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Lineage #1: Researcher: ID C-4, Name: Cory Craven, Email:

1) Joseph Craven of Closehead b. 1781, d. 1837, m. Ann

  2) Jonathan Craven b. 2 Mar 1806, Thornton, Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng., d. 5 May 1881, Close Head, Thornton, Yorkshire, Eng., m. Hannah Briggs

    3) Joshua Craven b. 5 Jul 1832, Thornton, Yorkshire, Eng., d. after 1891, m. Anne Robinson

      4) Hiram Craven b. 12 Jun 1862, Thornton, Yorkshire, Eng., d. 11 Sep 1934 Selma, Fresno, California, m. Mary Hannah Howard

        5) Lewis Arnold Craven b.1894, Selma, Fresno, California, d. 20 Jul 1921, Fresno, California, m. Ethel Maud Terry

          6) Howard Craven b. 17 Jan 1920, Fresno, California, d. 2007 Fresno, California, m. Helen Edna Engle



Lineage #2: Researcher: ID C-3, Name: KA Craven

1) James Craven, B abt 1805, Nelson Co, KY; M Nellie Rouse

  2) William Bennet Craven, B 1832, Boone Co., KY; M Julia Ann Tanner

    3) Thomas Walter Craven, B 1866, Boone Co., KY; M Hattie Hictman Whitson

      4) Herman Lee Craven, B 1890, Boone Co., KY; M Emilie Schneider

        5) Wilbur Lee Craven, B 1915, Boone Co., KY; M MIldred Kippenbrock






Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 


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