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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Robert Derry b c1575 d 1638 Lichfield, STS, England - Sue []
    • John Derry b 1606, d 1635 Lichfield, STS, England
      • John Derry b c1625, d 1678, m Dorothy Bagnall Lichfield, STS
        • Thomas Derry b c1658, d1727 m Mary ? Lichfield, STS
          • Thomas Derry b c1702, d 1766 m Mary Bailey, Lichfield, STS
            • John Derry b 1740, d 1826 m Elizabeth Hand, Lichfield, STS
              • Robert Derry b 1770, d 1833 m Anne Grew, Lichfield, STS
                • James Derry b 1809, d 1870 m Elizabeth Rhodes, Stafford, STS
                  • James Derry b 1837, d 1900 m Anne Shephard, Stafford, STS
                    • James Derry b 1874, d 1957 m Margaret Hurst. Leicester, LEI
                      • James William Derry b 1901, d 1984 m Doris Anne Spencer, Leicester, LEI
                        • James Alfred Derry (tested as J2 Haplogroup)
                          • Jonathan M J Derry. (tested as J2 Haplogroup)
        • Robert Derry b c1662, d 1717, m Eleanor Mansfield Farewell, STS
          • John Derry b c1688, d 1752, m Jane Craddock Hammerwich, STS
            • John Derry b 1709, d 1794, m (1) Margaret Fellows, Burntwood STS
              • Henry Derry b 1736, d 1820 m Elizabeth Brammer, Farewell STS
                • Joseph Derry b 1759 m Elizabeth Wooley, Longdon, STS
                  • Charles Derry b 1795, d 1825 m Amelia Littley, Walsall STS
                    • George Derry b 1824, d 1911 m Louisa Wheldale, Derby, DBY
                      • Moroni Wheldal Derry b 1852, d 1950 m Emma Jane Craig, USA
                        • Chester R Derry b 1890, d 1958 m Myrtle A Danker,  USA
                          • Robert R Derry b 1921, d 2001 m F L Taylor, USA
                            • Kenneth R Derry 123567
  • m (2) Elizabeth Stockton Burntwood, STS
    • Benjamin Derry b 1751, d 1827, m Elizabeth Elsemore Burntwood, STS
      • James Derry b 1786, d 1855, m Anne Willett Burntwood, STS
        • Benjamin William Willett Derry b 1809, d 1890, m Mary Derry Gentleshaw, STS
          • Fredrick Derry b 1832, d 1915, m Louisa Baker. STS
            • Samuel Derry b 1858 Lichfield, STS, d aft 1911 Canada, m Carolyn Street
              • Samuel Fredrick T. Derry b 1893 Walsall, STS, d 1979 CA, m Jeanne L. Benoit de Gonin 117669, 124671
          • Alfred Derry b 1856, d 1916, m Juliana Brammer Burntwood, STS
            • John Isaac Amos Derry b 1897, d 1952, m Kate Hayward Ogley Hay, STS
              • Charles Henry Derry 1929-2011. m Margaret GLOVER. Walsall Wood/Brownhills, West Midlands. 123323


  • Valentine Doering b 1752/3 Witzenhauzen Hesse-Kassel, Germany, d Fayette Co PA, m Mary (Mollie) Unknown - Joan []
    • Bazil (Balser) Derry b 1793 Loudoun Co VA, d 1879 Fayette Co PA, m Mary Polly Shultz
      • Jacob Derry b 1816, d 1883 Fayette Co PA, m Nancy Hartman
        • Melchior Derry b 1844 Fayette Co PA, d 1912 Allegheny Co PA, m Martha Jane Swaney
          • Ruben Martin Derry b 1898, d 1918 Washington Co PA, m Virginia Clifton Blair
            • Fred Martin Derry b 1918 Washington Co PA, d 2007 Harford Co MD, m Mary Norma Montgomery 35634


  • Jacob Derry 1790 census Allegheny Co PA, d c1820 Clermont Co OH m Susan Russ - Judy []
    • Abraham R. Derry b c1798 Allegheny Co PA, d 1880 Mercer Co MO, m Elizabeth Unknown Morin OH
      • Jacob John Derry b 1826 Dearborn Co IN, d 1905 Mercer Co MO, m Sarah A. E. Brummett
        • Abraham Russell Derry b 1872, d 1916 Mercer Co MO, m Margaret J. McHargue
          • Harley Jacob Derry b 1910 Mercer Co MO, d 1946 Davis Co IA, m Coy T. Hicks 42137


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