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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • William H. Edgerly b 1463 Great Milton, Oxfordshire, England - Milly Edgerly Hageman [milly-62 AT]
    • Richard Edgerly b 1498 England
      • Robert Edgerly b 1539 Oxfordshire, England
        • Francis Edgerly b 1576 Oxfordshire, England
          • Thomas Edgerly b 1637 Oxfordshire, England
            • John Edgerly b 1670 Oyster River, Durham, NH
              • Zachariah Edgerly b 1705 Durham, Strafford Co., NH
                • John Edgerly b 1735 Madbury, Rockingham, NH
                  • Aaron Edgerly b 1765 Madbury, NH
                    • Bradford Edgerly b 1800 Cambridge, Franklin, VT
                      • Fredrick Edgerly b 1863 Lanark, Carrol City, IL
                        • Buford Edgerly b 1903 Orion Township, Richland Co., WI
  • Thomas, b England, "one of seven judges of the province of New Hampshire", m Rebecca (Ault) Hallowell  - Terry Barton
    • Thomas Edgerly, b 1666, Durham NH, m Jane Whedon
    • Samuel Edgerly, b 1668, Durham NH, m Elizabeth Tuttle
      • John Edgerly, b 1700, New Durham NH, m Elizabeth Wakeham
        • Caleb Edgerly, b 29 Dec 1743, New Durham NH, m Abia Sylley 
          • John Edgerly, b 15 Sep 1766, New Durham NH, m Alice Allard
            • Daniel Ward Edgerly, b 11 Dec 1795, New Durham NH, m Eleanor Keene Cresap
              • Cecelia Edgerly, 11 Jan 1828, Erie AL, m Thomas Hazard Perry Scott
        • Thomas Edgerly, b c1745 Durham, m Agnes Phillips - Debra E Presley [smeeper AT]
          • Richard Edgerly, b c1766 Durham, m c1782 Abigail Bickford
            • Jacob Edgerly b.1792 ME d.1870 ME m. Marry Merrill - gillikin [patriciamgilliki AT]
              • Samuel Stillman Edgerly b.1815 ME d.1885 LA m. Mary Jane Doty
                • Edward Edgerly b.1848 LA d.1919 LA m. Marie Ophelia Savoie
                  • William Louis Edgerly b.1881 LA d.1945 GA m. Mary Walker
            • Isaac Bickford Edgerly, b c1794 Limerick ME, m Almena King
              • Gilman Davis King Edgerly, b c1828 Princeton ME, m c1849 Olive Shute Sprague
                • George Smart Edgerly, b c1866 Princeton ME, m c1887 Estelle Berry
                  • Rowe Wilson Edgerly, b c1887 Princeton ME, m Leilia Estelle Horr
    • John Edgerly, b 1670, Durham NH, m Elizabeth Rawlings
    • Zachariah Edgerly, b 1673, Durham NH, killed by Indians, 1694
    • Rebecca Edgerly, b 1675, Durham NH, m Aaron Hutcote
    • Joseph Edgerly, b 1677, Durham NH, m Mary Green



Click here to find out how to add your pedigree or contact a pedigree provider.

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