John R. Ewbank, b February 2, 1862 Oswald Pasture, West Sitton, N. Yorkshire
  • Isaac Eubanks b 1824-26 SC m  Susan Cook - billywoo [billywoo AT]
    • Isaac Clarence Eubanks b c1860 GA m Emily (Emma) Jane Chandler
      • Hopie Wayne Eubanks b 9/1/1883 GA m Faith Douglas Kolb E-7 96949



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